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EHSAAS ARSHI FF PART 21 pn pg22 updated (Page 3)

maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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Part 8


arnav is getting ready in his room wearing a suit looking damn handsome stands infront of the mirror thinking that will he be appreciated by his future wife I mean khushi arnav raizada or nt , he was thinking about khushi  when anjali enters the room and says"bahir ajyin khushi kay khayalon se waran shadi to kiya sagayi bhi nayi hogi agar is tarha sochtay rahay chote"


"kais lag raha hoon di kiya mein khushi ko acha lagun ga is tarha"says arnav straighly


"bohat achay lag rahay ho aur khushi ko to aur bhi
acahy lago gay jab in ankon mein pyar nazar aya ga apnay liyay"says anjali


"sachi di ab chalin warna dair ho jay gi meri sagyi mein "says arnav smilingly



On the other side khushi  is sitting infront of the mirror that why the hell is she marrying and cannt back out of this ,she is really angry but the problem is she cannt show her anger to anyone bc no one is gona understand her ,every step she took got failed but one step is still to take and she goes  from there and leaves the house from the back door ,everyone is busy  for the welcome of the guests and after few mins arnav arrives with veer  and anajli  and with a pandit ji who is going to fix the marriage og khushi and arnav ,


The house is decorated with flowers and lights and diyay.the house is looking like a heaven to arnav may be her angel is living here ,everyone is busy chatting with the khushi  family ,


On the other side khushi  is standing outside a old and a very weird house ,its looks like that no one is living there from many years and all house is looking dirty but khushi  is looking at that house  like she belonged there but how can she belonged to that weird house ,

"bohat acha lag raha hoga na tumko aj mujay itna bebas daik kar "says khushi  looking at that house as there is a person standing there

"meri bebasi par jitni hassi arahi hai haslo kyun kay aj kay baad meinnahi who roya ga jo mujse rista banay ga aur itna roya ga kay ansun ja samndar bhi kam par jay ga us kay liyay "says khushi as  thinking of hurting arnav  like he is hurting whole man kind

"yahan ik wachan liya tha kay mein kabhi kisi par yakeen nahi karun gi ,kabhi kisi se shadi nahi karun gi ,kabhi apnay pass nahi anay dun gi kisi ko par aj tumn ay maujy majboor kar diya yeh sab karnay par mein nayi janti mein jo karun gi who sayi ho gay a nahi par maa ki khatir yeh rishta mein jorun gi aur unko kabhi nahi pata chalnay dungi kay jo rishta ban hi nahi who kaisay rahay ga sath janam tak .mein uski zindagi ka har din har pal ik nayi kasauti ban dun gi aur daikun gi kay ik admi kitna bardaasht kar sakta hia ik aurat jitni to nahi kar pay ya shayd mera jitna to bilkul nayi ,who meray sath ik kamray mein to rahay ga par mera se 100 kadam kay fasalay par aur hwi faslay mein itnay barha dun gi kay usay meri awaz bhi sunayi nahi day gi aur who pactay ga us din ko jis din who mujse mila hoga"says khushi  as she throws all the anger out and stands there for few mins and turns to leave but a saw  mandir there few  steps away and goes there and saw a old lady standing there and she comes to her and says

"rishtay hum nahi upar wala banata hai .pyar se bagnay walay pyar se jab takratay hain to yeh pyar kay aliva kuch nahi dikayi daita unhain  ,yeh who aag hai who lagayi nahi jati beta lag jati aur jab kagti hai to kiya kiya jalta hai koi nahi janata ,tumara andar ka gussa yeh rishta kuch hi shant kar day bas waqt lay is pyar ko tum tak lanay mein aur tum khud isay apnayo gi khud tum beta "says old lady and leaves from and khuhsi thinking how does she knows what she was thinking but throws all these thing out of her our her mind and leaves 4 home and in home payal went upstairs to bring khushi  down but she was nt there and she quickly calls her mom and tell that khushi  is gone and they both come down and lies that she needs some more time and the door of the house open and khushi coming from and everyone looks if she was upstairs then how she came from here ,payal  makes a excuse that she was gone to parlour and she is home nw and they start the engagement  and arnav puts a ring in khushi hand and then khushi  puts a ring in arnav hand  and everyone claps at the happy moment but who know how long this happiness is going to stay

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                             Part 9 :

After engagement every function is done with quiet simply at both house at khushi and arnav house ,the sangeet and the mehendi function with simplicity bc khushi didn't wanted any special arrangement and everyone cared 4 her decision ,finally the maariage day came in both lifes arnav is looking too happy and handsome feeling out of the world just missing his small brother in his marriage but he is busy in his studies as he got exams after fews days but he sended him his marriage gift which is a latest mobile phone and arnav is really happy bc his brother cared so much  4 him and he sended a gift 4 her bhabi as well a diamond set which he thought that her bhabhi khushi will really like , in arnav house everything is ready 4 today function ,anjali and veer  are all ready to leave with simplicity 


arnav with veer and anjali and with few peoples leaves for khushi  house and after 15 min they r standing outside khushi house ,the house is decorated beautifully and barat comes at the door and khuhsi  mom welcome the barat with all respect and ask them to come in and tell mayank to sit in the mandap and khushi  will be down in next few min and then they start the marriage rituals .payal is helping khushi  with her dress and her mom comes in and brought khushi  down as arnav put his first glance at khushi  he is totally lost just staring at her and staring and finally pandit ji tell him to concerate on the ritual   and everyone laughs at arnav  condtion and he too ,khushi  comes and sit next to arnav  and they perform the marriage ritual and khsuhi  is having sindoor and mangalsutar of arnav names after 5 min as khushi mang is filled she feeled some thing new or strange but she ignores it just keep looking down but arnav put the mangalsutar around her neck they shared a eye lock khushi  is just looking at arnav  who is tieing the mangal sutar around her neck and feeling something in her heart but when arnav  ties the mangal sutar and looks at her and saw she is looking him with a lot of question in her eyes  he whisper "mein har moor par sath rahun ga tumaray chinta maat karo kabhi nahi sath chorun gay eh wachan hai mera aj tumhein"

On the other side khushi is ready wearing a maroon lehanga matching with arnav  marron shairwani with golden work on it with matching jewellery just looking too beautiful but a sad smiles on her face to give happiness to her mom , her mom comes forward and put a kajal behind her ear so she can be saved from every problem but who knows problem are going to invited by khushi herself to destroy her relation but what destiny stores 4 them who knows not even them ?

khushi  turns her face other side and thinking what arnav said nw but then pandit ji says there are husband and wife nw and then they take the blessing of everyone and they are sitted on the stage made 4 them only and every one wishing them they r feeling strange in their hearts their new life style about their new life , after few mins the bidaai is done and khushi  is sitting in arnav car next to him and crying silently and looking outside ,mayank saw this he takes khushi hands in his hands and says "mein har khushi ko tumaray kadmon mein dalun ga takay kisi bhi cheez ki kami na ho tumehin aur tum jab chayo yahan apni maa aur sis kay paas asakti ho tum har tarha se azad ho gi is rishtay mein "says arnav  caringly she looks at him but then the driver stops the car and says they have reached home ,the new married couple is welcomed with a lot of flowers and lights and they r sitting n sofe together perfoming the rituals containg  a lot of fun in them and after one hour the couple is really tired and anjali saw this and she take khsuhi in arnav  room and made her sit and tells nt to let him close that easily have some fun .veer calls arnav that he had a call from office and its really urgent  , arnav  calls at his office and the manager told him that he has to be here in 48 hours bc they need to sign some work with foeign deligates otherwise the company with face a great loss and arnav booked the tickets of next da eveing  and hangs up the phone and tell veer and anjali about it and they support him but the problem is the reception of the marriage  ,after several thoughts they cancel it and will plan in Mumbai after few days , then arnav moves to his room where khushi will be waiting 4 him  ,he smiles to himself and enters the room and locks the door so no one can disturb them tonight and saw khushi sleeping in his bed at a corner , he smiles at her comes close to her and says "tum kitna khubsurat ho khushi , I feel like I have founded a world 4 my world  welcome khushi arnav singh raizada in our world , I love u khushi  I never wana loose u ever I can do anything 4 u just 4 u only "says arnav  and leaves his hand on the bed side and put the blankets on khushi  and lie next to her and looks at her and smiles and says "goodnight jaan"

After few min arnav  is in deep sleep and khushi open her eyes and rewind all the things arnav said to him just few min ago ,she started thinking whether all this was true or her dialogues to make her cloes to him but she moves her head toward mayank who si sleeping next to her and have a small and peace ful smiles at his face like he donot need anything nw , khushi  smiles at his smiles and thinking what is this smiles doing to her and throws all the thoughts out of the mind and turns her face on the other side and thought abnout the plan she maid next .before coming to this house she left a letter 4 payal  that got her plan



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maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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hey friends i need a vm and siggi  4 my ff can any one make it 4 me  let me know then i can tell u the song  4 vm i am wiating friendsWink
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this is really good!!
plzz send me a pm when you update it the next time!
M_n_h Goldie

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loved it Smile
maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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Part 11:



khushi is wearing blue saree nt full and heavily dressed like a bridal but she was like simple but beautiful bride .she was standing at the window looking at the birds sitting at the tree infront of the window ,the birds were sitting together and singing in their own sweet voice which was some feeling in khushi but why was this happeing she hate man then why fews lines said by arnav were making so big imoact on her but then she heard a knock on the door and she moved arnav  love thoughts away and opned the door and saw anjali standing with a breakfast tary in her hand with a smile .


khushi let her in the room ,anjali  puttes the tray on the table and hugged khushi  tightly .khushi gt confused but smiled simply .anjali relised khushi from the hugs and say" thanks khushi   4 coming into our life and specially arnav  life , he is so simple and caring person .juts takecare of him he has only u and his brother  as i am far from him now only never let him fall apart "


khushi just moved his head in yes but she didn't knew why she was saying yes to anjali  4 a promise she is never going to meant?

anjali leaves the room by saying come down in half because she has to go a pag paiary ki rasam at her mayaka .

khushi was lost again why  she is this man effecting her , is he true or same bloody crap of men cast ?

But then arnav came from the washroom wearing casual trouser with a t shirt  and he saw khushi standing at the window  .he was about to moved toward her but then he saw a proper suit 4 him layed on the bed  and his shoes on the floor and he smiled to himself that khushi is already started her wife duties and started caring 4 him .he  moved toward khushi and stood behind her but saw nupur lost somewhere and he puts his hand on her shoulder and she turns like she got sacred but the turn made arnav sad because he saw tears rolling on her cheeks .khushi saw arnav standing behind her and looking at her tears and she tried to remived the tears by her hand but in the middle arnav hand were on her cheeks and he took the tears in his hand and looked at khushi  and khushi saw the same tears , same pain in his eyes and was just staring at arnav.

"yeh ansu kyun khushi , tum tik hona yahan"says arnav

"who '.who '''mein '''..mama"says khushi she couldn't complete the sentence

"tum royo mat pur hum abhi jayin gayi mama kay pass .mein ik ansu bhi nahi daik sakta in chand si palkon mein"says arnav

"who bhabi nasta day kar gayi hian who ap karain phir pag pairon kay liyay humein mama kay pass jana hai  aur who apka suit bhi nikal diya hai meinay par agar apko pasand''.."saying khushi  but arnav putted a hand on her lips and says"meri pasand tum ho aur tumhey jo pasnad hain who meri pasand hai aur meri sundar si princess  ki pasand bhi sundar hi hai right,princess"

khushi cheek goes red and she look here and there which didn't go unnoticed by arnav and to relief the atmsophere 4 khushi he says" waisay aj nasta bhabhi ne apki pasand ka banay hai "and khushi simply smiles

They get dressed and arnav is waiting   for khushi downstair meanwhile he has already given order to everyone specially veer and anjali not to tease him and not in front of his khushi

They all are waiting 4 khushi and then heard payal sound coming from staires wearing red saree wit matching jewellery and he was just starring khuhsi and was admiring her beauty





She came downstairs and arnav was still staring at her  and khushi was looking down because everyone was looking at them and arnav recives a elboe from veer and veer say"sharam kar behsharam teri hi biwi hai sab jay samney gurna band kar aur khushi ko shraminda mat kar bechari sharam se lal ho rahi hai  romeo"

And arnav looks at khushi who is red  and arnav says"ouch ' and khushi moves toward arnav but stops herself as it was a joke but arnav notice her feeling but to not further embariss her more they moves toward the cars and leaves 4 khushi house.


khushi HOUSE:

Everyone is really hapy 4 the pag pairey ki rasam and specilly he mother  but someone is nt in deep tension and that person is payal  and she wants to see her di now and then they heard car horn and payal  and their mother goes towards the door and saw arnav and khushi standing at the door  .khushi see payal face which is totally blanked  as she knew this was the next phase of her plan to convince hr own her sister 4 the dangerous plan





What are the plan of the khushi to test the marriage?payal is ready to end some one dreams to make her sister feel satified? khsuhi having affect of arnav is true or just pretending  by khsuhi to move the plan at next level?is arnav going to know about khushi plan?

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Part 13:


khushi and arnav singh raizada are  standing on the airport  for their departure to Mumbai ,then khushi saw payal and runs and hugs and starts crying  .payal  make her sister quite after several trys.arnav  came back from the canteen and is holding two drinks in his hand and he saws khushi tears in her eyes while standing next to payal   and he came says hi to payal and tells her they don't need to worry 4 khushi she will be perfectly ok and happy with him .after few min they sit in the plan ,he is talking to khushi to make her feel happy but khushi is acting weird ,she turns her face around here and there and closes her eyes and sleeps.arnav thinks about her behaviour and feel may be she is going away from her family and relax not known of what khushi has planned 4 him.

They both reaches home and khushi enter the house traditionally and khushi goes into her room and jumps on her bed and starts talking like a kid she says"this is my bed I will only sleep here hehe"

arnav says"not yours its our bed we both r going to sleep here"

khushi says"no no no its mine only mine "and turns her face away thinking about his reaction and arnav is getting shocks from his dear wife

In evening arnav prepare the food and they both starts eating food  suddenly khushi throws a plate on the floor and arnav gets shocked again and asks her what happen

khushi says"I don't like the food  I am not eating I want mama food now now"

arnav says"kiya hoga hai tumhein khushi why r u behaving so weird since we came back to Mumbai r u feeling ok na"

khushi says "I am k u r good mama says u will do as I says but u r not listning to me  u r very bad bad bad"

arnav says " khushi why r u talking like a child u r a grown up girl  stop this this is not a time 4 a joke"

khushi says" what joke mein kuch nahi kiya mein to aisi hi hoon mama ney bataya hi nahi kiya "

arnav says"what"with open mouth he didn't moved 4  few mins and think this cannt happen to me ,no way khushi is mentally ill , she is ok arnav then he stops him self  and says to himself if she is k then why behaving like this  and goes to his room ,khushi saw him going and text payal  as next step is in her hand .

In delhi payal made her mother sleep early today as she knew whats going to come and suddenly her phone ring and arnav jiju name flashes on her screen and she is not getting the courage to face his jiju and after few min she picks up the phone and says"hello"

On the other says "payal  tumho"says arnav

"ji jiju ap kaisey hain di ab tik haina "says payal while  crushing her teeths

"ab tik hai ka matlab payal  I want to ask u something and plz dnt lie to me today why is khushi acting weird I meant like a child like she is mentally ill  , r u all hiding something from me "says arnav all in one go

"jiju who '''.who'''.."says payal 

"plz khushi bolo I will die this "says arnav

"jiju plz dnt say like this this  baat yeh hai key khushi di ko  bachpan mein brain hamrig hua tha aur uskey baad di start behaving like a child and doctors told if she get married she will be normal again  and we got her married par it might take some time 4 her to be normal again "says payal 

"what?  There is a long silence from both sides and then arnav speaks again "kaun kaun janta tha is baraye mein veer aur anajli bhi ya sirf tum log"in anger

"sirf hum jiju veer bhaya aur anjali di ko to pata bhi nahi ,plz jiju ap agar pyar se di to treat karain gay to she will be ok ''"before payal  could have said further arnav hang up the phone and goes to his room  and lock himself up in the room meanwhile khsuhi goes in her room next to mayank one  and closes the door and text payal  "kiya hua"

A text flashes on khushi phone  and its says "ap ne jo kaha meinay wahi kiya di but I am hating myself 4 this today I hurted a honest and lovely person and I will not be able to forgive myself ever 4 this I hate my self di "

 khushi reply backs " I am sorry payal  I made u do this but plz 4 me few more days act  this  I am sorry "

Next morning arnav comes into khushi room after thinking all night that he is being tested by luck again and if he able to make khushi normal again ,I love her from bottom of my heart I will anything to make her normal again ,in one of the vows if the wedding I promised her to protect and keep her happy and I will die ding this and may be my god will listen to me , love is the biggest cure 4 anything and he will not let anyone hurt his love and he will one day get the love he is giving  and smile while see khushi sleeping and come and sits beside and thinks  how a person is honest and happy in her sleep ,dnt know what she had beared her in her life but he will keep her happy and smiling again and that's a promise  of arnav singh raizada and I don't break my promise  jaan.

He trys to wake khushi and in her sleep she says"soney do na mama plz muje nahi jana hai mandir ap jayo and she cover her face with the blanket  

arnav  smile and u r so cute princess and says "come on khushi ab utho its morning now  I am making your breakfast and I want you there in 10 mins k "

Mwanwhile khushi thinks it's a dream after yesterday he wont be doing this and then she hears a voice from kitchen utho jayo khushi I am coming and she gets up in shock   and says " by god yeh kiya hogaya hai yeh  arnav  ka bacha to mujhe hi shock treatment dey raha hai oye arnav singh raizada uskey bachey kahan heuy hain he didn't even touch u yet and bache   chatho is baton ko khushi who araha hai tu gayi kaam door bathroom mein warna pata chalay who hi tujey bath dey raha hai "and she runs

arnav enters the room with a tray of break fast and says "kaha ho princess "

And then khushi comes from the washroom  wear this dress:






And arnav is just starring at khushi and khushi is looking at arnav



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