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Who is the bigger Psycho : Varsha or Archu

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Hi Guys , long time no see . I dropped this serial but got many pms requesting me to see this phase and give my opinion on it as once I was a regular part of this forum , my views were missed . So I saw it and before giving any views am asking 2 questions

Let us ALL assume we r married women . [ Yes , even those who r unmarried .} Our husband , without asking us , straightaway decides to give our child to his psychotic brother . What would be our reaction ?

Let us assume we are  married MEN . Our wife  gives up our child to her psychotic sister and declares firmly I am giving it to her for ADOPTION . We lose ALL right on it . I am gonna leave you and live with our child near my psychotic sister . 

The answer  to the first question from MY end is , I would leave my husband FOREVER and live with my child in a SAFE PLACE , putting a restraining order on him to even come near it as he has intentions of handing it over to a psychotic woman .

The answer to the second question is ...I would dump my wife FOREVER by filing for divorce ...and fight her in court so that she does not get that child even for ONE DAY as she may use it to give it to psychotic sister .

I am NOT telling all the acidulated barbs that I would give the wife or the husband for even THINKING of endangering my baby .

So Why are CVS deciding such a mild punishment for Archana like not eating her food or sleeping seperately etc ? Honestly , if a spouse decides to give a child away WHETHER hubby likes it or not , is the matter so trivial that such a mild reaction is shown as if it is an EVERYDAY NOK JHOK of ATI PATNI in the house ?

Last time divorce was shown when there was no necessity .Why is it not shown NOW when indeed there is necessity ?

Varsha is so psychotic , she has thrown and hit Archana with a glass paper weight , tried to strangle her , today tried to KILL her mother in law . Is she is ANY condition to have ANY baby ? Forget Soham , even if she had her OWN baby it should have been taken away from her and Archana wants to give a baby to HER ??? HUH ????

Does Archana realize that Varsha in her psychosis may endanger any kid playing with Soham if he merely takes away a toy from soham or the kids mom if she has hallucinations and fears its a woman come to take away Soham ?

Varsha is currently a POTENTIAL THREAT to society and needs to be locked up and put in a straitjacket .

My question is:  WHO is the bigger psycho ? Varsha is clearly one and NOT in her senses and NOT responsible for her actions . But Archana has SEEN her state and is constantly dying to entrust a defenceless child with this psychotic woman . Will Manav put her in a loony bin and put HER in a strait jacket too ?

What is not eating food and sleeping with back to her gonna accomplish if she goes ahead and does what she wants ? And even if she does NOT succeed in doing it , She has to be punished for even THINKING in such a way for endangering Manav's child .

Yes the child is ALSO his child and she needs to know that she has NOT conceived it immaculately .

The Archana supporters in this serial are gathering ...Ashna and Vandita . Already dialogues like ARCHANA BHI APNI JAGAH SAHI HAI r being thrown around , making Manav weak .

I object to that . Archana is OH SO NOT RIGHT ON APNI JAGAH . She is COMPLETELY WRONG this time so CVS plzzz do not BOTHER with this .

Also the way to exonerate Archana will beby putting blame on Savita and turning Manav'sanger towards HER ALONE .

Savita is undoubtedly wrong but I ask this question ...Would we give up our babies to psyhotic sisters or brothers or anyone simply coz our saas told or mom told ?

Hell , I would not even if my husband told or GOD told .

So WHY make tayaris , cvs , of letting Archana go SCOT FREE by arranging to make a buffer ...Savita ?

Savita will get her punishment later from Rasika ...she always does . Why should Archu NEVER get a thappad or a real punishment in which a stand is taken ?

Make no mistake...Archana has listened to Savita coz somewhere , all along she had EXACTLY this thought in her mind . Right from the time the baby was conceived . in the first trimester only she wanted to give it to Varsha , WITHOUT consulting Manav . Then , after it was born she was allowing sister to take it and was making excuses to Manav .Today the REAL attitude and wish came out ...Manav let her have it na .

Manav made one mistake ...he should have slapped Archana and halted her THAT time only when she was daily giving Soham to Varsha for 3 years .

But in the two parents its Manav who has always shown at least some attachment or want to his own offspring . After miscarraige horror , it was HE who took offense , HE who was stirred enough to walk off to make money , HE who kept asking now and then Whats going on Archana , WHEN is your sister gonna return our Soham and now too its HE who is insisting that NO WAY WILL Your Psychotic sister Get OUR CHILD .

However The Manav weakeners have arrived . They r telling him that the Psycho Archana actually HAS a POINT OF VIEW here . 

Let Savita tell , Let ANYONE tell , WHY Archu listened ? Coz she too WANTED that . She had those khujlis from a long time , in tapori language .

I am sure she will be exonerated this time too by showing that she SAVES Manav in DK badnaami affair or by putting blame FULLY on Savita .  How the fact that she stands by Manav in DK affair obliterates the dangerous action she is doing BEATS ME . Why only Savita should be blamed stymies me .

The truth is Archana should not be allowed near Soham . When Shravani tries to take SAchu away a big hoo haa will be created saying oh it was Archu who raised the kid , this is so unfair .

Why ? When Archu can give up Manav's kid away to A psychotic woman at her wish why cannot a biological mother come and take HER kid away at her wish ?

Honestly speaking Sachu is being tremendously neglected by Archana nowdays . Savita's poisoning attempts , kept aside , its a FACT that Archana is not even THINKING of him when she decides to live with Varsha with Soham . Did she once think of that child and what HE feels ? She convenienly leaves him to his grandmothers ...Sulo and Savita .

Its Sulochana who needs to pack her bags and go to live with Bhavna to share the burden of looking after her psychotic daughter ...not Archana who is ready to leave her ghar sansaar and go there .

That flat is big and poor Bhavna is over burdened . Satish NEEDS Sulo and Bhavna BOTH . AND an ASYLUM , not another city .

They can end this miserable track with showing that Vandu apprises Savita of Rasikas devious scheme and Savita herself puts a halt to this .
But whatever happens , Archana 's character is butchered beyond repair . Please spare Manav now , do NOT show him buckling .

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
Hai Kool Di ...Hug  Hug  Hug Hug

Is it True...Big smile...I am pinching myself Hard...Embarrassed
Oh how long it has been see a post of yours on first page.PartyDancing
When I saw your name, I was so Big smile

At the right time you are there to Give your critics. I am loving it more to see your post at this junction.Hug

Haven't read it yet, but surely I know you would have rocked and I would like it.
So I have clicked the like button.

Will read it and write a detailed one now.

There I go...Big smile

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Great to see you back Kool.
Right now if Archana gives Soham to Varsha without Manav's consent then definitely he should throw her out and put a restraining order on Archana not to come near Soham ...
Even if Archana keeps on insisting to give Soham to Varsha for good then Manav should throw her out ..So far she has not said this but if she does then Manav would be right to throw her out ...
Archana does not realize the danger that Varsha is for Soham ...I think even Satish does not realize how crazy Varsha is or else he would not have kept her locked in the house ...
Satish should have taken her to a hospital but he just has locked her up...
No one here is realizing how dangerous she is ...not Archana , not Satish , not Bhavna ..
They all are blaming her mamta and crying ...
To divorce or not to divorce has to be  Manav's decision ...If he wants to divorce Archana (  if she gives the baby without him knowing to Varsha for good ) then I will back him ...But first I want to see that Archana has given the baby to psychotic Varsha for good ..
Also when Manav finds out what Savita has been doing to break his family then I hope  he  shoul break relations with her ...
I was about to hit the bed when I saw your post ...have fun here ...

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

But whatever happens , Archana 's character is butchered beyond repair . Please spare Manav now , do NOT show him buckling .

Kool Di,

Amen to your post Di. Particularly the Last two lines. No two way thought about it.
Archu has been butchered and damaged beyond repair. Atleast hope Manav is saved.

All of us who loved archu once has been driven to the state of hating her. Not one with a sound mind will do like archu does or justify her doings. If Cvs and Ekta do, then they have a problem with their upper storey and we know it.

We are also angry at archu and this time surely she should get her share of punishment for thinking and doing along this line of soham donation and she shouldn't be left unpunished with respect to her other doings. Saaza tho ,she should get it this time and should strictly be shown that for time period she was WRONG, TOTALLY WRONG.

No one should take her side or justify her actions. And show a insensible scenario that her treatment again proved right that varsha got ok, That would be Dead. No one will ever do it in their life.

Manav should take serious offense and punish archu. Atleast a hard tight slap ,I wish to see.

we were on the same track di, we too rooted for Divorce , a harsh punishment for archu that would hopefully make her atleast learn this time that her blind love for her maayka and her spoilt sisters has broke her marital life completely.

But some days ago on a discussion Bonne said a point of Divorce wont be the final solution.
When one goes wrong, the other correcting and balancing it would be the good one.

Then we too thought, Yes bonne had a point.
Because the thought of again Divorce and a other woman track make me feel terrible.
Divorce would be the right punishment for archu, she need a harsh one this time for her doings, But at the same time seeing Manav with other one ,I might not be able to see it.
And these two also cant, then they will do MFs as varsha di said. Then again that MAnav-shavani-archu track, this time may be other girl, oh that would be a other torturous track.

So I want a harsh punsihment to archu for this act of hers, a long long separation, may be in streets ,loosing her family(husband,kids), rona dona always. anything hard without a Divorce.

She should learn this time that she has lost a good sasural which she had after so much struggle and efforts to get that love. She lost a good MIL,husband, two cutie cutie sons, simply because of the mad blind love she had for her maayka and spoilt sisters.

Then agree with you on Divorce issue and its time. Surely the previous one they had gone thro is for a insensible, invalid reason.

But this time it hold good.

Really Baffled at the thought of how a mother could give her little kid to such a women of psychotic behaviour.  But thats what can be expected from archu with the way CVs write this character.
even after seeing what varsha done in precap if archu decides to give the child ,then...Angry,
She is more mad,foolish and inhuman than varsha.

if she cant see this danger to her child ,then she is totally unfit.

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excelsa7 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 3:13pm | IP Logged

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desicrowd IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Both outdo each other every season... The moment one realizes that the other is taking the mental crown...they outdo their previous stupidity in order to be the best of the worst...

Love ur topic...

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Hahahahahahahh Look who is here...Our own one and only Cewl Kools Hug  Long time no see Tongue
Thanks for making a post...All what i have been writing all along is here in one post...Loved reading it...Hope you will continue..

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bhallarox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Hi Kool DiHugHug

Welcome back, am so glad to read your post.Smile

Awesome topic, I agree with all of the points. Both Varsha and Archu are physchos, I was shocked at the precap. Varsha threw a piece of glass at Bhavna and Bhavna was left unconsious, and Varsha just left the room, she did not even care. Archana too is very wrong today, she wants to give her and Manav's baby to Varsha, even after Varsha kidnapped him.

I liked how Manav yelled at Archana today, he should be firm like this at her when she tries to think about sacrificing for her sister.

I too feel Archana is neglecting Sachu, she is being a bit too strict on him too. I won't blame Shrav if she takes Sachu away from there, he is being neglected there.

Kool Di, what is your opinion on Savita's opinion nowadays? I think her character was ruined when she pinched Soham.

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