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Tumhari Disha Update for 01.03.05

.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 March 2005 at 11:38pm | IP Logged

Tumhari Disha Update for 01.03.05

 Clearly our TV screens are going to explode with fireworks today. Yesterday's episode was just the tip of iceberg. So ladies fasten your seat belts since it gonna be a roller coaster ride and you will get butterflies in your stomach.

 The episode begins with Disha near Sumitra Sehgal's bed. Disha is still wearing the black saree. She looks at Mummyji's expressionless face and apologises to her that she is leaving her in this condition and going away. She tells that the circumstances and time are not in her favour and whatever she does goes kaput. Instead of having more arguments and fights and making matters worse b/w me and DK its better that I leave this house. Saying she turns her back when the lady holds her hands and calls out to her Disha………Hearing this Disha is in tears and is thrilled that Mummyji called out her name. Gargi enters and Disha happily tells Choti Maa you heard just now isn't it that Mummyji called out my name, I will go and bring DK here and he will be on top of the world. She goes to DK and tells him to come to his Mom's room and tells him that Mummyji called out her name . DK's joy knows no bounds hearing what Disha told and he too follows her. She comes near Sumitra and tells her to repeat what she said. The lady just does not react. Disha tells DK that Choti Maa saw all this and she will tell you that I am saying the truth. She looks at Choti Maa. Gargi the witch that she is tells that she cannot lie like Disha does and tells that she never saw Sumitra calling out any name all these years other than My name that is Gargi. DK just gives a digusted look at both of them and walks off. Gargi looks at Disha and laughs sarcastically  and warns her not to rub Gargi the wrong way ever. Disha the tough cookie that she is tells Gargi that she had decided to leave the house but now seeing Mummyji's reaction I saw a ray of hope and feel that she will recover very soon and says that she will not leave the house.  Saying this she goes away.

 Gargi goes towards Sumitra and pulls her from the bed and tries to strangle her neck. She tells her that remember the last time when you had come to my house asking for money you very well know what happened..Sumitra goes to remembers faintly all that took place..Gargi warns her that now Disha is the main thorn and she wants to get rid of her from the house and again strangles Sumitra and tells her that she has no right to recover telling this she pushes the lady. The poor lady keeps gasping to breathe.

 Disha is unpacking her bags and DK passes by. He gets a smile on his face and thinks to himself

" I don't know if Mom called out your name and stopped you, but I am really happy to see you stay back. What I could not do all these days , My Mummy did even in this state of hers" Thinking of this he goes away happily.

 Disha comes to where DK is sitting with a drink in his hand.  She smiles at him and sits opposite him and tells that she wanted to tell him something. DK smiles at her and tells that today you can tell me whatever you want to. Disha tells him that its not good to drink so much ( oh wow Disha has actually started being concerned about his health now…..) its not good for your health. DK looks at her and tells her 'What do you think that I love drinking and get a kick out of it. I only drink so that I can forget my past, all the pains I had gone through in my childhood.  Disha tells him that what you feel is absolutely wrong. My Baba used to always say that no problems get solved by drinking alcohol and you can't run away from the situation like that, you have to face it. DK tells her you don't know what it is to remember a painful past, He tells her how come you are so sympathetic towards me  today………Disha  gets up and tells him that at this time our main concern  is to see that Mummyji recovers  and for that I need your help, It would not be possible for me alone to take care of her.She tells him that I know that you trust me, even when I told you that Mummy called out my name today , I bet you believed me. I need your support to take care of Mom, when you drink like crazy you are not in your senses. DK too gets up and stands opposite her and empties the glass in one gulp. You are sounding like my Wife………..echoes. Disha looks at him and tells him Dushyant ….now that you have decided not to listen to me then its useless for me to try to explain you anything , why should I simply…….saying she walks off in a huff.

 Aai is praying to Ganpati Bappa and thinks about Rano and Disha. She tells that Disha is a strong girl and can face any situation single handedly and bravely, but my Rano is very innocent.  She does not know there is a storm going to come in her life when she knows about Inder and her Didi and please Bappa help my daughters. How many more tests will we have to face still , you are the only one who can save us , saying this she is in tears.

 Here Rano tells Inder that instead of staying here and watching TV the whole day its better that we go back home. I don't want this honeymoon. Inder the buffoon that he is tries to make her happy showing a new necklace he's bought for her. Rano gets wild and tells him that this is not what a Woman wants. She can make do without anything in this world but for her husband's love. She only pines for his love. Inder tells her that he does love her. She tells that he is again lying to her and she questions him about the girl whom he loved before marriage. She tells him that the day she comes to know about it she would go and strangle and kill that dame. Inder gets wild and slaps her.

 Disha is in her house and tries to call Aai. Chachi picks up the phone and in her fake way tries to act sugary with her. She tells her why she does not call and come there often. Disha just cuts her and asks about Aai. Sukanya tells that I suppose she has gone out since I cannot see her here. Disha just cuts the phone. At that moment Aai comes to meet Disha. Disha is happy and asks Aai that yest. She wanted to tell her something and what was it. Aai tells her that they will talk in her room and so they both go there. Aai sees Disha's bags and clothes scattered in the bed and asks Disha if she was going somewhere. Immediately Aai guesses something is wrong and tells Disha if she was leaving the house for good. Disha tries to cover up and tells her that she was just cleaning her cupboard. Aai tells her that why do you try to lie when you just cannot. She tells Disha that her house doors are always open for her. Disha tells her mom that she is perfectly ok here. Aai asks Disha whom is she afraid of, Is it DK or is it cause of the way I behaved with you in front of your Dad before. Why do you have to take all these insults and still stay here. Disha tells that Aai , You and Rano are mine and I need you'll. But I have to stay here since I have got a reason to stay and that is to look after Mummyji. Aai tells her that it is not a reason , it is your mission. If you want to stay here you have to accept DK completely ( oh wow that's spoken like a true mother). You have to stay here either as his wife or else you have to come with me now itself. What is the use of staying here if DK does not understand your feelings. There is no point in killing yourself and staying here. You have to ask yourself for what you are staying here. DK is passing by and Disha keeps looking at him …in the background a very very sweet and music is going on. Dk just looks at her and the gentleman that he is seeing that she is with her mother just goes away.

 Now Disha is alone in her room lying and tossing on the bed ( looking stunning ) and thinks to herself that she too is trying to find out the reason for her staying here. She remembers Aai's words that she has to completely accept DK and stay as his wife……

 Now ladies……..this is the moment we have all been waiting for……butterflies in our stomach. This is this promo which all of you'll mentioned last week.

 DK is sleeping in his bed…….sleeping flat on his face occupying the whole bed…….oh gosh I will better refrain from saying anything further, else my dear friend will pounce on me with naughty remarks…..His room lights are on. Disha passes by and comes to his room and switches off the lights…. She is about to leave when the candles lights up………DK ( oh my I just cannot explain in words how Ashish looked yesterday……oof with that red coloured sandoz vest like thing and with his right arms tattooed and muscles bulging out….oh gosh I really really did not notice Disha much though she too looked stunning and their chemistry would blow our screens… clearly Ashish is one of the hottest and sexiest man to explode on Zee TV…) The wind is blowing and Ashish pulls her towards him. She is having her back to him and he whisphers in her ears……what did you come to do here Disha…..Disha tells him softly that she had come to switch off the lights…….He smiles ( still holding her tightly) and tells her that this is only an excuse…..if you don't want the lights tell me, I will switch it off…….Disha tells him to let her go…..He tells her Why, Why Disha…why do you stop yourself from coming to me…..today you did not go away and now you came here……don't tell me that you came here at this hour to switch off the lights……She tells him that he is not in his senses at the moment……He tells her that that is the reason I can tell you all this….She tries to go away……DK tells her I love you Disha……and I mean it, I really love you and I WANT YOU……………ends on Disha's face…..

 Really today's episode our screens are going to explode and we better keep some ice cubes ready…….unless they show that its just a dream or something like the rising sun and just end the night scene…….as is the norm in hindi serials and films…….and hope it does not turn out to be a damp squib.

 But don't miss out today's episode that's for sure.



Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 01 March 2005 at 11:56pm | IP Logged

omg.........omg.............omg..........omg..........omg... .......what an episode...........omg..........but i can't see it.........don't have any indian channels....Cry

Thanks for the update LataSmileClap

Prem's Kareena Groupbie
Prem's Kareena
Prem's Kareena

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 12:06am | IP Logged
mayebe its si hsi dream...since he was sleeping....NAHIIIIIIII..hopefully not..
Nishani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 12:40am | IP Logged

Oh my, I think I held my breath for like half a minute just reading this update! I had goosebumps just reading it!

Cannot wait for this episode! I read the last few lines like a gazillion times in a few minutes! LOLTongueBig smile

Good job , Lata! Clap

PS. It better had not been a dream - or I will just perish and die! Dead

dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 12:51am | IP Logged

Oh, Nishani, I agree with you word for word!!!!! Still got the shivers! THANK YOU LATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can't even think straight enough to write anything else, really........Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


.......going to have some sweet dreams tonight......... LOL LOL LOL

soapCynic Groupbie

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 12:57am | IP Logged


  the person who earlier provided an update on this promo mentioned that Disha's response would be " mere liye rishte dil se hothe hain". So, isn't that what tomorrow's episode has in store ? Disha walking away with these words & leaving all of us with pounding hearts.

swathi Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 1:21am | IP Logged

The promo (as provided in the updates here as I have not yet watched the promo) also mentioned  in the end that dk is shown lying on bed & saying to himself" I love you disha". So this also shows that DK might just get the hint today that Disha is slowly getting attracted towards him and he decides to wait until she fully accepts and loves him.

and lata thanks for the fabulous update. Though I watched the episode yesterday I really wanted to watch it once again in the night  But then I just slept off. I was just waiting for your update so that I can just imagine the scenes at least. And really you have not missed a single dialogue or a scene. How do you manage it ???



Nishani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2005 at 1:33am | IP Logged

" mere liye rishte dil se hothe hain"


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