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Tumhari Disha Update for 28.02.05

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Tumhari Disha Update for 28.02.05


This episode had one of the most romantic scenes. But wait a minute it was not between Disha and DK mind you, and don't even imagine it could be between Inder and Rano for that matter…….but there was one romantic scene for which you have to read on…….And please don't skip the lines or else there will not be any suspense…….ha ha…..ok here goes the episode.


It begins with a confrontation scene between DK and Vedant. The scene has been shot in one of the most explicit locations. It looked like a terrace or was it a swimming pool but it was designed like a Piano. DK and Vedant were shown standing opposite each other. DK tells Vedant its no use bringing a bad name to our family and washing our dirty linen in public. My My My Vedant begins with his dialogue. He tells his brother are you the one talking about Family, you always knew only the terms like Profit, Loss, Cheating……etc etc. You must be not talking in this way. DK tells him that I am telling you once again to keep away from Disha and go away to US……Vedant asks him why should I just cause you are my brother…….just then Vedant's mobile rings. He tells that aww……..its Dish. DK gets jealous and looks at Vedant. Vedant tells that should I tell Dish or will you tell Dish that you want to get rid of me. What will you tell her , that you want me to go to US. I know that why you hate me cause you are my step brother and we belong to one father…….remember the last time you wanted me to go to US but this time I have not even done anything …DK tells him that forget about last time. That time I just told Parineeta…….Vedant snubs him I don't what to hear what you did with Parineeta…….but this time remember I have to save Dish from the clutches of you and Mom and will not desert her in her times of need. Adios brother …….saying he walks off. DK just stands there looking at him.


DK is sitting in the lounge when the nurse comes. He asks about his mother's whereabouts and nurse reminds him to get the medicines.

Here Gargi is listening to their talks and goes to her room and takes out a bottle of medicines. She tells to herself that Sumitra , when Gargi is around how will you become alright. She goes to Sumitra's room. The nurse is attending to the lady and Gargi sends the nurse to get food for Sumitra. When she goes off Gargi goes to Sumitra and forces her to take the medicine and then pulls the poor lady and pushes her down. The wicked Gargi goes away from there. Sumitra is screaming and is in pain when Disha notices her and comes to save her. She puts her on the bed and while this commotion is going on DK enters. He wonder what is happening and Gargi too comes and pretends that she was unaware of the whole thing. Again she tells DK that inspite of my telling that Disha should not be around she is hell bent on being here. DK tells Disha that for the last time he is telling her to keep away from his mother and saying this pushes Disha a bit. Disha is really upset about the whole thing.


DK comes to Disha's room and again begs to her that why is she doing this way inspite of his warning her time and again. Disha is almost in tears and tells that what about you DK, you are nowadays always trying to find some or the other fault with me and have started doubting my every move. DK tells her that's cause you are wrong and please Disha lets not talk about this again saying he goes away. Gargi enters Disha's room with an amused look and tells that see Disha this is just the beginning of it and see what an act I put on. Just wait and watch , now DK has just pushed you out of the room , there will soon come a time when he will push you out of his house……Disha thinks to herself that such a day will never arrive.


Gargi goes to DK and tells him to sign a cheque of 5 lakhs. Dk tells her that just the other day she had given some money to her. Gargi tells him that money is meant to be spent and not to question her about it. He signs it unwillingly. Disha notices this and later tells DK that inspite of being such a sensible person how come he gets fooled by what choti maa says. She tells him that this lady is just wants to destroy you. DK urges Disha to please keep away from this.


Disha's mobile is ringing. DK passes by and picks up the mobile and reads Vedant's name on it. He sees Disha but still picks up the phone and tells Vedant Disha is not at home don't ever call her. Disha is surprised and DK tells her that inspite of my warning you not to meet Vedant you are still meeting him. Disha tells him that she will meet Vedant and nobody can stop her from doing so.


Disha goes to see Sumitra when the nurse calls out to her Dishaji…Disha tells the nurse to just address her as Disha. The nurse is happy and tells Disha that she found a wrapper near Sumitra's bed. She also tells that when she went to get food, Gargi was with her. She tells that they cannot make out which medicine the wrapper belongs to since its torn from the sides. Disha is lost in thoughts.


Vedant is waiting outside a restaurant. Aai is passing by in her car and notices him and comes back. He tells Aai that he is waiting for a friend. Aai tells him that till his friend comes she will give him company. He takes her to the restaurant and has a chit chat with her ( shown in mute). Vedant then tells Aai that he had actually lied to her that he was waiting for some friend. He was actually waiting for Dish. Aai is surprised and tells him why did he not tell her before. Vedant tells her that meri Himakath nahin huwi . Aai is amused and tells Himakath ya Himmath …..ha ha.( I burst out laughing)…..Aai tells Vedant that you have got no bad intentions about your feelings for Disha and should not feel guilty about meeting her. You should have told me before. Vedant tells Aai that actually  Disha is just putting a faade of being happy while infact she is being harassed equally by her husband and his Mom and is going through tough times. Aai is hurt and shocked hearing that. Just then Disha enters , looking stunning is a black saree. She comes and is thrilled to see Aai. Aai is upset with her and tells her that you have treated me like an outsider and have not disclosed your problems to me, It was not expected from you Disha , saying she goes away…Disha is upset and is in tears. She sits on the chair and looks at Vedant with tears in her eyes. She tells Vedant why he had to hurt her Aai this way and tell her the truth. Vedant apologises and tells that he did not mean to hurt either Aai or Dish.


Dk is sitting in his chair in his house and is having a nap……wink…

Here Vedant and Disha are shown walking on the lawns of the restaurant. Now girls get ready for the most romantic scene of yesterday's episode. Vedant tells Disha that he would like to compliment her. He tells her that she looks very sexy in sarrees. Disha face lights up and she tells Vedant that whenever he is around lifts her spirits. Both of them are standing close to each other facing a pond it looks like. They are touching each other and standing. Disha tells him Vedant that inspite of her being married she is still very lonely. She tells him that my marriage to DK is just for namesake, You know Vedant whenever you are around I feel that the world and the time should stop and this moment of ours should go on and on……Vedant holds her hand and she rests her face on his shoulders and he strokes her hair and face……..( so how was it…..just imagine if this scene was so romantic what would the scene of DK and Disha's romance be like….sheer dynamite.)


Now the googly. Disha is shown waking up DK. ( So looks like it was afterall DK's dream or nightmare I should say…..ha ha….).DK asks Disha when did she come. She is still wearing the same black saree. She tells Dk forget about me Mummyji has again started getting those attacks. Both of them go to her room. Gargi is feeding Sumitra some medicines from the bottle. Disha comes and snatches it from her and tells DK that Choti maa has always been giving the wrong medicines. Gargi pretends and tells Dk that do you think I will do that Sonny…DK tells them to stop arguing and tells the nurse to check it. The nurse smells it ( so strange it looked to me) and tells this is the right medicine actually. Disha is upset. DK goes away from there.


Gargi tells DK that if this is what Disha  wants then so be it. Please give me 5 lakhs more and I will not stay in this house any longer. DK pleads with her not to do so and stay in the kanaka house. Gargi whispers to Disha that see I got you this time too and goes away. Disha tells DK that if he is thinking that she is the obstacle in the way of him and his mom then she will not stay in this house. DK tells her that I have never told that you are an obstacle but if you still want to leave then it is upto you, and you can leave if you wish. Disha is stunned to hear this and episode ends on Disha's stunned face.



dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2005 at 12:44am | IP Logged

Cry Cry Cry Disha! Don't leave!Cry Cry Cry

It had better be a dream! No Disha and Vedant, NO!

If DK uses his head, he should have blood tests run to see just what is being given to his mother- but Gargi would probably try to frame Disha. How could DK believe Disha capable of such a thing? He would have to know Gargi was behind it....Angry

Thanks, Lata!


Nishani IF-Dazzler

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disha77 Groupbie

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Wow Lata....fabulous episode & an even better rendition of it! I feel miserable on missing TD, especially when things have heated so much b/w the two D'sCry

Just imagine, poor DK getting the Heeby Jeebies and imagining his Wife waltzing around with his younger brother! Good, jealousy & competition will always keep him aware of the fact that he has to protect his Disha from all wannabes (I adore Vedant, but if he comes in b/w Bhaiya & Bhabhi, then my opinion for him will change!)

And who is this Parineeta stuff? So, Vedant thinks that DK did something to his girlfriend, and that is why he has an axe to grind??? Poor DK, why does everyone misunderstand him always? I hope Vedant and Parineeta get-together very soon!

I can imagine how shattered Disha must have felt when DK would have told her that she can leave if she wants to....but I think DK must have been heart-broken himself to say this to Dish! And how nice of Disha to think to herself that the day will never come when she has to leave this house.....hey this proves quite clearly that Disha does not want to leave DK heart and hearth. Awwwwwww, now I am more & more clear on the fact that sparks are going to fly and a raging fire will be ignited in tomorrows episode when DK tells Disha that he loves her!

Desperately waiting for Wednesday to come!

Thanks once again Lata, for the excellent work done, I know how much effort you are putting into this, because of your work schedule!



dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2005 at 1:24am | IP Logged

Uffffffffffffff! I love the detailed updates, but man do I wish I could see it for myself just now, so as to get the real clear picture of what is going on between those two!!!


lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2005 at 3:52am | IP Logged

Another  excellant update, well written Lata . Gees Di and Ved's romance should only be limited  in dream sequence of DK  only. I am sure this Parineeta will surface soon  ( wonder who the actress will be , any guesses?) . DK is lacking common sense in regards to Gargi, wonder when Sumitra will be stronger to hit Gargi , when she is trying to push pills down her throat ( she has held her hand in the past ). Well waiting for the  budding of romance between two D''s.

Thanks again Lata for your update, you rock girl

dkdisha Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2005 at 3:57am | IP Logged

oh no disha is gonna leave the house no i dont want that nooooo'



nikkitherealist Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2005 at 5:57am | IP Logged
Well we all knew there was going to be a little parting on the way...
I am sure it will give rise to some hot meetings between the two - they do run the same sort of companies and I'm sure Disha will be visiting Sumitra.

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