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"MyDeepestDesire" || AR, RM, AA, FF/Mini (Page 6)

AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 October 2011 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Nice one.
Update soon.
Plz add me in ur pm list.

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RainOnMe Groupbie

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Okaay so sorry for the long delay!
I've written looaads, so i hopefully will get time to post them!

So for now, here's Part 5 (; 

Part 5


Before I could let another thought slip in, I saw Riddhima from the corner of my eye, come in the kitchen.


She looked breathtakingly beautiful. That red top suits her soo good. Man. She looked nervous as hell.


"C-can I get a glass of water?" she asked, her voice lower than a whisper.


"Sh-shure." I managed to say. Her eyes never looked up. I went to the water jug, and took out a glass. As I started pouring ..



Did she .. Did she regret whatever happened?

My eyes shot up. Was she mad at me? Was my closeness too much for her?

Shit .

Shit shit shit.




"ARMAAN!" she yelled, as I jerked out of my thoughts.


"Tum paani ko .." she stuttered as I glanced at the glass which was overflowing with water, now dripping down the countertop.

"Oh. OH. Sorry!" I said, as I cleaned up the mess, and put half the water from the glass into the sink.


"Here" I said as I held it out for her. I was still deep in thought.

"Armaan .. tum .. Tum theek ho na?" she said quietly, her green eyes filled with sadness.

"MEIN? OFCOURSE. Hehe .. tum . tum paani pi lo." I said as I urged the glass in front of her.

Quietly, she sipped the water.

She came closer, as my heart stopped beating for a spilt second.

"Armaan .. l-let's start our questions." She said, finally looking into my eyes.

"Questions?" I asked her, puzzled.

"Uhh .. Parts 3-4? Assignment .. questions?" she reminded me.



"Aaah. Oops. Hehe, yeah sure. This way" I smiled as I led her to my bedroom.


She observed my room, her eyes wide with curiousity. She looked around, and finally came to my desk, with the assignment on it. There was no space on my desk, with my stationary, mess and all that, as I saw her eyes close with irritation.


"Why are you so messy for?" she said annoyed at my desk, as she started cleaning it up.

"Hmph .. Neat freak" I muttered, as she turned around in a swift second; her long hair slowly following the lead, landing softly onto her slender back.

"What? .. Armaan shaddup. Hmph. Okay get your assignment, and let's start." She said as she plunked herself onto my bed, zipping open her bag. I just stared at her in awe. She's so .. amazing. I thought dazily. Ahaha .. I got up, grabbed my assignment and sat beside her.


3 hours later. 11 : 45 PM.


I slowly opened my eyes quarterway, and shut them back again. I snuggled closer to my pillow, as it moved. Damn. My pillow moved! Ahahaa .. I giggled in my sleep. Weirdo, I smirked to myself. Then, as realization struck me, I yanked myself out. WHOA.




Am I sleeping next to who I think it is? I thoughtfully asked myself, with my eyes still closed.

I opened one eye, fearing the worst, as I saw my ethereal princess, sleeping like a goddess. Her hair was falling down her slim waist, some strands covering her face; her lips, curved into a delicious smile; her red top, slightly halfway above her waist, revealing her well-toned stomach; her belly button delectably visible.



I needa stop.


Im becoming what I thought id never be! A sex-crazed maniac. AAAH. I yelped in my thoughts, as I got out of the bed, and skidded across to my window, trying my hardest not to look at the majestic fairy in my bed. I let out a fake cry. NOT FAIR.


Is this what love does to you?

Are you supposed to be dreaming about your love 24x7?

Im going crazy.


I heard a shriek as I jumped from my spot, clinging on to the curtains.


"Ar- Ar- Armaaan!" she screeched.

"What – what was I .. was I doing on your b-b-b-bed?" she stuttered as she took hold of my collar, her face inches away from mine; trying her best to yell at me.


Armaan Malllik.


Breath in.

Breath out.

Breath in.

Breath ou-

OUUUHH, look at her lips. Oh teri. Such beauty. I let out a sigh, as she too, was lost in my eyes.

C'mon mannn. Snap out of it, ABHI! Isi waqt! My Brain yelled its orders.

But nope.

Was my heart to listen.?

Pshht. Deffinietely not.

I stared into her eyes, as my hands unknowingly, seized her waist for the second time, as I saw her hold her breath. My fingers slowly pulled her top upwards, inch by inch, as I felt her waist being exposed.

Her eyes spoke volumes of ecstatic love. I knew she loved me right there and then.

So why waste time?

I captured her lips quickly, letting the softness of them get to me, as I sucked onto it, wanting for more. I entered her mouth, as I felt bliss, like this was my first kiss.


We went on for about a whole 2 minutes straight, her top being completely out of proportion as my crazy hands, touched her bare waist all over.

Her hands were wildly tousling my hair, as I felt more passion.


We finally broke out due to our delayed breaths. We were both, panting heavily, with my head laying on her chest, hands on her waist, and her hands still softly going through my  hair. I got off her chest, and brought her close to my face, as I whispered the 3 most-awaited words.


"I love you, Riddhima Gupta." I said, letting my feelings pour out through those few simple words.


She stared at me for a second, until I saw a small smile on her face, followed by a slight blush creeping across her cheeks, as she looked down.


"I .. I love you too, Armaan." She whispered as I hugged her tightly. Never wanting to let go.


I have never felt like this before. In my whole damn life. Im not even joking. This confession, has .. you know .. kinda unlocked all the doors to my heart. If . you know what I mean. I never knew I was gonna fall in love. Especially not with Armaan! I mean, I expected a super-intelligent businessman or something. But nope. I got something even better. I winked to myself as I hugged my prince tighter.


He broke out of the hug, and held both my hands tight together.


"Riddhima Gupta .. Will you be my date to the dance?"  he asked me with love.


I stood there, watching him intently, as I processed those words . Dance? With armaan? Was that even a damn question? I laughed at his puzzled face, as I nodded , smiling widely, as he swiftly took me in for another kiss. After we completely finished our assignment,  I lay my head onto his hard chest. I was sitting on his lap, while his arms were around me.


"So .. since we're done our project .. " he started exaggeratingly, his fingers crawling seductively on my arm, as I smirked to myself. What a player.


"No, no and NO armaan." I said , as I thunked my head back onto his chest.

"Aaah" he said dramatically in pain .

"But WHAAAY?" he whined.

"Just cause , Armaan .. We have to get married first. No nights before we're officially husband-wife!" I said, clapping my hands in delight. MARRIAGE! That would be sooo magical , I thought.

"Pshhht. You cant be serious about that babez. At least 3 nights toh banta hi hai .." he said comprising on my deal.

"ARE YOU DUMB.?" I yelped. "3 NIGHTS? Idiot!"

"Okaay then. Gosh, Fine, 5 nights together. Last offer. No more, theek hai? You've become pretty naughty, Mrs. Riddhima Mallik." He smiked playfully, as his number of nights increased.

I blushed as he added 'Mallik' . Wow. Sure knows how to make me tounge-tied.

"A-uh- tum .. Just shut upp Armaannn!" I said, as I gave up and landed back on his chest.

"Oh  girl . Im falling so damn deep in love with you." He said intensely.


He insisted for me to stay over, since It was already 3 am in the night. I finally gave in to his undeniable puppy looks. Who wouldn't?


So we went to sleep together, cuddling next to each other, controlling our desires within ourselves, yet peacefully enjoying each other's presence.


I woke up to a sudden buzz of my phone.


9:00 PM the flashing numbers read.


DAMN. FUDGE Mein kya karooon?! Maa is going to arrive home 30 minutes from now. SHIT! I yelled as I yanked myself from Armaan's tight, unbreakeable grip, which took me a whole friken 15 minutes. I dashed out the door, and scampered my way home, slipping on random ice pieces, finally sliding to my doorway.


I chanted prayers, as I stabbed my key in the doorknob, twisting It every way to get the damn door open.


I pulled it open, and tip-toed inside, straining my ears for any signs of mom's sensors. Nope. Not here, I sighed, as I took a deep breath in an-




My doorbell rung, right behind me, as I was centimeters away from the door, my back facing it.


Armaan? Im pretty sure it is.

Uhh. Wrong timing, mallik! I yelled at him telepathically, hoping the mesaage reached him from across the door.

I opened the door, fully prepared for his attractive face to appear. Instead I got mom's expressionless face. Glaring at me. As if .. as if she knew something about me .. I didn't know myself.


I looked at her scarily.

"M-maaa! Hehe .. what a – what a surprise! You're on time for the first time!" I cracked a joke, hoping it would lighten the air.

But nope.

When maa's around .. even polluted air would sit and listen to her yell.


I hung my head down, knowing whats to come.

"Maa.. I can explain. Whatever you saw, isn't what actually happened. But what happened is unfortunately what you saw. I mean like, I know you have mother sensors and everything, but trust me, whatever you saw, isn't what it actually is." I splurted out; seconds before I was thinking about my own words and how senseless they were.


"I saw. I saw you running down the ice. What if you slip and fell? You clumsy child. Did I not tell you to stop the goddamn running? Jabbhi bhi tu bhagti hai, koi na koi chot aati hai tujhe. AND NO. not just an ordinary wound. It's the take-me-to-the-hospital type." She yelled at me, as she barged in the door and turned on the TV.

"and why the damn hell is the TV not working?! Who bought this TV? Im pretty sure it was you. Only you can buy useless , non-working things like this. Just like your father. Bilkul uspe gayi hai. I don't know how much to tell this girl. Kabhi sunti hi nahi! Ek toh, mein itne door se ghar aayi hoon, aur yeh hai ki bhagte bhagte gar chali-"


"MAA! Aaap kitna bolte hoo!" I  giggled as I wrapped my arms around my mother's neck. Oh I love her .

After a few seconds, she finally gave in to my non-resistable hug and smiled as we rocked back and forth.


"Uhm .. maa? I need to tell you something." I said as I sat down in front of her, playing with my fingers; nervous-ness building in my stomach as I thought of Armaan.


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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
loved AR
sooo cute
loved da confession
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
Awesome part...

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vidu87 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 11:11am | IP Logged
awesome partClapClap

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 12:21am | IP Logged
hey Yashi
wow! i just loved dis 2 da core!
yipee! AR confessed!
loved AR!
waiting 4 more...
cont soon
thnxx 4 pm...Sunita
Big smile

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dimpledsmile Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
nice part..
 thnx 4 da Pm!!

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RainOnMe Groupbie

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Posted: 24 November 2011 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Thanks for all the comments guys ? (: 

Im really , really wishing for more thoughh :( I mean at least enough for 2 pages to be filled with youur sweet comments? Too much to ask for ? probably .. 

Anyways, here goes the next part.
Hope you enjoy it 

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