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EHSAAS ARSHI FF PART 21 pn pg22 updated

maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
HI Friends i  was writting a mayur ff but i felt this ff would be best as ARSHI FF .I have changed the name of the story and characters names hope u will all like this contiuation of the ff as ARSHI FF .


KHUSHI lives in delhi with her mom and sis in a small but beautifull house, she loves kids always playing with them and doind masti stuff all the time but he mom wants her to do girl work and want her to get married and lived happily but KHUSHI hates mans as she donot trust them she think they use only womens and nothing else no love exist in them bc of a incident in her life when she was small and bc of it her mom and sis fell sacred 4 her life
ARNAV has got a small brother living in hostel completing his studies and he is living alone now as their parents died few years ago and he is doing business of her family and looking a girl to marry from a decent family and some how got marries to KHUSHI but she makes her self mad in his eyes bc she wanna know what he thinks of love and women .now what will happen to their life? will one lies will make KHUSHI realise of her mistake and forget the incidentS happen to her or the realtionship will break and she also...

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maria_awan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 February 2009
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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
concept : page 1
Part 1: page 1
Part 2  : page 1
part 3: page 2
Part 4 : page 2
Part 5 : page 2
Part 6 : page 2
Part 7 : page 2
part 8 : page 3 
part 9 : page 3
part 11: page 3
part 12 : page 3
part 13: page 3 
part 14: page 4 
part 15: page 6
part 16 :page 9
part 17: page 11
part 18; page 14
part 19: page 14
part 20: page 20
part 21: page 22

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FebruaryFlower IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
Hey Maria...Hug
This looks very interesting.
I look forward to reading this.
Do let me know when you update!!

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AquaBluez17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
Hey Maria this looks amazing. im rele loving the concept! plz do add me to the pm list!

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maria_awan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 February 2009
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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 5:40pm | IP Logged

WinkCharacter IntroductionWink



                                                       AND WIFE OF VEER SINGH

rest of the charcter will be  added soonWink

Part 1Smile

this story is about a girl who has lost a feeling in her life bc of an incident .a girl in her childhood use to belive in love so much that when ever someone ask her about what is love and she always replies loves is everything bc love  make u comlpete  after  that incident she hates  the feeling of love and man and define this as love is nothing but a stupidity of a man he creates a web around u to get u  and nothing else,Cry this girl is KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA
this was the one side of the coin now the other side  that is ARNAV who is completely different from  KHUSHI he belives love makes ur world like a heaven though he is not in love ever but sawed his parent love and waiting 4 her dream princess he doesnot anything from her princess who will complete her world  ,Arnav lost his parent 2 years ago in a car accident but he belives that the people he loves is gone but the love is still there and that makes him so strong  that even today he missed his parent and tthis feelin gives him courage to takecare of his brother , his married sister and family businessWink
story starts  few kid are playing cricket and  a boy comes to ball a girl who is nearly  6 years younger to her  .the boys ball the girl and she took a high shoot and suddenly comes a sound of breaking something like a window  and they kids runs to hide  as they heard a soud of someone coming from the house . a  women comes from inside and shouts "ay bagwan aj phir mera hi sheesha tora tum bacho ne  ,kahan gay sab bahir ayo "
"arre aj to hum maray gay didi"says  ajay one of the kids to the girl
"kuch nahi hoga mein hoona is band bajay ko mein chup karva daiti hoon ruko 2 min"says the girl
"bahir ayo nahi to mein tum sab kay ghar jarahi hoon abhi aur pitayi karva dun gi tumari "says mrs kapoorAngry
"lo agay hum bahir ab boliyay ap "says the girl
"tum itni bari hogayi to aur bachi kay sath kailti ho  aur mera sheehay torti ho roz"says mrs kapoor in a loud voice
"arre kiya ap bhi na itna sa to tuta hai hum sab ap ko paisay dain gay na aur waisay bhi itna ganda hua tha ap ab naya lag va laina"says the girl
"arre didi yeh kiya bolrahi ho marvayo gi aj tum humein bhi "says the kids
"chup karo tum sab mein s,abalti hona is Punjab express ko "says the girl
"kiya kaha tum ne mujay  chal aj to teri maa ko bata thi hoon "says mrs kapoor
"haay ...aj to maray gaya hum aur khas tor par ap didi aunty to ap ko nahi choarin gi aj  hum to bag rahay hain ap bhi bagiyay "says tge kids and runns from there leaving the girl in a little tense look and the girl is mumring to her self"maa aj phir bashan milay  ...nahi kuch to kar nahi to tu aj gayi kam se "  and went to her house and  as the girl enter the house  she saw a her small sis standing in a cornershowing her rhe signal of deadness "mar gayi meinto aj "

a women comes from inside and shouts "aj phir ik nayi sharat mein to tang achuki hoon tujse khushi"says 

"maa ...who .meinbacho kay sath...khel..."says KHSUHIshe is wearing white shalwar kameez  looking the most beautiful girl  in the world as the boys  of her street  were crazy 4 her but she doesnot even look at them and always ignore them

"bacho kay sath to bachi nahi ho nupur ,tum ik 22 saal ki larki hoon apni zimadarion ko samjao"says MRS.

"daikiyay behan ji ap ki beti itni bari hogayi hai  is ki sharat ko rokany ka ik hi tariqa hai kay ap is ki shadi kar va dain aur who bhi jaldi "says mrs kapoor the girl standin at the corner is waering a black kurta with  maroon  churi dar shalwar is as beautifull as her sis KHUSHI is and this girl name is PAYAL KUMARI gupta says:
 "mar gaya aj to kiyamat aagyi is ghar mein "  .KHUSHI SAYS"shadi ,,,,,,,,," as she Heard the word and got angry at mrs kapoor

"ap khud ko kiya samajti hain bagwan jo har kisi ki life mein enter hona chati hain ap ki himmat kaisay hui meri shadi ki baat karnay ki nikal jayin is waqt meray ghar se aur ap kay shehay kay paisay mil jayin gay ap ko "says khushi as her face is like a red hot iron totally
"yeh lo baly ka zaman hi nahi rah aj kal"says mrs kapoor
"to kaha kis ne hai bamay karbnay ka "says khushi as she was not going to stop  suddenly she recives a slap from her mom
"yeh kiya tariqa hai baroon se baat karnay yeh hi tameez sikay hain humney tumko"says mrs gupta
"par maa who meri,,,,,,,shadi "says khushi as she is not able to complete her sentence
"shadi ki hi to baat ki thi unhon ne aur kiya galat baat ki  ab tumari umar ho gayi hai shadi ki aur ab mein koi larka to dundo ki tumnari shadi kay liayay "says mrs gupta
"mein nahi karun gi shadi kis se bhi nahi maa,,,,,,,,,,,,,sunlo ap maa ...nahi karun gi "and runs from there to her and locks the room and started crying

"mein ab tang achuki hoon teri har katon se ik kam kar mujay mar dal tera kam asan ho jay koi nahi rokay ga tujay teri amn mani karnay se samji to khushi "says mrs gupta in loud voice to tell khushi her mind condtion
"maa bas karo ab ap to did ko janti hona janay do na "says payal

"ik tu hai aur ik who kitna farq  hai tumdono mein bilkul zamen aur asman ka  who shadi kay naam se nafrat karti hai aur admiyon se bhi ab kiya hoga uska yeh chinta hi khay jati hai mujay "sasy mrs gupta
"maa di kay sath jo hua who to ap ajnti hona kuch waqt dona unko sayi samy any par samaj jayin gi who"says payal giving consolation to her mom
"par kab beta ...kahin is sab mein sayi waqt hi nahi nikal jay hath se "says mrs gupta
"chor yeh sab maa ap aram karo ab kuch nahi hoga "says payal and makes her mom sleep and went into her room 

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maria_awan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 February 2009
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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 5:41pm | IP Logged
any one who wants to be pm let me know i will add u and will pm u  

5. mahi0809
6. M_n_h,
7.  pri12
8. 143badra

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FebruaryFlower IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 July 2010
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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 5:51pm | IP Logged
Part 1 was fab Maria.
Khushi's quite a character, very loud and head strong.
Looking forward to the next part already!
Add me to the PM list hun...Smile

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maria_awan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 February 2009
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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 5:54pm | IP Logged

Part 2

a girl is crying in a corner  of the hall  ,tears are rolling down on her cheeks and then a boy came out there and ask the girl to stop crying as she is creating a scene in the office lobby .Everyone is watching  them .the girl quickly wipes her tears as she forgot where is she standing, this is the office lobby decorated with beautifull flowers  and crystals looking the best office or place of the world where everyone lives like a family shares a realtion of work and love .
the girl is standing near the window looking outside as she was sad from inside the boy is trying to explain her something but she is not listening to him .she is in her own world of dreams .the dreams which she shared with him for her beautiful life but  its broking now .suddenly she is shaken by the boy  and she came back into the world and she looks at him like a totally blank mind  ,the boy turn her toward himself and says "daiko sapna mein janat honn humnay bohat se waday kiyay thay par is waqt "says the man named as sagar ConfusedConfusedConfused

"haan is waqt tumko  sirf kam dikta hai aur kuch nayi na kisi ka pyar na dard ,na ansun..."says sapnaCry Cry

"aisi baat nahi hai sapna mein janta hoon tumaray dard ko ,akialay pan ko par is waqt yeh deal bohat zaroori hia hamary boss kay liayya aur is office kay liyay bhi bohat benifit hoga sab ko aur mujay bhi aur phir hum bohat sa samay sath guzarin gay "says sagarEmbarrassed

"mein hi kyun har baat samjun tumko uar tumaray kam ko jab se hamari shadi hui ik din bhi pura nahi rahay hum sath har waqt tum aur tumara kam "says sapna

"plz sapna samjo baat akri dafa "says sagar

"haan yeh bhi tumari akri baar hai har bar ki tarha mein jarahi hoon jab tumary pass meary liyay samay ho to ajana mein intazar karun gi aur agar na asako to divorce kay papers baij daina ok "says sapna 

and removes his hands from her shoulder and runs from there 

.sagars tries to stop her but being stoppoed when he saw a man wearing black armani suit looking a prince charming standing looking at them as he might be standing their for a long time ,that man is ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA Wink

ARNAV come near sagar and says "kiya hua kaun thi who aur kyun is tarha gayi yahan se aur tum itna parishan kyun ho dost "

"kuch nai sir ,she was my wife "says sagar in a tense voice

"thi par mujay to abhi bhi tumari wife lag rahi thi who "says ARNAV with a relax look on his face

"sorry sir pata nahi kiya bol gaya she is my wife"says sagar

"kuch hua kiya tum dono kay beech "says ARNAV

"nahi sir bas who kuch samay meray sath rehna chati thi but abhi office mein bohat kam hai aur mein nhai jasakta aur usay bura lagaya "says sagar

"its ok tum jayo mein sambal lun ga aur yahan sab hain meray sath "says ARNAV trying to help him

"nahi sir its ok now she will understand me"says sagar and leaves  from their and leaves ARNAV in a  thought  .he stood there for some time and then he smiles  to him self and says "ab ho ga sab acha  is pyar ka "
he moves into his office and make some calls  and then sit on the seat and do some office work and after few min and calls  sagar in  and say to get ready there is a meeting in blue shine hotel today at 7 pm in evening and sagar agrees to go .
at 7 pm they reached the hotel and they moves inside and saw the hotel as it was decorated 4  some kind of special date ,the hall was decorated with red roses and candles its was looking like the heaven ,sagar just stands there 4 few min and lost aisa hi jahAn tha hamarA sapnon ka sapna think of his wife as he heard arnav saying "andar ajayo sagar tumara intazar ho raha hia "
sagars move toward ARNAV and says "sir mera intazar kuch samja nahi "
"tumara hi intazar ho raha tha daiko us aoor "says ARNAV WinkWinkWink
sagar look in that direction and saw a beautiful girl standing in a red saree with little work on the borders of it with opens hairs looking the most beautiful girl in the world and he call her excuse me ap and the girls turn around and sagar is surprise to se her there he gets too happy and hugs her tightly and then leaves her after 5 min and says "tum yahan "
"meri wajah se hain bhabhi yahan "says ARNAV as he is seeing sagar not getting anything happening to him now
"ap sir par kaisay"says sagar

"mein subha mein ap dno ki sab baatein sun li thi aur is liyay yeh sab kiya "says ARNAV in a happy voice

"par ap to "says sagar

"hum dost bhi hai sagar aur boss aur worker bhi but sirf office mein but after office we r friends only aur tumnay apnay boss ko nhai batay but tumaray dost ne sab jan liyay aur apnay dost ko paishan nahi chor sakata tha aisay is liyay bas apnay dost aur bhabhi ko khush daikany kay liya kiya yeh sab"says ARNAV as he exlplained everything hearing all this sagar hugs  ARNAV and ARNAV hugS him back and says "dostI mein no thanks"

"yeh lo ap dono kay liyay "says ARNAV

"yeh kiya hia "says sagar

"yeh paris kay ticket hian wahan arrange kar diya hai meinay tumaray liayay aur 1 month tak rets karo aur enjoy karo ok ,now no ifs and buts "says ARNAV and they all smile

"suno sagar pyar zindagi ko banata hai aur sanson ko zindagi ki zarurat hoti hia .jiyo is zindagi ko aur pyar se pyar karo kam se nahi .pyar khuda ka roop hota aur us ka wardan bhi tumay mila hai yeh wardan is kay sath zindagi ko aur khubsurat banyao aur kam to hum daik lain gay ok "says ARNAV

"i am leaving now muajy aur kabab mein hadi nahi bana hia and enjoy the love "says ARNAV and leaves from there Embarrassed

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