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Jassi & Armu face to face after makeover

Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 8:05am | IP Logged

Hi !this is the section where Jassi comes back to Gulmohur at the request of Puru and Armaan sees her for the first time after her makeover!( acc to BLF):

When Jassi enters Puru's office,Puru's back is to Jassi and he receives quite a surprise when he turns around. PURU: Thank you for coming. JASSI: There's no need to thank me. You can count on me to do whatever is necessary so that we can get out of this mess as soon as possible. PURU: I'm glad to hear that you are here to collaborate with me and that I can count on you. The only thing I am not in agreement with is that we will be able to be done with this in a short period of time. Jassi, we have studied this problem from every angle and we've come to the same conclusion that I am sure you have come to. If you give Kohinoor back to us, it will be the end of Gulmohur. JASSI: Surely there are other formulas to help save the company. PURU: We have studied every single one of them and none is viable. The moment you turn Kohinoor over to us, the banks will exercise their rights and we will only have pieces to pick up. Jassi asks Puru to talk to the banks himself, but he tells her that he doesn't have the nerve to do that. That he spoke to those same banks assuring them that his company was in good hands with his son when he retired. He informs her that she is the only option open to them. PURU: Please don't return Kohinoor to us. JASSI: What?! What are you saying? It's absurd?! PURU: We need to continue things the way you had set them up for at least six months until we have paid all our debts. The same way we have been doing up until now. JASSI: Puru sir, please don't ask me to do this! We need to be done with this once and for all. I realize that I shouldn't have allowed myself to be dragged into this by Armaan sir, but I have paid in blood! I am paying with my life! You made me leave through the backdoor, something I had never experienced and didn't believe I deserved. Then on top of that, Armaan sir went to my house and told my father that I wanted to steal the company!! He told my father!! My father who is sacred to me!! I am here to respond for what I did and I do it because I have had you on my conscience. It tore me apart to see your face the day of the board meeting when you found out what we had done to your company! But PLEASE don't ask me to continue with this nightmare!! I don't think this can be good for anyone…………… PURU: I am sure it's not good for you, but we need you Jassi. I too, would like for all of this to end as soon as possible! The last thing I ever imagined was that I would have to call on you and ask you, beg you not to return the company to us!

JASSI: Puru sir, I am sure there are many things you are unaware of that transpired here at Gulmohur. Perhaps you are convinced that this is the best solution, but I had a lot of problems with Mallika madam, Armaan sir and Aryan sir. PURU: I do know, and they are all aware that you are the only solution and are currently awaiting your response. They are waiting for you to accept. For the love of God Jassi!! You have accepted your share of the guilt yet you want to wash your hands of this?! If it is true that your conscience is bothering you, that you don't want to disappoint me, you have to help us. This is the only way you can redeem yourself, because otherwise I am going to believe that you are that woman everyone is talking about and not the woman your father described to me! Do something good for the company you helped destroy. We are all stuck in this infernal situation. Let's try to make it as bearable as possible and see how we can get out of this situation. JASSI: Well, if everyone else is in agreement and you feel this is the only way of redeeming myself, I accept. PURU: It's the best decision you could have made Jassi. I have to let them know what you have decided. They have been anxiously awaiting your response. JASSI: I'd like to talk to my father and the attorneys first. I promised them I'd consult them before doing anything. PURU: Go ahead and call your attorneys. As for your dad, don't worry; I'll handle that. I'll wait for you in the boardroom. JASSI: The boardroom!!!! PURU: Yes, Jassi. We are going to deal with this as your dad said, "between gentlemen." We are going to forget old hurts and put all our cards on the table. Of course, I'll expect for you to be present. Go ahead and make your phone call, then meet me in the boardroom.

 Puru tells everyone that Jassi accepted his proposition. He tells Ila to call Mallika. Aryan asks Puru what Jassi's attitude was. He tells Aryan that it wasn't easy to convince her. Jassi has a great deal of resentment, that there's still a lot of hurt. Aryan turns around and faces Armaan. With each of Puru's words, Armaan and Raj look at each other as if wondering whether his father is talking about the personal side of what happened. Jassi finishes talking to her attorny who is on his way to Gulmohur. She takes a deep breath and stands in front of the cave (her former office). She opens the door and stares at the interior, remembering the hugs she received from Armaan Suri, the day she packed up her black bag filled with cards and gifts and Mallika threatening to call security if she didn't show her the contents of the bag…………………………….. Pari and Mallika are talking. Mallika is sure Jassi is there to get back at them. Ila comes in and tells Mallika what Jassi has decided and that she is needed in the boardroom. Mallika is scared and doesn't want to go. Ila convinces her and leaves. Pari encourages Mallika. The gang is trying to figure out why Jassi is back. Mallika catches them talking about how surprised she and Pari were when they saw Jassi's new look and makes them get back to work. Jassi talks to her mom who reminds her that she is a new woman and that she should hold her head high. Jassi's head is still filled with memories.

Jassi enters the boardroom.

JASSI: Good afternoon. (Her voice cracks)

(Armaan turns to look at her and is stupefied. He and Raj exchange confused glances).

PURU: Jassi please sit down. Jassi sits close to Mallika, but across from Raj and Armaan.

Armaan can't take his eyes off of her.

She looks at him for briefly.

Mallika realizes what is happening and gives Armaan a killer look (poor Armani).

 Puru asks that they leave aside old resentments and think of the next six months of hard work they have ahead of them in order to pull the company out of the hole.

ARYAN: And now, the million dollar question, Miss.Walia! What are your conditions in order to help us get out of the predicament you and Armaan put us in?

JASSI: Conditions?? I'd prefer to wait for my attorneys to arrive and let us know what it is we have to do.

MALLIKA: Of course!! I want our attorney to be here also.

PURU: Don't worry, he is on his way.

Jassi and Armaan keep exchanging glances.

 Attornies arrive. (These two are always grooming themselves!!!) Puru tells Pari to let the gentlemen in; they're expected. They enter the boardroom looking for Jassi but don't recognize her. She finally tells them that it's her. Puru introduces Jassi to their attorny and tells him what has transpired up to the moment. Jassi's attorney informs everyone (in a round about way) that Kohinoor must continue to exist and that Jassi must still continue to be at the helm of the company..


Behind the closed doors of the executive conference room the fate of Gulmohur is still under discussion. Ila doesn't quite understand what the Kohinoor's attorneys are saying. They suggest that their  attorney might be better able to explain it to her.

Attorney tells Ila that Kohinoor has taken over Gulmohur and that Kohinoor legally belongs to Jassi.

Aryan asks if Jassi is willing to let Kohinoor continue as long as she has management of the Company.

(Armaan sitting in his chair, as quite as a mouse, looks at Jassi).

Jassi hurriedly informs the group that she wants no part of it.

Jassi's attorneys are in agreement with her desire to cooperate with Gulmohur, however, does she really want to resign from a company that has her name. Her attorney turns to the group and tells them that this is an opportunity to make sure that the Company is being run on the up and up. "In the end", he says, "it is her company." (While her attorney is speaking, Gulmohur's attorney is looking at Jassi and trying to read her thoughts.) He continues to say that it is her name that is being put in front of the banks and the law.

 (Armaan looks back and forth from Jassi to her attorneys, still not saying a word.)

Mallika questions their proposal. The attorney explains that what he is trying to say is that Jassi has the right to inspect how the Company is being operated, while it is being operated under her name. The attorney, directing his question to Puru, asks if he is incorrect. Puru agrees that Jassi would be in her rights.

(Armaan turns his head and looks down at the floor and then up at the ceiling.)

Jassi informs the group that those are not her aspirations and that she has no problem for the company to continue as is. Aryan, relieved, stands up and says that it is perfect, they will continue and they will provide reports to Jassi on a regular basis.

Armaan finally finds his tongue in order to clarify that Kohinoor is not just a paper company. Its name is on the bank accounts of Gulmohur and that, he explains, is how Kohinoor has been able to make payments on behalf of Gulmohur.

(Armaan glances towards Jassi. Jassi looks down.)

Aryan staring at Jassi, asks if she would be the legal representative in order for Gulmohur to continue.

Armaan tries to explain to Aryan in words that he may be able to understand, "the President of Kohinoor is much more important than the President of Gulmohur". (As he speaks these words, he looks at Jassi and has a small grin.

Jassi looking uncomfortable turns away from him.

Armaan continues to stare at her. Mallika turns to stare at her and gives her the look that Pari had previously advised her to give. Raj stares.)

The room is silent and Jassi's attorneys look at her and shake their head in agreement.

Aryan has taken the lead in the meeting and recommends that since Jassi is in favor of the group managing the company, they select a new president. Jassi states that as owner of Kohinoor she wishes for Puru to continue as President. Mallika comments that Jassi has finally said something intelligent and she is in agreement for Puru to remain as President.

He speaks for a second time, Armaan reminds everyone that the President will have to face the bankers and the suppliers.

Puru angrily gets up and says that he won't do it. He will not face the suppliers,& the banks. He has had enough with the nightmare that he has been living knowing that he is having to support a company that has come to these extremes. He reminds everyone that he is only the interim president and that day they are to elect a new president in order for Jassi to get Gulmohur out of the mess that it is in. Ila, worried about Puru quickly rises and tries to calm him down. She informs the executives that her husband can not do this and another name will need to be selected. Attorney of Gulmohur advises that the company must continue in the same manner since Armaan turned over to Jassi and before she left. He states that it is time to put the house in order. Aryan tells him that it out of the question to continue with the previous management.

Attorney of Gulmophur begins to lose his patience and tells Aryan that is the way it has to be. It is imperative that Jassi continue to be in charge of the company. (Another silence comes over the group.) Attorney says that the company cannot continue with more crisis. (Mallika directs another stare at Jassi.) He continues to explain that electing a new president and a legal representative is just adding more crises. "The company needs to continue through the same course." Aryan asks him if he is recommending that Jassi stay in charge of the company.

Jassi immediately refuses. She does not want to be a part of it. Attorney tells her that she has to continue. She needs to be in front of the banks and suppliers.

(Armaan again stares at Jassi.)

Attorney of Gulmohur tells her to remember that she can not be replaced from one day to the next. He tells Puru that he spoke to the banks, per his request, and as long as Jassi is in front of the company they take it as a guarantee that they will be paid. However, if she is removed they would proceed to go after their money.

Jassi protests and states that she will not be an employee of Gulmohur and rises to leave. Attorney places a hand on hers to stop her and tells her that she will not be an employee and that her conditions need to change.

Mallika would like to know what he means. Aryan explains that he is suggesting that Jassi head the company.

The group becomes silent. Attorney quickly tells them not to look at him as though he is the enemy. They are the ones that brought him in to find a solution to their problem.

Jassi says that she cannot except it and Aryan tells her not worry because no one plans on accepting it. Attorney becomes upset, rises and apologizes for not being able to come up with a solution and he wishes them the best in finding a solution.

Puru stops him from leaving and asks that if anyone has a better plan it is time for them to speak up, now. The room becomes silent.

(Jassi won't make eye contact with anyone and Armaan continues to stare at her.)

 Since no one offers a better solution, Puru orders that Attorney's proposal of Jassi becoming the temporary President be accepted.

Mallika immediately turns in her resignation. Before Mallika has an opportunity to exit, Jassi tells her that it is not necessary. She is not asking for her resignation. Mallika interrupts her and tells her that she realizes that this is the only solution to save the company, but she does not plan on staying and begging her to help.

 (Raj puts his head down. Armaan seems to get a little worried as the conversation continues between the two and looks from one to the other.)

Mallika tells her to stay and she will leave. She reminds her that they both know why she is leaving and of their pact. As Mallika heads to her office, Pari tries to speak to her. Mallika angrily lets her know that she does not care to speak to anyone at the moment. Bindiya and Naaz look on in amazement.

Back in the boardroom Jassi repeatedly says that this is not what she wants. She rises and leaves the room. Ila tells Puru that she can't believe that he is in agreement with this plan. She will not allow Mallika to resign in order for Jassi to take over their company. Puru tells her that he is not in agreement, but this is there only option. He tells her that Jassi will not be allowed to run the company as she pleases and that Armaan, Raj and Aryan will be there to make sure that she doesn't. He states that Mallika will not be allowed to resign.

(Aryan has stood up and is pacing in front of his chair. He rubs his chin, stares at Jassi and is obvious that he is trying to figure out what is going on.)


Jassi returns to the boardroom.

(Armaan stares at her as she walks in.)

Jassi informs them that she has spoken to her family and that she will accept the position.

Aryan slaps Armaan on the back and says "what happiness". "Should we give her out thanks," he continues.

(Armaan is still staring with a small grin.)

Puru tells Aryan to be quiet.

Jassi informs Aryan that her staying is not a pleasure for her, especially when she has begun a new life.

(Aryan looks down in some embarrassment as Jassi stands up to him.)

Puru asks for her demands.

Jassi tells the group that she has no interest in staying for six months and wants to get the company back on its feet as soon as possible. In order to accomplish this, she needs total autonomy to design new business plans. She doesn't want to depend on anyone. She doesn't want to take orders from Armaan or Raj.

(Armaan stares at Raj. Raj stares at Jassi.)

Aryan gives a small laugh. He says that they are there to solve the company's problems.

Jassi quickly lets Aryan know that she will not allow him to humiliate her.

(Aryan becomes quite and stares at her.) Aryan asks if she wants to boss everyone around and do whatever she feels like.

Puru speaks up and says that all she is saying that she won't put up with his humiliating her. Puru tells Jassi that Aryan is in rights to review her work. Jassi says that she has no problem with the review. All that she asks is that he respect her.

 (Aryan looks down at the table and raises an eyebrow.)

Jassi goes on with her requests and says that if she is going to be in charge of the company she will need to reorganize the executive floor.

(Armaan stares at her in puzzlement. Raj just stares and bites his bottom lip.)

 She also wants to hire Nadu.

Attorney of Gulmohur is very pleased and goes on to praise Nandu for the great economist that he is.

(Armaan is taking a little aback by this request. Raj quickly turns to look at Armaan)

Her last request is that Mallika stay on with the company. If she leaves, she will not accept the presidency.

(Armaan looks away with a worried look coming across his face.)

The room becomes quite. Puru tells her that he is not in disagreement with her, but he would like to know what the pact is between them.

(Armaan is getting ready to hang on to her every word.)

Jassi tells him that they have had many problems from the beginning.

(Raj looks at Armaan, Armaan looks at Raj and Aryan looks at both them - maybe realizing that there is more to this.)

Jassi tells him that this is not the time to discuss this. She tells her that she respects her and needs her as an executive.




anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Thanks Rumi...

That helps with the Indian Actor names...good job.
ilovepaul Groupbie

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 11:01am | IP Logged

i read the BLF script, but it was so hard to figure out who was who!

This is Great! Thanks so much! YOUR HARD WORK is much appreciated!Clap

I hope you'll do a few more of these where you change the namesWink

Thanks a lot once again Smile


jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 11:22am | IP Logged

Hi Rumi -

Thank you for taking the time to type this out.  My hope is that T&D stick to BLF and don't deviate too much and keep our Armaan and Jassi separated too long.  I read somewhere that she will not be coming back as CEO but as a model. Ouch  Please don't deviate, T&D, creativity is not your cup of soup!

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 11:44am | IP Logged
WOW.. Rumi... you took SO much pain to change the names and edit this to perfection.. it's a delight to read!!! Clap

Did Armaan really do THIS!?Confused ---> Then on top of that, Armaan sir went to my house and told my father that I wanted to steal the company!! He told my father!! My father who is sacred to me!!

What? How? When? Why?!

surnita Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 3:52pm | IP Logged

I cant wait for Armaan to see the transformed Jassi!!!!  It will be the best episode ever - apart from their wedding.

Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 7:26pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by queenbee

WOW.. Rumi... you took SO much pain to change the names and edit this to perfection.. it's a delight to read!!! Clap

Did Armaan really do THIS!?Confused ---> Then on top of that, Armaan sir went to my house and told my father that I wanted to steal the company!! He told my father!! My father who is sacred to me!!

What? How? When? Why?!

when jassi leaves puru and others consult about the fate of gm with the lawyers and the case is taken up to the court! after some days court goes against gm and in favour of jassi. armaan's father tells armaan to search for jassi . meanwhile armaan is fade up waiting for jassi's call and he thinks this is a good idea to go to her house and behave rudely with her father so that jassi gets angry and comes back. and his plan becomes successful, ultimately jassi comes back and contacts with puru!armaan didn't mean it, he did this acc to his plan to agitate jassi so that she comes back!Wink

*Anjali* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
wow---thanks so so much, Rumi!!!

The scene where Betty comes back to the boardroom post-makeover is  one of the only BLF scenes that I have actually seen and I must tell you it is VERY powerful.  The look on Armando's face when he sees the new Betty...it leaves you breathless.

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