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EHSAAS ARSHI FF PART 21 pn pg22 updated (Page 13)

maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by srahs

Originally posted by maria_awan

Originally posted by srahs

please please please update sooonn
 y ah dear either  today ot tomorrow i will definalty do it 

thanks dear i m feeling very bore as very few ppl are updating their ff's, os, and ss's datx y well thanks alot
hey dear i have update my os arshi oss do read that hopeu will like it

.Sandal. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 November 2011 at 6:17am | IP Logged
update soon plz 
maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 November 2011 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

arnav  feels some thing is weird with khushi and is worried 4 her .he thinks there is some thing which is bothering her but may be she is afraid of telling to him as she doesnt know any one here and been alone all the time she is bored ,maybe she needs a friends or may be something is still not right in their life . 

to find out whats wrong in their life he needs a help from some one who is really close to him and can help him.only one name comes in his mind and he rings the person and tell him to come and help him and he tells him everything about his married life .he ask for his friend t make him understand the puzzled life . on the other side khushi  is trying to think of a way to tell arnav the truth about her , every morning she get up with a promise that she will tell him everything but when she sees him smiling she drops her truth revaling plans to him but every day she sleeps with a guilt of hiding the truth and hurting him. she tries to save him from small pain but she is giving him the biggest pain the deciet of someone very close to his heart .

arnav have the breakfast with khushi in the morning and kiss her on the fore head  before leaving . khushi  made a habit of getting up in morning just to spend some time with arnav  and have the  bye forehead friendship kiss , its makes her day . whole day she is doing the house work,watching tv and talking to payal telling her that she is trying to tell him the truth but she is not finding the right timebut soon she will.
as khushi is talking on the phone facing the back toward the door . she turns around while talking she sees a shadow and quickly turns the phone off and goes toward the door and sees no one there and feels that its an illusion and come backs to the lounge and starts watching a cricket match and  shouts with happiness or anger when had a six or some one is out unknown of the fact that some one is watching her secretly and she turns off the tv  and she was about to leave for the kitchen when the house phone rings and she pick the phone and say "hello"

no reply from the other side ,she again says "hello"

"kaun hai baaat nahi karni  to phone kyun kartay ho " yells khushi in anger  and then she hears and her face turns pale with shock and fear

"tum chilati bhi ho kiya baat hai apki waisey yeh haq to apkey husband arnav singh raizada ka hai na app par waisey unho ney aj tak yeh nahi kiya hoga na "says the person 

"kaun ho tum mujhey yeh batane wale "says khushi in shaking voice 

"mein kaun hoon yeh choro aur phone ko tik se pakro warna gir jaye ga darr lag raha hai na mujse kyun "says the other person

"mein kyun darun gi tumse aur kyun"says khushi with a gathered confidence 

"darna to ab sirf tumko hi hai who kiya haina mein tumhara sach jan gaya hoon aur bohat jald sab jan jaye gain aur sab se pehle tumhara pati "says the other person 

"kaun sa sach "says khushi with a tremblance in her voice

"soch lo bohat expensive hai yeh sach par jab puch rahi hoon to bare pyar se bata daita hoon key u r cheating on your husband by acting mental infront of him and many more ji who bhi batun kiya abhi "says the other person with a laugh 

khushi breath stuck in her throat  she couldnot say anything to him , her voice was not coming of the throat and she was hell sacred instead of saying truth she bangs the phone and removes the connection and goes to her room and locks it and fell on the bed and satring at the bed thinking what will she do now ,some one knows her truth and what if arnav knew this before she tell him , what will he do to her ?will he leave her ? she was dying thing if he leaves her

fews hours passed like this and then hears the door bell and thinks arnav is back home .she runs toward the door and sees a man standing with a flower covering his face  ,she gets sacred  and was starring at flowers its her favourite the  red tulips she smile seeing the flowers and says "arnav " and the person removes the flowers and says "wrong guess bhabi its me akash your devar"

"akash ...devar oh  ap hain ap neechey kab ayey "says khushi in puzzled tone 

"kiya bhabhi mein to koi 22 saal pehlay aya tha neechey par ghar aj hi aya hoon  welcome nahi karain gi ap  mujhey andar "says akash in smile 

khushi smile at his reply thinks some one is like her and says "welcome"

they both a tea chat together and in evening arnav comes home and sees akash chatting with him and he is showing khushi the brother fun pictures and khushi is smiling and arnav hugged his brother and tells him he missed him these 2 years and he does the same. they all had dinner together and khushi and arnav in one room and akash in the other room 

two of the three person are awake in night and they are khushi and akash and they have the same reason to think thats arnav.


 bhai u told about the weird thing happening in your life and baout bhabi everything . i told u i will become a friend of bhabi and will her perefct together but i was not expcting this dhoka from bhabhi . i came with a call and thank god i did other wise i wouldnt have know this about bhabhi. i saw bhabi talking to her sister and telling her her routine and then she told her that she is trying to a find a away to tell u about her secret with out hurting you. she lied to you that she is mad but why i need to find out ! i made a phone call and i hate my slef for doing this but i tried to find the secret reason for all this but failed but will try another way .i acted normal to her day and found she is nice and innocent may be there is some thing  that had beared and that made her  liek this and still why ? she could have told you na ?


i am sorry arnav i lied but after so much in my life i wasnt able to trust anyone not even my self but now i know i was wrong i trust you . who ever made that call knew this but who is he , i will tell u before any one else does and may be tommorow. i will not let anyone hurt you because of me  . i will tell u the truth and will even leave you if u want but i had a request plz try to understand me plz dont hate me i will plz arnav 

in moring they all had a breakfast together  and  arnav in the room trying to get the files khushi comes and says she needs to tell him something about her but he says he will hear it in the evening and leaves worried khushi at home. all the morning she is quite and waiting 4 him to come home. akash sees this from the room and in after noon takes khushi in the garden and they talks  and had a tea chat. khushi take the tray and was about to leave for kitchen but her ankle get sprained and she fells on the grass . akash  see this runs towards her . 

khushi is crying in pain and akash cannt see her bhabhi crying an hold her feet and touch her feet and twist it and khushi cried last time and opens her eyes and see akash jand on her feet , she throws his hands away in anger and says "dont u dare to touch me stay away " and runs into kitchen 

akash still in that postion cannt belive what just happen , what did khushi bhabhi said her "dont touch me"
he gets angry at her thought that she thought of him so low and gatiya about him and stands up and goes into the room and sees khushi at the window and turns her around "what do u think of me bhabhi ?i am not such a low standard people , i knew that u r mad  but didnt thought you will think of me like this , u r my bhabhi , u know what bhabi mean? let me tell you bhabi mean a big sister who tell you right and wring in life ,  a mother who guide her children , a friend who helps you in every bad time and stand with u through them .i gave u the place of my mother , my sister and my best pal and u thought i was touching you like a hungry beast  does with prey before eating it ? how could you and why ? "

khushi is just starring at him blankly andtears are on the edge of the eyes  . akash again address her "tell me bhabhi why why why "and broke the vase in anger 

" i am sorry akash i really am i doesnt meant to do this all  with arnav and u ,but life made me like this.i never wanted to hurt you and arnav but this damn life took the word " trust and friends" away from me without no reason , i hate men and hated every one because what god did to me. i never wanted to get married , not only to your brother but to every one else too but life took this decision from me too and i thanked life for this . i got married to arnav just because ot my mothe wish and i pretend to mad infront of him so i can know him , know that is he different from the other  manly beast or was he too one of them and i am happy he isnt like other he is different . he truly loves me and  doesnt want anything else from me . i love him truly after knowing him and i wanted to tell him the lie that i said to him but afraid of hurting him "

"i am sorry akash i am sorry "says khushi and fell on the floor. akash could himself back and goes to khushi and made her sit on the bed and offers her water and says "i dont know bhabi what life and god did to u  but u could have any other way of testing bhai this is going on wrong path and it will hurt you both the most"

"i couldnt think of any other way that if i ask arnav he would have said the truth to me but i wasnt in the condition of beliving any one so i did this and i know i am wrong "says khushi wiping her tears 

"so what now bhabi i know the truth and what about bhai he will shattered "says akash looking at floor

"i was going to tell him the truth many times but couldnt get a right chance will u help me plz "says khushi and looks at akash with a pleading 

"do u love bhai "ask akash looking in her eyes and she smiles and blinks her in yes and he smiles back and says" ok then i will do everything to help u both "

"thanks and sorry akash"says khushi with a shame on her face looking down 
akash come to her and move his hand forward and says "forget everything bhabi and lets start a new beginning can we be friends and make our family perfect "

khushi smiles with a gratitude and shakes her hand with akash  and akash says "welcome to  the family bhabhi " and hugs her like a son and she huggs her back and says "thankyou " and he says "sister never says thanks to brother and dnt worry i am alway here for u and bhai"

 they both sitting in lounge and thinks how to tell arnav the  truth and the stupd phone rings and khushi picks the phone and talks to payal  meanwhile akash is watching the cartoons and khushi is chatting on the phone and tell her that her devar is here now and he knows the truth and tell her everything happened today and says akash will help her to tell the truth to arnav and asks about mother health and payal tells her she is ok and happy that everything is going to be k to them . khushi ends the call and turns to statue . akash turn toward khushi and sees her in the statue position and ask her what happen and no reponse and looks in the direction and he gets shocked too. 

What does khushi and akash saw? will they able to tell the truth or truth will come out himself to akash ? will arnav able to forget the dhoka?

Note: hope u all like it and do leave your comments 

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.Sandal. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 November 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
thanku maria after long time u updated it 
thankx for pm 
simply loved it hope everything goes ok
imaan Senior Member

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Posted: 03 November 2011 at 2:29am | IP Logged
soooperp bhot acha likha hai ...keep it up
maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged

khushi turns and see akash in statue postion and he looks toward the door and she too gets shocked by seeing arnav standing there with red eyes and face which clearly showing how he was feeling .he  looks damned sacrey .he could not belive what he heard couple of mintues .he came home to pick his files but he didnt knew he will the worst truth of his life ,the two people he loved like crazy will stab him in the back.he was looking from akash to khushi and khushi to akash trying to belive this is not dreams and after couple of mintues he just couldnt get why he was betrayed  where he went wrong  ?

khushi and akash was hell sacred by seing arnav facial expression every min like he is beliving what he heard and how much he heard them talking ? they were proper sweeting whats going to come now .they were thinking how to te;ll him the truth although he heard of it but he needs to know the reason now but who will tell him between the two and will he let speak now and will he able to belive them after having a back stabbing .

the next they saw arnav waliking toward khushi in anger and he comes  and stands in front of khuhsi and says "r u not mentally right "

khushi was geeting any words to says ,when he heard him saying again "answer me dammit"

"arnav plz listen to me "says khushi trying to gie explanation 

"says yes or no miss khushi"shouts arnav in his full volume 

and khsuhi moves her head in yes and he couldnot belive the love broke him into million of  pieces. he looses his balance and hold the table for support still not able to digest what he heard .aksah and khushi both tried to hold him but he dejects the both hands as they had the blood of his love and care.he looks at akash who he called for help but he wnet on the wrong side.he knew that his brother know how much he hate lie and still helied to him and took his loved site instead of telling him the truth but why they did this to him ? he wasnt a stranger.he looks at akash and ask "u knew right "

akash says yes 

aranv ask him when and he tell him yesterday .aranv feels like a corpse whose heart is taken out of his body and been told to breath .he stood like a statue .akash and khushi tried to tell him why did they and arnav wasnt hearing any of this ,he was like in some other world now their voices were not been listening by arnav mind which was standing between right and wrong ,which side he should go on .

on seeing no response from arnav akash shakes him and again and they all of sudden arnav looks at akash and khushi like a stranger and starts walking toward his life like a wounded human who is walking toward his death .they both saw him going and then they heard the voice of door who was banged by arnav and he lockes himself in the room .

khushi was crying bitterly and feels on her knees and she was crying and crying and balbeering that she should have told him the truth before if she did arnav would not have been hurted like this and akash was included in this ,she was saying sorry and sobbing .akash hugs her bhabi side way and says he just tried to tell the truth at the right time but they cannt fight destiny .khushi looks at akash for some comfort .akash made her sits on the sofa and says "they need to leave bhai alone for some time ,he is angry at the moment ,he will not be able to hear any thing right now.ater some time when his anger will come down they will explain him everything and he will definalty listen to them and they will say sorry to him and he will excet it but all this will take some time and then they will start a new life but they have to wait for his anger gone "

all the evening went like this .arnav locked him in the room thinking of a valid reason why this happen why did it all start ,he was gathering the pieces of betrayal ,he was thinking and thinking but he wasnot getting any where he was just moving round and round and its all come back to khushi. she lied to him right but why did akash supported her ,if he supported her but for what reason .he comes toward the door and thinking whether he should go and ask them or not and is he ask them will they tell the truth ,he cannt make a decision until he hears the other side of the story .

khushi and akash was sitting in the lounge thinking when will arnav come out of his rooom and they will explain him every thing but will he able to forgive them .they heard teh sound of the door opening and they both stands up and looks at the direction and see arnav coming toward them.

aranv comes toward them and stand at a distance from them ,he looks at them in the eyes and after couple of mins  he says "who will tell me the truth now u miss khushi and or u mister akash " in sarcastic voice   

"bhai plz dont talk like this just listen to  us once plz "says akash hurts by a saracasim 

"thats what i am been doing  listening to you both like a idiot  and beliving you like a crazy "says arnav with another sarcasim

"arnav listen once and do what you want to ,its was me akash didnt do anything "says khushi feeling extremely bad for akash who was helping her in telling truth but truth came at wrong time 

"starts the story mrs. arnav singh raizada i am waiting"says arnav rudely 

"actually arnav i didnt wanted to get married not to you but to any men ,i hated men i had some incident in my life but i left trusting mens and anyone except my mother and sis ,i hate people but my mother wanted me to get married  and its was her last wish so i said yes , she told me that u r very nice guy so i thought of testing you , i thought  you will be like other mens selfish ,cheater and self center and rude .so i decied to mentally ill infront of you and sees what you do , i wanted to check how you treats me , do you only loves me or you got other womens in your life too and if you loves me that for what ?"says khushi and have a look in aranv eyes which was not shocked but not angry but was confused

"u did all this just to see that have i got any  other women in my life and what do u mean by love you for what else"says arnav confusingly

"u know arnav what mostly men looks in women i cannt say it plz"says khushi turning all red with embarisment 

"u thought that i wanted you for  only your body "says arnav in anger  
"u thought this of me haan u thought i was so cheap and ill "says arnav in loud voice which sacred both akash and khushi 

" i am sorry arnav u are not like this but at that time i was not beliving any one not even my self , last time i trusted some one i fall do down that it took me 14 years to come out of the black hole, i am really sorry "says khushi crying 

arnav turns toward akash and says "do u want to say something miste raizada "

"bhai i knew the truth yesterday when i came home  and i asked bhabhi about it and we both wanted to tell u the truth at a right time  we didnt wanted to hurt , we both loved you bhai we r really very sorry"says akash 

"thats really great of you two ,first lies to me, then continue to  make a fool of me and then after been catcthed red handed u says sorry , that so sweet of you i am really very honoured by  two most important people ,oh sorry did i said most important now i have to think that where did i stand in your lives or did i even exists in your world or was i  just a toy for you both ,well have you both got any other lies to tell me because i cannt handle any thing any more now, now thank you for breaking me and if u love like this plz dont think of loving me i will wish to die rather been loving like this" says arnav and returns to his room and locks him self again leaving akash and khushi  hurted by his words 

hope u all like this do leave your replies


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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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dear i am really sorry i wrote a OS by same title , and recently i converted it in to a SS , i will change the name ..sorry dear 
maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by naddiya26

dear i am really sorry i wrote a OS by same title , and recently i converted it in to a SS , i will change the name ..sorry dear 
its k dear i dont mind u can continue by that name if u want 

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