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Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

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Hey guys..

I just joined this forum today. I actually got hooked onto this show when I holidayed in India this summer. And since we dont get KTH down under, this forum is so AWESOME!

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can give me some of the back storylines. I am so confused at times. I started watchin when Sujal was in jail and Kashish told him the truth abt their marraige.

Pls pls can someone send me the story upto then or direct me to a site where it is posted.

THANK U!! Smile




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Thanx Aashpal... Smile

It says on that site that Kashish was in love with Sujal? Why on earth does she marry Piyush instead?! And what's up with Mehek and Rishi? Gosh I must sound totally lost to most of you.. that's kinda bcos I am!


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well AngelLuva welcome 2 I.F.! well u want the whole story so i will just give a summary of it so here goes:-

 the first episode is kashish's bday..she goes to a chemists and finds a smart guy there then she has an accident when she is going out with her sisters for her bday and finds that the accident was done with the same guy whom she had met at the chemists she runs away but confesses her crime at the police station. the next day she goes for an interview call at RnG's (Rahejs and Garewals) and is shocked to find the same guy there...the panel tells her that he is Mr.Sujal Garewal...the chief manager and son of mr chetan garewal...she is shocked...there are some misunderstandings cooncerning piyush and kashish...sujal is angry and jealous when kashish goes out with piyush but a trip to palampur leadsds to love btw themmm....will post again

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now i will give the whole story in detail ok....

The first day of the serial was kashish's Birthday. The entire family
had a surprise planed for her but she managed to beat them to it. She
just then realized one of her sisters was away at a party and had
lied to go to it.she is up early and goes about the chores of the
house. During the day she goes out for shopping and ends up at a
chemist to buy her dad's Multi Vitamin Capsules… she just said it
when another voice said the same words "Multi Vitamin Capsules".
Kashish turned to find a Handsome Man… the shopkeeper said "sirf ek hi hai" and
kashish reacted quickly took out a 100 note and handed it over to guy
and very sweetly asked "excuse me can I have change please?" the man
automatically pulled out 2 fifties and handed it over to her. She
took it, gave him a mischievous smile handed it over to the
shopkeeper took the medicine and walked out.. leaving behind a
confused and out played guy behind. She walked outside the store and
tripped and fell.. the man walked upto her knelt down by her, gave
her the money , picked up the medicine and walked away.. leaving a
furious and a humiliated kashish behind.

She along with her sisters go out to celebrate her b'day on the
way they meet with an accident. Kashish's carelessness causes another
car from the opposite direction to move away from the road and fall
down a slope… the car hit a tree and stopped.. kashish along with her
sisters ran to help the person in the car, the driver from the car
came out and shone a torch at her, it was the same guy. Seeing this
her sister drag her away from the accident site. Kashish though at
that point left the spot, her guilt didn't let her rest.. she
confessed it to her dad and both went to the police station to report
what had happened. The inspector tells them they haven't received any
complaint from anyone and no accident has been reported either so
lets kashish go saying that she should be careful.Next, kashish had applied for a job at R & G (Rahejas and Garewals)
the biggest company in simla. She there on a call for an interview…
the interview is in progress when the same guy passes the cabin,
seeing her he realizes it is the same girl who had created the
accident… he decides to go in. The minute he enters the interview
panel stands up, and wishes him. kashish turns back and recognizes
him as the guy at the chemist. The panel introduces kashish to the
gentleman. "Ms Kashish Sihna yeh hain MR.SUJAL GAREWAL. Es company ke
Managing Director Mr.Chetan Garewal ke bete

Kashish is shocked, sujal tells the panel to he will take it on from
here. the panel leaves and sujal begins the interview… he sits downs
playing around with his mobile… and at one shot asks her what she
understands by morality. She gives the perfect answer.. he continues
to talk about the uncertainty of life and the fact that a human makes
mistakes. He asks her if she is involved in an accident what will she
do, will she help of flee. She says she will help… sujal raises his
brow. She says may be she wil run away but her guilt will get to
accept her mistake and is ready to face the consequences. Sujal
continuing to intimidate starts with a cross fire asks her in quick
succession the number of stairs she climbed to reach the top, the
colour of the building, he gives her options which is even more
confusing but she manages to hold ground and give him the answers.
After that he says the interview is over, his office will get in
touch with her.Kashish comes home heavy hearted that the interview went bad and she
will not get the job. In an effort to cheer their di the sisters take
her out for dinner. Kashish again runs into sujal at the restaurant
who tells her the job is hers. An excited kashish celebrates with her
sisters. She joins R & G as it marketing executive she will work
under Mr.Sujal Garewal himself.
On first day of work, kashish gets balsted by sujal for something
that she didn't do but was done Monica, who was trying to get
familiar with sujal all these days. Kashish leaves the job as she
cant work in such an environment.

A disappointed kashish gets back home and sujal at office learns the
truth about the entire conspiracy and fires monica immediately. He
has his secretary all up kashish and and then tells her " ms kashish
sinha jis waje se apne yeh company ke naukari chode us waje ko
company se nikala jachuka, I will see you soon at the office"
disconnects the phone. Kashish decides to go back to R & G.
Kashish gets back to work, and it a hectic first day running late
into the night. After she has finished with work she leaves the
office since it is late in the night she doesn't get a transport.
Sujal sees her on the road stops the car, opens the door but doesn't
even tell her to sit. Kashish gets inside and he asks her about work
and she explains everything is done. sujal says they should have a
cup of coffee, kashish refuses saying her dad will be waiting. Sujal
takes it as an insult, accelerates. Kashish asks to slow down he
doesn't bother, she tells him to drop her off if he has to drive
fast. He stops the car and tells her she will find a taxi there and
zooms aways. Kashish cant believe sujal just did that to her now. She
is stranded on a deserted road in the middle of the night. Some guys
turn up and tease her, by then another car comes and the guy in that
car gets these people arrested… he introduces himself as Piyush
Raheja,(played by Rohit Bakshi) R & G's director Lalith Rahejas's
son. he offers to drop her home. Thus began a friendship that cost
kashish her Love and her Life!!!

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now the rest of the story...

Kashish is back at work the next day, she encounters a guy in the
lift who is smoking despite the board "No Smoking" she puts across
her views strongly. The guys doesn't care… she meets the same guy in
sujal's cabin and in turns out to be sujal's younger brother Rishi
Garewal. Rishi is here to get sujal (calls him Big B) to influence
the police and get his friends out who are in jail coz of something
that happened in M.G.Road, these are the same people who teased
kashish. when kashish realizes sujal is being mislead she stops him..
saying that he doesn't know the entire truth. sujal cuts her short
tells her it is enough that his bro is telling him, with one call he
has rishi's friends out, outraging kashish. During the course of the
day sujal introduces kashish to piyush… but is quiet taken aback when
kashish & piyush start talking like great friends…
One day while working sujal accidentally holds kashish's hands, she
misunderstood him and rebuked him… sujal's hurt ego cornered her and
said that he would never be interested in a girl like her as she was
not "his type…" and if he were to turn on the charm she wouldn't
resist him!!!

It is sujal's parents anniversary and kashish is invited with her
family. For the party kashish chooses the dress piyush has to wear,
passing through the cabin sujal sees this… he is disturbed, but quiet
doesn't understand why? Kashish along with her 2 sisters comes to the
party, piyush is there to welcome them. Sujal the loner that he is
quite away from the hustle bustle of the party.. he watches kashish
walk in…as his restlessness finds solace. But by the time he relishes
the moment piyush comes in between and sujal starts to get jealous
watching kashish accept piyush's invitation for a dance. His emotions
takes over, decides to dedicate a song to kashish and ask her for a
dance, as the dj announces the dedication, the guests move back as
the limelight falls on the couple, sujal walks up to her, takes her
hand and asks her "May I…" he didn't wait for her answer as he
swirled her around in his arms… just then his friend archie (sujal's
childhood friend, she is in love with him) comes around and asks him
how he could change his partner so soon? Kashish moves away from
sujal, and piyush comes and takes her hand… sujal is annoyed over the
fact that kashish was with someone else… he watches them in envy, and
at the next given opportunity he walks up to kashish and sarcasm
takes over as he asks her about her friendship with her boss.

answers to that question not as an employee but as piyush's friend…
sujal definitely not liking it. She goes on to describe how they met.
She narrates the story that happened on the night sujal left her on
the road. Sujal is angry with himself when he knows kashish was
teased by some guys and he had helped them… he makes sure he corrects
his mistake, he calls rishi and his friends outside and blasts them
for behaving with kashish like that. And he makes them apologize to
kashish and those guys do. He tells his brother that it wil be the
last time he should hear such things. He then shifts focus to
kashish, who is impressed by sujal standing up for her all by himself
(and didn't run away to get the police) she feels protected with him
around. He turns around and in his trade mark arrogance apologizes to
her and says "usually main galati nahi karta par kabhi kabhi hojati
hai" kashish smiles as he walks away from her…

Humiliated by his brother's outburst in front of his friends rishi
decides to take revenge. He decides to get kashish's dad (prof) into
trouble by stealing the exams papers and accusing prof of leaking it.
The management dismisses prof from college on basis of this. when
kashish learns of this she smells something fishy and cracks the
case. She proves it to the principal that her dad is innocent and
that his locker keys were stolen. The principal informs her that he
has fwd that news to the trustee of the college but they felt that
prof was responsible for the theft as it was his duty to safe guard
the exam papers. When kashish sees the letter she is further annoyed
coz it is signed SUJAL GAREWAL. (sujal is the trustee of the college
and has signed the dismissal papers) she goes to sujal and yells
around at him as he didn't get a chance to voice his opinion, after
she had stormed out on him he finds the truth and goes to the sinha's
house apologizes and gives the letter of appointment. Kashish is
impressed with what sujal had done for her and her family, she would
like to believe that sujal did it for her. but It wasn't so, the
righteous man that Sujal Garewal is, he will accept his mistake if he
is wrong… in the most dignified manner and with humility.

The next
day at office she thanks him for what he has done for her and also
apologizes for thinking wrong about him. he warns her that she
shouldn't be putting him into her good books on the basis of a good
experience. He tells her that he still remains a headstrong and an
adamant human being, she tells him with a disarming smile "uske
bawajut AP BAHUT ACHE INSAN HAIN". sujal is very happy with what she
just said… he has never heard that from anyone before, he is
intrigued by his own self so looks into the mirror to find any change
in himself. He finds himself breaking into a blush reminding himself
that no one has said that to him before. As the day progresses both
work with each other and towards the end of the day kashish tells
sujal that she is planning to have coffee at the same place he was
mentioning a few days ago… sujal is in a daze as he watches her leave
his cabin with a sweet smile. At the coffee shop kashish waits as the
waiter brings her coffee she is not interested and tell him she
hasn't ordered any, but the waiter replies "Sir did" as he turns
around her irritation gives way to a huge smile seeing sujal at the
next table. They hit it off that day, as they shed their
inhabitations and give their relationship a newlife. Rishi sees the
growing closeness between sujal and kashish and isn't pleased he
decides he has do something to separate the two.

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The next morning sujal goes to office, but kashish doesn't wish him,
the entire world wishes him but he is sad over that fact that his
world isn't even aware… he tries to tell kashish, he asks her out but
she refuses saying she has an imp work. Sujal is disappointed beyond
words… his emotions are on a high as he loses out at reasoning even
with himself. A dejected sujal comes home and then the entire house
lights up as the entire family screams surprise. Sujal is so happy…
cuts the cake and goes inside…
Kashish is there too with her sisters(who are busy vying for rishi's
attention) kashish is happy wants to wish sujal… but doesn't manages
just a 'hi' and asks him how the party is, before he can answer she
says piyush has worked very hard for it… he tells her a plain it is
nice… that is when piyush pulls away a reluctant kashish for a dance
leaving behind a disturbed sujal. sujal then walks infront of kashish
and puts out his hand, when she is about to give her hand he takes
archie's hand and moves away… now it is kashish's turn to feel
jealous. She cant understand why sujal is giving her cold shoulders…
all this tension and emotions and insecurities takes a toll on both
of them which ends up in a big huge showdown….

When sujal comes to know that kashish had arranged for the party, he
gets even more irritated he tells that she wasnt required to do it.
Kashish who till now was happy coz it was HIS b'day is shattered and
leaves in tears when Sujal follows her and tells her he hasn't
finished, she says she has nothing more to listen. Sujal then tells
her that he knows kashish is double timing him and piyush. (all this
though was an accusation it was great as both of them had
acknowledged the fact that they belonged to eachother and couldn't
take anyone coming in between) kashish gets hurts and says that
piyush is just a friend and he is mistaken the entire relationship.
Kashish in a fit of pain says "I hate you" sujal gets angry and
says "even I hate you" and as they stood separate their hearts
cried…. Kashish left in a hurry and sujal stood alone with a tear in
his eyes.

Piyush tells sujal to apologize to kashish for being rude to her…
sujal refuses, but then he feels he should tell piyush sorry, piyush
says kashish is the one who deserves it. Just then kashish comes into
the cabin, kashish & sujal looked at eachother and they knew in an
instant that what ever it was it was THEIRS and they would not get
the world to know of it. piyush tries to ease the tension but in
vain. Piyush gets a call from the factory he has to go before he goes
he tells kashish that she will have to come with him to palampur
t'row they would go and return the same day. Kashish says ok… sujal
is uick to make a note of it. piyush leaves… sujal and kashish are
alone. kashish waits a moment as their eyes lock and then turns
around to leave… she cant, her dupatta is stuck, she tells sujal to
leave her dupatta, sujal doesn't understand it at first and then
sees, her duppata is stuck to the table…sujal smiles at her thought
that he was holding her dupatta. He walks away in front of her.. she
moves but her duppata is still struck. That is when she realizes that
it wasn't sujal.

well as piyush n kasish suppose to leave for palampur.The driver picked up kashish from her house and reached the R & G
mansion where piyush was supposed to join her on the official trip to
Palampur.As the driver informs her that 'Saab' always drives, she
gets down from the back seat and sits in the front, as the door of
the car opened she said "Hi Piyush…" and stopped at that as Sujal sat
inside the car. The Look that he gave was as if he was justified in
accusing her about her relationship with piyush. he gave a cold stare
and stared the car, kashish out of curiosity asked him "piyush nahi
aye…" sujal in a rude manner highlighting is irritation and his
possessiveness said "hum wahan kam ke silsile main jarahe hain… main
jao ya piyush kya farak padta hai? aur waise bhi yeh project papa ne
mujhe handle karne ko kaha hai. varna I have got better things to
do." Sujal seals the conversation with that trade mark cold stare and
reverses the car.
Through those lonely nights of uncertainty finally the morning dawned
on sujal and kashish as they set off on a journey together that
defined their relationship, defined eachother in the theirs lives
together. As they drove through the valleys of Himachal their silence
spoke volumes as they didn't trust their voices to say anything. An
occasional glance from sujal, an awkward reaction from kashish and a
romantic song on the radio made it an intriguing journey to look
forward to.

On their way sujal stopped at a well to drink some water… he drew the
water out of the well drank, he turned around to see kashish standing
their…she put her hands forward for water. Sujal looked at her put
the bucket back into the well and handed over the rope to her to help
herself. She was angry with him, she picked up the rope and started
drawing the water as sujal stood with his back against her. kashish
obviously wasn't able to do… then sujal suddenly heard a plunge into
the water and kashish's scream, he turned around dreading the worst
but it was the bucket that fell back into the well. He went and stood
next to her wanting her to ask him to help her but she wouldn't, so
he just snatched the rope from her and pulled out the water.He held
it for her to drink she puts forward her hands and he sees it
bleeding coz it fully bruised by the rope. A pang of guilt struck
sujal as he looked apologetically at her… she looked sad. After a sec
he held out his own hands in front of her to drink water from…
kashish looked into his eyes and saw a genuine sujal, as she bend
down to drink from his hands, the moment froze for eternity as sujal
just saw her when pouring the water… even long after she had finshed.
When the realization came in sujal left giving her an embarrassed
look with a twinkle in those eyes making kashish shy away.

In between
all this, sujal had left his mobile on the well, kashish who was
about to leave stops when she hears it ring. She answers the call it
is from archie. kashish says she will take the message as sujal isn't
there. archie sarcastically says that sujal has started to work his
charm on her as well and he would rebuke her when she tries to get
close to her. Kashish comes back to the car in a bad mood, she was
disturbed by what archie had said on one side and was jealous of
sujal's relationship with archie on the other. sujal asks her if she
is feeling better, she keeps quiet, sujal losses his temper and
drives away fast.
The reach palampur. They are actually here to select a factory site
for their 'Josh' Project. The agent shows them a place and sujal
okays it but kashish vetoes it saying the infrastructure and the
transportation will be a problem. The agent asks them for another
day's time kashish says they don't have it coz they are leaving the
same day itself. Sujal says coz it is important they will stay back
in the town. Kashish is shocked to hear this from sujal, immediately
she misunderstands him and relates this to what had told her.

They reach the hotel and find that only one room is available,
kashish refuses to see sense as she blames sujal of trying to get
familiar with her and leaves. sujal stops her and tells she doesn't
have to leave coz he is leaving. Kashish comes into her room and is
pacing around when the manager comes and apologizes for the
inconvenience caused, he explains sujal had asked for 2 rooms in the
morining itself but they couldn't accommodate them. Kashish starts to
feel guilt for her behaviour and decides to ask for forgiveness… she
comes to the car park she finds sujal sleeping in his car,
uncomfortably. She knocks at his window he wakes up and is concerned
as to why she is here at this time. kashish tells him to come in,
sujal says it is fine he is comfortable here. kashish says she is
genuinely sorry for misunderstanding him, sujal says it is fine but
still maintains to stay back in the car. Kashish also adamantly says
she is not going in with out him, sujal gives in gets down from the
car walks up to kashish who is standing with her back against him and
says "chale.." kashish turns around with a big smile and sujal puts
out his hand asking her to walk first.

They come to room, kashish calls up her family to say that she had to
stay back for the day and instructs them on what to be done… as
kashish speaks to her family sujal sitting by the fireplace making
the fire senses that kashish's family is a well knit family. kashish
makes coffee for him and decides to ask him something. Sujal asks her
what it is she says why didn't he correct her when she was thinking
wrong about him. sujal replies that he doesn't like to justify
himself coz if he does justify himself to another person he tends to
establish an emotional bond with them. He says he has seen people
take advantage of emotions so doesn't let anyone come close to him.
kashish explains that relationships enhances a person's life, sujal
differs to say he feels relationships weaken people. Kashish tries to
make him understand that in life they come across different
relationships, some stay on, some get left behind, some relations are
such that they continue even after death. She gives an example of her
parents who relationship remains though her mom had died long back,
sujal says in the case of his parents there is everything but the
only thing that is missing is a relationship. He says "main tanhayee
deke hai, dard dekha hai, thute huhe riste deke hain nahi dekha hai
tho sirf apnapan…" kashish not able to take such a sad sujal decides
to end the topic and play some music.

This scene was a masterpiece as it showed such a complex and an
always aware of himself sujal open up and bear his heart out to
kashish. Sujal hadn't spoken of these things to anyone before, most
were emotions he had avoided himself. But with kashish next to him he
was so comfortable sharing his pain, his past and his fear. And
kashish so ably heard him out with compassion wanting to reach out
and help him out of the solitude he had assigned himself to.
As the music played at the back drop and sujal sat down with his
laptop to work, kashish sitting on the floor near the sofa went to
sleep. Sujal never realized she had slept until he took a moment off
from his work. He saw kashish sleeping and shivering in the cold. He
switched off the music got a shawl and put it around her, stopped for
a min smiled at her sleeping and got back to work. He again got up to
put a cushion under her head to rest it properly, at first he did a
clumsy job as it fell off in few minutes. He then got down and was
trying to adjust the cushion, when kashish turned towards him and
leaned on his shoulders and went to sleep. Sujal was in an absolute
dilemma what to do…. He was wondering what she would do think if she
woke up, but at the same didn't want to wake her from her sleep. So
after a moment he sat down himself and made kashish comfortable.
Kashish slept peacefully with her head on his shoulder as he watched
her sleep in his arms, completely charmed by her beautiful innocence,
which he felt the need to protect from the harsh cold winds.

after sometime went to sleep with kashish on his shoulders and the
file on his lap. Kashish woke up in the morning turned towards him as
smiled to see him next to her. Then the sudden wakening came when she
realized she was sleeping on his shoulders she got up very upset but
seeing sujal sleep, she forgot everything, she stood there as she saw
her Dream sleeping like an innocent kid. Now she felt the need to
make him comfortable took away he file from his lap, made a
comfortable head rest for him and rested his head on that. Again
seeing him she walked away with a smile on her face.
They got ready to leave palampur, a moment of romance presented
itself when kashish made sujal's tie proper. Just then archie landed
up there, kashish is irritated by her presence here. Archie goes on
to pass sarcastic comments about both of them, sujal just withholding
his temper. Archie goes on to remind sujal that the last time they
had come here they stayed in the same hotel, by the time sujal could
react he saw, the damage was done, kashish left the room almost in
tears telling sujal that she was in the car. Now sujal turns to
archie and asks her what is she upto and why she spoke like that…
archie tells him she didn't lie but sujal says nor did she tell the
entire truth. The truth was they had come with their entire family
for a holiday. He is worried about what kashish thought archie tells
him why he is reacting like this afterall they are family friends,
and sujal confirms that they are ONLY family friends.

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He comes down to the car and kashish is in tears for obvious reasons,
sujal tries to talk to her but she tells him she doesn't want any
explanations. They drive back quietly. Kashish still in tears, and
sujal helpless…they reach kashish's house and she goes inside without
even telling him bye. Sujal is so hurt by this he wonders why kashish
always misunderstands and if she didn't see how much he loved her.
kashish in her room is wondering why she everytime misunderstands
sujal!!! she remembers the sujal during the trip and is convinced
that her DREAM is A REALITY NOW. SUJAL was the one her Heart belonged
to and so did her Future!!! She tells herself she is not going to put
herself to any more torture and will tell him that she loves him. she
decided to write a letter. So she wrote: "main nahi janti kabh se
kaise hua, lekin itna janti hoon ke main apko pasand karne lage hoon
ya shayad chahane lage hoon." (by the way this was the fatefull
letter that changed things for ever… she wrote everything but forgets
to write "Dear Sujal"!!!)

The next day she is very excited, nervous as she comes into sujal's
cabin with the josh project file. She keeps the letter in it and
leaves wondering why is sujal late today. Rishi found the same day to
visit his Big B at his office, he comes into the cabin sees it empty
and decides to wait for him, his eyes falls on the file. He picks up
to read it when the letter falls down, he is shocked to read it, just
then sujal enters and rishi hides the letter and puts it into his
pocket. Sujal is surprised to see rishi there and asks him why he is
here rishi tells him just to met him. just then kashish walks in too…
rishi pays her a compliment saying she is looking beautiful today,
sujal lifts his head to see her there and quietly acknowledged what
rishi had said. kashish tells him a plain Thank you. Rishi leaves
with the letter, and kashish tells sujal that she has made the
project report ready, sujal cant believe she is acting normal as if
nothing at all happened between them.
Rishi goes into piyush's cabin and leaves the letter in one of the
files there. piyush comes in and sends the same file back to sujal
coz it is sujal's file. In sujal's cabin, sujal is about to read the
file with the letter but gets a call asking him to come to the
factory immediately so he leaves asking kashish to hand the file over
to piyush and to tell him it is very important. Sujal is leaving
kashish tells him to take the josh project file with him thinking the
letter is in it. sujal tells her he is going to the factory will read
when he gets back, kashish insists that he should take it and read it
in the car. So sujal just takes it and leaves. Sujal has taken the
file without the letter and kashish is holding the file with the

After sujal goes she is happy that atleast now sujal will now
about what she feels for him. she runs into piyush who is also going
out, she gives him the file and tells him to go through it and tells
him it is very important. Piyush in a hurry gives the file to his
dad and leaves. lalith raheja reads the file and is so happy that
kashish loves his son, he thinks that kashish will make a perfect
life partner for his son.
On the other hand kashish is nervous the whole day… sujal isn't back
yet, she is wondering why he hasn't called her up even after reading
the letter. It is time to go home and sujal isn't back she is
standing lost in her thoughts when the lift opens and sujal is in it.
he asks her if she wants to come. She waits for sometime for him to
say something but he remains quiet. So she ask him if he has read the
file he says yes, and goes on to tell she shouldn't have done it, it
wrong how could she not think of the others and blah… he is referring
to her project report and ma'am thinks it is her letter. He then
closes the conversation saying "mujhe tumse yeh umeed nahi te
kashish" that is enough to have to those tears roll off her eyes, she
gives him a look filled with tears as she leaves, now sujal is
wondering what did he tell now that she is crying.

Kashish is walking down the road muttering to herself that sujal
doesn't deserve to be loved…. Sujal comes there and asks her where is
her vehicle she replies that she will not use the office vehicle,
sujal finding her stubbornness sweet sends away his car too and walks
with her… he says "tum tho meri gadi mein betogi nahi tho maine soch
main tumhare sath…". She snubs him telling him not to act kind.
Sujal thinks she is angry about what happened the previous day about
the archie episode, he asks her how can she think of him like that.
She says "maine kabh kaha ke galati apke hai, galti meri hai par ap
mujhe bar bar uska ehsaas kyun delarahe hain" she says it and walks
off…sujal stops her and says "galathi har insaan se hote. par tum
itne chotise bath keliye ro kyun rahi ho akir maine tumhe aisa kya
Kashish: (crying) apne kuch nahi kaha galthi meri hai ke pasand karti
hoon main apko PYAR KARTI HO MAIN APSE!!!
Sujal cant believe what he just heard all he managed was a "WHAT" and
then seeing her cry… says "tum mujhse pyar karte ho? Tho yeh bath
kehne main itna waqt kyun lagadiya? (wipes her tears) galathi tho
mujhe bhi hu hai kashish kyunki MAIN BHI PYAR KARTA HOON TUMSE. AUR

Kashish cant believe it too… but looking into those eyes which have
never looked so genuine and soft she finds her emotions being
reflected in them. She stands there as he take her in his arms to
profess his love for her and comforts her. As he held her all her
pain and fear drained out through her tears. With the bright warm sun
on them the world seemed just RIGHT. As they held hands Happiness
seemed to Last for a Life Time.

As these two celebrated their love, piyush was taken back by surprise
when he read the letter kashish had written to sujal thinking she had
written to him. His father promises to talk to prof sinha and get him
married to kashish. Piyush's happiness knew no bound when thought of
kashish as his wife.

Sujal came back home late and was exceptionally happy, seeing sujal
so happy piyush asks him the reason sujal tells him he had at last
got the one he loved. Piyush also says he has the same news for him
and both are happy for eachother. But they not for a second thought
it would be the same girl they were talking about.
The absence of sujal and kashish in simla just seemed the perfect
time for rishi to strike. He was doubling timing kashish's sisters
mehak and mouli. This created a kind of a rift between the sisters,
however his first target seemed to be mehak. He fooled mehak with his
sweet talks to an extend that she forgot the world, her family as she
gave into rishi's desire.
Kashish and sujal were lost in a world of their own, their every
moment belonged to eachother…as they began to dominate the minds and
the hearts of the other. Piyush also very happy.
Kashish one day caught mehak and rishi together and tells rishi to
keep away from her sister. Rishi doesn't quite care for what kashish

At office kashish is thinking of this and is very upset that she
doesn't even realize sujal came in… sujal is concerned. He tries to
find out but she keeps quiet thinking this would bring a gap between
sujal and his brother and she didn't want herself to be the reason.
Kashish says it is nothing. Sujal then tries to make her understand
that now he is there for her always… he tells her how she has changed
his life from the time she has entered his life. he has become a more
sensitive person and values emotions and all these changes in him has
brought her close to him. He tells her he is concerned about what she
does and how she is… he tells her "everything about you is connected
to me". She asks him then why do they end up fighting? He
says "kyunki jisse pyar hota hai gussa bhi sirf use par ata hai". she
is beaming with a blush when sujal tells her he wants her infront of
him, wants to hear her voice all the time and ask he "tum akir ho
kaun jisne mujhe itna badldiya?" and then sees her quiet smile and
asks her "kya hua? Kuch zyda romantic hogaya?" she nods as he hugs
That day lalith raheja must against his wife vasu's wishes goes to
sinha's house and ask for kashish's hand in marriage with his son
piyush. sinha says it is honour but would have to ask kashish's
opinion. That evening kashish comes home her happiness knows no bound
when her dad tells her that her boss's father had come with a
marriage proposal. She seizes the opportunity and says yes thinking
it was sujal's father who had come. After her dad goes she looks at
herself in the mirror and says "Mrs. Kashish Sujal Garewal".

The next day at office sujal is one romantic mood, he comes into her
cabin sees her working with someone else. Very naughtily looks at her
and sends the other person to do his work. She starts laughing when
asked what she says nothing. He tells her if the work is over he has
something to tell her. she tells she has to go early coz her dad is
waiting, disappointed sujal says "janta hoon. Kashish kya prof saan
tumahre shadi ke chinta nahi hai" she looks at him , "nahi aise hi
pouch rahan hoon" kashish thinks he is acting as if he doesn't know
that talks are going on for their wedding. She decides to play the
game… sujal asks her again she says "personal matters office main
discuss nahi hote" and goes.. he follows her into the lift and again
same question she tells him no her father isn't concerned about her
marriage… he then has had enough he holds her hand and asks her to
tell now, the same time the lift opens a elderly lady comes in. sujal
leaves kashish's hand. But still he is trying to hold her hand and
then smiles coz he is holding he hands, so he thinks. His face drops
when kashish shows him his hand and he realizes he was holding the
elderly lady's hand. Kashish starts laughing and sujal is
embarrassed. The old lady looks at sujal angrily and he runs away
from there.

Kashish cant stop laughing and sujal cant understand why she cant
stop laughing… anyway he continues to ask her that question and she
refuses to answer. Just then a bunch of guys tease these two
saying "dekho us din ke laila majnu, nahi nahi Romeo Juliet." Kashish
is embarrassed at what they said, and sujal actually doesn't bother…
she tells him all this happening coz of what he did the other day…
sujal purposely asks her what he did…she is about to say and blushes…
and the clouds burst down upon them… sujal says "jo tumna kehsake wo
en gataon ne kehdiya" sujal removes his coat to protech her from the
rain but sees kashish's expressions changing, he looks in that
direction finds a small kid shivering in rain he walks upto him and
gives him his coat. Kashish is so happy watching such a sweet sujal….
It is a crowded place and it is raining… sujal walks upto kashish
kneels down in front of her and puts his hand forward for a dance,
kashish gives him her hand and they dance…they are having a time of
their lives when piyush ends up play spoil sport. Kashish and Sujal
are so irritated with piyush coming there, but they try to hide their
disappointment. Piyush offers to drop them… sujal keeps looking at
kashish and kashish looks at him in way to say "behave yourself,
piyush is here" sujal again start off with the shadi ka topic and
kashish cant believe it…he is enjoying her inability to answer coz
piyush is there…piyush also joins the sujal in asking her about the
guy in her life(which he thought was himself). finally they reached
kashish's home..she got down turned around to wave to sujal and sujal
waves back but the kabab mein haddi thinks it is for him.

Sujal reaches home fully wet and dries his hair… all the while
smiling and thinking of kashish… when his mom walks in. she sees him
happy she asks him what is making him so happy, sujal says nothing he
was just getting reday… his reminds him that he is just back from
work. He gets caught and he tells his mom he has fallen in love and
his mom is quick to guess that it is kashish. sujal tells her that he
cant live without kashish, his mom promises to get them married.
At the same time vasu happens to pass by listens to this… her evil
mind gets to work. Actually she has always had a problem with the
garewals… as they getting 50% of the profits when they were supposed
to get only 30%. Vasu decides to get kashish inbetween the two
families and eventually create a spilt. So vasu who was against
making kashish her daughter in law agrees.

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