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Saher/D#5/last update pg 142

saher_90 IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 September 2007
Posts: 51194

Posted: 30 September 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged


^^ Banner by: DADay DreamingHugIm soo loving thisDay Dreaming^^

Thank you so much guys for making me reaching on my 5#th Gall!! It wouldn't have been possible without Your Support & Encouragement..What I am here Is Because of your support..I cannot enough THANK YOU for what you've guys done for me so far..
LOVE YOU GUYS < 33...Heart

Thank you so much for following On my Regular Updates!!Hug

Evyyy,  stuti_naksh4eva,  -Cupidsfriend-,  payal40,  niru273,  neelohoney,  zooni20,  priya_luna,  ...San-Yo...,  roknstarz_mjht,  Xx.Sri.xX,  minuu,  Dew-drop,  ..-Komal-..,  blossom1234,  -Mema-,  ekta_monaya,  .AngadKripa.,  zaryaabJuhi1b8,  ASMI95,  Mitaly..,  Love_Anant,  Sidchu,  Ayesha_LuvSaJan,  spamalot,  -Mish-,  ..Saba..,  -Faiza-,  ..Akaisha..,  -Arjunlicious-,  ZarYab...Khan,  -Durgavnii-,  -Maha-,  ...PARiNA...,  --Maria--,  sindhyaa.,  fizii_gurl,  angeldmg16,  Sunshine Girl,  kash_laddoo.anu,  --Divzfan--,  -ToriVDongWook-,  Fallen Angel,  jaanlover,  sirjee,  -_AfridiMalik_-,  pakindmuziq,  -.Aisha.-,  priti11,  -Fatima-...

There are soo many friends of mine, whom I would like to thank induvidually: Here their name(s) are;
P.S:[Please Dont mind If anoyone felt bad for not mentioning their name on the spl thank you list!!,IF I'd  missed it out that doesnt mean I've forgotten them..[NO] I love you guys & will always love to read your comments..EmbarrassedHug
Deedo A.K.A Sano:The person from whom I have learned siggie making..She's always there for me to count on my mistakes n take me to the correct one..Thank YOUUU soo muchhh my deedan phor alwaysss there phor mee LYOU<33 XOXO:l She always always make me figure out which creation's are better & from that I try to Improve more n more..Thanks alot for always Figuring out my Points[Khamias] LYOU <33Hug
Saba: She's my sweetheart..She always appreciate my work with such awesome long comments[Which I love to read]..Saba sweetheart you're amazing jaani..ILYOU for everything you always Do for me..Muahh XOXO You're MAGIC Comments make me proud.Hug.
Captain A.K.A Mallu: The 'OMG' person..Captain Kept a name for me called 'MUNNI', Oh! well I love when she calls me that n gave me comments with my name..Love to read your comments Captain..Thanks for being my Captain heheh..Hug
Preksha:My lovely friend, whom I met a month Ago n we became bestfriends..I always share my talks with her n same she do with me..I love her creations which she makes...Preks sweets thanks for always there for me: Muahh XOXO..Hug
MEMA: The girl who alwaysss supports me & always enocourage me to make more n more stuff on AP hehe..Your support really means alot to me..If you guys havent pushh me to start my creations, I wouldnt have ever reach to this point..Thank you so much EEVERYONE< LYOU ALL <33 & MEMA Love you so much Jaanemann...XOXOHug
DA: What should I say about you yaar? You to such a lovely phriend of mine..your comments always always make me smile..& your way of using fruity colours[Fonts] love them watching...Thank youuu XOXO Heart LYOU.Hug
Stuti: She's to always spammingrani of my gall lolz..but yea one thing Is: I just love your comments..Really, they means alot to me hun..Hug
Faiza: Yeh to sirf my deewani of PH/HP & abhay..your comments are like always rocking like you...love the way you tease me whenever I make any stuff on AP/Abhay...but whatever: I love to read your comments yaar..LYOUHug
Zooni: Amazing friend of mine..& a crazyyy fan of MG...Always encouraging always supportive..Hug
Mishh: I love you yaar..I really love the way you gave me comments..Its feels awesome:PHug
Maria: The blue belly fonts hahaha..I kept this name for you yaar..Thank you for always praising me n my work...Hug
Hina A.K.A sunshinegirl: My regular update follower..She checks all of my updates n always praise them..Thank you yaar for always giving me those fantoo comments..LYOU <33Hug
Sadaf: Such an awesome girl, who always gave me such good compliements which I love to readEmbarrassedthank you so much for being there & always Encouraging me..It really means alotEmbarrassedLYOU <33Hug
Gallery Links:

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..-Niru-..ZooniBegamClaraOswald._Rasha_..Tangled..kiminonawa...Mallu...SandCastle.wadi..dollSabaah..Mysterygirl_me...PARiNA...varshaSA-.Aphrodite.--Aliya-Dark-HuesSia889CryingEyes-jaanloverpree4ru-Rumi--Faiza-cant.be.assed.madhoshiyaan.-Jeny-.Juhi.-Mema-..Amira..Meehak.-Stutz-manzilmukultrolldemort.BubblyR.Jane..AS..-Fatima-.JustaDreamSunshine Girl-LetItGo-IlluminationDew-dropSunShine_Apyar-ishkserendipity.MehRya..YuNa4everSano88

saher_90 IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 September 2007
Posts: 51194

Posted: 30 September 2011 at 6:06am | IP Logged

[Page#1] ArHi/AP/Imrankatrina/KaJen/Khiradashar/AngadKripa/PH Avis.
[Page#13]VeeSha Avis
[Page#20]YuNa Avis
[Page#50]ASR/AP/ TL/SA/ Reqs
[Page#59] PSDs
[Page#63]ASR/ARHI Avis
[Page#65]ArHi/SA Icons
[Page#67]AP/ArHi/KaSh/MN/PH/ Gift
[Page#76]KaSh/SA Avis
[Page#80]AP/TJ/ArHi/MS/Sanaya I
[Page#100] PSD
[Page#104]ArHi/AP/ViSu/DDLJ/Fida/Bebo/Kati K/KaSh/AS/
[Page#142]Salman khan/AK/ArHi/Anushka S/kisher/AP/

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..-Niru-..ZooniBegamClaraOswald.varshaSA...Mallu...SandCastle._Rasha_...PARiNA...Sabaah..Mysterygirl_mejaanloverpree4ruDark-HuesCryingEyes--Faiza--.Aphrodite.-madhoshiyaan.-Mema-..Amira..Meehak.-Stutz-manzilmukul.Juhi.Jayeeta_06trolldemort.BubblyR-Araina-.Jane..SunShine_Apyar-ishkAS...JustaDreamSunshine Girl-LetItGo-Illuminationserendipity.Sano88

saher_90 IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 September 2007
Posts: 51194

Posted: 30 September 2011 at 6:19am | IP Logged




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..-Niru-..ClaraOswald.AnGeL-BeAuTyvarshaSA...Mallu..._Rasha_..Tangled..Mysterygirl_me...PARiNA...Sabaah..sadffiKaJen-amaZayn-Stutz--Faiza--Mema-..Amira....-Ayesshhaa-..-.Aphrodite.-madhoshiyaan.pree4ruSia889CryingEyes-Dark-Hues-Priti11-jaanlover.Jazz..Juhi.Mitu_Meehak.aish.Amanat..giggles.trolldemort.Trouble.BubblyR-Araina--LetItGo--Jwalamukhi-Illumination-Fatima-.JustaDreamSunshine GirlDew-dropSunShine_Apyar-ishkAS...Jane..YuNa4everserendipity.Sano88

saher_90 IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 September 2007
Posts: 51194

Posted: 30 September 2011 at 6:22am | IP Logged

Those Who Would like to Recieve Pms for my Gallery, Please 'LIKE' this PageEmbarrassed

Thank youEmbarrassed

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Angels_Ring..-Niru-..ZooniBegam..Sana...BarmeenForeverAnGeL-BeAuTyClaraOswald.--Megz--sadffiSanugr8fan...PARiNA...Sabaah.....Mallu...varshaSA_Rasha_..Tangled..Mysterygirl_mexXdEejAyXxpree4ruPrincessBushijaanloverlipshaaSia889CryingEyes-.Jazz.manzilmukul.Juhi.-Saruu-Mitu_nyctophilia-Faiza-cant.be.assed.-.Aphrodite.-madhoshiyaan.-Jeny--Stutz-Meehak.-Mema-..Amira....-Ayesshhaa-..Amanat.sandy118_RiDdHi.giggles.Jenny...Jane..BubblyRRoshini1494.Dulcet.dream-catcher.Trouble.*Dev.*Dew-droppyar-ishkAS..-Fatima-.JustaDreamSunshine GirlIllumination-LetItGo-bones88VishaD.serendipity.YuNa4ever

saher_90 IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 September 2007
Posts: 51194

Posted: 30 September 2011 at 6:38am | IP Logged


Khirad-Ashar [Humsafar]
Do talwari
Avis:l [I M A G E H E A V Y]
Angad Krpa
H:http://roflsaurus.com/users/public/r19705Animation4h18.gif :l H:http://roflsaurus.com/users/public/i48841Animation5t18.gif
V:http://roflsaurus.com/users/public/k12775Animation3f18.gif : l V:http://roflsaurus.com/users/public/l40153Animation7o18.gif
PH [Ofcourse sugg by noneother than FaizaLOL]
Shilpa Anand

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Gunjan.ClaraOswald....Mallu..._Rasha_..Tangled..Mysterygirl_mexXdEejAyXx...PARiNA...wadi..dollSabaah..Dark-Hues-Faiza-madhoshiyaan.-Mema-..Amira....-Ayesshhaa-..Meehak.-Stutz-Mitu_pree4ruSia889CryingEyes-PrincessBushijaanlover.Jazz.manzilmukul.Juhi..Jane...SmokeySilence.-LetItGo-Dew-dropSunShine_Apyar-ishkAS..-Fatima-.JustaDreamSunshine GirlBubblyRIllumination-Swetha-YuNa4everminuu

Sabaah.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 December 2009
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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged

----- editng------

YAAYYY sis bestie Love & evrything <3  Hug
m sho damn happy for you muaaah HugHug
OMG ur brilliant mind made u reached till 5th aooohhh thats WAAAOO!!! Star
You are here wid ur dreamy gallery and that is 5th gallerryy Hug


OMG I am dreaming or what ? I am in DREAM_LAND <3 wohoo and this dream land is sabsey alag and unique, a rockinggg oneee :)))
haaayyee truly i m in love wd dis gallery :)) Ur gallery is one of my fav place at IF <3 I love it more thn my galry and its obvious <3 :D LOL

OMG ur first page is lovely!!! Banner is rockingg <3 and beautifully done Avni dii ClapStar

n banner says u r wid 5th Shocked Clap Clap I m in love wd ur banner words too :D :P

May u get tonnsss of happiness, lots of success and many many more shops :))) & i wish wd ur each shop i could b present and ryt in first page Tongue LOL

So once again ;



You r a sweeetheart :)))  HugHugHugHaaayee ain marjawaan ur creations are breathtaking stunnign adorable awesommee!! <3

n I think ur shop vistiers boley tou ur customers :D r luckiessst ppl to c ur work! <3
And sabsey lucky is meee Coz ILY mosstt haan suchi :D :P HugHug

Saher dii <3 am very very happy for you, u r my sweetheart sis and obviously i will b happy for my sis, haina ? :)) Hug
i will always pray that u get lots of success in this world and also u get lots of love by ur family and friends//loved ones :)) Embarrassed
And u deserve more n more love n u know wen I met you i was like she is very sweet n from that day u r in my sweet persons list and its 100% TRUE !! :)) Hug

To be honest I never knew that our love will increase day by day more n more n see how much our love grew and all bcoz of ur creativity haina ? Hug i m right I guess ;)

I love spamming ur shops and I will continue to do thori thori so that WL na ho :D ROFL
I wish u get many more shops and u open sabsey ziada <333

For ur 5th gallery I am very very happy and I wanna congratulate u aamnay saamnay :D but I cant Ouch Jhappiess for u, tight ones, yeh lain muah HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

and abhi bhi mera jee nahi bhara by congratulating you LOL So, here comes next one :P


Veryy happy for ur 5th one :)))
I am glad that i m a small part of ur life, andekhi hoon but aapki sis / friend hoon Big smile Big smile Big smile You are also andekhi but also my jaan aww wht a sweet one na, u r really very important in my life, very special and precious to mee suchii muuaaahh HugHug
And i must add the main thing ;
Wenevr i am in a chat wd u, Time kab ghuzar jata hai never knew :D
I love the time wenevr i talk wid you :)) Embarrassed
You are a star for me, keep shining in my life forever and ever ! <3 HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

ILY very much and i promise to do that always Heart  Heart HugHug

From Your sis and ur arts ki crazy lover Big smile
Saba. Heart




What a brilliant Updateee ClapClap TY TY TY TY sooo much I loveeedd that KaJen siggy and AngRipa avis soo much n i found these 2 the best n u know d reason LOL Embarrassed BUT the main reason to find them best is that they r made by a brillian creative that is meri sehru dii Hug

Already i have done bak bak but as I said that i wanna give u an essay so tolerate my talky talky lines :P :P

OMG lemme come to ur update <3

^awww kinni cuteee Star Star
I lovee ur blending and text u wrote n omg lovely pics selected Clap
great texture Big smile

^haaayye beautilicious siggy <3 waaaoo wht a blendinggg :))
lovely text aww adorable both r but ur sig is extra adorable Big smile Clap

^haaayye purpulishh n cutieee LOL i lovee thsi siggy alottt, more thn the couple too Tongue
greatt blending and texture WAAAOOO Clap
Love the texts/fonts alottt Clap , keep rockingg n ruling my heart Star ROFL

^OMG waaoo wht a lovely style :)) Star
OMG loved the places whre u have fit the text hehe Wink

LOVELY colouringg WAAOOHH <33


NOW here comes my favs :D

OMG!!!!!!! Cant thank you enough for what u do muah

really really cuteee ;

^OMG fantabulous siggyyy hhaaayyyeee Star
My fav scene (one of my) but all KJ r fav btw :D :D
I adore ur work alottt <3 u know that :)) & wen it comes to KaJen i cant control my craziness n fill my dabba wd droolicious sigs/avis u make Day Dreaming Wink

Greaatt siggy, Love the text and blending alott n omg colouringg awww lovely <3

Ahhh they are also my afv scenes, All ^
Avis colouring is damnn adorableee <3 haaayyeee drroliciousss avis
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
n m using n wil do one by oneWink

Hug You r truly a sweetheart sis muah Love <3


Rest siggies//avis r fab tooo <3 they r rockinggg :))
ThankYou once again, ILY alottt muuaaahhHug

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-Stutz- IF-Sizzlerz

IF Crazy Artistic Captain
Joined: 04 October 2010
Posts: 23909

Posted: 02 October 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged
me second me secondDancing
sab aapki aur meri krupa hai di... second aane pe me dancingShocked
dats sooo not meDead
achcha... i noe u love my commentsTongue
dnt u tell me u dntLOL
anyways... i m making ur first page dirty re... its sooo bad... the person above me wrote such a loonnnggg and nice comment... toh iss baar...i will comment short...

firstly... CONGRATS di... lovely opening..thanx for adding my name!!!
and awesome update!!!!
loved the gall...

thanx for the pm...

Edited by stuti_naksh4eva - 05 October 2011 at 10:49am

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Sano88 IF-Achieverz

Joined: 10 April 2005
Posts: 129253

Posted: 02 October 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged

  C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

toh banta hai ji?? many many heartious congrats to my pics ghusero behan for coming into her 5th shop now; OMG! that reminds me offf my little sister has grown up, Cry my mom's ankhon ka taara and kacchi umer ki pakkibehan ROFL May you open many many shops soonish. Big smileBig smileBig smile and try to add less pics than usual, ROFL JK!!!

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