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Arhi FF: It's Complicated;Chap16 Pg46! 05/05 (Page 3)

shaheerdiwani Senior Member

Joined: 04 July 2011
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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 2:32am | IP Logged
Thats a great start ...pls do continue and PM me wen u update ..thanks Big smile

.Saraa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 2:39am | IP Logged
hey niha..its very good..waiting for nxt..loved it..
Nina90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Added everyone to the PM list :) Thank you for the comments!

WIll update the second chapter in a bit :)
Nina90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged

I'd like to thank everyone who read/commented/liked the FF. I never thought I'd receive so many comments, thank you! You all made my day so much more brighter! You're encouragement has made me write this chapter so quickly. Hope I don't disappoint anyone.


Pardon me for the Hindi'I'm still learning the language and if there is any mistake, I'd be grateful if someone could point it out so I can correct it.


And here goes, my first Arhi scene'though there is a bit of Shymaness at the end; fair warning...


Chapter 2: Samaj gaye


As he stood contemplating whether to wake her or leave her, Khushi shifted her position, resting her cheek on the strap of the bag that she carried around like a shield. Careful not to disturb her, Arnav removed the strap from under her face; he could already see that her soft skin had become red from the chamkies on the bag. Fisting his hands to stop himself from running a hand along the indentations on her cheek, Arnav started to move away when he heard her talk in her sleep; even clogged from sleep and weariness, he could hear her clearly as his ear seemed to be entirely too attuned to her voice.


Devi Mayya'raksha karo'kaise samjonge Arnavji ko'London Bharath se bahooth duur hai na' Arnav straightened, half annoyed half incredulous. Was there no end to her meddlesomeness? He walked a few feet away from her sleeping form, trying to think up the best way to wake her up, and then the best way to deal with her. The first was rather easy; the second, not so much. He couldn't just take her home like this, it would cause too many questions and the women there already had a mighty good opinion of him. He wouldn't be surprised if they went to the police if he turned up at their doorstep with Khushi asleep in his arms. More than the current predicament, Arnav was coming up with no ideas to get her to stay away from his life and it annoyed him. His usual taunts and anger didn't work on her either. She'd just feel bad for a while, making him feel (unnecessarily) guilty and then she'd go back to her intruding.


After about ten minutes of contemplation, Arnav was frustrated. Shrugging off his hesitation to wake her up (she seemed to be too peaceful when she slept; he could hardly believe that it was the same girl who had interrupted his meeting so boldly that very morning), Arnav walked towards the couch, phone clutched tightly in hand. When he was sure he was within hearing distance, Arnav unlocked his phone. The ring was neither too loud that he'd startle her nor too low that she couldn't hear it. Kushi's face scrunched up in irk and she turned to the other side, muttering, "Jiji, subah subah kaun phone kar rahe hai? Phone uta lo na?"


For a minute, Arnav forgot that Khushi was asleep. "Mei tumri Jiji nahi hoon, na hi tumri naukar, Miss Kushi Kumari Gupta."


Khushi jumped awake at his voice, and Arnav wondered if it was just that simple to wake her up. She blinked once, twice, thrice, before standing up, her normal fighting stance a.k.a. hands on her hips, in place. "Aap yahan kya kar rahe hai? Kya app mere peeche peeche pad gaye hai ab?" she demanded in a stern voice, her normal chocolate brown eyes wide with indignation.


Arnav didn't know which he wanted to do more, yell at her for her slow brain (was she always this way when she just woke up?) or at himself for attempting the unachievable. Meanwhile, Khushi had gained enough of her bearings to look around. Her eyes darted this way and that, the expression in her eyes changing from affront to anxiety. When they finally rested on him, it was clear that she had realized her mistake. Even her voice had taken on an unsure tone when she asked, "Kahan hai hum?"


"Mere office mei, lekin sawal yahi hai kit tum yahan kya kar rahi ho," Arnav had to stop himself from giving her a satisfied smirk; it had been difficult for him to sound rude to her ever since the party night. But her antics had to stop, and if he had to become a 'Rakshas' again to achieve it, then so be it. Pushing aside the mild protest his heart made, Arnav looked straight at her, eyebrows raised slightly in anticipation of her answer. He took an unconscious step towards her and she, as was her usual, backed up. Though this time, when her legs hit the couch, she stayed put and glared at him resolutely.


He could literally see the defiance gleam in her eyes as she answered, "Mei tho aap ke liye inthazar kar rahi thi aur aap hamei darane ki koshish kar rahe ho?"


"Mere liye? Kyo? Kuch paise chahiye kya? Anjali di ne cheque nahi diya kya?" right after he spoke the words, he knew he shouldn't have. Why did he always resort to insulting her financial status when he knew it hurt her and the intention was the farthest from his mind? It was as if his mind held on to that one fact like a lifeline; as if he'd drown if he forgot it. Just as he knew, there was that expression on her face; as if he had rightly slapped her on the cheek. With no place to walk back, she began looking around for a way to walk away.


Arnav closed his eyes for a second, trying to calm himself. When he opened them, she was nowhere to be found. Turning a three sixty, he could see her near the door, trying to discretely escape. With quick strides, he reached her and placed his hand on the door knob, blocking her way. She looked at him with those imploring eyes; the very expression that made him feel like trapping her in his arms and comforting her.


Resisting the thought, Arnav spoke in his low, soft tone that he rarely ever used with anyone except his Di, "Khushi, I didn't mean it; mujhe who baath nahi karna tha. I'"


Khushi held her hand up, halting him in his tracks, more out of surprise than any will to obey her. No-one had ever done that before; asked him to stop talking when he was. Before he could wonder about her foolish courage, she said, "Hampe apni sorry ko waste karne ki koi zaroorath nahi hai. Galti tho hamari bi thi. Hamein us tharaf bolna'who achha nahi tha. Us ke liye ham maafi maangthe hai. Aur aaj subah he liye bhi. Ham bas aap aur Lavanyaji ke liye ye sab kar rahe the."


Arnav, who had remained silent so far listening to her rant nodded when she finished. "Yehi kehna chahthi thi? Yeh tho tum kal subah gar aake bhi keh sakthi thi na?"


Khushi couldn't believe her ears; was she hearing right? Arnav Singh Raizada, Akdu extraordinaire, was telling her that she could have visited him at home? She stood staring at him in disbelief for a few minutes, only remembering what she had wanted to say when he began to move away, "Rukhiye!"


"Aur kuch kehna hai?" Arnav guessed rightly and Khushi nodded, though he could see that she was hesitating a lot to say something. Wondering what it might be and stopping his mind from jumping to the obvious conclusion, he waited for her to speak out.


But Khushi, who had never been at a loss for something to say, was now hesitating, looking anywhere but at Arnav's face. Why did he have to stand so close to her? Couldn't he move away a bit? she thought helplessly. Darao math Khushi; jo kehna hai keh do'vaise bhi, tum kuch buri baath nahi karne vali hai'No amount of pep talk could help her speak; it was her foolish bravery that aided her.


"Lavanyaji'Lavanyaji ki plane'dh'dho ghante me chalne vali hai'" she finished somehow and looked up at him nervously. As she had expected, the softening had disappeared altogether and the hard angry mask was back on his face; the stone wall she knew she would hurt herself on time and time again and never learn.


"Tho kya?" he asked in the deathly calm voice; a tone that frightened her more than his loudest yell. It meant he was holding back his temper, banking it. But his utter uncaring for her news annoyed her. Hum to bas inke liye lad rahi hai aur ye Laad Governor ko koi farak hi nahi padtha? she thought affrontedly.


Collecting her expression into a chiding one, Khushi spoke, "Tho kya? Tumhari'girlfriend tumhe chodke'"


"Ex-girlfriend," Arnav reminded her calmly, "Jo mujhe chod kar ja gaya hai, us ko ex kehthe hai."


"Lekin'lekin aise hone ki kya zaroorath hai? Aap use ab bhi ruk sakthe hai na?" she asked, confused. She couldn't understand why Arnav wasn't already talking to Lavanya and apologizing(though she knew it was a little far fetched) and bringing her back. Ye Lavanya ji se pyaar karthe hai ya nahi? The doubt rose in her mind for the first time.


"What the hell do you mean, Kushi? You expect me to go behind that'Lavanya like a damn puppy and beg her forgiveness? Do you even realize what you are asking and who you are asking it off?" he yelled at her, unmindful of the fact that the security might run in at any time. He didn't care; all he wanted was for this dumb creature before him to understand what he had been trying to tell her for so long now'that he didn't care a penny for love. "Mein bar bar tumhe keh chukka hoon. Mujhe pyaar aur shaadi mein koi vishwas nahi. Aur unki pyaar se mujhe koi farak nahi padtha. Kithne bar bolna hai tumhe samajne ke liye?"


Her eyes didn't water this time, but the shocked expression reigned on her face as she nodded mutely and with a whispered, "Ab samaj gaya," walked under his arm and out the room with quick unsteady steps. He looked behind her for a few minutes, watching her tumble a few times as she tried to walk as fast as her lithe legs could carry her.


He almost reached out to her when she knocked her head on the flower pots hanging from the ceiling. Cursing the person who had hung them there, he followed her but when he reached the gates, she was already gone and the security told him that she had taken an auto.


Unable to find any way to make sure that she reached home safely, Arnav drove his car harshly, a habit he seemed to have picked up right after Khushi entered his life. She hated fast cars'Arnav punched the steering wheel once and unconsciously slowed his vehicle down.


What was he doing? Where was he going with this'this conflicting thoughts and actions? He had been right before; what he needed was to go away. Out of sight, out of mind. Lucknow ja rahe hai hum'hamesha hamesha ke liye'


Who tumse door ja gayi tho tumhari saans hi ruk jayegi' his Di's words echoed in his mind long after he made the decision but he was in no mood to pay heed to them. Arnav Singh Raizada wasn't one who changed his decisions; not for anyone.




"Un se nahi tho kya is tharaf ke ladka se shaadi karogi?" the mocking voice of a boy could be heard accompanied by a reproach following a lilting laugh. People turned to look at him, observing him with scorn, mockery, superiority but most of all'disbelief and a surety that the girl wouldn't even look at him twice. Because who was he but a pathetic, low life law student and she'the daughter of one of the richest snobs in the city'


He woke up abruptly, the dream disturbing him, though this wasn't the first time he had it. Seeing that the bed was empty, he walked out of the room to get some water and calm himself. His plan was coming along nicely, and he wasn't about to spoil it in haste.


Hearing voices by the pool, he walked towards it, hiding behind the curtains and listening to the brother sister conversation. An idea popped into his mind as he listened to them and he had a smirk on his face and a gleam in his eye when he walked back to their room before anyone could notice him.


His time had come'His moment of glory'


That's all for this chapter!!!!! Was it okay?




"Tum hamse naraaz hai na Chote?" Anjali asked as she blocked Arnav's path.


"Di'nahi, mein kabhi aapse naraaz nahi ho saktha hoon. Hum bas kaam ke vajhe se London ja rahe hai," he tried to side step her and this time, Anjali didn't object.


"London ja rahi ho?" the mischievous smile was back on her face and Arnav belatedly connected the dots. Hadn't Khushi muttered something about Lavanya and London?


"Di, mein kaam ke liye ja rahi hoon'Lavanya se milne ke liye nahi," he replied firmly as he closed the bag'



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FebruaryFlower IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Nice update Nina!!
I really liked Arnav and Khushi's scene. It was so naturally written!
Looking forward to the next part!!
Nina90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FebruaryFlower

Nice update Nina!!
I really liked Arnav and Khushi's scene. It was so naturally written!
Looking forward to the next part!!

Thanks! I was afraid I had made Arnav too soft...

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rechus IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Vry nice.. I like this arnav..
.Saraa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
it was v good..but i just couldnot registered last paragraph.. its like its title..i couldnt understand his dream...

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