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Someone plz read my ff (Page 5)

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Chapter #22 – Seven months' ago story.

Bani tossed on her bed. She had not gotten any sleep yet. She stared outside the window. She had rented a room in a hotel and she was staying there for the whole week then after the conference would be over she would go back to Mumbai city.

"Where had everything got spoilt?" She thought. "Yes, she remembered, how could she forget the most shocking day of her life? She had gone to visit her friend Saloni, for the whole weekend. She had arrived before expected. She was going in her room when she heard voices, namely Pia and Mr. Walia. Pia and Mr. Walia were arguing. 'How can you do this to me, Jai?' Pia had said. 'You have to leave Di, for me'. Bani was shocked – what the heck she was saying. 'Yes, Mr. Walia, Di will come to know about our relation one day or the other'. Bani was horrified and kept listening to their conversations. Tears rolled down her cheeks, she sniffled and she kept crying silently. She was the worst sister on this planet when her own sister could betray her, what could you expect when you pampered someone so much! Pia was heavy with child and that too was Mr. Walia's. Jai came out of the room and was completely shattered to see Bani outside. 'I…I….', no words came from his mouth. Pia came outside and stood still and then said 'you had to know this one day or the other'. Bani left by shutting Jai up and by then everyone in the mansion had heard their conversations. Massi tried to make excuses, but in her anger, she was also being shut by her. Jigyasa was grinning evily and Bani assumed that Pia and Jigyasa were together. Mr. Walia and Pia were the lowest species of animals; they were not even fit to be called animals. Duh, all that she did for that silly Pia and that how she was rewarded."

She looked outside, kept gazing at the stars and the mountains, "Ash is far gazillion better than Pia in many ultimate ways", she thought. After all, Ash was Ash and Pia was Pia, the money-minded. When Pushkar came to know that Pia had aborted his child, he left her forever. It had being about a year since Pia was living in the Walia Mansion. Even Pushkar felt she was his mistake and later met with Aamna, who worked in the same industry. They used to work together, stay together and slowly Aamna came to learn about Pushkar's life, sorrowful one. Pushkar and Aamna were very close when they realized it, they both comprehended that they had being in love for months. Soon they got married and started to live a happy life. Aamna was very understanding, loving and caring. She respected Pushkar and his love for his family. Bani still memorized that it was on her birthday that Prishnee was born. Aamna wanted to name her –Banita- after her name but Bani insisted that she could have a name starting with the letter P. Pushkar and Aamna had moved in a bungalow after their marriage. Pushkar unknowingly was working for Nishant. Along with his talent, the company did progress a lot. Nishant was so happy that he gifted Pushkar a bungalow. It had a big garden and all. Pushkar, his mother, his brother, his sister-in-law and Aamna started to live there. Seema and his mother had to admit that Aamna was very cultured.


Rano stared at the ceiling for a long time. Varun was breathing hard, sleeping soundly, cuddled in his blanket; his eyes closed and his small length hair. She still remembered the day she came to live here, she received a lot of love from everyone.

It was raining heavily, the whole mansion was invited for a party, and sure, they did not know anything but partying. As usual she and Sahil were fighting. "I don't want to go, why you don't just go?" she said tired of this discussion. "Why? Give me an appropriate reason?" Sahil roared. "I am not feeling well, it's that okay or you want a whole list" she said angrily. "You don't fuss and mess with me" he said furiously grabbing her arm. She just gave him a cold look. "You know what – I still don't understand why you just don't send me divorce papers and get rid of this burden forever" he said. "Yeah, sure, why don't you send, I will happily sign it and move out of this hell hole" she replied. He had left for the party and without any further argument. She sat down breaking and crying. She couldn't take it anymore, and an idea flashed in her mind. She seized the phone and called Ashlie. Everything was arranged. That night itself, she started to pack her things, very slowly, she could not do much efforts. She left her wedding chain and her vermillion on the dressing table. She took her wedding photo, tore it in two parts, separating Sahil and her. She wrote 'Adieu' words on the back of his photo and tossed it on the bed. She decided to write a letter to Aditya dad, as she knew he would get worried unnecessarily. She left from there, forever and said she would never ever enter that house again.

Life consists both of joys and sorrows; accept them as they are and always believe after every sorrowful moment, they will always be a happy one.

Coming up: Reactions of the Walias and the Dixit Family.


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wow nice story plz update soon
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Chapter #23
 She took her wedding photo, tore it in two parts, separating Sahil and her. She wrote 'Adieu' words on the back of his photo and tossed it on the bed. She decided to write a letter to Aditya dad, as she knew he would get worried unnecessarily. She left from there, forever and said she would never ever enter that house again.
Sahil entered the room, it was silent. He threw his jacket on the sofa and flopped on the bed and went to sleep. He woke up next morning very tired. He sat on his diva. "Rano, Rano" he called but no answer. "Where she is?" he said still sleepily. For a moment, he thought and was silent "she was not here the whole night" he acknowledged. He stood and found a torn piece of photograph. "Adieu! What does that mean? Am I finally free?" he thought. He opened his wardrobe and found not a single of Rano's clothes. He was quiet "am I happy or what?"
"Hi, meet your another Bua, her name is Rano" Ashlie chirped. "Hi, I am Atharv and I am sixteen, these are the prissy princesses of dad, whom I found still babies, Ganga and Krishna" Atharv said. Rano smiled while Kristy and Ganga waved, eating their biscuits. "Rano, you'll have to join me in my business, I am in great need of someone" Nishant said. Rano smiled while Bani hugged her tightly.
"It had to happen" Rashi said furiously to Dadi. "Calm down, calm down. We'll go to the police station. The police will search for her the entire city, she must not have gone far" Jai said. "Oh please, why do you care, what did you do with Bani mamiji" Rashi roared kept accusing them. "Aditya, do you…" Massi said to Aditya who was walking towards them. "We'll search her whole city" Dadi said. "No need of that" Aditya said. "What? What are you talking dear?" Dadi said worriedly. "Dad, what are you talking? Wonder in which condition she's" Rashi said. "She's fine", Aditya said. "What do you mean?" Dadi asked. Aditya shook his head and handed Rashi a letter. (She read it silently, not aloud)
"Dear Dad and Rashi, please don't get crazy about where am I? Because I know I am fine, safe and sound. Rashi, you used to tell me, bearing everything has a limit, yes, my baby is my life, and I've enough of it. What the use of a relationship which we keep fighting and is a big burden! You know it, Rashi and please for my sake, don't go for search parties, believe me; I am safe and sound, with good people, my own lost ones. PS: Don't tell Sahil anything, for my sake, this too, Love Rano, Goodbye".
"She puts too many conditions" Rashi said. Aditya gave one cold look at his son and left from there.
Bani was watering the flowers. She was smiling "thank god, now I can live in peace". Silently from behind, Ashlie took a bucket of water and tiptoed behind Bani. "Gotcha!" she cried loudly splashing the bucket onto Bani. "WHAT!" she screamed. Rano from behind was laughing out her head with a wet Bani. "I will catch a cold" Bani whined. Bani took her pipe and splashed it on Ashlie, drenching her head and her whole body. Both were fighting with each other, after an icy bath, both Bani and Ashlie looked dead tired and sat on the grass. "That was fun" Bani said slowly. "Yeah, you used to keep worrying so much, it's kind of relaxing" Ashlie said giggling.
Sahil staggered inside his room. He was drunk, completely drunk. "God, what did I do" he cursed himself. "No" he wiped. Aditya entered his room (this man pop from nowhere every time) and looked at him. "What condition you made yourself into" he asked sitting beside him. "Dad, I lost her forever…..She was the best thing ever…..Wonder where she's…..no….what did I do….Dad, I want her back….now…I can't live….d-dad…I lost her forever" he wept on the chest of his father. (Poor kid!)
Everyone was eating ice-cream. Ashlie winked at Rano. "Di, nice ice-cream, nah" she asked. "Hmm" Bani said licking hers. Ashlie took her ice-cream and toppled it over Bani. Her hair was brown, sticky brown. "Ashlie" Bani screamed running after her. But it was too late, as she had already ran inside.
Everyone was at the dining table eating lunch. "Guys, drop your files and eat" Bani said for the 78th time. Nishant put her file on the table and started to eat. Ashlie was still reading, Kristy and
 Ganga were doing their home works. "Guys, EAT" Bani shouted. Everyone dropped their files and books and started to devour their breakfast. "Bua…I will be scolded because of you at school…yum..mm…um" Kristy said eating her sandwich. Rano took Krishna's (Kristy) book and started to correct the answers with a pencil. "What is this? Don't you know equations in bracket must be done first before any multiplications or division" she said giving Krishna a good blow on her head. "What a silly mistake" Atharv said chiming. Krishna's face had entered her desert with the blow she received on her head. Her face was smeared with white pudding. She glanced at Rano. Atharv, who noticed this started to laugh loudly. Everyone noticed Krishna and began to laugh off their heads. Rano, was still reading the answers, looked down at Krishna on hearing so much of laughter. She patted her head and said "sorry, didn't mean to spoil your make-up". "What…did…you…do? Her face…" Bani said interrupting with giggles.

Coming up: Pia and Bani are back home. Jai and Bani talk. Jai calls everyone at Spring Cliff to expose Pia's truth.

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was an ardent fan of Kasam se ...till all the leaps took place ... but still am a great fan of Jai n Bani...
enjoyed reading your FF... do update...Smile
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Wow, 1120 views
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Every1 following dis please note that since the KS forum id going to be closed my FFs are being completed here: http://musicffsun.blogspot.com/
Hahaha I just noticed that I wrote nonsense above LOLConfused lolz...what the hell I was saying...this FF goes also to the KS forum and since the KS section was going to be closed I copy & paste every thing WinkLOLConfused 
Please do send your comments...

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i think you have a brain problem

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