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"MyDeepestDesire" || AR, RM, AA, FF/Mini (Page 7)

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Part 6

Before I could utter a word,


"You failed?" she asked monotonely.

"Yea- WAIT WHAT? NO!" I yelped."

"Oh .. thank god. Okay then what?" she asked me.

"Im .."

"NO..NONONONO.. Already? Itni jaldi?! Tu KAISE itna bada paap kar sakti hai RIDDHIMA!?" She jumped out of the couch and screamed.

I looked at her confusedly.

Paap? Jaldi?

Fallling in love was a sin?  At 20? WHAT? When'd that happen!? Wait. 20 is too early, now that I think about it, I said as fear and guilt took over me . WAIT. What the hell. Is she even talking about what im talking about?


"MAA!," I yelled annoyingly. "Listen the frig to me first!"

" I . AM . IN . LOVE . OKAY? What are you thinking about!?"

"Oh bhagwaan ka laak  laak shukar hai! Haash. Mein toh soch rahi thi ki tu garbhavati (preganant) hai!" Hayre nandkisore!"

And I swear to god, I screeched like i never had before.

My loudest.

My angriest.

My most frustrating .. est.


This is the llimit.

I stormed out of the living room, as my mom ran after me, trying to make it up to me.



An hour later, I finally forgave her kyun ki after all, maa toh maa hoti hai . 'dramatic music playing-


Hahaha .. anyways.


"Tohh .. kaun hai!" she asked excitedly as she inched closer to me.

"Kaun? Matlab?" I asked innocently.

"Arre pagli. Wohi jisne tera dil chura liye hai!" she giggled like a small girl.

I turned red at those words, as I felt my body temperature increase drastically.

"M-maa!" I said blushing.

"Arre bata naaa!" She whined.

"Okay fine! Gosh. .. His name is Armaan." I said quietly; body temperature still above normal. 

"Oh ho! Kya naam hai! Okay go on! Is he smart? Going for a doctor? Acche khandan wala?" she asked quickly.

"MOM! STOP." I told her, as I was getting more and more nervous.

"You know what .. I cant describe him. I'll ' I'll just call him here." I said as I scurried across the room, to get my phone before my mom started nagging me again.

I dialed his number, as his sexy voice answered.

"Hey baby! Im soo damn annoyed at you. Good morning bhi nahi kahaaa'" he whined from the phone.

I giggled.

"Acchaaa baba sorry! Good morning my prince charming!" I said with the cheesiest line I could find.

He laughed from the other line, as I felt my body vibrate.

"Acchaa. .. suno. My . My mom wants to meet you. Now." I said quietly, in case my mom was just around the corner.

"NOW! Itni jaldi? What!? Im not even ready to ask your hand for marriage yet! I mean, meri halat dekhi hai!? Im friken in my PJ's and slouched on the sofa!" he yelled

"Well, then get your butt up, look presentable, and reach! NOW! 15 minutes only . You do want me to be yours na? Then, you'll have to work hard." I smirked, as I knew the effect it would get him in.

"Oh youu bi---. I love youu." He whispered with immense love as I kissed him through the phone.


"Oh hooo!" My mom popped up from behind me, as she grabbed my phone.

"Sooo kisses already huhh?" she said winking at me.

WHY. JUST WHY  ME? I groaned inwardly.

"Mujhe toh yeh Armaan se milna hi hoga!" she whispered devilishly, as she set to work, to cook something for him.


I made my way to my room, as I had to pick out something decent to wear. Its Armaan. DUHH. I opened my huge closet as I rummaged through my clothes. Ooo! This one is pretty!,r:2,s:0,i:77&tx=27&ty=52


WAOW! Ahaha , it even has red. Armaaan will likey. Hehe, I really love the black and gold sparkles. How come I never saw this before? I wondered aloud.


"Maybe because I brought It for you?" my mother's voice startled me as she entered the door.

"Im sure Armaan will like it." She smiled, patting my head.

Wah maa. Maa ho toh aap jaisi. I praised her in my head.

Hehe, I went inside the washroom, excited to wear it.


Minutes later , I came out, and did my hair. I used light kohl for my eyes, and light lip gloss. Mehh. Not much.


While I was applying my lip gloss, I heard the loud ring of my doorbell, as my heart jumped with excitement. I rann down the stairs; my dupatta flying, and yanked open the door.


I looked at Armaan. Armaan looked at me. We stared at each other.

Seriously, I can never say he looked hotter. He was wearing a black half-buttoned shirt, which showcased his solid body, and his hair was combed, but slightly messy cause of the wind; making him look even more ethereal. I had a sudden desire to feel his abs, and to unravel what's beneath his jacket . His dimples kept coming and going as he stared at me, expressionless, blue eyes wide with surprise.


I think I should leave. There is no way I can stay here, without gorging on her beauty. Her dupatta was in mid-air, now slowly landing behind her, as her deep black salwar highlighted her tight curves making me mad, and the oh-so red kameez that bare her beautiful, long legs. My favourite pair of green eyes stared back at me, that were perfectly accentuated with the right amount of kohl, and her lips . Dayum her lips. They were lusciously looking back at me. I had to feel them. Now. My heart pushed me.

I took a step towards her , inside the house, as my heart rate got faster seeing her so close. Before I could explain how her beauty was killing me, her mom walked in, with a thali, and a brightly-lit diya in it.


Her mom looked a lot like Riddhima. Same green eyes, same long hair, and same beautiful smile. Ahaha .. thank you mummyji. Your pretty-ness that passed onto Riddhima, has got me hell-smitten.


Her mom stared at me, with her eyes wide open. I was so damn nervous.


"Armaan .. " Riddhima whispered .

I instantly touched her mom's feet, and took her blessings whole heartedly .

"Nazar na lage beta! Bohoth pyaare ho tum! Im so glad Riddhima chose someone like you! You're a very handsome man, and Im positive, you will keep Riddhima forever happy!" she beamed.

I smiled wide. It felt good to hear that. REALL good.

"MAAA!" riddhima nudged her. "We're not getting married yet! Itna bhi emotional hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hai!" she exclaimed.

"Hmph .. " her mom sad with puppy-dog eyes.


I went to her and hugged her mom.

"Ridhimaaa .. koi baat nahi! Ek na ek din toh humari shaadi hoke hi rahegi na?" I winked at her, smiling my signature smile. Her eyes were really taking the breath out of me.



"Ar- Armaan .. Shutupp!" I stuttered as I looked away. His signature smile, was getting infectious.


He laughed and made us sit on the couch.


Mom and him talked a lot about his lifestyles, his plans for the future and about his parents. Me? Ahah .. well I was just enjoying looking at him talk. Yeaup. His dimples. Ohhh.  Soo beautiful. Just wanaa kiss them. I looked at him dreamily. His lips, curved into a sexy smile. Ohgod. Take me awaaay.


After they finished talking, my mom went inside the kitchen to prepare Armaans favourite, 'Aloo ke parathe".

I just smirked and went upstairs.

Before I knew what was happening, I was pulled inside my room, and the door locked shut in a matter of seconds. There Armaan was, hands tightly holding mine up against the wall, and his face inches away from mine.

Not again.

Ughh. This time, im positive I wont be able to recover.

He looked at me, with a longing in his eyes. A deep, unknown desire.

"You .. look smokingly beautiful." He said, mixing a combo of words. I giggled, as his hands quickly went down to my waist, and caressed them seductively, Like he had never before.  

"Your curves .. are killing me, Riddhima." He whispered , his hands still feelling my stomach roughly.

Even though I had my salwar on me, I could feel the burning passion Armaan's hands were throwing out, clearly through my clothes.

My hands came down to his shoulders, and clasped them tightly, as his exploration was getting intense.

"Armaaan! .. S-stop . Maa  .. aajaeygi toh?" I asked, eyes closed in pleasure.

"Tohh?  .." he asked me, totally not interested in what I was saying.

"Armaan .. E-eno-enough. Really. Stop. This is getting .. too .. intense." I managed to say.

He slowly released his grip unwantingly, and made his way to my neck, as he planted small kisses on it, then going down to my collar bone. I was seriously on flames. His beautiful kisses were sending me off to heaven. With great difficulty, I yanked out his head, and gave him a kiss.


It took forever to break out really. But I enjoyed every millisecond of it. I just want to be in his arms already. See him everyday. Every night. Sighh. But it will come. Sooner than you think, Ridz, my heart consoled me.


It's been 7 hours since Armaan left my house, and I can still feel his kisses on me. Every touch is still so real. Uhh. I miss him already :(


The days went by fairly quickly, and this new feeling called love is quite intriguing actually. I smiled, as I got ready for college.


"Bye maaa!" I yelled out, as I grabbed my bag, my iphone and got out of the house.

The snow was actually starting to melt now. A little bit though .. Still 2 more months to go , I sighed.

I got in my car and zoomed away.

As I got in class, I took out my notes and started revising. I had a huge unit test today. I hope I get full marks on this god! I studied so damn hard! This has to bring my average marks higher! As I was mentally praying, I heard a few whispers.



"Tch .. Armaan yaar! You know that hot dude in Class 3E? Oh.My.God."

"OOO! Wait. Mallik right? He sits right beside me! Ohmygoshhh, I wish he would just take me home! Ufff. I want him to ask me to the dance , Priya!"

"YOU? to the dance? In your dreams, Shweta. Armaan is only mine. If he has to go to the dance, it will be with me."

I clutched my paper tight, as I heard Armaan's name over and over, from the ugly girls' mouths. Seriously .. who the hell do they think they are? Definitely not made for Armaan. If I was brave enough, I would gone and slapped that chick's face. Does she not know he's not free property? Uhm. Hello? I kinda already bought him. I told them in my head.


"Hey Ridzy!" Priya came over and sat beside me, as I rolled my eyes.

"So! Who you taking to the dance? Any one of the nerds down there?" she smirked as she pointed to a table with skimpy-looking guys , laughing nerdily. My blood boiled, as I stood up and gave a fake smile.

"You wishh, Priya. Well .. since you asked, lemme just tell you. My date to the dance is who you will never get. Yeaup. You're right." I told her, as I got up to leave for lunch. Before I could go, she grabbed my hand, and turned me around.

"Aaha. Now,  YOU'RE telling me that my Armaan babez is your date? Ahahahahhaha.. now how is that possible Ms. Goody-two shoes?" she asked me sternly, as she tightened her grip on my wrist.

I wrenched with pain, as I struggled to let go.

"You sonofa '"




My other hand smacked the girl, as she stumbled back, dizzy.

I held the hand she had clutched, in pain, and scurried away from there.

I observed my hand , which had started to swell, from the girl's tight grip; bumping into none other than Armaan.

His sweet smile, rid me of all the troubles, as I gave him a heartfelt hug. I really needed one right now.

"H-Heyy baby .. Kya hua?" he whispered as he held my chin.

"N-nothing ..!" I said, showing him a smile; I went to ruffle his hair, when he suddenly grabbed my elbow.


"WHO THE HELL-" he exclaimed looking at my bruise.

"Holy  ' " he swore as he blew cool air on it, and tried to find the areas which were most affected.

"Riddhima." He asked me in a low, frustrated tone. "Who. Did. This."

"N-no one, Armaan. Just forget abou-"


"' Priya." I quietly answered as tears threatened to spill out any second.

"P-priya?!" Whaat? When did she eve- ' Ugh. Its about the dance isn't it? Shit. She's been nagging me about it for days now. Every time I reject her, she comes back asking again. HOLY. Girls mann. I've gotta have a little chat with this s**t." He sighed as he nodded his head in disbelief. He looked into my eyes, and wiped the tears that were on the edge of dripping.

"No crying, jaan. Come I'll take you to the Med. Room." He said as he clutched my waist and walked with me.


He took me to the med room, where he examined me myself, trying to see if there was anything more to the swell. After he looked at it for a while, he brought out some medicine, which he told me was specifically for stopping the swell. He slowly applied in on my hands, blowing cool air on my wrist whenever he could. He took out a white long bandage, which he used to wrap the swell slowly, making sure I wasn't too much in pain. I swear, when we  get married, I'd have nothing to worry about. I smiled. After applying finishing touches, he stood up from his small chair, and gave me a sweet peck on the lips.

"I love you. Always remember that." He said, as he took me in for a hug. We had to part quickly since people from Armaan's classes had started to walk into the med room. I blew him a kiss, and quickly scurried away, back to my Dance class. Ooohh im sooo excited! We're doing hip hop today! That has gotta be my all-time favourite dance style! I giggled to myself, as I reached my class.


I dropped down my black bag, and went inside the gym room. Luckily, I had both Anjali and Muskaan assigned in my class. Talking about anjali, I miss her sooo much! My fashionista bff! Uhgoddd.  Just 3 more days Ridz! Hehe, I thought as I took out my dance clothes and got ready to go in the changeroom. I was waiting in line when I saw my other half, Muskaan, charging towards me in full speed. I closed my eyes shut, ready to take a huge fall.

"RIDZZZ!" She laughed as she hugged me softly. She had tears in her eyes.

"MUSKI! KYA HUA?!" I asked concerned, wiping her tears away.

"Arreee! I cant tell you! Im sooo dead! Rahuul ' " she said jumping, as if she were high on 3 dozen cups of coffee.

"BOL NA!" I said, being kept in suspense for the umpteenth time.

"he .. you know.. we .. yesterday ' tch .. last n-night .." she said turning around, making sure I cant see her face.

"TUNE KYA!?" Whaaat?! But you're only goddamnnn 20!? How can youuu do this Muskaann!? What happened to our 'sex after marriage' rule!?" I yelled at her, tears forming in my eyes. That was our rule since grade 7. I cant believe she broke it.

"NOOO! RIDZZ! ARE YOU STUPID!? MAIN KABHI TERA RULE THOD SAKTI HOON!? I just wanted to say that we slept together! We didn't .. DO anything! It was the best night of my life .. so far. Hehe .. but mera vishwas kar! We just slept beside each other since he came over to meet me. Bas .. utna hi .." she said sadly.

"AWWW MUSKAANN! Im sorry babyyy! Mujhe maaf kardo? Pleaaashh!" I said. I really felt guilty to the max. Aghh. I accused her of breaking our rule. Psht. She'd never do that. I know. I smiled confidently.

We hugged tightly, and quickly got dressed, since we were already 12 minutes late.

We ran out of the changeroom, to find the girls excercising and stretching.

Oh good.

The teacher isn't here yet.

Thank god.

Bal bal bach gaye.

We giggled as we too, started our stretching.

Just a few minutes later, the door to our dance room opened, and in walked a handsome man. I think he's in his late 20s? He was pretty well-built, with brown eyes, and a nice smile. But what happened to Ms. Cariana?  I wondered aloud.

"OH! Hello there girls, Im Rohit D'Souza, your temporary dance teacher." He said warmly, as all the girls 'awwed' at the word "temporary". "hahaha .. Ms Cariana unfortunately broke her leg due to a major car accident, and will be put on medical hold for the next 2 months." He said, while all the girls were shocked, and excited at the same time to be dancing with a hot hunk.

"By the way, I just have to say this. All you girls are looking incredibly hot right now." He said slyly, winking in mine and muskaan's direction. I turned to look at her to see whether she had noticed. She had. She looked back at me in a 'W*F' expression.


The nerve of this guy ..


Anyways, so he started the music, with the loud beats blaring, while we did warm ups. I dunno if it was just me, but I coulda sworn he was just looking at me and muski.

What the hell?

Im probably just dreaming. Mehh.


He asked all of us to perform a dance piece we were learning for 2 weeks. While he turned the music up, I got completely absorbed in the fast, adrenaline-pumped beats, that I swayed to the music with full energy. My eyes were closed, just focusing on the fast moves.


Around the last few moves of the dance, I felt a whisper, as my eyes shot open.


It wasn't just a whisper.

He actually had the damn. Guts. To whisper, 'sexy' in my ear.

I stopped immediately, and moved across the room, to switch positions, and stood beside Muskaan. Huffing frustratingly.


He just looked at me and smirked.


Muskaan looked at me confused for a second as to why I moved suddenly, and then just smiled widely.


"Hiii" she whispered "Whats the sudden move for? Meri yaad aa rahi thi?" she said as she winked and laughed loudly.

"MUSKAAN! Im not lesboo sorry." I said laughing as well.

"CHAL HAT. How come you don't like any guys thenn huh?" she said nudging me.

"GIRLS. Stop talking right now, and do your dance. And girl with the pink top. Whats your name?" he said in a rude tone.

I hesitated.

" uh .. "

"Its just your name." he said annoyed.

I sighed, and just said it.

"Riddhima Gupta."

He smiled deviously told us to continue.

After a heavy dance routine, it was finally time to pack up.


Im sooo excited.

I have English next! Which meaaanss .. Armaan! Hehe I giggled, as Muskaan trotted behind me.

"RUKK!" she said extending the 'r'.

"Acchaaa, so tell me na! Abhi bhi tujhe koi ladka pasand nahi kya?" she said.

My heart beat rapidly, as I thought of Armaan.

"Actuaally .. "

"Oh . Em. Gee . NOW Ms gupta." She said sternly.

"Its this guy in our English class. .." I stammered.

"Uh haaannn .." she said, exasperatedly.


"Ms. Riddhima Gupta. Can i see you for a second?" I heard a voice behind me.

We turned around, just to find that bas***d Rohit.

"Uhm .. I actually .. im getting late for English so .. sorry." I said as I started to hurry.

"RIDDHIMA." He called as I stopped in my tracks. "Listen, your English teacher has already been informed . im keeping you back." He said doing his ugly smile again.

"in here .." he said as he walked back towards the dance class.

I walked slowly, my heart beating fast in nervousness. I had a feeling something bad was gonna happen.


Much Love; 

Yashi Heart

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 24 November 2011 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
Great part...

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-nikki- Senior Member

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Posted: 24 November 2011 at 4:37pm | IP Logged


awesome fanfic
cant believe i dint see such an amazing ff before WinkBig smile
luved the AR meeting & confession 
contiue soon

and could u plz add me 2 ur pm list Big smile

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2011 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
loved AR 
sooo cute ridzys mum is sooo sweet
h8 this rohit
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 2:15am | IP Logged
hey Yashi
amazing part!
loved it!
Ridz's mom is so sweet!
loved AR moments! very romantic!
Armaan is so cute nd adorable!
whats dis Rohit dude upto?
can't wait 4 next part! plz cont asap
thnx 4 pm

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dimpledsmile Goldie

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
awesome part

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Good job with the last two parts Yashi...
AR story is progressing real fast...
And I must say Mr. Rohit is gonna end up dead soon...

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-nikki- Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
update soon

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