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Who is the bigger Psycho : Varsha or Archu (Page 9)

Nisha_90 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 October 2008
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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Heyyy Everyone Hug
dose whoever forgot me i'm NishaEmbarrassed
hope everyone remembered me...

every1 whoever watching PR a hugeee round of applause frm my side cos i'm nt watching it lolll all thnx to my hostel rules..but i missed u all guys...

i dunno even a bit also wats happening in PR as my mum also nt watching it...but i miss Seeing my My Manav :((( but in FB i used to watch his pics..mustt say became even moreee handsomee but miss his old look for which i used to be fidaaa(dewy listening?)
other dan dat no regrets of nt watching dis crap lolll

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shootingstar27 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 April 2010
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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 3:05am | IP Logged
@Bonne : Wonderful postClap Clap Absolutely agree with your POVThumbs Up. Divorce is not the solution.Marriages are supposed to be stronger than this.I'm glad the CVs have changed it to Archu saying she is going to bring Soham and stay with Varsha to make Varsha realise she is Soham's mother not Varsha rather than talking about giving up her son. As a husband, Manav should make Archu realise that her approach is wrong and guide her.Be firm with his decision but make her see the light too.Archu is clearly deluded and she needs Manav not to turn his back on her.  

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lunza IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
niissshhhaaa !!! heyyy !!!! howz u ? howz hostel ? how are ur roomies ? ... 
suan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 September 2010
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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Hi Kools!!!!!!!!! HugHugHugHug
Missed you being here with us so much. Couldn't wait to read your post before saying hello!!!
Will give my thoughts after reading your thread!
Great to see you here today!!!

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Swati_ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 June 2010
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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 7:03am | IP Logged
hi KD Hug
Had a big smile on my face when i read your name on the first page Big smile
Gosh ...Missed your post like hell ...ata please ekdum gayab noako hous  Stern Smile
Hm...Pr is a mess thses days . I cant even stop watching this serisl as my grandparents still watch this crap D'oh Each day i decide not to watch it but the moment i hear "PAVITRA RISHTA " i go to the living room Ouch But still i have managed to skip some episodes few days back because of my exams Smile 
Hm...Di i believe Sulo's sanskars turn a person psycotic LOL 
I am absolutely not liking Archana these days Dead If Manav too becomes weak no matter what i will stop watching this serial completely Dead
Varsha is pathetic one from the bunch of K's Dead Her expressions are very scary Ouch
But Priya is doing a fab job Smile
I hope Soham gets to stay with Arman *fingers crossed*Big smile

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suan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 September 2010
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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 7:24am | IP Logged
What an amazing, thought provoking thread!
This is why we need your views in the forum. You are one of those members who provide us with lots to discuss, from a different perspective, which in turn brings out the best in others who may have a different take on the issue.
I agree with what you said. Archana needs to learn a lesson from her actions. She has to somehow be made to realise that her husband and children are her first priority in life. Wanting to help others (like Varsha), must be done after making appropriate arrangements for your immediate family, and them still being the focus of your attention. Archana has to realise that parents have a responsibility to their child(ren), which comes before everyone and everything else. Both parents have rights over their children, not just the mother!!!
I liked Aashna's response re telling Manav that Soham is his and Archana'a child, therefore they alone must decide what to do about the Varsha situation. I didn't like her saying Archana was also right in how she felt that Varsha should be helped, i.e. by taking Soham to spend some time with her. No way is Archana right in this matter, at all!!!
Re Vandu and Savita, I think Vandu should tell Manav before Savita, because Savita's mind is so poisoned against Archana, that even if she were to believe Vandu, she mighn't do anything now, wanting to bring Archana to her knees first!!!  It is imperative that Manav (also Vandu), know what their mother has been doing and how she feels about Archana, or Manav and his sons will lose big time.
I agree with your suggestion about Sulochana staying with Bhavna to help with Varsha. Varsha should have been in a mental hospital already! Send her now! Sulochana can still stay there and therefore be able to give support to Satish, Bhavna and Varsha. That daughter is the one with a problem now. Sulochana is the mother. It's high time she fulfills this role instead of passing it on to Archana as she has done for years. Leave Archana free to be the wife and mother she needs to be, for HER family, for a change.

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bips IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 April 2005
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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
I hate these "child gifting" tracks ...

... i never see the sense in this ... if you cannot have your own child then adopt! ... Why do you need the child to be gifted by your sis/bro/nanad/bhabhi etc etc ...

... You want a child ... You cannot have one of your own flesh and blood ... then how does it make a difference that the child is of someone you know or an innocent child left in an orphanage desperate for some love

Anyways, Varsha is not fit to be raising ANY child

... And archana, ... did anyone notice how she pouted and made a sulky face when manav shut her up ... as if he was the unreasonable one ... she looked like someone had stolen her favourite lollipop ...

And that is why, i almost always like the villains in a serial rather than the "mahaan" leads ... their martyr complex gives me a headache ... except in this serial, even the villains are tuchcha ... the horribly loud manju, the stupid dharmesh, the inconsistent ajit...

Give us smart, sexy, devious villains ... jaywant was good!

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2007
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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged
But my question is whether divorce is the only punishment? Divorce would close all outlets for any kind repentance from Archana. Even Indian law give criminals a chance to repent, so wouldn't divorce be like capital punishment for her which would close all doors for her to be penitent. 

Archana needs to feel guilty and has to be made to feel that she is wrong and only one person can do this and that is Manav. Archana needs to be punished as a mother not as a wife. 

But my dear you are totally missing the point . This is NOT about Archana , it is about SOHAM . A very important individual who is currently defenceless and dependent on adults for safety .  Punishing Archana is secondary , safeguarding Soham is primary . The person supposed to look out for him is his mother and his father . The mother is adamant that he should be handed over to a psychotic , pagal woman as she has blind love for her sibling . The father, more in his senses , OBJECTS . Who has TIME to sit and make Archana guilty etc etc painstakingly when the LIFE or SAFETY of a child is at stake ? How do you ropose Manav will do that , by giving up his job ? What should he do , sit at home and talk for endless hours to her ? Does he have TIME to do this ? What should he do , how long should he stop eating her food and stop sharing bed [ the only ways of getting msg across]  till it sinks in her head that it is WRONG to give a psychotic woman ANY child ? Two months ? Three ? Six ? How long ? And in between this , what if Soham is injured ? Varsha had kept him like a captive in a flat  with an UNKNOWN woman ...see the extent of her psychosis ! Manju's maid ABSCONDED with her money and jewellery , what if this lady had ABSCONDED with Soham and sold him off to some gang or childless couple ? Would Manav EVER get his son back then ? Does ANYONE have the answer as to WHEN it will sink in Archana's head that giving up a child to a psychotic woman is WRONG and CRIMINAL ? Should Manav spent months taking painstaking efforts to sink it in her head or should he take IMMEDIATE steps to safeguard HIS child since Archana KEEPS SAYING ITS U WHO R NOT UNDERSTANDING MANAV ? What part of Manav's objection has not been understood by her ? Has she MISSED the firmness of his tone or the seriousness in it ? She has been married for 6 years to him , right ? Claims to know him as a soulmate ! Isn't it abundantly clear by now that she DOES NOT CARE for it ? Is that proved ONLY when she hands baby to Varsha ? Is this in itself not shocking enough that a man should take serious offense with his spouse ? 

Making Archana guilty over a period of time etc can come later , Manav needs to cut ALL the roots of any avenue of Soham ever going to Varsha . Let Archana and Sulochana get the FIRM message and not even DARE THINK in that direction . There r crimes and then there r crimes ...Hiding about Sulochana being safe in old age home was a mild domestic issue that Manav could have handled in the way you suggest making Archana guilty by giving her the silent treatment . But when CHILD is involved , oh boy NO .  

On what basis should he sit and wait for the day to come when Archana actually takes the child and gives it to Varsha ? Why ? Is not Archana capable of HIDING things from him and doing them sneakily behind his back ? Of course YES . She had hidden Sulo till he went to the point of making himself an ass on the television by advertising for her . She had HIDDEN Vaishu's bigamist husband's secrets from her parents for months although it was a SERIOUS issue and NOT HER PLACE to do so . Is not Archana capable of LYING and HIDING and DOING what SHE FEELS IS CORRECT ? The answer is YES , YES and YES .

His work is getting affected for the umpteenth time due to Archana and her K dramas . He was YELLING at a colleague , his bosses r noticing him AGAIN .Last time it was SULO missing and Archana barging in his office that screwed his job . A man needs a break or not , exactly how many times should he tolerate this ? Now what should he do , leave his bread butter job and sit and try to make Archana understand her folly ? Why , are the times he talked till now not enough ? How unfair is this on a man ? Why should females like Varsha and Archana be pampered to this extent and not be kicked out , gimme one good reason please ? Each time they make a fresh mess and each time the children r affected and the men r supposed to sit and make them see sense , why ???? Clearly they r women who do NOT value marraige or children , both . Archana had given up her marraige for mahaanta , then her children were pledged away to Varsha without Manavs knowledge , now she wants to give up her child even after sensing his anger , and tomorrow if Varsha demands Manav himself she will agree EVEN to that , she is THAT foolish . Someone asked this question in a joke , but it is TRUE . What she needs to know very very badly is that she is NOT IN CHARGE ALONE where the children r concerned . And she needs to know it ASAP . I would like to see her reaction when Manav icily tells her , be prepared for the DIVORCE papers if u even THINK of this AGAIN . 

Indian law gives chance by evaluating the nature of the crimes . Not for ALL crimes . Some crimes r horrific . There no chances r given , infact people r reprimanded sharply by judges for not preventing them by showing adequate social responsibility .

Archana the wife and Archana the mother CANNOT be segregated in THIS particular issue . You see , the moment Archana the mother decides to give HER kid to her psychotic sister , She goes away from Manav's heart even as a WIFE . As not once did she think of what HE feels about this issue and that its not fair to HIM . If my husband informed me that he is giving up our daughter to his psychotic sister or brother , things would NEVER be the same between us EVER again . Even if I suceeded in preventing it , he would go from my heart forever . I cannot forgive anyone who was a potential danger to my kid , least of all a spouse who is supposed to PROTECT it not endanger it . This is not about ego , hurt etc etc , its simply the PRINCIPLE of a marrage . I have no rights to give HIS kids to anyone just coz I feel so , nor does HE have the right to do it without my consent . They r OUR kids . If he judges me as an individual for even THINKING that way even if I do not actually do that act , and if that remains with him for LIFE and he does not forgive me fo it ever but remains disgusted with me as a spouse till his death bed , I wud not blame him .

Is divorce the only solution ? In some cases YES .  When child is endangered , YES . When domestic abuse is there , YES . That fool Vandu is not seeing that her daughter is being brought up in a very abusive atmosphere when she daily sees her drunken father hitting her mother in front of her little eyes . She has made it ALL about HERSELF and AJIt and how much SHE can endure as a Sati Savitri . What about the child , does Vandu know the psychological implications of her act of subjecting her to this daily horror ? She has a job yet she refuses to walk out of abuse . Same way , Archana , who is perfectly capable of hiding and sneakily taking Soham to Varsha ...lets not forget how she decided to GIVE her child WITHOUT asking Manav in first trmester , That Archana needs to be handled VERY STRICTLY . She needs to know that its NOT about HER all the time . This time its about SOHAM .

Trust me bonne , we r married ladies , senior ones who talked of divorce in this scenario . Who would not know the value of this institution of marraige but us ? We r the ones who believe in looking at the larger picture and  plodding on . The larger picture is always the children , always . But when they themselves r put in peril , YES , divorce is to be considered .  Vandu needs to divorce , for instance . And Archana needs to at least get the threat of divorce . If she listens after that and Manav decides to forgive her , upto him . But for many , things wud never be the same again . Even if she decides to dump her ghar sansaar and go to look after Varsha and Manav takes offense I wud not blame him , he is fully within his right to take offense .Varsha does not need Archana , Soham and Sachu do . Varsha has hubby , saas , her mother and perhaps excellent psychiatrists to look after her .

So I would disagree with your statement that divorce is not the only solution as to me at this point in my life , it would sound like the statement that is typically idealistic and ok in THEORY ...but never work in real life if such a situation arises . 

That said ...Thanks for the warm welcome .Hug

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