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nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 8:45am | IP Logged

                                                SHAKE IT DADDY
 well guys I am going to post the update in the form of dialogues coz it would be better !!
  The show starts with akki at the radio station talking to a caller who complains of his father
Caller : Akki I always have a problem with my dad .he doesn't seem to understand what I want .We are completely different .whenever I talk of a girlfriend he sees a daughter in law in the relationship !!
Akki: well I seem to understand your problem .It is nothing but a generation gap btwn you both .well your problem is that when you say north your dad sees south ;when you see black your dad sees white and when you see a motarbike your dad sees a scooter .it is common ,you hate your dad and your son is surely going to hate you !! well I have a solution for your problem ..
Caller: What is it ?
akki: par tum apne dad ko pitwane chahate ho kyaa ?
what women want uska andaaza lagaya jaa sakta hai ,par what dad wants uska ?? actually a father is the mother of all problems !!!!!
 Later Ram is shown talking to akki
Ram : tu kyaa bakwaas kar rahaa tha ? you are wrong akki !! you see problem har rishtey main hoti hain !! be it a husband -wife ,or gf-bf or even father son relationship
 by then yashwant informs ram that his dad has come
Ram tells akki that his papaji has come and he will call him later
Akki : kyaa ??
Ram :well if you remember ,even I have a dad !!
Akki: main to samjha tha ki tu sab ka baap hain !!
  Ram dad ( too cool man !!) comes and both greet and hug
Dad:jab bhi main tumhara handsome chehraa dekhtaa hoon I always thank god !!
Ram: ????
dad: ki maine tumhare maa se shaadi kiyaa and thank god tumhari shakal us pe gayi hain !!
Ram: jab bhi main aapka chehera dekta hoon ,mujhe bhi yahi lagtaa hain ,ki thank god meri shakal meri mom pe gayi hain !!

 by then a girl(infact a vamp) enters the scene !!! she is barely clad !!! Ram mistakes her to be the dancer whom he had called for a party to be organised !!!
Ram : dad I think ye wohi hain jisko maine bulayaa tha ek party organise karne ke liye ! let me finalize the deal with her !
 he goes to her and greets her
Ram: so ... do you how to dance ?
dad : very good dancer !!!
Ram : dad main aap se pooch nahi raha !!! ,to .......do you do pole dancing too !!
dad: a very good pole dancer indeed !
Ram : DAD !!!!!! I am having a professional discussion here !!!!!
Dad : no son you are not !!!!!!! you are having a personal discussion !!!!!meet my girlfriend lolita !!!!!!
Ram : what !!!!!
lolita : honey !!your son is very cute !!!!!!!! but you are more cute than him !!!!!!!
Ram : !!!!!!!! completely confused !
Lolita: mera room kidhar hain ??
Dad : yashwant will show you !
lolita: ok dear come fast !!!!!I will be waiting for you !!!!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 yashwant tries to not see her ,he closes his eyes at her sight !!!!
Ram: cool dad !!!! so is a good dancer !!!!!
Dad : isiliye to usse shaadi kar raha hoon !!!
Ram:DAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT !!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  at the radio station akki is playing with his mobile . A man comes and enqires about era .Akki tells him that he knows that old men are with young girls ,but not soo young .by then era comes and invites him and tells him that he is her dad !!!!!!!!!!! bechara akki !!era's dad tels her that can they go out for lunch ! akki interfers and tells him that all three of us will go to a good restaurant and it will be his treat !
era's dad : ok alright !! and he leaves
era : dont you see ,he doesn't like you !!!!!!
akki : no !!, he really likes me !!!!
era is fed up and leaves !!!!
   At ram's place ,he is shown with some pics of old men
Ram: to yeh hain tumhari asliyat ! lolitaa !
by then lolita enters the scene and she goes and sits near Ram and puts her arm around him
Lolita : to Ram jab hamara rista hone wala hain ,dont you think it would be better if we could know each other closely !!
Ram:lolita......mujhe pata chala hain ki tum in logon ko bhi kaafi closely jaanti thi !
(Ram pushes her arm aside ) but the strangest part is ,in sab ki death heart attack se hui thi!! ek ki over eating se,ek ki over exercise se ,ek ki over dancing se and ek ki over ......
(then she tells something and Ram gets irritated )
Ram:(giving a cheque to her ) isse pehle mere dad ka heart stop karde main chahata hoon ki tum stop ho jaao .take this and get lost !!!!!!!!!

by then dad comes and lolita goes to him and starts complaining
Lolita:darling ! tumhara beta kitnaa battameez hai ,woh hamare janmon ke pyaar ko cheque se khareeedna chahata hain !
Ram: kuch aur cheques do kya agle saath janmon ke liye !!!!!!
Dad : chup kar cheque da puttar !!!! Ram you have let me down !!!!!(and he leaves )
lolita:(goes to Ram) beta mama se pangaa nahin lete !!! warna pitaaye hoti hain !!!!

 the scene shifts to a restaurant ,where akki ,era and her dad are shown .era's dad

doesn't seem to be impressed by the food and starts complaining and leaves .
akki :(to the waiter ) plzz get me the bills
era:akki agar tumhara naam tomy hota aur peeche ek poonch hoti to yeh picture perfect hoti !!!!!!!
akki: era you dont see !!! yeh up karna padtaa hain apne father in law ko impress karne ke liye !!! see he likes me soooooo much !
era:oh god !!!!!! (hits her head )

 the scene shifts to Ram's place where he is shown with his dad .Ram has ordered

health food (salads, etc . non oily ) for his dad .his dad doesn't like it
dad : Ram yeh kyaa ???? tu mujhe bakri ka khaana khila raha hai !
Ram:yeh bakri ka khana nahi hain dad !! this is health food ! this is good for you
 by then lolita enters with fully oily food !!
lolita:darling tumhara beta bada hi bore hain !!!! mujhe lagtaa hain ki yeh tumhe ghass -phuus khila khila ke maar dalega !
Ram:to tum kyaa inhe oily food kila kila ke maarna chahati ho ?
Dad : Ram !!!!!! be quiet !!!!
lolita is about to serve him oily food ,Ram pushes the spoon and spills it !!!
Dad : Ram tum paagal ho gaye ho kyaa ?? kyaa kar rahe ho ??
Ram doesn't know what to do and he holds his chest and collapses on the chair and Dad is worried and comes to him
Dad : Ram tumhe kyaa hua !!
Ram:Dad woh kyaa hain naa jab bhi main oily food dekhta hoon ,dekhna kyaa soonghtaa hoon to mera BP ,cholestrol sab high ho jaata hain !!!!!!
lolita : to naak band kyun nahi kar lete !!!
Dad :shut up !!! main apne bete ke liye duniya chod sakta hoon to yeh oily food kyaa hain !! yashwant inhe hataao !!
 Ram mujhe lagta hain ki kaam kar karke tumhara dimaag kharaab ho gaya hain !isiliye aaj tum hamare saath aa rahe ho !!
Ram:dad hum jaa kahaa rahe hain
lolita:to disco !! to dance infact over dance !!!!!!!
Ram is completely shocked !!!

 then akki,Ram,nitin and Raghu are shown at the Irish pub (unka regular thikaana )

.Ram's dad is shown with lolita !all the four are shown staring at them
akki : lolita  ...........loliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitaaa .....
nitin:akki stop !! (Ram is getting irritated )
akki : kyaa nitin .(showing Ram) iski maa meri maa wali logic nahi hain yaar !! mujhe mazaa to lene do !!!!!!!
Ram:akki shut up !!
akki :enjoy her name yaar !!
nitin :yaar main yeh sooch raha tha ki agar saari young and single ladkiyaa  older men ke saath jaane lagi to mujh jaise single young men ka kyaa hoga !!
Raghu : the fact is ladkiyaa apni partners main father figures ko dhoondti hain ! par jab father hi mil raha hain aur jiske bank figures itne acche hain ,to why not ??
Ram :guys plzzzzzzz
raghu : Ram tu dad ko seedhe bol kyun nahi deta !!
Ram : nahi yaar !!(all others puzzled ) you see unhone mere life main interfere nahin kiyaa to main kaise unke life main ............atleast not directly !!!
(all wink )
Raghu:waise accha hua ki tum dad ko yaha le aaye ! (Ram :?????) you see the age here is very young ,papaji will feel older .lolita would like to dance and papaji doesn't want to ,but then he asks her to continue ,certainly some young fellow will join her and papaji gets frustated and goes and catches her hand and ...........
akki :hand nahi yaar ,kamar !! (all others :????)you see papaji's dancing
Ram: dad !!!!!
akki :tumhare dad is young at heart !!
Ram:young at heart nahin !!!!!HEART ATTACK !!!!!
Ram goes and holds his dad while the others go and hold lolita !!
Ram:not her !!! dad guys !!! heart attack !!
Dad:chup kar Ram !! kuch nahi hua hain mujhe bas paav me mooch hain !! ab naak katwaayega kyaa ?? Lolita darling ,lets go home
Ram :(looking very much confused and frustated)dad !!!!!!!.........guys !!!!!!!........dad !!!!!!!!

 Ram and his dad reach home with lolita .Ram tells him that he might feel stressed

out so they should go to sleep .lolita tells his dad to come fast and leaves to her Room
Ram : ok dad lets go and sleep
dad:Ram tum paagal ho gaye ho kyaa .Main tumhare kamre main kyun soonga ?main apne kamre me jaa raha hoo
Ram : no dad !! woh kyaa hain naa mujhe andhere se darr lagtaa hain !! bahut daraavne sapne aate hain !
dad:tu ek kaam kar sone se pehle ek glass garam duud pee lena sab theek ho jaaye ga !! tu ab chota baccha nahi hain ki andhere se darr lage
Ram:daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!!!!!

 other three of them are shown at a restaurant
akki : nahin yaar ,main yahi aana chaahata !aaj I had a very bad experience with era's dad here
raghu:you see it is impossible to please a girl's father,aaj tak shaadi ke itne saal baad bhi maddy ke dad ko main impress nahi kar paaya to tu ek din main kyaa karega 

 there era's dad is shown with someone enjoying his food and telling the other person that the restaurant is really good and resonable .
akki goes and saves the conversation in his mobile and tells era's dad that she will be really happy to see this !! era's dad is shocked

 at ram's place ram is trying every trick to be with his dad .he knocks the door and

calls for his dad
Dad:ab kyaa ram ??
ram:(having a novel)dad you know this novel is really good ! lets go and read this together !! kitnaa mazaa aayega !!
dad : mujhe koi novel nahin padni !! tu jaa aur ye padho ,we talk about it in the morning
Ram:dad mujhe laga ki aap bore ho rahe ho
dad : ram you see ,I have company !! main bore nahin ho raha !!!!!and now go to sleep

then again Ram comes back with medicine and again calls his dad
Dad : ab kyaa hain ram ??
Ram:dad aap bol rahe the naa ki aapko neend nahi aa rahi !!to isliye main aap ke liye yeh goliyaa laya hoon ,aap ek khaa lo aap ko bahut acch neend aa jaayegi
Dad :mujhe abhi nahin soona ,aur agar tum phir se aaye naa to main tumhe goli maar doonga !!now go and sleep !!!!
 again Ram ,asks yashwant to switch off the mains and he knocks the door
Dad: ab kyaa hua ram ??
Ram :isn't it amazing !! (dad??) bijli chali gayi !!!!! usually aisa hota nahin hain
Dad:so whats so amazing abt it ??
Ram : main bol raha  tha ki ab ac aur pankha nahi chalega to garmi bahut ho jaayegi ,to chaliye dad hum baahar ghoomne chalte hain
dad : Ram tumhe ghoomne jaana hain to tum jaao ,mujhe kahi nahi jaana ,and now go and sleep !!!

 Ram is frustated and sleeps on the sofa itself !!In the morning lolita comes and wakes him up and tells him his dad is over !!!!!!!!Ram is shocked and runs to his dad and tries to wake him up and his dad doesn't .Ram thinks he is dead and starts pumping his chest and while his dad doesn't respond ,he tries to give him artificial breathing !! by then dad wakes up and pushes Ram aside

Ram:dad aap zindaa ho???
dad : haan tumhaare koshishon ke baawajood !!!Ram tumhara dimaag kharaab ho gaya hain !!! btw aaj bahut important din hain .I want you to be the witness
ram:witness !!!!!!!
dad:(takes out a ring ) yaa witness ! lolita will you marry me ??
Ram:nooooooooooo (and tries to snatch the ring but falls on the bed instead )
lolita :yes !!!
dad:and sign this !!
lolita :what is this ??
Ram : a contract !!!!!!!
lolita : wow !!!!!! darling yeh sab kyaa hain ?? mujhe to sirf tera pyaar chaahiye aur paisa ,property kuch nahin chaahiyee !!!!!!!!
dad : aur kuch milegaa bhi nahi !!!!yahi is contract main likha hain !!
 finally Ram is smiling !!!!!
lolita :what !!!!!! tumhe kyaa kaga ki main tumhare paiso ke liye tum se shaadi kar rahi hoon !
dad:nahin ??
lolita :I Am leaving !!
Ram :(with a naughty smile on his face ) bye .byee !!!!
dad : yashwant tumhe taxi tak chod dega !!!!
Ram :dad aap bhi naa !!!!!
dad :tumhe kyaa laga ? main uske jaal main phasss jaaonga !!
Ram: mujhe laga ki aap to .......phisal gaye !
dad : who's the dad here ??
Ram:you dad
and both hug each other !!!!!

 on the other side akki is shown with era's dad .era enters and akki tells her that someone wants to meet her ,era's dad gives a bouquet of flowers to akki ,then invites him to a dinner !!!!!! era is very happy and tells him that her dad like him !!!! era's dad leaves while era hugs akki !!





nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
Posts: 3192

Posted: 02 March 2005 at 8:47am | IP Logged

mods could you plzz take the trouble of shifting the topic to the respective forum !!!

I posted it here coz many come here to chat on Samir(purab )

I am sorry for the trouble I am causing you !!

mere_pyaar Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
bhangra rulez Goldie
bhangra rulez
bhangra rulez

Joined: 28 February 2005
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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Thank youSmile
bhangra rulez Goldie
bhangra rulez
bhangra rulez

Joined: 28 February 2005
Posts: 1527

Posted: 02 March 2005 at 3:25pm | IP Logged

Nishi i loved the update! Your so lucky you get to see the show. I live in NY. You should update it weekly!!!!!!!!!!

Nisha82 Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2005
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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
wht show is this? Confused
greatmaratha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
thanks for5 the lovely update......  these days they got some fashion show going on at the time of the repeat telecast and I am unable to watch the show... Could you please update today as well.... thanks so much... I am missing Samir Soni.....  But he came for just one min on jassi yesterday so it was not so badLOL
greatmaratha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
Posts: 12566

Posted: 02 March 2005 at 8:23pm | IP Logged
Its called Dil kya chahtha hai... story of four guys.. and one of them is samir soni... who is Ram... the other is gaurav chopra who plays Raghu... its a cute serial...
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