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"MyDeepestDesire" || AR, RM, AA, FF/Mini (Page 2)

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THANK YOUU SOO MUCH! You've been added to the PM list :D Im soo glad you liked it! Do accept the buddy list, so i can send u PM's :D <3


All righhht ! ;DD 

Thank you SOSOSOSOSO muuch maan <3 :D im soo glad you liked it! Comments like yours makes me supper glad! HugHeart


THANKYOUU! Ahahah Ohmy. LOOL talented writer? aur mein!? EmbarrassedBlushing Hehe aap bhi naa, LOOLL <3 THANKYOUSOO MUCH DI! <3

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Big smileThank you LOADS for all your 'hare bhare' comments. :'D

ahaha i feel loved. EmbarrassedHug

 *People that have read my other FF's know ki i love writing in 1st person POV, which is why, i will have both, Armaan&Ridzi's POV in this , theek hai ;D SO Purple/Blue text = Armaan's POV, Black = Riddz's POV Wink All righht ? Tongue*

Here we gooo. ENJOY! 


Ever since middle school, he was like my brother from another mother. ;D We talked more about Rahul, and what dresses we were going to wear. After all, the dance was in one week.




The next day, was a retreat day. Which is a day where we could go home , meet our parents, but we would have to be back by 8 in the evening . Godd. It had been months not seeing my mom. I missed her like hell. She is my angel and supporter y'know. Aaah. I fell into automatic reverse mode , where I started zooming into the past, me and her. Yelling, laughing, playing, fighting. Ahaha. Such good times. I smiled.  I got out of my room, and started towards the sidewalk. Muskaan had already left long before , since she had a long journey to take. Anjali was on a trip to Austrailia. She's supposed to be returning in 2 weeks.


I took out my ipod, and popped one headphone in my ear. Wrapping the scarf around my neck tightly, I shoved my hands into my pockets. Damn was it snowing. I stood at the bus stop, waiting for my bus to arrive. I checked my watch. 2:15  aagh. I missed the 2:10 one. I sighed annoyingly. I'd have to wait for the one at 2:45, I told myself. I looked inside the little stand, with a tiny 2-seater bench there, covered in snow. Agh. I'll have to get in soon. It was starting to snow like crazy.  So, getting inside, I pushed off the snow, kept one of my jackets on the seat, and sat on it. It wasn't like I was gona get my butt wet.  -.- So, I waited in there for about 10 minutes, freezing of cold, yet shuffling through my songs. I noticed a couple footsteps, but I could be less bothered. I was trying to focus on the lyrics to Drake's "Over". I closed my eyes intently, ears pounding with the music. The footsteps stopped. I opened my eyes, and turned to the right. 3 guys were sitting outside the stop, hi-fiving each other and laughing. Hey. I knew them. They're in most of my classes. I didn't really know their names, since its hardly been a week of Uni. I squinted my eyes to recognize their faces, and perhaps their names. I didn't get any.


"Ahahaha ATUUL. Youu're so damn stupid. Ahahha next time, mujhe bhi bulana! I'll teach those teachers a lesson. Ahahah" said the guy on the extreme left.


Oh. So Atul? Yeaah. That was it. Atul. I smiled, as I finally remembered him. He was the kind dude who would often smile at me and my friends. Muskaan was quite fond him. Actually we all are. He is like our chota bhai. I smirked, turning my head back to my ipod.


"Naaa Armaaan! Wouldn't that be a little too extreme? Okay how about this. We get in class 10 mins early, and  put a fart cushion under the teacher's pillow on her chair! " Atul bursted, while everyone laughed their heads out.


I giggled. Such idiots. But. Who's Armaan? I don't think ive ever properly seen him before. I turned my head once again, observing him, in the middle, bobbing his head to imaginary music. Wow. Kya maal hai. Look at him! He has a well-built chest, which was still quite visible from his thick jacket, ruffled hair with a few flakes on them, shining from the peeking sun. Red ears, deep dimples that were noticeable whenever he would talk. And whoaaa. I exclaimed as I took a sharp breath. Damn. His eyes. Blue like a frozen lake, gleaming with happiness. I stared at him, while firecrackers burst in my heart. Ugh. Ridz. Stop it. I turned my head back to my ipod, no longer paying attention to the song. It hadn't been a few seconds , when I again decided to take a quick glance at him. SHIT SHIT SHIT. He was looking RIGHT AT ME.

I snapped my head back on the ipod, squeezing my eyes shut with my heart racing faster than an express train.

Ahhaha. Wow. Cant wait for Monday mayn. The fart-cushion thing is SO gonna work, I smirked, head down, dimples unknowingly showing.  I looked back up. My breath stopped. I could see the most beautiful sight in the world. A girl, wind blowing through her silky hair , as she fumbled upon her ipod's buttons. I wanted to see her face. I moved my head a little to the right and then left, trying to get a glimpse of the angel. OHSH-. She just looked at me. Ohgod. Is that even possible? Eyes as green as emerald in the sun? Like.. deep bottle green? Ugh. Ohmygosh. I think I just died. I said to myself, trying to make my breathing system circulate once again. They were filled with innocence, and surprise. Like a deer caught in the headlights. We looked at each other, just for a spilt second until she twisted her head back to her ipod. I really wanted to see her again, but before I could make an attempt, the bus skidded over to us, and within a second, the doors were wide open. The 3 of us, dug in our pockets for our tickets, putting them in the ticket-reading system. The doors were just about to close, when I realized that SHE wasn't here. Washnt she waiting for the bus to?  Well, obviously she must be. She was IN the bus stop! WTH?! Oh fuuck. The doors are closing, and she's busy listening to music!? UUH. ARMANN, STOP THE DAMN BUS. I yelled at myself.


I was still shaken up from the bizarre electic current I had felt a while ago, through his eyes. My eyes were now closed, trying to calm myself down. I heard a big whoosh but I decided to ignore it. What were they anyways? I wondered. Couldn't be the wind. Wheels? Mmm. Maybe. Ah whatever. I said to myself as my eyes were still closed. A split second later, my slow brain processed the word 'wheels' and connected it with 'bus'. Next thing I knew, I was running my ass off, in the frosty wind , my hand in the air, yelling 'STOP!'

I was running out of breath, and I felt dizzy. Ohf**kf**kf**k. I cursed. Its probably my asthma attack, I shrieked in my thoughts. Not now, please not now, I begged, still running behind the bus. I was just going to collapse, when the bus halted to a stop. My barely open eyes, looked at a blurry image of a hand in front of me. "Come 34orhqh!" I heard the blotchy voice. I was breathing heavily, trying to grab as much oxygen as I could. I held my head, as I was losing my stance, trying my best to keep my eyes open. I fumbled as I took off my bag, and dug in the pockets for my inhaler. In a quick second I breathed in the inhaler, while I could feel everything in my body slow down, and relax itself. I sighed. Suddenly, a pair of strong, warm hands caught me , as I was unknowingly going to faint. He rubbed my cheeks, trying to bring me back out of the coma state I was in. With a lot of struggle, my eyes were finally able to wake up and be back to life. I slowly stood up, with the help of the stranger. I looked at him, and was in a state of shock. It was him. Armaan. My blue-eyed love. I told myself dreamily.




 W*F ridddzy? I yelled at my retarded thoughts, as I broke my eye contact with him, and got inside the bus.


"Lady, you need to get a damn move on!" The bus driver yelled furiously as he stepped on the accelerator, making me lose my balance. But. Once again, I felt the hardrock chest behind, inches away from me.


"Careful." He whispered, as I turned the most deepest shade of red.


I went and took an open seat, while Armaan took the one beside me. My heartbeat started to fasten once again, as I tried not looking at his gorgeous looks.


Man. That was so goddamn close. I told myself. Thank god she didn't faint. I don't know what I would have done. Her eyes. They just can't get outta my mind, I sighed, as I turned to look at them once again. Aw. She was looking outside the window. Ohwell. I just kept staring at her.


"Yeoo. That was soo damn close RIDZ! " Atul jumped up from the seats behind us.

Riddhima turned her head to look at me, then at Atul. She smiled. Whoaa. I need an ambulance. Her smile is like a knife through my heart. What . the. f**k. Armaan. Get a hold of yourself. I reminded myself, as her sweet voice filled the air.

"ATUUL! How are you!? " She said, trying to change the topic.

"Ridz. Don't you dare change the topic. Yeh jo tumhara ipod hai na? Usse apna purse mein hi rakh lo. Samjhi! Do you know how close to fainting you were!? Agar Armaan nahi hota tho, na jaane kya hota!" he yelled at her, having no idea what effect the last few words had on her. Well, that's what it looked like from her face. It was all stiff, with a slight tinge of red on her cheeks, making her face glow like never before.


Its pretty short, im sorry! But ive been writing since this morning, and i have 3 ff's that im writing, which all need updating. -.- Ahaha SOO, pleasepleaseplease continue with your 'liking' and COMMENTING! Big smileHeartDancing

Youurs truly,

Yashi // RainOnMe Hug

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No Comments? :/ DisapproveStern Smile
vidu87 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
hey nice strt
read both d parts
dey r @wesome
luvd dem
plz add me 2 ur pm list

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good one

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
hey nice one
Armaan is already fida over her...n even Riddhima is getting affected...lets see wat else u hav in store for us...

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Awesome Part... so both are feeling the same for each other... waiting to read more... update soon...

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hiii  Hug
awesome update
loved it
loved AR pov
sooo cute
love at 1st sight Day Dreaming
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm Tongue

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