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"MyDeepestDesire" || AR, RM, AA, FF/Mini (Page 5)

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Okaay, so thank you guys loads for your sweeet comments! This is a small INSTALLMENT for now, since im busy, and i thought you guys might want to read next Big smile

ONE MORE THING! PLEASE go back and check the PM LIST to see if i have you on there. If i dont, DO let me know! Also, a lot of you are just liking the PM post. you have GOT TO buddy me as well! I cant PM you otherwise Shocked I have written "(ADD)" beside a few names, which means you have yet to send me a buddy request. 


Part 4

WEEELL , actually I don't know. -.- I mean, I turned my head many times, but all I see is the back of his perfect, ruffed hair. Sooo.. you know.. just assuming .. :/


Anywaays, so I reached the doorway, digging in my purse for the house key.

After I found it, I twisted it inside the doorknob to let it unlock.

Aaah. Man it was warm in here. I shut the door behind me, following a large whooosh-ing sound that brought some chill in the house.

I flicked on the light switches, and walked down the entrance.

I dropped my white purse on the sidetable, and plunked down on the couch, my legs on top of the sofa handles. (or whatever you call them :P) I heard a low beeping sound.


That must be the phone. Someone had left a message. I unwantedly dragged myself out of the chair, and made my way to the phone.


"Riddhima Beta! Uhm, Im sorry lekin aaj mein ghar nahi paaongi! Kya hai na, ki Purnima ki Maa aaj goozar gayi, toh mein, nidhi, aur laxmi ke saath rehne wali hoon . Toh tum aapna khaana kha lene theekhai? Maine pizza ke liye wahaan counter pe paise rakh liye hai, And also, please beta time pe so jaana! Love you! Bye!"


BEEEP  Wednesday, 1:56 PM. No New Messages.


Said the answering machine. Ohkay. So my mom wasn't home? SICKKK! YESYESYES. Home-Alone babey! I yelped with excitement! Time to watch my favourite movies! I skidded across to the TV. I turned it on.


A blank screen appeared on the TV. W*F? Why isn't it turning on. I took around half an hour trying to make the damn thing work.


Ugh. Why me? And that too today? Today was the first time in history our college had decided to give the senior students a whole 2 days off! I mean, they probably pitied us since we just survived the finals, and they should. God were they hard. Before it was uptil 8PM only, but thank god hume do din mile. But '. Ugh this TV.


I grumpily sat on the couch, staring at the wall. My friends lived miles away from me, so forget about sleepovers. Now what? 


Suddenly my thoughts drifted off to ' Armaan? WHAT!? NO! NONONO! Wh-why him? Sleepover with him?! LMFAO that has to be joke. I would probably end up like pregnant K LOLOLOL okay. Enough nasty thoughts man. FOCUS. BUT. OHGOD. He's like so damn PROPPER. I mean, I wonder if he has abs? .. of course he does. That hard-rock chest wasn't normal. I had a sudden desire to feel him. To kiss him. To '


My cell interrupted me.


Unknown Number?


Ok-aaay? ..



"Hey, Riddhima" a familiar voice said.

"Uhh.. hi . Who is this?" I asked, carefully listening to the voice.

"Oh, Its me. Mallik ;D" AND I swear to god I jumped on that line. ARMAAN!? W*F?! Jiyo hazaaron saal! HOLY. I could feel him winking on the other line.

"OH! H-heey Armaan! Whatsup?" I said, trying to keep casual.

"Nothing much Ridz! '. Uh .. HEY uhm does your TV work? " he asked

"Nooo! That's what I was wondering! Its just a blank screen!" I replied , getting more into the convo.

"EXACTLY! I thought I had the wires wrong, but it seems fine to me!"

he exclaimed.


"How is that possible? ' Uh.. you have Sony?" I asked.

"Yeaah! I think Sony's companies are down?" He asked confusedly.

"mmm. Probably"

"Hey, you got the geography assignment? He asked me.

"Yeaaup. But as in understand, than no. I have no clue what to do. I tried brainstorming, buut ' Its impossible. Ive managed to finish Part 4 tho." I replied, twirling a strand of hair between my fingers.

"Oh really? Im done Parts 1 and 2. Godd. Don't you think Part 3 is fcuked up?" he asked me.

"OHYEAH. Its like hell, seriously.. Yeoo. Uhh . Can I come over?" I uttered, before I knew what I was saying.

"Ohh. So Ms. Gupta .. Feelin a little lonely tonight are weee? ;D" he said slyly, as I blushed profusely.



"Nooo. .. no .. uh . I mean Like . you know, so you could help me with Parts 1 and 2, and ill .. help you with 4?" I asked, biting my lip, and crossing my fingers.

"ahah .. definitely. Maybee we could do a little more too you know .. after we're done? " he smirked. GOD THIS MAN. He was on a fuucking roll!

My jaw dropped .


"ARMAAN! Shut up will you! Im just there for .. an hour, and then im back at home. Samjhe? Use your disgusting lines with someone else!" I said, trying to sound annoyed. I think I did a pretty bad job at it tho. He was still giggling.


"All righhht, Miss Riddhima . I'll wait for you!" He whispered, as he hung up.

I was shaking all over. I just hope this would be a small short, trip. I turned off the demented televison, all the lights, and grabbed my purse. My cell phone was clutched in my hand while I struggled to put on my fuzzy boots.


After I got out of my house, I called him again, for the directions. I just realized he was a few houses away from me. My heart leapt with joy. This . is. Amazing. This could be an everyday thing you know? NONO or everynight thing, my thoughts told me. Aagh.


So I walked up the pair of stairs, that led to his door. It had a small 'Welcome' sign written in front of it, in fancy letters, carved from wood. I rung the doorbell.


In no more than 2 rings, Armaan had dashed over to the door, standing there grinning like a fool. I couldn't help but laugh.


He stared at me for a second, until he welcomed me in.


I know this is probably my third damn time, bur HOLY. Does he look hot. He had on a casual t-shirt with jeans. His t-shirt sleeves looked like they needed some serious help. Obviously. His muscles were like ripping them apart.


"Uhh. Tum andar nahi aogi?" he winked.


I blinked embarrassedly and stepped in. 



The house was nice, actually. It wasn't too huge, and it looked pretty classy. I liked it!

I looked around more.


There were so many black and red combos! It looked devilish, yet hot. Just like Armaan. Haha! ..  Funny. -.-


"Like it?" he whispered warmly, his ear inches away from mine.


I could feel his eyes on me. My face started getting hot as I fumbled with my words.


"Uhm .. Y-yeah! Its .. really , really beautiful.." I  stuttered, not turning around; in case I came to unbearable contact with his gorgeous face.


"mhm .. Just like you." He whispered softly, as I felt myself floating in heaven.


He turned me around, as I was against the wall, trapped between both his hands, his face looking intently at me.


My heart was beating uncontrollably fast.


He came closer, as I shut my eyes in anticipation.


His hands went down to my waist, clutching it tight, as my breath stopped halfway. I grasped his shirt collar, as he came even closer.


He tilted his face to the right, as if he were kissing my neck. I leaned my head backwards. He came closer, and buried his face in my neck, as my head now tilted to the left, feeling his lips on my neck. My hands unknowingly shifted themselves from his collar to his soft, hair; slightly pulling them, as the intensity got intolerable. His weight was pushing me against the wall harder, as if demanding for more. I could feel his flaming abs against my jacket. My heart was on fire.


His lips started planting kisses on the crook of my neck, as I inhaled sharply, pulling his hair tighter. He slowly, came out of my neck, and looked at me with his ruffled , messy hair. He came closer, to capture my lips. Just before that, the damn phone rang.


We broke out of her intense stare session as he embarrassedly went to get the phone.






Did we just .. ?


That was so unexplainably perfect. His every touch is creating havoc in my body. Im seriously starting to fall hard for him. And yes. This time ..  I know , for sure its love.

I could hear him laughing on the phone. Im assuming it was his dad that he was talking to. I heard 'papa' so .. yeah.


"Yeah Dad. Ahaha .. shure whatever. Me? And flirt? Pshhht. When'd that ever happen? NOOO. DAD STOP. HOLY. Dad, im gonna keep the phone. Okay yeah . Don't trouble mom. O-kaybye. Bye" I muttered as I kept the phone.


WOW. Ahahaha .. my dad is one hell of a comedian. I love him oh-so much.




Reminds me. The feeling in my chest right now. Its just .. I dunno how to explain it. My heart is still irregularly beating, and I swear my blood pressure has doubled. It's all cause of Riddhima.




I smiled deeply. Damn , what beauty. She is beyond beautiful. Her eyes are just too captivating, her smile is angelic-ly addicting, and her body is so damn cravable.


I just want her. I need her. She's become my only deepest desire.


I want to be the man to make her smile, to show the world that she is only mine.


I stood there leaning over the counter, deep in thoughts.


Aaah Armaan. You're going crazy.

Need her?


Ahaha .. sure whatever.

Its probably just infatuation.

But no.

My heart entered the battlefield.

Whatever happened back there was definitely not infatuation.

I really wanted her. Her responses and reactions were driving my crazy.

The way  her cool, slim fingers went through my hair, was killing me.

I felt like kissing her right there and then.


Every time she says my name it sounds like her voice was only meant for that word.


The way she walks, talks, laughs, looks, smiles, IS. It's just .. just so goddamn desirable .


I ran over my thoughts.

So ..  that's . it?


I'm in .. Love? 

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Great part...!

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Nice part... update soon...

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Holy jeebs this amazing guuurl or like u would say daium :P pls add me to your buddy list and jaldi se next update do pls pls plsss

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
loved AR
they r sooo cute
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Riddhima Gupta you are thoughts are running wildLOL
And you are reaaallly lucky too
I mean ek hi dhin mein ithna sab kuch...
Reaaallly luuucckyyWink

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Finally I got time to read ur ff... Its amazing and very well written!
But u ended the 5 part at very wrong point.
Plzzz cont soon and thnks for the pm.

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amazing part!
Riddhima's thoughts r running wild huh!
loved AR! so cute!
cont soon
thnx 4 pm

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