Kesar Update from Beginning.

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Kesar's family await their friends from Mumbai who visit them to celebrate Lohri. Dharam Mallya and Kuljeet (Kesar's grandfather) are childhood friends. They come to the village every year to celebrate Lohri, but this time, they also ask for Kesar's hand to marry their grandson Rudr.

Kesar's family is surprised on hearing this as they are worried as to how Kesar will adjust to the lifestyle. Dharam Mallya tries and convinces them and says that he would call Rudr to Jamalpur. Kesar is upset on hearing this.

Kesar does not want to marry. Her parents convince her to meet Rudr. Dharam Mallya goes back to Mumbai and Rudr and his PA Abhi come to Jamalpur. On reaching there, they switch identities. Kesar meets Rudr and Abhi and plays all sorts of pranks on them both. She is upset with the fact that she had to give her room.

Rudr and Abhi want to go for a swim and Kesar takes them to a pond to paly a prank. Rudr jumps into the pond and Abhi screams "Sir Sir". Kesar is confused and tells him to tell her the truth. Rudr tells her the truth that he and Abhi had switched identities,. On the other hand, Pam is angry with Vikram as he is careless with work. Rudr and Abhi are tensed as Dadaji is coming and now everyone will know the truth. Rudr tells Kesar the entire story, she is upset. Abhi goes to fetch dada and dadi. Kesar is depressed with Rudr as he played a prank on her. Abhi indicates to Rudr that he could not tell dadaji about the prank. Rudr tells dadaji the entire story and also that he likes Kesar. The truth is told to the entire family which makes Rudr the culprit behind this confusion. Dadji calls Pam and tells her that Rudr likes Kesar, and they are having the Roka ceremony tomorrow. Pam is surprised.

Everyone comes back to Mumbai along with Kesar, Shammi and Vidya's kids. They are all zapped looking at the huge house. Kesar is welcomed and introduced to the family. Pam tells kesar that there is a party and she should go shopping with Abhi and buy some new clothes for herself, Kesar goes with him. At the mall, she is amazed looking at the prices, suddenly a girl comes and hugs Abhi and Kesar is left surprised.

Vikram applies for a loan in the bank. Meanwhile, the kids are excited about the party and are all set to be there but Kesar tells them they cant be a part of it. Kesar picks the phone in Rudr's room it is a girl's call.

The party begins, Pam and Soumya introduce Kesar to their friends. The Bank manager tells Pam that Vikram has applied for a loan. Party is on and Kesar is called to dance and she dances bhanda. Later, Kesar sees Rudr hugging a girl and she is shocked.

Kesar is upset when Rudr hugs a girl but he explains to her that the girl is his sister. Shammi and the kids make fun of Binita when she trips and Shammi is attracted to her.

Dadaji asks Kesar about her decision and she says she needs time to decide. Next morning, Kesar offers breakfast to Rudr. Kesar's mother calls her and asks her whether she is happy but suddenly the call is disconnected. It is Rudr on the phone who plays a prank on Kesar. The family goes on a picnic. Vikram's loan is not passed and he is furious.

Abhi finds the culprit behind the phone calls at the disc and sends him to jail. Meanwhile, the engagement date of Rudr and Kesar is fixed. Rudra and Kesar having a very private moment together. Kesar leaves while Rudra's closes his eyes and Kesar leaves when Abhi arrives and Biji sees them together and asumes that there must be something between Rudra and Abhi.

Binita and Nitika challenge Shammi on the the treadmill for an hour after which Shammi is exausted. Meanwhile, Rudra and Kesar get ready to go to their farmhouse in Khandala. On the way, the car stops working and four men attack them. They try to escape and finally get rid of the four men and find refuge in a cabin house where Rudra and Kesar share a romantic moment.

Rudr and Kesar return home to find the entire family waiting for them. Biji overhears a conversation between Rudra, Kesar and Abhi with someone which gives her more proof about Abhi and Rudr.

Teji gives Kesar a few special things that she has been collecting since Kesar was a child. Shammi gives Binita a bunch of flowers which she leaves in the hall. Shammi picks thoss flowers from Pam's garden which she had got from Canada.

Jaswant helps Shammi out of this mess. Pam and Vikram have a tiff where she tells Vikram to lend a hand for Rudra's engagement. Vikram is very angry and Biji, his mother tries to pacify him. Teji speaks to both Rudra and Kesar about their life together where Rudra tells her not to worry and that he will take care of Kesar.

The family members are happy on the occasion of Rudra and Kesar's engagement party. Whle the enagagement is taking place, ice cream accidentally falls on Binita's dress and she goes to her room to change followed by Shammi.

Shammi enters the room while she is in the bathroom and hides behind the curtain. She comes in a robe and discovers him. She screams which leads to a chaotic situation and everyone is shocked to see Shammi in her room.

Rudra helps Shammi by saying that he had sent Shammi to Binita's room to give her a file. Engagement of Rudr and Kesar takes place. Neha and Nitika play a trick on Shammi by giving him a VCD of a movie through which he can impress Binita.

Jaswant and Shammi go to Dadi's room to watch the VCD. It turns out to be an English movie which scandalises Shammi and while they are watching it, Dadi enters the room. Meanwhile, the haldi rasm of Rudra and Kesar proceeds.

Abhi witnesses a meeting between Vikram and the lawyer and wonders why Vikram would want to meet the lawyer regarding Rudra's marriage. He confronts Vikram who refuses to tell him and is angry. He is about to assault Abhi when dadaji sees him and Vikram tells him he went to the lawyer to know about his share of money.

Dadaji calls for a meeting with the entire family after the engagement where he tells about Vikram's problem. Rudr hands over his project to Vikram.

An extremely romantic moments between Rudra and Kesar takes place. He asks her to come meet him on the terrace after the sangeet session. Kesar refuses and Rudr is upset. Abhi senses that something is wrong between the two of them and tries to solve it.

The sangeet session takes place with both Kesar and Rudr upset with each other. Teji and dadi also sense something is wrong. Kesar still cannot understand why Rudr is angry with her. She is in her room when she feels someone is outside and she goes to check. She passes Binita's room and sees the door open, Binita tries to hide a lit cigarette and Kesar scolds her for smoking.

Kesar sees lights on the terrace and goes to find out what is happening there where she finds the terrace totally lit up for her. She weeps and looks for Rudr. She finally finds him and runs into his arms asking for forgiveness.

There is an emotional scene between Kesar and Teji. Abhi comes in and Kesar confides in him about her fears about getting married to Rudr. Abhi reassures her saying that she need not worry about Rudr and he tells Kesar that he is her friend.

Rudra gets ready for the marriage. Vikram tells Pam and Mannu that everything is in order for the marriage but the next time he might not be available as his own project has started.

Teji makes Happy Singh her brother and he conducts the kaleerein ka rasam. Rudr's sisters tease him. Baraat goes with Rudr on a horse. Meanwhile, Kesar is seated in her room in the marriage hall. The baraat comes where then the jaymaala rasam takes place followed by the marriage, the bidaai and the ghar pravesh.

Kesar waits in her room to be taken by her sister-in-laws. Pam tells her all of them are asleep and that she should go to Rudr's room. But he is not in his room. Abhi is outside when he sees Rudr's car outside a disc and goes in to check where he meets Binita who tells him that she had borrowed Rudra's car. Kesar has fallen asleep waiting for Rudr. He comes and tells her to change, as she must be tired. She goes to change and Rudr goes to the balcony lights a cigarette and thinks that he has escaped from her.

Rudra tells his mother that he is sick and tired of playing Kesar's husband. Pam reassures him that it is only for a few more days. Next morning, the entire Mallya family is awakened by a bhajan by Kesar.

Pam is livid and Soumya Chachi makes fun. Kuljeet dada tells Dharam dada that it is time for them to leave but Shammi doesn't want to leave Kesar's sasural and Dharam dada says that he should complete his studies there.

The family gets ready to leave when Kesar catches Abhi and asks him where Rudr is. Abhi is puzzled and says he doesn't know. Kesar thinks that both Abhi and Rudr are involved in giving her a surprise. Abhi calls Rudr and finds out that he is in a meeting.

At the airport Kesar receives a parcel that has a watch and bouquet from Rudra saying that he is sorry. When she returns Abhi is on the phone telling Rudra that his work is done and Rudra tells him that his installment for a flat is also done.

Shammi is in the same college as Nitika and Neha and a joke is played on him. Pam tells Rudr that he must keep Kesar happy until there work is done. The pag phere takes place but Rudr doesn't come to pick her up instead Abhi comes and apologies on behalf of Rudr.

Kesar is angry. Teji reassures her and Kesar leaves with Abhi. Kesar and Abhi wait in the airport when she hears a girl's voice with Rudr. When they check, it seems to be someone else. They reach home where Kesar goes to her room, which is in pitch darkness Rudr is there and tells her to switch on the lights after he leaves. The room is filled of flowers and a big card saying that he is sorry. Kesar feels happy.

Kesar sees that his clothes are just lying around. She picks them up to put them away when a ticket falls that tells her that it is a Mussourie to Delhi to Mumbai ticket. She is shocked and says this means that Rudr was in Delhi.

Rudr remembers what happened the previous night and rushes to find Kesar. He seeks Abhi for help who tells him that she is in the hospital. Abhi comes up with a cover story for Rudr which involves him fighting with Mitali.

Rudr and Abhi are pleased with their effort and laugh about this when Reema Sood and confronts them. Rudra is shocked to see her there whereas Abhi is not able to figure out what is happening.

She leaves and Rudra immediately calls up his mother to inform her that Mrs Reema Sood was there. She is shocked and asks them to come back. Abhi and Kesar have dinner while Rudr spends time with Mitali when Abhi and Kesar get to know that Abhi's mother had to be operated right away.

They reach the hospital to find out that the operation was a success. All of them leaving the hotel when Abhi and Mitali fight and break up. Abhi and his mother also get ready to leave from the hospital when she asks him about his girlfriend and he tells her that that there was nothing between them and his mom says that she knows and that she does not want to know what his problem was but that he should never hurt anybody.

The plane lands in Mumbai where everybody is happy to see them back and Reema Sood introduces herself to the entire family. She confronts Pam who had promised her that her daughter will be married to Rudra and now her daughter is mentally disturbed. Pam tells her that Rudra's marriage to Kesar was beyond her control and at that moment Kesar enters and hears it.

Abhi is worried about Kesar because he is aware of Rudr's intention of marrying Kesar which is just for her property and not for love. Meanwhile, Reema Sood conspires with Vikram and Mitali to ruin the Mallya family.

Abhi tries to confront Rudra about him marrying Kesar but is not able to do so. Mitali calls Rudra to fix up a meeting with him. So Abhi ends up taking Kesar sightseeing where they have their conversation brings them closer as friends.

Rudra goes to meet Mitali at the hotel where Vikram waits for them to go the room and calls for the press reporters. Reema Sood meets Pam challenging her to save her family. Pam calls up Abhi to find Rudr and find out where Rudra he is.

Abhi abruptly leaves Kesar at home and rushes to the hotel where Rudr is. He finds out that Vikram is behind all this. There is a race against time between Abhi and the reporters but Abhi reaches before them and when the door openSaroj dadi is upset and asks Rudra what is wrong between them. Rudra says that it is a misunderstanding. Abhi explains how Reema Sood can take her revenge by getting the contract of India Telecom which is Rudra's dream project.

Abhi tells Vikram to sneak the details from the office computer. Vikram manages to do so.and Shammi moves out the Mallya house and goes to live with his family.

Rudra tells Kesar that she needs to come to the party for the India Telecom Party. Kesar refuses but Abhi calls her up and asks her to come. Reema thinks she will get the contract but the contract goes to Rudra. She is shocked. And then Rudra and Abhi had conceived this entire plan to trap Reema Sood. Kesar tries to apologise. She feels angry on herself.

Everybody excepts the Punjab family and wait in the hospital. Parmeet's condition is critical. Rudra goes to tell the Punjab family about the accident. All are shocked.

Rudra tells Abhi that he is responsible for Parmeet's accident and that Shalini is an eyewitness to it. Abhi reassures him. When Reema Sood finds out about this she calls up Pam and tells her. Dharam dada tells the commissioner that he wants the person behind this hit and run.

Parmeet is under observation as he is still not out of danger. Police come and tell everybody that Abhi is behind Parmeet's accident. All are shocked. Parmeet is out of danger and all go to meet him where he is told that Abhi is behind his accident.

Parmeet tells them that it cannot be Abhi as he was going to meet him only when Rudra tells everyone that he is behind the accident. All are shocked especially Kesar. Rudra and Kesar reach the police station and try to free Binita and Shammi. Manu comes and signs the release papers. The news of Shammi and Binita being in lock up reaches the family and both the families are upset with both of them.

Shammi asks for forgiveness from both families. Reporters crowd the Mallyas in order to find more about the incident. Rudra decides to clarify things with the reporters in which he announces that Binita and Shammi are engaged. Everyone is shocked. Binita is angry and refuses to marry Shammi.

Soumya chachi tries to convince Binita to marry Shammi as he is Kesar's brother who owns their entire property. Kesar is happy. She asks Abhi if he will visit the farmhouse with Rudra. Abhi is confused. Rudra reaches a farmhouse where he finds someone.

As he is about to lit a cigarette, someone lights a match for him and we see it is Binita. Rudra is shocked to see her. They argue about her marriage with Shammi and in the argument we see Rudra trying to pacify Binita. Rudra explains why Shammi and her should get married so that she is not sent away. Binita tells him that she loves him and they hug.s it is Abhi and not Rudr. Vikram is shocked

Saroj dadi is upset and asks Rudra what is wrong between them. Rudra says that it is a misunderstanding. Abhi explains how Reema Sood can take her revenge by getting the contract of India Telecom which is Rudra's dream project.

Abhi tells Vikram to sneak the details from the office computer. Vikram manages to do so.and Shammi moves out the Mallya house and goes to live with his family.

Rudra tells Kesar that she needs to come to the party for the India Telecom Party. Kesar refuses but Abhi calls her up and asks her to come. Reema thinks she will get the contract but the contract goes to Rudra. She is shocked. And then Rudra and Abhi had conceived this entire plan to trap Reema Sood. Kesar tries to apologise. She feels angry on herself.

Everybody excepts the Punjab family and wait in the hospital. Parmeet's condition is critical. Rudra goes to tell the Punjab family about the accident. All are shocked.

Rudra tells Abhi that he is responsible for Parmeet's accident and that Shalini is an eyewitness to it. Abhi reassures him. When Reema Sood finds out about this she calls up Pam and tells her. Dharam dada tells the commissioner that he wants the person behind this hit and run.

Parmeet is under observation as he is still not out of danger. Police come and tell everybody that Abhi is behind Parmeet's accident. All are shocked. Parmeet is out of danger and all go to meet him where he is told that Abhi is behind his accident.

Parmeet tells them that it cannot be Abhi as he was going to meet him only when Rudra tells everyone that he is behind the accident. All are shocked especially Kesar. Rudra and Kesar reach the police station and try to free Binita and Shammi. Manu comes and signs the release papers. The news of Shammi and Binita being in lock up reaches the family and both the families are upset with both of them.

Shammi asks for forgiveness from both families. Reporters crowd the Mallyas in order to find more about the incident. Rudra decides to clarify things with the reporters in which he announces that Binita and Shammi are engaged. Everyone is shocked. Binita is angry and refuses to marry Shammi.

Soumya chachi tries to convince Binita to marry Shammi as he is Kesar's brother who owns their entire property. Kesar is happy. She asks Abhi if he will visit the farmhouse with Rudra. Abhi is confused. Rudra reaches a farmhouse where he finds someone.

As he is about to lit a cigarette, someone lights a match for him and we see it is Binita. Rudra is shocked to see her. They argue about her marriage with Shammi and in the argument we see Rudra trying to pacify Binita. Rudra explains why Shammi and her should get married so that she is not sent away. Binita tells him that she loves him and they hug.

Rudra tells Binita that the entire scene of Binita getting drunk, her being eve-teased by two guys and Shammji and her getting caught by the police with the criminal was all a part of his plan. Kesar waits for Rudra in her room and Abhi drives around feeling bad for Kesar.

Rudra is with Binita and Kesar misses Rudra and wakes up next morning to find Rudra next to her and she feels happy. Binita tells everyone that she is ready to marry Shammi. At that minute Shalini comes to the Mallya's and Rudra.

Pam and Abhi are shocked to see her there. Kesar is happy to see her there and introduces her to all. The Punjab family are still upset with Shammi but then Abhi comes and explains to them that they should be proud of him as he did not take advantage of the state in which Binita was.

Rudra tells Abhi that they need to take action regarding Shalini. Pam warns Reema Sood that if she does not step back, then she will not leave her. Rudra calls Shalini and tells her that he wants to meet her.

The Punjab family is all set for Shammi's marriage. Shammi asks Binita if she marries him out of force but Binta refuses it. Rudra meets Shalini at the farmhouse and asks her what she is up to. He tells her that he still loves her and she tells him that she is not going to fall for his lines again.

All of them are getting ready for the marriage. Amma comes to the roka ceremony where Mitali also comes. Rudra gets photographs taken with him and Shalini and warns her that if she ever tries to get close to Kesar he will make posters of those snaps.

Meanwhile, Abhi and Mitali have a conversation where Abhi asks her why she is present. Rudra is shocked to see Mitali there and gets angry when Mitali taunts him about his meeting.

He tells her to get lost and she starts to yell that they were the ones that were fooling Kesar in Bangalore and at that time Kesar comes and hears everything.

Kesar is upset with Rudra and Abhi and calls Rudra a liar. Kesar also sees a lipstick mark on Rudra's collar. Rudra tries to pacify her but is unable to do so. The rest of the family enjoy the roka ceremony.

Pam feels something is wrong and asks Rudra. Rudra tells her that he was with Shalini. Pam is shocked. Abhi also overhears this. Rudra gives the film roll to Abhi. Abhi convinces Kesar that Rudra has changed because of her love for him and that he loves Kesar.

Abhi looks for Rudra who is with Binita. CL gives Abhi the vedio of the roka ceremony. When Abhi comes to Binita's room, Rudra hides and is about to be caught but is saved. Meanwhile, the kudalis of Binta and Shammi are being matched. Pam asks Kesar what is wrong.

Abhi tells her about Mitali. Pam takes Kesar and Abhi to Mitali where Mitali tells Kesar that she knew Abhi from college that her financial condition was poor and Rudra gave her chance only because Abhi knew her.

Pam and Kesar leave with kesar feeling guilty. After they leave, Rudra comes out of the hiding. Mitali tells him that he is a cruel person. Keesar, Pam and Abhyui return only to hear Rudra expressing his love to someone who turns out to be a little girl who tells Kesar that Rudra bought her a doll.

Kesar feels Guilty. Abhi tries to console as Kesar cries. Abhi leaves. Rudra comes and Kesar hugs him. Rudr consoles her. Abhi feels happy about it.

Rudra is in deep in thought while he drives to his Kesar's house. Rudra almost has an accident but escapes narrowly. The Mallyas awaits for Rudra to return with Kesar when Dharam dada gets a call from the hospital saying that Rudra has had an accident.

All are shocked and they rush to the hospital, even the Punjab family comes there along with Kesar and Binita where the doctor tells them that situation is very critical.

All are shocked. Pam tells Kesar that if anything happens to her son, she will never forgive her. Kesar does not know how to react to the situation. Kesar is in a dilemma about what to do next.

The doctor tells the family that Rudra should not be given any mental stress. She nurses Rudra back to health. Binita also helps Kesar out in nursing Rudra back to health. Reema Sood and Vikram still plan on how to ruin Pam Mallya and Rudra Mallya. Kesar sees Neha with some boy.

When Soumya asks Neha where she was as she was trying to get in touch with her all night about Rudra's accident, Neha tells her that she was at a friend's place finishing her assignments.

At that moment Kesar comes and tells all that Neha lies and that she was with some boy. Neha is furious that Kesar refutes her word. Dharam dada asks to say sorry to Kesar and tells her that he wants to meet the boy soon.

Kesar goes back to her room feels frustrated as to why she botheres to keep the family together when her very basic relationship with Rudra is a farce.

She decides she will stay with the Mallya for only one month where she will be the bahu of the Mallyas but not Rudra's wife. She decides to leave Rudra.

Neha overhears her decision and is shocked. Neha goes to Dharam dada and tells that there is some problem between Rudra and Kesar. Kesar brings Rudra back home.

Dharam dada and Saroj dadi say they want to talk to both of them. Kesar and Rudra are puzzled and are relieved when they find out that Dada and Dadi think that they have had a minor fight.

Rudra calls up his doctor and we find out that the entire accident was a fake and nothing had happened to him. Kesar refuses to come close to Rudra. Rudra is frustrated as to how to change the situation.

Happy comes to Rudra to get some papers signed but Dharam dada scolds him for making Rudra work. Rudra suggests that Shammi should take over the project that he was working on and that Binita and should live with them so that he can train Shammi.

Dharam dada agrees with him finally. The Punjabi family is very happy with this decision and so is Shammi. Binita knows that this is Rudra's plan to get her back in the Mallya house.

Kesar gets to know about this and is upset. She tells Dharam dada that she does not wish this to happen and that her decision is final as she does have some share in the company.

All are shocked with her decision. Shammi is hurt when he hears this. Dharam dada explains to Kesar that she should let Shammi grow and that one day he will be a great businessman.

Kesar finally agrees and Shammi tells her that he will not do anything to spoil the name of the Mallyas. Kesar is in a big dilemma as she sees that she can't leave this house nor stay. She leaves.

Dharam dada tells Kesar that she should not worry as he is sure that Shammi will prove himself as a good businessman. Rudra convinces Binita that he will sort out the problems.

Abhi comes to meet the Mallya family and he hears about Rudra's accident. He goes to meet Rudra. On the way, he meets Kesar and he is shocked to find her there but Kesar does not talk to him.

Shammi comes out of the bathroom and Binita pretends to have accepted Shammi. Manu tries to get in touch with Natasha but is unable to do so. Pam asks him about it and he gets irritated and leaves the room. Kuljeet comes to meet Dharam who tries to find out what is happening in the house and why Rudra does not come to meet him. Dharam feels helpless.

Abhi tries to ask Natasha about who she is and who Jennifer is to which Natasha says that if he can tell where Kesar is, all his questions will be answered. Natasha sees the amount of missed calls from Manu. She calls him back and he tells her that he wants to meet her and they decide to meet at Blue Moon Resorts. Pam asks where he is going. Manu is furious and leaves.

Binita comes to meet Rudra and she tells him her suspicions that Kesar is hidden by Abhi. Natasha takes Manu to her room in the Blue Moon resort. Manu talks to Natasha about her relationship with Jennifer. Pam goes to the room where she sees the 'Do Not Disturb' sign and goes to the other side where she can see Manu holding Natasha by her shoulders through the glass door.

Meanwhile, Manu asks Natasha who Jennifer is. Finally, Natasha tells him that she is his daughter and that Jennifer is her mother and that today he has no right to call her his own as he had abandoned them. Manu tells her that Jenifer never told him that she was pregnant. Natasha asks him if he will be able to call her his own in front of the entire society to which Manu keeps quiet. Natasha goes out of the room crying, Manu follows her as they reach the lobby they see the entire Mallya family standing there. They ask Natasha why she's crying. She tells them that Manu had tried to molest her. All are shocked.

Natasha says Mannu tried to molest her and she leaves the place and everybody is shocked and everyone resent there reacts and Mannu has nothing to say. Abhi who is confused gets the car asks Natasha to sit and starts the car. Vikram and Somya take advantage of this and they talk very sarcastically to him.

Pam can't see this and she takes Mannu aside. Everyone leaves them alone, and after everyone leaves Pam leaves him too. Vikram informs the press about it and gives Natasha's reference. Natasha asks Abhi to her home. Mannu thanks Pam for saving him and trusting him but Pam says whatever she did was only because she was helpless in front of everyone and that she had to do it.

The conversation reaches a point where she asks Mannu to leave. Abhi and Natasha reach Abhi's house where she hugs Abhi's mom and starts crying. Abhi tries to talk but she is not ready to talk about the incident. Somya goes to Parmit's house and tells everyone about it. Teji, Shammi, Binita and Parmit are shocked but Parmit reacts by saying that they have no relation with that family. The next morning Natasha is happy about her successful plan. Abhi tells Natasha about the call from the press.

Natasha asks him to arrange for the press conference but Abhi is not happy with it. The news is aired on TV and Rudra sees it he is disturbed too. Vikram tells Dharam and Saroj about the incident at the hotel in front of Mannu and asks for justice. Pam goes to Rudra's room and tells him about her loneliness and that she is broken. Rudra have nothing much to say but shows her the mirror of her deeds.

Saroj is not ready to believe Mannu can do something like that. Saroj is having a conversation regarding Mannu where Mannu makes her believe that he has not done anything with Natasha. Saroj after listening to Mannu leaves and talks to Dharam about Mannu where Dharam is very angry with the his son's deeds but Saroj tries her best to explain to Dharam that Mannu is innocent and if we want to know the truth we will have to talk to Natasha. For which Dharam asks Abhi to get her to the Mallya house.

Pam starts packing and Shaina tries to stop her. Abhi and Natasha go to Rudra and asks him to come along to Mallya house as she is going to reveal things in front of every family member. Dharam and Saroj object about her leaving the house. By this time Abhi and Natasha and Rudra arrive and everyone is shocked.

Here Natasha makes Mannu accept Natasha as his daughter from Jenniffer. Everyone is shocked and apologizes for her drama explaining that she did it so that Mannu would accept her but he didn't. Dharam asks Rudra to leave the house. Binita gets a flash forward of Teji and Vidya congratulating Binita for her pregnancy of three months and Shammi hears this and denies being the father of the kid.

The tension rises and they ask for the real father's name. Her thoughts break and she thinks of making Abhi the next part of her plan. Natasha call up Rudra and asks him to come over on the occasion of rakshabandhan in the Mallya house. Rakshabandhan is on a very low scale. Shaina feels bad when Dharam says the eldest daughter Natasha will tie the rakhi. First Pam reacts. Natasha is trying to develop her relationship with Dharam.

Saroj and Pam share an emotional moment. Natasha asks Dharam to call for a press conference where she is ready to accept her mistake and asks him 'to officially accept her. At the same time the bell rings and she goes out and opens the door and Vikram is standing with a bouquet.

Natasha opens the door Vikram is standing outside with a bouquet. Hhe is trying to provoke her but she ignores it. Happy and Shanti are having a talk about getting Parry married to a girl from the village on the other side. Natasha is trying to develop a relation with Pam but she gets irritated and says that whatever happened is her personal matter. Binita is trying to contact Rudra but he is ignoring her so she calls up and tells him that she will not spare him for this. Rudra gets irritated and cuts the phone.

Parry, Shanti and Teji are having a talk about the new place where they have shifted Kesar. In the meantime when Parry comes out he sees Somya at the gate she acts as if she hadn't heard anything. Now Natasha's feelings towards Abhi are getting highlighted by the conversation they had. Rudra and Binita go to the earlier place where Kesar was kept and inquires which turns out to be true but now Kesar is not there at the same location. This leaves Rudra with lot of questions. Abhi and Amma are discussing Natasha and trying to solve the mystery.

Natasha is alone in the office sitting with lawyer when she calls Abhi and tries know what is playing on Abhi's mind. Happy and Shanti who are late in reaching the Panvel house where they have hidden Kesar call up Bijj. Natasha tells Abhi if he will ask her to come to his place but he denies saying that there's no one at home otherwise he would have had invited her. Abhi is trying to call Kesar but no one is picking up.

A car comes and stops outside Abhi's house and Rudra comes out of the car a little drunk. Abhi is leaving a message on the phone when Rudra enters and pushes Abhi. The phone falls and they get into an altercation and this gets recorded in Kesar's house's voice box. Someone goes and kidnaps Kesar from her Panvel house by fooling Biji. Rudra is asking Abhi about Kesar and he becomes a little aggressive Rudra takes out the revolver. Abhi tries to save himself and the bullet fires and Rudra is the one who gets hurt. When Happy and Shanti reach Biji's house they find Kesar missing.

Abhi takes Rudra to a hospital and informs the family about it. Everyone is in the hospital and the police enter.

There is a sudden entry of Kesar in the court and everyone is shocked. She reveals that Abhi was trying to save her and he did not have any bad intentions. In the meantime even Rudra takes his case back. After the court session the two families (Mallya's and Parmeet's family) come out and the differences are shown.

Rudra tries to talk his heart out but Parmeet takes Kesar away. Rudra goes to Abhi and hugs him and says sorry for what he did. Abhi forgives him. Natasha leaves with Vikram after coming out of the court. Pam sees this and becomes suspicious. Kesar after coming from the court is sitting at her house and thinking about her good days with Rudra. Seeing Kesar sad Teji tells her to do what her heart says where Kesar reveals that she thinks Rudra has changed. Saroj understands Rudra's plight of Kesar not being around. Binita realises she can't hide her pregnancy any more. Abhi makes Kesar meet Natasha in a restaurant.

Both of them are feeling good about meeting each other. Natasha takes a step to improve Rudra and Kesar's relationship. She comes back from the restaurant. Everyone in Kesar's family is sitting and Parmeet takes a decision of Kesar's divorce. The Mallyas are planning for havan .on the other side. Parmeet is trying to get Kesar's divorce dates fixed with a lawyer. Kesar disagrees to it and leaves the house where Parmeet tells her that he is not there for her anymore and finally she joins Rudra for the havan.

Puja is going on in the Mallya house and everybody is very happy with Kesar's presence. Parmeet is worried about Kesar and is wondering about what is happening in the Mallya house. Natasha and Kesar are preparing for Mannu and Pam's marriage anniversary. Soumya is jealous to see that Binita and Shammi reach the Mallaya house and Binita faints. The doctor reaches and checks her and says that she is pregnant.

Vikram calls Natasha and she cuts his call. Natasha gets a call from Vikram blackmailing her. This call is intercepted by Kesar who immediately informs Abhi of the situation. Binita tells Rudra that her's were not empty threats and that she will soon expose him. His time is over as far as she is concerned. Rudra wants to tell Kesar something very important but she is in a hurry and rushes out to shadow Natasha.

Vikram tries to blackmail Natasha again. Natasha declares that she has been trapped and then she then spots Kesar and reveals all. Kesar and Abhi device a plan and Pam wonders why they are celebrating their anniversary since there is no togetherness whereas Mannu says they are just celebrating the fact that they have overcome everything bad. Rudra is tense about Kesar's whereabouts. Dadaji is asking Kesar to invite her parents for the party but she refuses. Natasha is requesting Dadaji to forgive her mistakes. The party begins and everybody is enjoying where Natasha is singing a song for everyone.

She tells him that she is there only for the family and not for Rudra. Abhi is in deep anguish. He goes to meet Rudra where he finds out that the accident was another ploy of Rudra to get Kesar back. Rudra tells him that he will need his help. Abhi is shocked yet again.

Abhi is on his way back when he gets a call from his manager who tells him that if he does not pay his last installment, the house he will buy will be a lose.

Abhi is dejected. Meanwhile, Shammi takes Vikram's help in his work when Pam comes and tells him that his immediate boss will be either her or Rudra. Vikram has an evil thought in his mind that in a span of 48 hours, things will change for the better.

Abhi reaches home where he and his mother talk about their dreams and Abhi feels guilty about whether he has managed to fulfil them in the right manner or not.

Kesar helps Rudra with his exercises when Happy tells Kesar that Dada has called her. They discuss Rudra's birthday plans that she will sign some important merger papers tomorrow.

Rudra overhears this and decides that something needs to be done. He calls up Abhi saying that if he comes over right now he will make lots of money. Abhi feels guilty and he thinks to himself that he should tell Kesar the truth about Rudra.

He meets Kesar but Kesar slaps him and says that she does not wish to talk to him ever again. Abhi is upset and decides that his duty towards her as a friend is over and now his duty to Rudra needs to be done.

Rudra tells Abhi that he wants the property papers to be signed by Kesar without her knowing and hands him the papers and lots of money in a briefcase. Kesar sees Abhi taking the money and the papers and she is shocked.

Kesar has seen Abhi taking the money and the papers from Rudra and she is shocked but she does not know exactly what will happen. Kesar is upset with all that is happening to her.

Abhi is on his way out where he bumps into Vikram and the briefcase opens. Vikram sees the money and the papers. Abhi goes to his new house and thinks that soon this will be his own house but then he remembers all that happened.

He is torn between an obligation to both of them. He thinks that he should do what he has been asked to do. The Mallya family gets ready for Rudra's birthday. An aarti takes place and Rudra does the aarti along with Kesar but Kesar does not complete the aarti.

Meanwhile, Abhi manages to put the papers given to him by Rudra into some other files which he tells the manager to keep in Pam's office. The Punjabi family is excited about Rudra's birthday.

Shammi searches for a file. vikram tells him that the papers are in Pam's office. He goes to Pam's office and picks up a file without seeing what's in it.

Happy gets the decorations ready for the birthday party. The manager tells Pam that he has kept the files in the office. She sees that the file isn't there and asks the receptionist if anyone had come.

She tells her that Shammi had come. Pam yells at Shammi. Shammi tries to explain that he had mistaken it to be his file. He returns the file to her. Pam wonders whether Vikram who was there had figured out anything.

Vikram looks innocent. He calls Reema Sood and says that everything is ready for a strike. Reema Sood is happy. Shammi and Binita get ready for Rudra's birthday but as he was busy in office, he did not buy a gift. Binita tells him not to worry as she has a special gift for Rudra. Shammi asks what it is but she keeps it a mystery.

Binita smiles to herself and tells Shammi that she has a bought a gift for Rudra and tells him to get ready. Everyone celebrates the birthday. Saroj dadi and Dharam dada are happy, as this is the first birthday since Kesar joined them. They take Kesar to the table to sign the papers.

As she is about to sign the paper, Vikram goes behind her and intentionally throws water on the papers making it look like an accident. Pam and Rudra are frustrated as Dharam dada says that now it has become inauspicious and that they will sign the papers later.

Vikram taunts Pam and she realises that Vikram was behind all of this. Vikram tells Reema Sood about what happened. Reema Sood is happy and she tells him that she is on her way to Abhi's house.

The party is on full swing. Pam tells Rudra that Vikram is the reason their plan failed and Rudra is frustrated. Abhi goes home and asks the servant where his mother is.

The servant tells him that Reema Sood had come and after that his mother has lost her patience. He goes to her room where she shows him a bag full of money and says that she is disappointed with him and that she has failed as a mother.

Abhi is speechless. She is angry and scolds him when suddenly she clutches her chest in pain and is unconscious. Abhi is worried and takes her to the hospital. While he waits for the doctor to tell him about his mother's condition, he promises God that from now on he will never do anything wrong.

The doctor tells him that she has suffered a heart attack and that now she is out of danger but in future she must not have any stress at all.

Abhi decides to return the money to Rudra. The party goes on full swing. Neha introduces Moksh to Dada and Dadi. She also introduces him to her sisters.

Teji notices Kesar's strange behaviour while she is made to dance with Rudra. Celebrations are over and everyone leaves. Shammi says he will drop his family. Binita goes upstairs after giving Rudra a look asking him to follow her.

Just then Abhi comes and returns the bag of money to Rudra saying that he should not ask why but from now on he will not do anything wrong and he leaves.

Rudra is flustered. Vikram sees all this and tell Reema Sood that the plan is successful. Meanwhile, Binita messages Rudra saying that she is waiting for him.

Rudra quietly slips away to his room which has been decorated with candles and Binita is waiting for him there. The Punjabi family leave and Dharam dada asks where Rudra is and sends Happy looking for him.

Happy reaches Rudra's room where he sees Rudra abd Binita dancing very close to each other. He is shocked. He decides to save Kesar's household. The party is almost over and Kesar says she will go to her room.

Happy is very upset and stops her from going to her room. Rudra later meets Kesar in their room and he tries to convince Kesar yet again but fails. Meanwhile, Abhi meets his mom in the hospital and promises that he will never do anything wrong and will do everything in his power to help Kesar. Pam and Rudra are furious with Vikram about how he foiled their plans and Rudra decides that he will have to use Shammi as bait to trap Vikram.

Dharam and a few family members go to a mazaar as Rudra is on his way to recovery. Shammi is in charge of the new prestigious contract and he is nervous.

Vikram overhears Pam has said and tells Reema Sood the quotation they have quoted for the contract. Pam overhears the conversation between Vikram and Reema Sood.

Rudra tries to convince Kesar yet again while she asks him to tie a bandage on his leg as he limps but Kesar is immovable. He follows her to the stairs and she is about to slip when Rudra runs and saves her.

Kesar asks him that if he could not even walk, how could he run and save her? Rudra is helpless and caught in his own trap. Kesar is now very furious.

Shammi comes and tells them he had had a hectic day at office and just as he is about to leave, the police enters in saying that they have a warrant in Shammi's name for giving private information to someone.

They search his room and find a briefcase full of money matching the same series of numbers. All are shocked as the police take away Shammi. Both Rudra and Kesar are worried about Shammi's arrest. Rudra very genuinely is concerned and tells her not to be worried as he will do everything to free Shammi but Kesar tells him that it's not his problem.

She goes to the police station to try and free Shammi. However she fails to do so and as she walks back dejected she prays to God. Abhi gets a call from his manager who tells him that since he has not managed to pay the last installments he cannot own the house.

Abhi requests the manager to give him some more time. He thinks how to raise Rs 2 Lakh in such short notice. He calls up a person and asks him to lend him the money but that person says that he will give him the money only if Rudra gives the guarantee. Abhi is helpless.

A dejected Kesar comes back and Rudra tells her that now he will ensure that Shammi is freed. They both leave to go to the police station. Meanwhile, Reema Sood is informed that the contract went to them and not the Mallya.

Both Reema and Vikram are happy as they defeat Pam Mallya for the first time and it's because of Reema and Vikram that Shammi is in jail. Rudra and Kesar go to jail and bail out Shammi.

They sit in the car and Rudra asks Kesar where he should take her - his house or her house and she says their house. While they're returning they meet Dharam dada and Saroj dadi and Somya who asks them where they had gone.

Vikram tells them that they had gone for a stroll. Vikram meets Pam Mallya on the stairs and tells her that she has lost the contract. Pam is shocked and he tells her she must be surprised to see that instead of him being in jail it is Shammi. Pam is furious.

Abhi comes to meet Dharam dada and Saroj dadi who scold him for leaving Rudra's birthday party midway. He tells them that his mother had a heart attack. All are shocked and express their concern.

Pam is furious with Rudra and she asks where Abhi was during all this. Rudra tells her that Abhi no longer wants to do things that may hurt anyone. She says that from now Rudra will have to do exactly as she says.

Pam thinks that before they make a move they have to get rid of Vikram. Kesar goes to meet Amma. Abhi excuses himself and leaves. Amma apologises on behalf of Abhi for all his doings. The phone rings and Kesar picks up the phone and finds out that Abhi has to pay the last installment or else the house will be sold.

Amma asks her why she is looking so distraught. Kesar tells her. Amma is sad but she says she is happy in the small house that is built with money earned rightly.

Kesar is sad because of what Amma is going through. Kesar meets Abhi outside his house and asks for forgiveness for not understanding him. Abhi also asks her for forgiveness for being a silent spectator.

Abhi goes to drop her home where their bond strengthens. Meanwhile, Vikram manages to take Shammi into his confidence. Dharam dada calls for a meeting with the entire family where he announces that from now on Kesar will handle the business.

Pam obviously does not like it but supports Dharam dada's decision. Kesar reluctantly agrees. Reema Sood now wants to defeat Pam at any cost and has a new plan in mind.

Vikram goes to Dharam dada to get some papers signed and tells him to send the signed paper through Shammi. As Vikram leaves we see that he has recorded the entire conversation and he smiles. Rudra is sitting in his room fiddling with his engagement ring where he is getting flashes of the times Kesar nursed him to health and when she said that they would be like strangers. As he is thinking his ring falls and is picked up by Happy and they have a chat about relationships.

Happy leaves and Rudra calls up Kesar in her office but is unable to say anything. Kesar knows it's Rudra. Abhi enters her office and they have a chat about how she is feeling in this office. Abhi supports her and he leaves when he gets a call from security. Vikram sees Abhi with Kesar and calls up someone. Vikram gives the file that he had left for Dadaji and gives it to Shammi saying that they are very important papers that need to be signed by Kesar. Abhi goes to the parking and finds his car safe and wonders why the security called him.

Shammi goes to Kesar to sign the papers. Kesar says that she will first read the papers and only then sign. As she is about to read, Dharam dada calls telling that she should sign the papers he sent through Shammi. We see that Vikram is his cabin holding the recorder in his hand. Pam sees him and wonders what he is up to. Kesar signs the papers and gives the file back to Shammi. Abhi meets Shammi as he leaves the room.

Vikram open the file and looks very happy on seeing Kesar's sign on it. He calls up Reema Sood and tells her that today is a big day as now 30% of Mallya share is in Vikram Mallya's name. Reema Sood is very happy, as she feels triumphant that soon Mallya industries will be under her control. Rudra meets Abhi in his room and asks him where he was for the last few days. Abhi says that there has been a significant change in his life.

Abhi asks him why he called him there. Rudra is surprised and says that he has not called him. As Abhi leaves he wonders why the receptionist said that Rudra had called him. He meets Binita who is on her way to meet Rudra. She tries to be romantic with him but Rudra does not like it so he gently pushes her away. As he leaves for his check up Binita thinks to herself that she will not let go of him so easily. Abhi returns to the office and asks kesar what she did while he was away.

She says that she signed some papers that Shammi had brought in which Dharam dada had asked her to sign. Abhi asks what papers they were and just then Shammi comes in and tells Abhi they were some papers for the Insurance of their employees that Vikram had asked him to get signed by Kesar. Just then Dharam dada calls Kesar to ask how she is doing. She tells him that she has signed the papers he called to tell her to sign. Dharam dad is confused and says that he has not called earlier. All are shocked.

Abhi finds out that Vikram has left the office. He asks Kesar to call Vikram as Neha. They find out that he is on his way to Reema Sood's house. They are all shocked. Abhi and Kesar rush to go to Reema Sood's House. They reach there to find Vikram talking to Reema over the phone and telling her that now 30% of Mallya shares are in his name and that he is waiting for her at her house to sell them to her. Kesar and Abhi are shocked and Kesar blames her self.

Abhi has an idea and makes a few calls. Vikram who is waiting gets call from businessmen asking him whether 30% of Mallya shares are open for sale. Mr. Parekh, a businessman offers him double the price Reema Sood is giving him. He thinks and he decides to go there. He reaches Mr. Parekh's office with Abhi and Kesar following him.

He tells Mr. Parekh that once he gives him the money the shares are his. Mr. Parekh smiles and says that first he must meet his friend who we see sitting on a chair. The chair turns and Vikram is shocked to see Dharam dada sitting there. Vikram is shocked to see Dharam dada there. He is caught red handed with Pam coming with the Dictaphone on which he had recorded Dharam dada's voice by which he fooled Kesar.

Dharam dada is furious and yells at him for deceiving his own family and slaps him. Back in the Mallya house Vikram asks for forgiveness from Saroj Dadi. Saroj dadi looks at Dharam dada who says enough is enough. If Vikram wanted money all he had to do was ask but deceiving the family and taking money is intolerable and says that his punishment that he is no longer a part of the family. All are shocked. Saroj dadi says at least think about his family.

Somya bursts out that now they will no longer be attached to him. All are even more shocked. She says until now she has been a dutiful wife who has been quiet while he was up to his tricks. She was quiet even when because of Vikram Shammi went to jail. Dharam dada asks what Shammi went to Jail. Somya tell him how Vikram told Reema Sood the quotation and how she got the contract and Shammi went to jail for this. Shammi is shocked.

Vikram is angry and Dharam dada is furious and tells Vikram to leave immediately. He leaves while Saroj dadi comforts Somya. He is walking dejected on the road when Reema Sood comes up and taunts him but tells him even though he tried to cheat her he can come stay with her as no one will give him shelter at this juncture.

The family is discussing Vikram and his deceit. Dharam dada asks Kesar why they were not told about Shammi's arrest. He also comforts Somya who is crying and runs to her room. All are feeling bad for her. Rudra is in his room when Kesar comes and tells him that everyone is waiting for him for dinner. An awkward yet close moment between Rudra and Kesar where Rudra feels genuinely guilty and says that he is sorry for faking his own accident.

Kesar does not now what to say. Binita overhears this and thinks to herself that Rudra and kesar are coming close to each other and that is not good for her and thinks that Rudra faking his own accident will work to her own advantage. All are the dining table when Rudra comes limping. Manu asks how he is feeling and Tells kesar to take Rudra to the doctor. Dharam dada tells all that he, Saroj dadi and Kuljeet are going to Indore.

Binita asks Somya how she could go against her own husband. Somya tells her that this was a part of her plan that by going against her husband she has gained the trust and respect of the family and how she will take revenge from inside the house. Binita praises her for her intelligence. Binita tries to be romantic with Rudra but he gets irritated. He tries to cover his irritation. Binita tells him to spend tomorrow's evening with her.

He tells her no as he has an appointment with doctor. She tell him that he knows that his accident is a fake and that if he does not spend the evening with her she will tell the entire family about his lie. Rudra is flustered and helpless. In a conference Mallya get a big shipping contract. Kesar is getting bored but Abhi comforts her and announces 2 things, which he says, are Kesar's ideas, which are loved by the executives.

Teji meets Somya who invites her to a charity program for the urchins at the club. Rudra and Binita are also at the charity party. Kesar calls him up and asks him where he is as she has to take him to the doctor. Rudra tell her he is at the charity party. She says ok tell me when and where to meet you. Kesar tells Abhi that something has changed earlier if Rudra would tell her he is at a party she would feel restless but now she feels nothing. Teji call her up and tells her she is going to the club for the charity party.

Kesar suddenly realizes that Rudra is also there and if he is behaving normal and Teji will find out. She rushes there. Rudra meets a friend of him who asks him for a game of squash and they to the court for the game along with Binita. Meanwhile Somya tells Teji that she must see the entire club especially the squash court.

A Mrs Puri takes Teji around the Club. Kesar rushes to the club and starts to look for Rudra who is playing an intense match between him and his friend. Teji and Mrs. Puri are walking towards the court. They are abvout to catch Rudra playing squash. Teji and Mrs. Puri are about to catch Rudra but Kesar comes in and takes them away. Teji wonders why she is there as she said she was busy at work. Kesar says nothing just felt like coming.

She tries to take her mother away from the club but Mrs. Malhotra involves Kesar into talking. Teji says she will say bye to Somya and goes to look for her. Kesar looks worried. Searching for Somya Teji sees Rudra playing and jumping up and down when he wins. Teji is shocked about how Rudra is fine when he is supposed to have a ligament fracture. She wonders if Kesar knows. She asks Kesar about Rudra and Kesar lies as to where he.

Teji figures that Kesar knows that Rudra is lying and confronts her. Kesar breaks down and tells her everything. Teji is very angry as to why kesar did not tell them earlier. She says enough this drama will not go on. And she takes kesar to her house. Teji and Parmeet bring Kesar to Mallya house and tell her to pack her bags. The Mallya family is shocked as to what is happening. Teji tells them what she has seen and heard from Kesar and demands for an explanation from them. They are completely shocked and deny it.

Teji says ok don't believe me but ask Abhi who knows everything. Abhi tells them what Teji says is true. They still do not believe him and that when Kesar says that everything is true. Kesar just then gets a call from Rudra, Manu listens to the conversation and tells Abhi to bring Rudra in. once Rudra comes his entire lie is caught, Pam slaps him.

Manu is very angry and they all demand as to why he would stoop to such levels. Kesar is about to leave when Rudra tells them genuinely that he is very sorry and that she should not leave, but Teji and Parmeet take her away.

As she goes away Rudra falls to the ground crying. All leave one by one. Parmeet and Teji bring Kesar back to their house. All her family members support her. Pam tries to talk to Rudra but Rudra is now very angry with her. He tells Pam that he has actually fallen in love with Kesar. Meanwhile Binita is upset with Shammi for taking her away from the Mallya family and tells Shammi why they had to leave just because there was some personal problem between Kesar and Rudra. Shammi gets very angry and tell her that never again should she say this.

Binita is shocked with this attitude of Shammi and thinks that Shammi is not that stupid as she thought him to be. Pam and Manu are discussing about Rudra's lie. Teji and Parmeet are also discussing about Rudra's lie and both parents decide to wait for Kuljeet, Dharam dada and Saroj dadi to return. At breakfast all are silent as Rudra comes. Manu is not talking to him. Binita tells Vidya that there was no husband wife relation between Kesar and Rudra. Vidya is shocked.

Somya meets Vikram in a restaurant and Vikram is angry with Somya for not defending him but then Somya tells him her game plan and updates him on what is happening in Mallya house. Rudra is really missing Kesar and remember all those times with Kesar. Vidya questions kesar about her relation with Rudra and Kesar is caught unaware and does not know what to say. Mallya family is worried as to where is Rudra is.

Shaina tries to find Rudra by calling all his friends. Meanwhile outside Parmeet's house a car stops. He comes out and rings the bell. Kesar opens the door and Abhi is standing there. Kesar opens the door to find Abhi there. He tells them that his Amma had sent him there saying that she might be alone. They have a chat about Rudra and him changing. Meanwhile all in the Mallyas family are worried as to where Rudra is.

In desperation they call Abhi to tell him to find Rudra. Abhi and Kesar both go looking for Rudra after Teji gives kesar her permission to go. Meanwhile Rudra is sitting on a rock in a beach feeling very lonely. Abhi and Kesar are wondering where Rudra could have gone. They finally spot him on the beach sitting on a rock with the high tide coming in. Both start shouting but Rudra does not here. Abhi goes running to save him as Rudra disappears under water. Kesar also goes to him. Finally Abhi manages to get Rudra in safely with the help of some fishermen. They revive him and Kesar asks him why he is doing this to her as she thinks this is another way to make her to back home.

Vikram tells Reema Sood about Kesar leaving the house and Reema thinks that they should exploit this situation. Manu talks to Rudra and forgives him for his mistakes, which is overheard by Pam who thinks that her plan of getting the property back from successful is spoiled by this. Kesar along with Vidya and her two children go to a mall where a music channel is taking some live show thing.

Someone is following them. Vidya takes the children to a game shop leaving Kesar to pay the bills. As Kesar starts to come down the escalator we see a pair of gloved hands increase the speed of the escalator. Kesar loses balance and she is in danger. Kesar loses her balance as the escalator increases the pace. All are shocked.

At that moment the VJ there called Rishi Sanyal comes and saves her. All congratulate him for saving her life. This VJ tells her this was no accident but a deliberate plan to kill her as they have caught the guy in black following her. Pam calls Abhi to her office and tries to put him in his place by telling him that he should do as he is told and not more. He also tells Pam that he might be working for her but she has not bought his soul.

Pam furious. Vidya and Kesar return from the shopping mall and Vidya tells the entire incident to Parmeet and Teji. They both are worried. All congratulate Rishi on his footage at the shopping mall. His boss asks him to invite Kesar for their party. Rishi comes to Kesar's house to invite her and meets the entire family. Parmeet tells Binita also to go.

Binita convinces Rudra to go the same party. Meanwhile, Somya goes to Parmeet's house where she tells them that Rudra married Kesar for her property. Kesar goes to the party. It's a masquerade party. All are enjoying themselves there.

Rishi dances with Kesar and Binita with Rudra. Binita tries to make Rudra jealous by telling how Rishi dances with Kesar. Rudra tries to talk to Kesar but Kesar does not want to and goes to the terrace there that is partitioned by a huge glass sliding door.

She has taken off her mask. Someone who weares the same mask as Rudra tries to suffocate Kesar. Meanwhile, Parmeet comes to the party. Rishi and Rudra search for Kesar. The masked man sees them and leaves.

Binita sends Rudra to the terrace saying that Kesar might be there. Rudra goes there just as Parmeet and Rishi come there. Kesar still struggles with the bag over her face. Parmeet rushes to save Kesar and Rishi takes off Rudra's mask.

Parmeet thinks that Rudra is the one who is trying to kill Kesar. He slaps Rudra and creates a big scene where the press and reporters are present. Meanwhile, Teji and Vidya are worried about Parmeet and Kesar.

Parmeet takes Kesar to the police station to file a complaint that Rudra tries to kill Kesar. The reporters get all this information. Parmeet takes Kesar home where he scolds Binita for not taking care of Kesar. Binita tells the entire family that Kesar and Rudra did not have a good relation.

Natasha says that she is not Mannu's daughter and gives an explanation and walks out of the party. She is followed by Abhi, Kesar, Mannu and Pam. Vikram and Soumya are upset since their plan flopped. Mannu catches up with Natasha and tells her that she has done the biggest sacrifice to save him publicly.

She had lied and how she misunderstood her. Pam also apologises and allow her to call her mom. Shammi tells Teji Vidya that Binita is pregnant. They are very happy and rejoice and decide to keep a jaagran for the happy occasion. Rudra is tense about how to reveal the truth about Binita and his relationship in front of Kesar.

Teji comes to the Mallya house and invites everyone for the jaagran except Rudra. Kesar refuses to go for the jaagran as her husband is not invited. Rudra tries to confess to Kesar about Binita's chapter when her phone rings. It's Abhi who informs her that Natasha is leaving. Saroj accepts Natasha as her granddaughter and gives her a family heirloom. Natasha gives Kesar and Rudra a holiday package as a gift.

The ticket is for next day. Saroj realizes that they need to spend time together and she leaves with Abhi. Shammi goes to get Parmeet's report and the lab assistant realizing that Binita's report is ready too she hands it to him telling him that Binita needs to come for the next sonography as she is three months pregnant.  



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