kkusm update for 10/6

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At Kapoor house, Nitin tells all that how could a patient just be taken away
like that despite the fact that the entire hospital staff and many people were
there. Nitin asks all whether it is a joke or what. Kapil asks him not to worry,
and tells him that they will find out where Kkusum is. Kumud blames herself
saying that it is all her fault, and that she shouldn't have gone leaving Kkusum
alone. Suddenly, Aai blurts out Kkusum's name and all look in the direction
towards the door. All are relieved to see Kkusum standing there. All of them
rush to her, and ask her as to where she had been. Just then, Sohan enters the
house and tells all he knows where Kkusum was. Kapil asks him whether she was
with him. Sohan tells him that Kkusum was with him, and he was the one who had
taken her away from the hospital. Sohan informs all that when he went to the
hospital to meet Kkusum, he suddenly heard a man in a car asking someone on
phone about Kkusum's room number. Sohan then hears the man
saying to the person on phone not to worry and that he will make sure that
Kkusum Deshmukh will be in his custody soon. Sohan rushes past his car, and goes
upstairs in the lift. Just as, Sohan takes aturn towards Kkusum's room, Kumud is
shown going down with the keys. Sohan goes into Kkusum's room. Sohan then
manages to bring a stretcher into Kkusum's room, lifts her from her bed, and
puts her on the stretcher. Then, Sohan takes her away into another room. The
person gets down his car, and moves into Kkusum's room, and not finding Kkusum
there, he calls someone saying that Kkusum is not there. Sohan keeps an eye on
that person until he leaves. Sohan then tells everyone that he took Kkusum to
another hospital, where she regained her consciousness, and then he brought her
home. Nitin asks Sohan as to why did he not inform them by phone. Sohan tells
him that their home phones were tapped by other people as well, and so he didn't
take the risk. Sohan asks him as to how did other people
know that Kkusum was shifted to hospital. ( And that's how, he concluded that
calling them on phone and informing them was not safe ).

Everyone is relieved. Sarala tells Kkusum that Abhay is calling daily from US to
ask about her health. Kkusum is surprised at that, and tells Sarala that she saw
Abhay on their way to hill station. Everyone is surprised at this. Sarala
disagrees saying that it is not possible 'coz just now she talked to him in
America. Kkusum insists but Aai tells her that she might have been mistaken. Aai
the n takes Kkusum to her room saying that she needs to take rest.

Arundhati tells all that it was now going beyond limits, and asks them upto when
are they going to support Kkusum, and upto when she is going to live there. She
tells all that people will start saying that no sooner did one wife died, the
other one was brought into the home. Sarala shouts at Arundhati saying that how
could she even think of such a thing when she knows what Kkusum is going
through. Sarala tells in a harsh tone that Kkusum will be there, and leaves.
Kapil and Nitin also look at Arundhati with anger.

Garv is sitting on the sofa in the hall. Kali's friend Sanjana comes to him, and
asks him as to where is Kali. Garv tells her that Kali is not at home. She tells
him that she knows that Kali is not at home, and asks him whether he knows that
Kali has tried to commit suicide. Garv gets up suddenly, and is shocked. She
tells him that Kali is presently living with her in the Hostel.

Garv goes to the Hostel, and finds many girls surrounding Kali's bed, and also
finds a doctor doing her check-up. Garv goes to Kali and asks her as to what is
all this. All the girls, and the lady doctor go away from the room leaving them
alone. Garv asks Kali as to why did she do this. He asks her as to why can't she
understand that nothing can happen between them. He asks her as to why was she
going to die for a person who doesn't love her, and tells her to live for the
people who loved her and cared about her. Kali tells him that she only cared for
him in her life. Garv asks her as to what would happen to Abhay if she did so,
and asks her to think about what her family has to go through if she did commit
suicide. Garv asks Kali as to what would he answer to Abhay 'coz he will
question him regarding Kali. Kali asks him not to worry, and says that Abhay
will not misunderstand him 'coz she has written everything in one letter. Garv
again asks Kali as to why is she doing all this.
Kali starts crying. The doctor comes in, and seeing Kali crying tells Garv that
the poison had spread to almost the entire body, and tells him that its good
that nothing happened to her child. Garv is shocked to hear this. The doctor
asks Garv whether he didn't know about this, and tells him that Kali is three
months pregnant. Garv is utterly shocked at this. Kali tells him crying that she
didn't lie to him. Garv is dismayed.

Kkusum is sitting with Aai on her bed. She is having a look at the small dresses
of a child. Kumud comes there. Kkusum tells Kumud that these were the same
clothes that Kkusum used to wear during childhood, and Aai had kept them till
now. Kumud takes one dress in her hand, and remembers a scene where Kkusum tells
her that she had kept the clothes which Kumud used to wear during childhood for
Kumud's child. Kkusum tells Kumud that she will make her child wear the same
clothes when she becomes a mother. Kumud starts crying. Kkusum tells her that
she forgot that Kumud has lost her child, and apologises to her. Kkusum tells
her that GOD will give her another baby soon, and asks her not to cry. Kkusum
tells Kumud that they will go to the temple to pray for Kumud and herself to
give them both a child. Kkusum asks her not to cry 'coz if she cries, then Aai
will cry and if Aai cries, then Kkusum can't stop her tears as well. Kkusum
tells Kumud that she will give her these clothes when she
will become a mother, but asks her to return them back when Kkusum becomes a
mother. Kumud cries and runs away from there. Aai goes behind her. Kumud tells
Aai that she can't bear it anymore, and tells Aai that Kkusum doesn't even
realize that the clothes were of Kumud, and she was thinking that these clothes
were hers. Kumud asks Aai to do something. Aai is helpless, and Kumud puts her
head on Aai's shoulders and cries.

Garv brings Kali to his home supporting her with both hands, and makes her sit
on the sofa. Garv tells her that he will bring water for her and turns to go,
but Kali holds his hand. Garv turns back. Kali tells him that she wants to tell
him something. Garv sits down besides the sofa ( I felt like throing stones at
Garv when he sat down beside the sofa 'coz I was angry like hell. ). Kali
apologises to Garv saying that she was the cause of his suffering. Kali takes
his hand in her hand, and tells him that she did this for him 'coz she loved
him. Garv doesn't say anything. Kali repeats that she loves him, then Garv says
that she needs rest, and goes away from there.

As soon as Garv leaves, Kali raises her head, and tells Garv that she was sorry
that she had to do all this, but she had to do it 'coz Garv was always hers and
will remain hers. She tells that everything is fair in love and war.

Kumud is sitting infront of the mirror, and tries to apply the sindoor on her
forehead. Kumud thinks of Garv. ( Tere Naam Song plays in the background ).
Seeing this, Kkusum feels happy.

Kkusum and Kumud go to the temple to pray. Kkusum tells Kumud that this specific
prayer is done to ask for children from GOD. Kkusum tells her that all their
wishes will be fulfilled if they offer prayers there at that temple. Kumud
remembers some sweet moments she spent with Kkusum, and cries.

Enroute to the Kapoor house from the temple, Kkusum asks Kumud to meet Garv.
Kumud refuses. Kkusum tells her that she can understand what she is going
through 'coz she had been in the same situation once in her life as well. Kumud
is surprised to hear this. Kkusum tells her that she too thought at that moment
that everything was finished, but she never lost hope 'coz she loved Abhay.
Kkusum tells Kumus that as far as she knows, Kumud loves Garv and so she should
meet him and talk to him once. Kumud again refuses, but Kkusum insists. Kumud

Garv is sitting on the sofa, when Kali comes downstairs with a bag in her hand.
Garv asks her as to where she as going. Kali tells him that she will go
somewhere. Garv asks her as to what she means by somewhere. Garv asks Kali as to
what her problem is. Garv tells her that she tries to commit suicide when he
asks her to leave his house, and when he brings her to his home, she does
another drama. Kali asks Garv to tell her on what right, she was living there :
as being his wife or being his………Garv gets angry. Garv holds Kali's hand and
tells her that she will not go anywhere. Kali forcefully, shrugs off his hand
and  tells Garv that she knows why he is stopping her from going. Kali tells
Garv that he is afraid that if she commits suicide, then all fingers will point
to him, and his reputation will be soiled. Kali starts crying saying that he
doesn't care for her, and tells him that she has supported him in all the
situations, but he never supported her. Garv tells Kali that her health
is not good, and he will not let her go anywhere. Kali then tells Garv that she
will stay with him on one condition, and that is Garv should marry her. Juts
then, Kumud enters the house, and is shocked to hear what Kali said.


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thanks for the update
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I think from reading the today's update I don't think Kali is pregnant. Remember when Kali was talking to her friend yesterday about a plan and they played the music on it. I think this is the plan she discussed with her. I hope Nakul comes and saves Garv's and Kumud's marriage because he heard everything in yesterdays episode.
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I hope so too Sandy.
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i miss ksh*tij.
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thx for takin ur time to right this!! Big smile
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Hi Bubblish,

We would appreciate if you do write your own Update instead of taking updates from Misbah site. For a start, you try writing just the brief summary of the episode and then you expand the updates when you feel comfortable.

If someone could help us with the updates it would be really cool for them.

As misbah has already mentioned in an earlier post on the forum that  she do not like people taking her update.Confused

I guess we would see volunteers who can write updates Kkusum and other serials we currently do have daily update yet.

I can assure you that soon your update will reach all the people who missed that episode and soon the Forum will be the only place on Internet where you will find the updates for all the Shows.


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