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Someone plz read my ff (Page 3)

alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 4:11pm | IP Logged
wow nice story plz update soon

music_girl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 October 2011 at 6:18am | IP Logged

Chapter 14

Pooja fren, you didn't answer, so I'll have to post this. If you want to post another part, please tell me, you're welcome.

Bani looked herself in the mirror and asked "Ash, am I good". Ashlie groaned and said "for the 99th times, I am telling you that you look great and amazing". "Yeah, even Ash doesn't check her in the mirror that much when she goes out with Tarun" Rano chipped. Bani and Ash glared at her. Bani was wearing her usual 'dress code' ' pink salwar kameez, pink heels, pink lipstick, pink eye shadows and her blush made her a total perfect ' just like a supermodel for her catwalk. Her sisters were piled on her bed. Ash was painting her nails while Rano was reading a book. She put down her book and looked at her sister "have fun, I'll just check on Varun" she said leaving the room and shouted "don't make any one unconscious just by staring at you, it can be fatal" and the rest of her words were a fit of giggles. The two of them heard a honk and Ashlie added "have fun, eat as much as you can and don't forget to leave a little before so that Sheks can pay the bill". "Hi" Bani whispered in the car. "Hello, I want you to talk to my umm'girl'friend about me? Would you? I want her just to have the perfect image of me! I want you to'" Shekhar said nervously. "Oww, man, alright, I won't tell her the day you slipped on the banana peel, you knocked a little toddler on the road or you nearly spilt your coke on the shopkeeper's articles and'." Bani laughed. "What? If you tell Jenny all that, she'll scare off" Shekhar whined.

Kingston Palace Restaurant

"Jai, isn't it the most fashionable place here?" Pia cooed. "Yeah" Jai smiled and continued "it's for celebrations for becoming a dad for the second time". He showed no excitement on his face as he watched the door. Bani smiled at the waiter and Shekhar-guy pointed to a table. "Why are you so worried about?" Pia asked following his gaze. Pia snarled. Bani sat down and looked at the menu. "This place is fabulous, Shekhar, I would be glad to meet Jennifer here" Bani gushed. "I told Jennifer that the only people that made no fun of me were you and her. She said she wanted to meet you" Shekhar explained. Jai looked tense (couldn't see his ex talking to another man!) and Pia stood up, fire-breathing, she took large steps and walked over Bani's table. Bani was laughing when she noticed Pia. "Well, coming dinner with your future hubs" Pia smirked. Bani ignored her and did not bother answering. Shekhar, enough of her annoying behavior dragged her by the arm to Jai Walia's table. "Sir, your order came by mistake to our table". Bani giggled while both Jai and Pia looked dead embarrassed. Shekhar was marching to his table when he noticed a petite woman, reddish blonde hair, blue eyes, cute and all that walking towards him. He smiled and at once Bani knew it was his parcel. Shekhar pointed over Bani. Bani could not help but joked that this girl as a total silly to choose Sheks out of millions of people.

"So, you're Jenny?" Bani asked and Jennifer nodded flushing. "Shekhar has being talking a lot about you. Normally he even scares at the word G-I-R-L, as if it's a big scary deal. But when he had mentioned about you, I knew he was serious" Bani laughed. They talked about stuffs a bit and Bani left them alone, she called Ashlie, to send a driver to fetch her. Jai seized the opportunity to talk to Bani. "Bani! Wait!" he called breathlessly. Bani froze on her tracks. She had to avoid him at any cost. She walked quickly and took the main road, so that Jai could not do anything but running behind her. Finally Jai caught up with her. "Look, you're getting the wrong idea of me" Jai reasoned. "Yeah, what wrong idea? You are wrong in all angles" she snapped. Jai stared at her. "Look, I know Pia is faking, she only wants money" Jai tried again. "That's not my problem, and please save it" she zapped at him. "You are disgusting and do get that in your brain. Heard it" Bani told him off, furiously. "So you really think I never had loved you" Jai said. "I had never loved ' nice try Mr Walia and look over there, your prissy wife is worried about you and good night" she screamed and hopped in a car. "It will be really difficult" Jai said defeated.

(Hey, I noticed that I have never written about the babies. The next chapter will be 'Baby's Bash' ' all babies that I did not elaborate will be included.)

"How was Jenny?" Ashlie asked "everything went well" Bani said, she didn't want to upset her sister with Jai's fiasco. "Ash, tomorrow, what do you think of starting the shopping of your marriage" Bani asked. Ash turned red, crimson red.

Ranvir (this guy has being missing since the start of my story) looked desperately at his kid who was howling and crying. "This Rashi, how much time will she take to shower" he mumbled. He took Sanaya in his arms and paced the room. Sanaya looked at his father through her tears and smiled. "Pa...O'n'da" was the sound that came from her. Rashi came from behind and looked at both of them affectionately "good, your daddy needs to learn these things". Ranvir shook his head and handed Sanaya to her.

Today is Tues2, 2morrow I will be at home, but not sure to be able to update coz I have to do 2 preparatory work of my Art Exam which is on this Friday. Thurs2 i'll have 2 go 2 skool

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Rockyy_ Senior Member

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 12:45am | IP Logged

Fabulous chapter, couldn't help laughing how Pia got drag back to her table.ROFL

Make sure to get all you school work done and then update.

Take care.
music_girl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Will not be updating today! 05.10.11
I still haven't completed and i am already tired. It's sooo tiring just sitting drawing, erasing and painting! All my braincells are dead! All i can see now is two colours mixing together making a pool of the new colour! God! I think I need a doctor! Sorry, will not be updating 2day.
Thank You
Take Care
Bye Bye
Hey- it's Divali week, nah, just remember! In my country its on the 26 October. Happy Divali to You all.Party
~Happy Divali to all~
May God bless you all!
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music_girl IF-Rockerz

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Chapter #15 ' Babies' Bash Party

Prishnee, sat among her dolls, and ruffled the hair of her Barbie. She, herself looked like a Barbie girl with her pink overall and pink small boots, pink cap; she looked totally like a doll. Aamna, came with a feeding bottle and put it in her mouth. Prishnee, cupped her hand around the bottle and Aamna removed hers. She sat quietly drinking her milk. After a moment, she put down the bottle and looked at her mother. Around her lips, there was a layer of milk, Prishnee smiled, she had no teeth, and somehow it made her look cute. Prishnee took her Barbie girl in her arms and put her to sleep, like her mother would do with her. Aamna beamed at her daughter.


It was a perfect room, filled with cute little baby clothes, powders, perfumes, shorts, shoes; all neatly folded. A little baby boy slept soundly, he was covered with a blue blanket, his eyes tightly shut. The room drew in silence. On the bed-side table, stood the baby's photo in a frame which had the name 'Varun' written on it. Around the baby, stood, crocodile soft toy, a teddy bear and a toy monkey. The baby flinched. Then closed his eyes and yawned and when back to sleep. The 1 month boy looked amazingly cute. Slowly, the door opened, and Rano entered quietly, making sure she did not do any sound. She smiled and covered him. And then she sighed, "Good", she thought. He had being crying all night long." Rano sat down on her bed, and looked at her son. He was an exact replica of his father; his skin colour, his lips, but his eyes, were definitely like his mother. She patted his stomach and kept staring at him. All those moments came in flash in her mind. She shook her head to get rid of these painful memories but vain. It always had an effect on her, wherever she was near her baby. "He's only mine" she said silently "just mine". "Why?" she thought, "why, her son always reminded her of his dad" (coz Varun is both Your and His Dad's son, silly) "No, I'll never talk to him again, no, not again, you're the reason I live, today, Varun, or else, I would have lose all hopes", she thought. (Don't worry, Bani is still here) She tickled his foot and kissed his forehead, and crouched beside him, she closed her eyes, and the room, once again drew in its silence.


Ashlie paced her room. She had being thinking forever about Pia and Bani. Her mind was zooming with all types of questions. She felt sorry for Bani. How much did she give for this sister of hers, who did not waste any time, to betray her? All the love she received was useless for Pia, she thought. "She, Ash, had being craving to tease, joke, pull tricks on someone. She would not joke on her nephew and nieces. Her brother had always being a father for her. He had fulfilled all her needs, enrolling her in the best college, giving her everything, love, care and time away from his business but she needed someone on whom she could tell her feelings, she could joke around comfortably or tease how much she wanted! Her brother was definitely not that person; he had to give both a mother's and a father's love to his children. Even though, he always had time for his family, everyone would always encourage him in his business trips. And that the day Bani had entered in her life, which she had being sharing things ever since she was here. Kiran Aunty was her mother's sister. But her mom had immigrated to London for his Dad's business while Kiran Aunty and Nishikant Uncle stayed in Mont Abu. Soon they lost contacts with them. It all happened when brother had seen Bani's picture in the newspaper in his trip to India. He wanted to meet her but Atharv had an accident, he quickly left from there. Bani had become Mrs. Bani Walia. Again, for some partnership with the Chopras, her brother had gone to India and had returned with a crying and homeless Bani. Bani had explained to Nishant that how her own blood her bretrayed her and had kicked her out of her own house. Nishant had asked Bani to come and live with her, Bani had plainly refused, saying she could not become a burden for her brother. Then Nishant explained about his children and his sister, all needed someone to share their experiences and feelings, and Bani was the right person. Nishant had explained to her about Bani's life. Ashlie, remembered Bani, she was one year older than her sister Rano. Ash would always be there for listening to Bani, who had received a post in Nishant's company as the MD of a new project. After some week, Bani felt she was at home. She had become friendly with the kids, and she even made Ash learn how to cook and how to depend on herself. Ash had made a lot of progress; she did not need a servant all around her. After some time, Bani started to know more about Ash and the family. Ash had being dating Tarun for some time. Bani had met Tarun, he was nice. Some weeks later, Tarun had proposed to marry Ash, and Bani was the first person, she had shyly told. Bani was like the mother again. Bani remembered Rano there, along her devils. She was crying one day remembering how she left her baby sister there with the witch and her sons. Ash had caugh her crying and Bani told her about her little sister suffering there. Using a private number, Ash had made Bani speak to Rano. Bani came to know that her sister could no longer take all the pains. Bani once again was angry and wanted to skin the whole Walias alive. As usual, Ash came with a brilliant plan, she would talk to Rano every night and one day, she also came to know that her little cousin was being tormented there and she was expectant for about 3 months. Bani had enough of it. She had talked to Nishant about Rano coming here and her miserable condition. Ashlie had contacted Rano to tell her to pack all her things she needed and at night a car had came to fetch her from the Walia Mansion. Even Nishant wanted his children to learn about the culture of India, so, he came to India. All the three sisters were once again together, this time, faithful and loving. Ashlie broke out from her thoughts and went out of her room.


Jai Walia sat silently in his room. "Pia" was all he could think. There must be some proofs to show I am innocent, he thought. He marched to the cupboard and started to snoop on Pia's things. Suddenly a diary fell from above. It was coded. Then the screen showed Pia walking and opening the door.

It's a Music_Girl Creation
Will Jai read the diary? What is this mystery? What does it contain? What did Jai mean by his inoncence? Will he decode the lock? Or will Pia catch him? How will Rano prevent Sahil from meeting their baby? What is in Ash's mind? What is this new mystery? How does it connect to Bani? Is it all real?
Will be waiting for your replies, then I'll continue!
TaKe caRe

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soodr Senior Member

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 6:03am | IP Logged
Really love your FF just read all the part so far...please continue soon!!

Ria xx
Proud-BrownGirl Senior Member

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged

How does Jai expect to prove his innocence when Pia may have something cooking in the oven.LOL

Great update by the way, Clap Continue soon.Thumbs Up

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Anjinie IF-Rockerz

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Thanks 4 da lovely updates just caught up them pls cont...soon

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