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Mish unique arts #3 PG 131//fawadmhira-sarun&kash

Meehak. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2010
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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 3:54am | IP Logged
^^Banner by me :) (as some of you know that aishhh was going to make the banner, but she is inactive & i was free so i tought to make it by myself, cause after holidays it will be very difficult for me to make shop |:
WEEE, I'm in my # 3 shop :O can seriously not belive Big smileROFL okayy it's just becasue of you guys, some have supported me SO much, i love you guys a loots ! Hug omgg i have corsed 160 page on my # 2 shopp :| all thanks to my shop spammers ... lmfo^^ ROFL
okayy let me intriduce myself ... i'm mehwish but some of you know me as mish :) i have start to make sigis two year backs & i have been making avis since august (can make avis just because of you guys aisha-senorita & Sanaya-Sanaya-luvarti) you guys have helped me a loots, can enough to thank you guyss Embarrassed I have been Inspired by many good sigi/avi makers here. it's difficult for me to make inspirations list, cause i have been inspiration by many people here, & i forget adhii list Stern Smile so i don't want to hurt evenyone & mention them. Well i'm HUGE fan of KaSh & Ranushka, i love em both couples very muchh <3 Rest of my fav couple you can see in my banner, i have not Premheer in my banner, but i love love them, & i alos like JiYa only as a couple :D well it's a few people here, some alwasy give me such a huge and sweet comments & some few people who have spammed in my shop |: ROFL lmfo''
Thankyou SO much
maria for always always supporting me & alwasy helping me when i need help, you aew such a sweetheart ! Hug i love the way you are ... you have always give me such a huge & sweet comment & & hilarious comments ! ROFL ily ria muhwaa^^
Saba KaJen LOVERS Big smileLOL i love you for everything, you are so so sweet, i aways waiting for your comments, cause i know how sweet you are and how much sweet comment you give me :)  i love love you :)
Hina i can only write you in one word (LAZYY) lmao^^ ROFL you always res in my shop & uske baad pata nahi kaha kaha gayeb ho jhati ho Stern SmileROFLokayy i just kidding, you are such a sweet person, i alwasy love your comment, & i always love to talk with you Embarrassed i love the way you are Big smile 
Jenny & Jessy haaw you are my JJ'S .ROFL 
Thankyou so so much for givng me such a sweet comments, i love you guys very very much, & thanks a loot for alwasy liking my work, meas a loot Embarrassed
Pooja Sabz Saher you guyss are superb sweet person, i love you three, thanks for always supproting me, & thanks for givng me such a amazinge commets Hug
Pooja, you are good avi maker on the whole IF, & i alwasy love your work, & thanks for liking my work on JiYa Big smile Sabz you are such an sweet heart, i love love you & i love your comments, you like my work on JJ & its' meas a loot to me :)
Saher you are soo good sigi maker, i love your work jaanii Big smile thanks a loot for always supporting me, i love you ! Heart
aisha thankyou SO much for helping me on avis :) i can never forget that you have helped me & always supported my, you have always always commented on my work & that's are really sweet of you Embarrassed you are such a helpfull person, i'm so so happy that i have friend like a youuHug
Durgavni Alisha you guys are very sweet and you alwasy comment on my work, & that's means a loot to mee Smile you both are amazinge, i love you both <3
Cherry Aichuu my two KaSh buddies, i liy yoy guys Hug thanks for liking my work on KaSh & thanks for spamming in my shop ROFL you guys rocks ! <3
   Sara Thank you so much for giving me sweet & huge comments, i really appricate it, you have always like my work on KaSh & SK & that's means a loot to me Hug
Ayeshaa Arushi i can not enough to thank you guyss, i love you so so much, thanks a loot for always giving me such a HUGE & aweesome comments Embarrassed i really appricate it :D
& a huge huge thank toall who have supported me & always comment on mu updates i love you guy very much xx Big smile
update index
Page 17-ArHi KaSh KaJen Jennifer DMG gang Anushka Imran and Kareena Diya Zahid& Nidhi
 Page 34- Requst stuffs Jeevi ArHi&Anushka
Pg 46- KaJen Ridhima-JJ KaSh Ridhima-Shona TaAnu ArHi Jeevi Ian&Nina
 page 72- JJ / KaJen Shona KaSh Aushka Rati Monaya Maanvi Viraat Taani & surprise siggs :)
page- 84 LVRB KaSh and KaJen
 Page-93 ///GOOD BYEE
page- 121-Karan&krystle
page-131- fawad&mahira sarun and kash 
Previous shop
Thankyou guyss once again xx i love love you Embarrassed

Edited by mishhh. - 10 April 2012 at 7:54am

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Miiss_UroojKMH-NASHAc00l_girlrakun 4evaLavarniaAnn_92.SaduFarzi.Alisha..DivaDeluxe.-Indescribable--Shobhu21--Nahi-...Mallu...-desiresoul--GredForge--Zeenat--Arushi-Sabaah..khajjuxx-Rai-xx-Hina--Pooja-Siddhi_aish_punkromiosugar1jesss.cant.be.assed.eshaaax3.madhoshiyaan.-Jeny-..-Ayesshhaa-..noseasyncsaraaa..annihilation.Mariaa.SG..Amira..FleetingWishes.zaryaabJuhi1b8--sunshine---Ramya-rai-kishori.neha-rockss.Dulcet.JustaDreamSunshine GirlDelightedHeartmishti_17pyar-ishkAS..saher_90serendipity.minuuMehRya..YuNa4eversanober.

Meehak. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2010
Posts: 10605

Posted: 01 October 2011 at 3:54am | IP Logged

|Request rules|

Here is the some requst rules, please read it carefully :)
& please follwo this all rules Big smile
thankyou !
*Do not req when i'm close
*Do not cut/copy my work
*Make sure that you give me HQpics, cause i only wroke with it
*Do not pm me about your req or do not send me the pic on pm
*Give me surprise sigis on pm, & please pm me the pics when i'm open
*i take 1 or 2 lines for the sigi texts
*Check this (O) (C) before you are going to req
Videos Avis
*I only take YT (youtube) links
 use req for 2-3 days please :)
PS: i pm to my all friends when i'm updating :) so if you want  my shop updates so please add me on your buddy list Big smile

Edited by -Mish- - 01 October 2011 at 1:45pm

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c00l_girlKMH-NASHA-Indescribable-.DivaDeluxe..SaduFarzi.Alisha.Lavarniataibaaaxx-Rai-xxSabaah..-Hina--desiresoul--GredForge-...Mallu...-GoldMist--Nahi-rai-kishori.zaryaabJuhi1b8--sunshine--noseasyncmadhoshiyaan.-Jeny-cant.be.assed.saraaa..annihilation.Mariaa.SG..Amira..jesss.-Aliya-Siddhi_romiosugar1AS..pyar-ishk.JustaDreamSunshine Girlmishti_17DelightedHeartYuNa4eversaher_90serendipity.minuu

Meehak. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2010
Posts: 10605

Posted: 01 October 2011 at 3:55am | IP Logged

i tought to share my new work with you guys, i have made many stuff's on KaSh & another couples, i have many avis Embarrassed & them all are new^^ omg it's such a difficult job to make avis |: it's look a like that avi is such a easy job but it's not :( LOL but it's a not that, i take 1 hours to make a the all avis Stern Smile i have never worket so much in my life ROFL anyways enjoy my new work :)

thanks aichuu & cherry for suggesting me some KaSh's scenes :)
that's was all KaSh stuff''s Big smile
 Sigis :)
sorry i'm have maked not so much sigis this time, cause i was very buzy with my schools's stuffs.
haaaw, this one look not so good, cause Jen pic was not HQ :(
i'm very baad with sigis texts Stern Smile so i only put colors ROFL
that's was it :)
please leave your comments & prees the like tab
thankyou Embarrassed

Edited by -Mish- - 01 October 2011 at 2:03pm

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Aahaana-Shareen-c00l_girlKMH-NASHAARCaskettFan-Kryan-Komal.GullAlisha.monakhan..SaduFarzi..DivaDeluxe.Sabaah..xx-Rai-xx.SilentPrincess-desiresoul--GredForge-...Mallu...geetanshi-Nahi--Hina-taibaaaeshaaax3.Dark-HuesPrincessBushi-Pooja-AnjiliciousSiddhi_mariasrklipshaamadhoshiyaan.-Jeny-zaryaabJuhi1b8--sunshine--aish_punkromiosugar1jesss.cant.be.assed.saraaa..annihilation.Mariaa.SG..Amira....-Ayesshhaa-..noseasyncmishti_17AS..pyar-ishkPreeti.xoDelightedHeartArteclectic.JustaDreamSunshine GirlOkThanksByeserendipity.saher_90minuuZoobiDoobiMehRya..-GoogleWithMe-YuNa4eversanober.

Sabaah.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 December 2009
Posts: 8991

Posted: 01 October 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
HugHugShooo happpyyy <3


----- editng------

Whooppp YAAYYY Gurly gurly m sho damn happy for you muaaah HugHug

OMG u reached till 3 Aww itni jaldi m very very happy and ur first pg looks hella cuteee ghoshhh ur creations are droolworthy omg i must say u r AMAZING ! <3 So glad to have yaa :))



Hearty Congratulations Babes!!!! Heart
My Jaaani Missh You are my dear bestieee muuaahh ILY alott


Am FIDA on ur lovely work ! :)) Its STUNNING and soo sweet as u are :D ILY for everything, u r an amazing siggy maker and a lovely creative Star Best of Luck for ur future and may u have many many uncountable shops :D My best wishes r always wid u darling HugHug
I always pray that i would be wid u till the day I m breathing Embarrassed

OMG the banner u made is awwwhh damn LOVELY!!!! <3 ghosh once again m repeating na that I LOVE it :))

Sooo many cutie cutie people in it waoh waoh Day Dreaming Shoo beautifully made jaani wid lots of efforts m sureee :))) OMG colouring, blending is way too adorable and mosttt i love the text which says u r wid ur 3rd shop Shocked Day Dreaming **WOOHOOO YAYY** Clap Hug



My jaaan m very very veryyy happy for you i just cant describe in words that how much happy i am , i wish i could give u lots of jhappies in real, yeh ley advance mainHugHugHugHugHugHug baaqi coming soon wenvr we meet Day Dreaming **see i m dreaming, oolala** LOL n m sure one day we will be able to give jhappies in real to hmm ? Big smile Embarrassed


OHMYGOD thankyouuu for adding my name it feels awesome n very veryy special aww awww ILY HugHugHug YOU ARE A SWEETHEART HeartHeartHeart nd u find us very sweet and u care for all so much aww <3 And thats because u r sweet and caring thats y people loves u alottt Big smile Big smile Always be same, hamesha & forever !!! Thankyou once again jaaanipiee Heart I am glad that i m a small part of ur life, andekhi hoon but tumhari friend hoon Big smile Big smile Big smile You are also andekhi but also my jaan aww wht a sweet one na, u r really very important in my life, very special and precious to mee suchii muuaaahh HugHug


OMG what a mindblowingg UPDATEE <333 WAAAOOOHH ur first page is more n more rockingg nowww Day Dreaming Cutiieepieee u r very very talented, ur brilliant mind iss aaahh <3 Clap

Damnn adorablee updatee n i m going to use ur chweety chweety avis :)))
Thankyou for making these lovely siggies n avis and making me drool n drool n drool n drool n drool n DROOOLL LOL i m crazy alrready Silly

Waaaoohh at them ;


OHMYGOD!!! <3 My KaJen :))) I LOVE these avis alottt :D and u know y :P but yes more bcoz of ur creativity omg lovely effects waaaohh Star n my fav scenes chosen <3 well all KaJen scenes r my fav na Tongue LOL

Awwwhhh priceless expressions taken <3 LOL !! its cuteee <3
Sweets u capture really lovely ones greatt Clap


Awww kash looks even more cutee wen they comes in ur avis <3 truly :))
Scenes  took are cuteee n adorableee Star OMG lovingg the tetures & effects n colouringg sooo much yaaar Day Dreaming


They are also cutiieee <3 haayyeee ur fonts and effects ghosshh damn loveable <3


^even coz of pic quality too i m in love wd ur this siggy, saved :))) Big smile It didnt turned bad at all yaar belivvee meee Embarrassed omg lovely colouring and blendinggg awww Day DreamingDay Dreaming

They are lovlable too :


haaayyee they are also my favs^ n u know very well haina ? Embarrassed greatt colouring and blending ahhh I adore them alottt Star


^sme wd them :)) erm they arent fav but i like them n more thn them ur siggies :)) <3 Cool going haan keep rockinggg Star


ILY jaan and all the very best for next updates muahHug

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-Hina- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 November 2006
Posts: 7445

Posted: 01 October 2011 at 4:07am | IP Logged
OMG, you made it .. ??!!!! Shocked
RES !!! Hug



OMG ... I cant belive its your third one :| .. woop woop* soo faaast !! Shocked
Congrats BABY, may you have many moree :D Oww yeaaah*
O.M.G its WOOOW !!! have no words* its simply GORGEOS, larki Hug
Ohh wooow .. the banner is totally aweesome :D OMG .. beautiful coloring and love the blending a lot<3 ahh .. almost all of them are my favs too<3 haha. Mishhh you are amaziing, gurl :D :O *Hina loved the bannner^^ Day Dreaming OMG .. YOU ADDDED ME IN SPECIAL wali list .. ?? :O *lots of jhappis to you* Oyye mujhe badnam kyoun kar rahi hai .. i am not lazzzy .. ROFL *Hinu bandam huwi DarlinG lazy hone ke liye* ROFLROFL OKAY .. i know it was an BAD one, so just IGNORE it !!* LOL Ps: dont lemme reveal you nicknames .. okhaaii ? LOL OMG, the sec line is soo true .. mein almost sabki shop mein res karti hoon and phir bhool jati ho ke kahan unres karan baki hai .. Lmao* from now on.. no more res .. only & only ... *thinking* Wacko RESERVED ! lol* aawww .. thankyousoomuch for the precious words, sweets :D you are sucn an sweeetheart Hug aahh .. me too love the way you ARE !! *jaisi ho waise rehna tumse bas yehi kehna .. kehna hai tumse oh mere yaar .. I LOVE you form what you ARE !!!* Hug <33 *Sorrry .. ek dam  song dimag mein ayiing* LOL 


Now cooming to your avis ... OMG .. OMG... OMG ... *FAINTING!!!!* Shocked Its WOOOW !!!!! BlushingDay Dreaming Okay .. I cant believe my eyes, girl .. i am saying this in a positive way ;D Ohmymy .. you just learned to make avis and nowww you are on the sevent sky .. haan .. itna beautiful work, its magical ... lovely.. yaaar lovely :D* Mesemerizing one haan, gorgeous stuff :D

Weee .. its KaShlicious :D oyee hoyee* SAVED !! OMG.. you are FAB xD i am proud of you, MAN !! Gorgoues coloring, hawwwt borders and layers :DD damn, theeese are wooow !!! I am speachlesss * Approve theese are rockiing stuff .. loved it :D  Abhi stuts ko stack karne ke liye pm ki hai .. she will give me them after a week :D Yeaaah** !! SAved and gonna use them sooon :D muwaahx - mishh .. i loved your stuff, you are sooo goood :DD all of the are out of teh blue* hard to choose my fav .. oww .. Theese ones are freaking hawwwt*
OMG... I just loved the color combi here, loved the orange shade a lot, aweeesome <3

 .. Ohmymy ... thees one aree damn cute, aweeesome yaar i have no words ..

OMG, this is my fav scene - i loved the way it turned out ... Wii :*D

ahhh ... Misshhh .. you are sooo goood with avis, i have become fan of your avis tooo, sweets :D loveed alll of theeem :D Mujhe abhi bhi yakeeen nahi araahaaa ... LMAO!! 

Loook at THEESE !!! I am going GAGA over thheeese oness .. soo goregeous :D

Sach mein misshh .. theese are simply outstanding :D hats off*
lots of Jadoo ki jhappis :D for making theeese Hug

ahhh .. loved the Kajen ones too <3 adorable work honey :D this one is thori simple yet sooo beautiful <333 Loved it^^
  andd this one is also very gorgeous :D 

Owww-ii .. mayur one is shooo cute :D awww .. and KARAN KUDRA one is DAMN cuteee :D omg he is looking soo hawtt* Blushing Maneet is soo beautiful and anushka one is aweesome :D 

Oyeee terrri .. you made Harshiya wali tooo !?!! Its gorgeous BABY !! 
ahhh .. jst look at theeemm .. sooo CUTE :D missing them :| Thanks for making it, yaaar :D ILOVEYOU !!! using it !! :D:D


Noww movin to the siggies :D

OMG, The sonam&Shahid one is mindblowing one :D probarly one of your BEST work til date :D GOSH .. I am in love with this one.. Weee :D
Ohmymy, the colorig, the style, the blending, the texture, the text n everything .. every single part of the sigg is WOOW !! :D I am sooo in love with it <33 SAVED !! using it^^ :DD

Owww wooow, Drashtii one is simply goregous. woop woop* love the blending and coloring a lot :) its superB :D hats off, girl :D love the sparkle effect u are usin, lovely :D DD is looking beautiful han :D 

OMG; ArHi one is freaking hawwt :D *Rabba we* Day Dreaming Owwh Gosh, its beautiful, loved the style a lot <3 :D the coloring is tooo good, and blending is fab :D 

Mishhh .. you are KILIIIG me now :OO ... KaSh one is hot like WOW !!! its DAMN Gorgeous :D ADORABLE !!! <33 blending is woow, colloring is fantastic, texture and shades are superduper goood^^ way to go :D

KaJen one is beautiful too, loved the merging :D its damn cute :D ahhh .. baby soo cute :DD lovely work on this one, hun :D 

OMG; RANUSHKA One is MINDBLOWING ONE !!! its flawlesss .. sach mein, its sooo beautiful :D omg its simplet yet sooo beautiful .. ahh cant remove my eyes from this one :D aweeesomee work, misshuu :D muwaaah* 

OMG you are FAB :D no words :DD woow ! I am love with your work, love your sigg, your avi, your style, your coloring, your blending, your effects, shades n all :D You are simply great :D Muwaah :D Way to go, bby :D Jaldi se open your shop, i have lots of req coooming your way !!! owwh yeaaah :D* 

I am PROUD of you, girl :D

Way to go :D

CONGRATS again !! Hug

iloveyou<3 Lots of love Hug

*Jaado ki jhappis & flying kisses*

from HINA Hug

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-Cherry- IF-Addictz

Joined: 17 December 2007
Posts: 66287

Posted: 01 October 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged

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Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 April 2010
Posts: 15215

Posted: 01 October 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged


C o n G r a T u l a T i o n S

OMGEeeShocked !! OMGeeeShocked !! OMGeee !! ShockedCaaan't believe myy Babyy , Myy Doll , Myy Love , myy Sister , myy EverythingHeart has reach to Her #3 Shoop !?
i've still not moved from the First buut i'm promise uu to make suure ke before the ending of this Year i'll move to Shop #2Big smileTongueWink P a k k a

Caan't tell how i'm Happy For uuu + You've made me happy while adding my Name in your Special Supporters list in 1st Plaace !EmbarrassedEmbarrassed? ( i actually knew thatLOL) i've one The Spot
Atleast your not like me :)) Lazzyyy Shaazzy Type :DROFL Buut hopefully actuallyLOLLOL
i love you the Waay you Are :)) Myy Lil sis foreverHugHug

maay you Have maany maany maany More Shops JaanzEmbarrassedyour One of myy Most Special friend its whyy i'm writing muuch right noow :D + these time i'm super busy buut for yoou everything is behind dollHug

Coming to your Updaate =))

This siiggy is super Dreamy =)) Your soo meaan yaar :)) alwaays ready to Maake myy DeadLOL
You knoow how muuch ii love them naa !? tought love uu moreHug

Myy Faav OnesHugi know list thodi laambi haai naa !? buut it was diifficult to choose as everything is soo GoodHeartLOLheein Naa !?

The Shahid-Kareena SIggy is WonderfuulClap Soo cuute !!Day Dreaming...Heart

Okaay noow i've gotta Goo but don't Forget mee heeiin!?ROFLROFL
I know you wont' , actuaally you caan't LOLi'm too Cool for it CoolROFL
Naah !! Kidding baabes !! You know mee naa !? tell me something i don't knowLOLLOL

will leave before i start saaying more RubbishHug

Muuuahx Heart Muuah

Ps :) i've A request jaanz :)) avi oneEmbarrassedBig smile as your Closed for noow , i'll send you A pm with myy request before i become more busyy huun !? so u can make it when you'll be free Hug

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jesss. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
so im finally here to edit my spot psht i blame my uni! anyways! so the first thing i see is the beautiful banner AHHH it's amazingly made by youuu! love the blending there Embarrassed i hope you get an Aish.Artz banner for your next shop LOL :P your intro layout looks like you made it so effortless which is great and it's just so damn pretty that i feel like just looking at it and not reading it ROFL k idk what made you mention MY name in YOUR intro cos idk what i have ever done other than commenting but thanks for mentioning me it means a lot :$ ILY <3 oh and i LOVE the short name JJ..it reminds me of Jennifer Winget Day DreamingROFL how could i forget to congratulate you on your new shop hawww! hope you have many more to come Mish jiii and may this shop be a HUGE success Embarrassed love youuu!

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