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Garv and Kumud - kkusum goes on 3/20 upda

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Posted: 19 January 2006 at 7:33pm | IP Logged

Kshitij dies in that freak accident. Its been a year since his death, and Kkusum and Abhay are trying to get Kumud remarry. Kumud is not very excited about this idea. Garv and kumud have not been in touch with each other since the days after Kshitij's death. Garv comforted her when kshitij died, but he decided to stay away from her because he didn't want Kumud or Kshitij's family to think that he is taking advantage of his death. Kumud apparently is  in love with Garv, but she thinks Garv doesn't love her anymore and has moved on with his life, since he has not kept in touch with her. Kumud agrees to remarry, but this time to the guy she truly loves, Mr. Garv Sachdev. She decides to win him back.  So she starts on her mission. Kali is happily married to Nakul, after all they were made for each other. But she doesn't stop her evil activities against Kumud.


Kumud is talking to Kkusum and Abhay about getting back her Garv.


Kumud: Mama, Papa. Aap log mujhe peechle kayi dino se mere shaadi ki baat kar rahe hain, aur mein aapko naa keh rahi thi. Lekin mere na kehne ki ek wajah thi.


Abhay: tum kshitij ki death ki wajahse …

(Kumud interrupts him)


Kumud: nahin papa, kshitij ki death iski wajah nahin thi. Yaad hain mama, meine aapse kahan tha ke jis tarah meine Garv ke saath apna rishta poori sachayee se nibhaya ussi tarah mein Kshitij ek saath apna rishta nibhaoongi.


Kkusum: haan beta.


Kumud: Mama, Papa, meine Kshitij se shaadi karke yeh rishta nibhaya. Lekin jiss tarah mein Garv se pyar karti thi woh pyar mein Kshitij se nahin kar payi. Kshitij koh meine sirf ek dost ka pyar diya and I think that's the best I could have done. Meine Garv koh bhoola ne ki bahut koshish ki, but I never could.


Kumud cries.


Kkusum and Abhay are shocked but at the same time are sympathetic towards their daughter. They hug her. She continues


Kumud: Kshitij se meine shaadi iss liye ki kyunki woh ek aisa dost tha jisne hamesha mera saath diya. Ek aisa dost joh mujhse pyaar karta tha. Mein usse dukh nahin pahuchana chahti thi, aur na he uske parivar ko. Apne khushiyon ke khatir mein auron ko dukh nahin pahucha sakti thi.  Lekin kuch logon ko khush dekh ne kay liye meine mere hi pyar ko bahut dard diya. Garv ko, mama papa, Garv ko.


Kumud continues to cry.


Kumud:Uss din woh jab mujhe comfort kar raha tha, toh mujhe wohi Garv mere samne nazar aaya, I saw his love in his eyes for me. Kshitij ko khone ka dard hain mujhe lekin jab kismet mujhe aur Garv ko phir se ek kar sakti hain toh …


she stops. And then continues…


mujhe laga woh phir kal aayega lekin, he never showed up. Kuch dino baad meine usse phone bhi kiya lekin he never answered his phone, mein uske ghar gayi lekin wahan mujhe pata chala ke Garv, America gaya hain, hamesha ke liye, apne papa ka business sambhal ne ke liye.


Kumud cries and she thinks Garv is trying to avoid her


Kumud: Mama, aap ko lagta hain, ke iss tarah Garv se…


Kkusum interrupts her and tells her the story of Siddharth and her life, and how Abhay and her got back together. She says that history repeated itself with Garv in Abhay's place, kshitij in Sidharth's place and Kumud in Kkusum's place/


Kumud is reassured by her parents support. And she decides to go meet Garv.



Kumud: Mama, papa. Meine faisla kar liya hain. Agar mein kissi ke saath apni zindagi bitaoongi toh woh hain Garv. Mein apne Garv ko wapas lane ja rahi hoon. Bas aapka ashirwaad chahiye.


Abhay: Kkusum, agar garv meri jagah hain toh kumud koh apna garv mill he jayega.


Kkusum: smiles, and agrees with Abhay.


KK: Dekho Kumud, agar tumhara aur Garv ka pyaar sacha hain toh tum dono ko koi alag nahin kar sakta. Jao kumud humara aashirwaad tumhare saath hamesha hain


Kumud hugs her parents and rushes to the airport.

Ofcourse she has the tickets ready. Lol.



Scene 2


Kumud's flight arrives at Atlanta airport. While going to the baggage claim she sees Garv. She runs after him, and they bump into each other. They gaze into each other's eyes and are totally lost into each other (TERE NAAM girl's version in the background)  Kumud drops her handbag and her jacket when they bump into each other. Suddenly they snap out of that sizzling, romantic gaze and back to reality.


Garv still is shocked to find kumud there, but since both of them are speechless he starts picking up her stuff. Kumud just keeps staring at him with the happy feeling and the tear eyes. Garv decides to break the silence.


Garv: Oh my God, Kumud. Tum yahan kaise! I mean why didn't you tell me that you were coming. You totally surprised me.


Kumud: Garv, mein yahan tumse hee milne aayi thi. Meine tumhe nahin bataya kyunki mujhe laga you were avoiding me.


Garv: I don't know what are you saying Kumud. Anyways, chalo mein tumhe ghar lekar jaata hoon.(he picks up her luggage and takes her to his car)


Kumud: Lekin Garv tum yahan kaise? Mera matlab hain, tumhe toh nahin pata tha ke mein aarahi hoon, so how did I find you here?


Garv: Kumud, jaise tum yahan aa rahi thi waise mein bhi aa raha tha, I mean I just got back from my business trip. This morning I left for New York and got back today itself. W.oh luckily mein yaha milla warna tum toh,  khair mujhe yeh batao, is that all the luggage.


Kumud: haan mere 4 bags thi, sab hain naa?


Garv: haan memsaab, sab hain.


( Kumud smiles and so does he. Garv puts the luggage in the trunk of his car and they head home).


This is the conversation on their way home.

Garv: So Kumud tumhari flight kaisi thi?

Kumud: it was good, but it was long.


They smile.

Garv drives the car, he is looking at Kumud and looks away when she is looking at him. Kumud is happy to be with him, feels like she is really going to her home.


Kumud: garv tum mujhe bina bataye hee yahan chale aaye.

Garv: Kya farak padta.

Kumud: Farak padta hain Garv, I was worried.
Garv: yeah, right! Tumhe farak padda? Come on, kumud, quit joking?

Kumud: (is getting annoyed by him) Tumhe mein joking kar rahin hoon lag raha hain?

Garv mein yahan itne door tumhare liye aayi aur tum ho ke!


(kumud is upset with him, she turns away and is not talking to Garv.

Garv realizes his mistake and decides to cheer her up.


Garv puts his hand on her head and she looks at him.


Garv: I am sorry kumud! (he smiles)

Kumud: (takes his hand in to hers and says its ok)


Garv: So Kumud, bhook lagi hain?

Kumud: haan bahut, the food on the flight is so not tasty.


Garv laughs. They both laugh.


Garv: I know Kumud, iss liye poocha. Mein tumhe mere favorite Indian restaurant mein leke jaata hoon. But before that we will go home, you freshen up and I will get Kajol ready.


Kumud: Kajol ready? (kumud seems to be shocked and I know u guys are too).


Garv: oh! Yea, mein tumhe baata na hee bhool gaya . Kajol, is my daughter.


(another shocker for kumud,lol)


Kumud: beti! Matlab tumhari shaadi…?


Garv: Oh noooo nooooo. Kajol ko meine adopt kiya hain. I didn't marry Kumud aur nahin kabhie karoonga. I am done with my shares of marriages. (He laughs)


Kumud: (is surprised, but relieved to know that he didn't marry or is in a relationship)

Lekin garv tumne adopt karne ka decision kyun liya.


Garv: Lo ghar aagaya. I live here with my daughter. Mom and Dad live with Garima in New York, aaj unse bhi milkar aaya.


Garv lives in a house that's small but beautiful. Its good enough for a family of four or so. Kumud gets out of the car and finds the home, gorgeous. Garv goes to take the luggage out of the car. Kajol's governess comes out of the house, she is quite old. She says that Kajol has done all her homework and is now playing with her friend in the backyard. Kumud says hi to the governess as Garv introduces them both. Governess takes her leave and Garv takes Kumud inside.


Kumud at the door gets the memories of her entering Garv's home in Mumbai when they got married. Kumud insists on seeing Kajol. Garv takes her to the backyard. Over there they find a cute, 7 year old girl playing on the sea saw and the swing with her friend. Kumud finds Kajol to be a very cute and beautiful child. Garv looks at kajol and says


Garv: Kumud, kajol tumhare jaisi dikhti hain naa?


He laughs and so does she.


Garv: Meine usse meri zindagi mein isliye laya because I was feeling lonely Kumud. Bahut Akela ho gaya tha mein. Kajol beti ne meri zindagi se woh akela pann door kardiya hain Kumud. She is the center of my universe. There is also another reason for adopting her. I married twice, ek baar tumse aur doosri baar kali se, the reason for the marriages were the children. Tumhara baccha aur kali ka bachha joh kabhie tha hi nahin. (he smiles and looks away)


He goes to Kajol while Kumud watches him with teary eyes filled with guilt for abandoning Garv.


Kajol sees her papa and goes running to him and hugs him. Garv papa lifts his child up and plays with her. They both are happy. Kumud smiles and the love for Garv in heart practically doubles.


Garv and Kajol say bye to Kajol's friend who lives next door and kajol tells her she will meet her tomorrow. You know the friend talk.  Garv with kajol on his shoulder walks towards Kumud.


Garv: Kajol beta, yeh hain kumud aunty, meri friend.

Kumud: (Smiles and gives her hand to her) Hi beta.

Kajol is so happy to see her, I don't know why but she is.


Kajol: Dad, aap mujhe niche toh utaariye.


Garv: okay! He gets her down.


Kajol: Hi Kumud aunty, (she goes and hugs her)


They look like they share a deep relationship of  a mother and daughter. Kkusum and Kumud.

Garv is happy to see that kajol likes kumud.


Kajol: Kumud aunty, aap humare saath rahengi naa?


Garv: Haan beta, aunty yehi rahengi.




Kumud is happy to see Kajol happy at her arrival.


Kumud lifts kajol in her arms and says


Kumud: beta, tumhare dad kabhie khelte hain tumhare saath.

Kajol: Haan, bahut khelte hain, weekends par hum camps par jaate hain, it's a lot of fun, this weekend also we will go. Aap chalengi naa aunty.


Kumud: Ofcourse, tum kehti ho toh I bet it's a lot of fun. And I like to have fun. Pehle papa se pooch ke woh mujhe laykay jaayenge ke nahin.


Garv: Hum camp jaayenge kal okay! We will have lotsa fun tomorrow but first Kumud memsaab aap zara fresh ho jayi ye and kajol beta aunty koh unki room dikhaiye. Okay?


Kumud: oh yea, chalo kajol.


Kajol: lets go aunty! Warna yeh military wala humme kal fun camp ke instead boot camp lekar jayega. Koi bharosa nahin mere dad ka.


Kumud laughs, and Garv is happy coz he feels like he has got a complete family.


Garv: Chup! Dono chup!

Mujhe bahut bhook lagi hain, mein 15 minute mein jaa raha hoon restaurant mein, tab tak mujhe tum dono bahar ready chahiye, warna mein akela jaoonga. U guys can order pizza while I eat delicious Hindustani bhojan, What say?


Kajol and Kumud don't answer him and just run into the house to get ready.


Garv laughs! Finally Kajol has got the kind of friend she needed.


Next week garv and kumud reunite, or the week after that. Or may be not. Lol



Do tell me what u think of the ff so far. Bye.




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Garv and Kumud are in the front seats. They get back home after their dinner and they are in the car on the drive way. They realize the Kiran (Kajol) has is fast asleep in the back seat.

Kumud : Uh Re Kiran to sogayi.
Garv: Haan, Umm woh toh jaldi so jati hain. I mean her regular bed time is like 10 pm. But now its like 11 pm, so yea,
Kumud looks at Kiran with a smile because Kiran looks cuter while is asleep.

Kumud: Bahut hee pyaari bachee hain.
Garv: Thanks, aakhir meri beti hain
Kumud smiles
Garv: I don't think we should spend the rest of the night in the car. Mera matlab gaddi mein se nikal chahiye.
Kumud smiles agin and says

Kumud: Oh yea! Chalo.

Kumud and Garv get out and Garv gets kiran out and lifts his little girl in his arms and takes her home.

Kumud looks at them lovingly
Garv: Kumud here, Take this home key and please open the darvaza.

Kumud is lost in her thoughts and suddenly gets out of it and says

Kumud: yea, sure.
Garv: Thanks.

Kumud opens the door and then goes in.

Garv: Pehle mein Kiran ko soola kar aata hoon.

Kumud: she is already sleeping, usse ab sula kyun rahe ho.

He laughs.

G: Mera matlab hain mein usse, uske bed par sula kar aata hoon, okay?

K: Ohhhh! Thik hain, till then mein change kar ke aati hoon.

Garv: smiles and says okay!

Garv gets Kiran back to bed and goes to change his clothes himself, in their own rooms. Lol. and they both freshen up. After they have wore their pajamas and stuff they meet each other in the living room. Kumud is there before him.

Kumud smiles and looks at him.
He smiles back and continues

G: Kumud tum jakar so jayo, mein zara bahar jakar aata hoon.
K: Bahar? Iss waqt, Koi important kaam hain? (she is surprised coz it's 11:30am, not that it is late or anything but also that he is in his pajamas) lol

G: not really, mein toh sirf, umm I am just going on a little walk, to digest the food. Aaj thoda zyada hee khaya, I am so full right now. (he is so cute)
K: (She smiles lovingly) oh okay, Garv kya mein tumhare saah chalu ? I mean I am also full right now.

Garv laughs, she laughs too. (oh man they just love being together)

G: Acha chalo, we will walk and talk.

Kumud and Garv are outside on the street, walking and talking. Lol.

G: So kumud, Abhay Papa aur Kkusum mom kaise hain? Bahut dino se baat nahin hui unse.
K: Mama, Papa thik hain, tumhe bahut yaad karte hain.

G: mein bhi unhe bahut miss karta hoon, lekin for some reason I feel kinda awkward calling them, because I am not their son-in-law anymore, I mean mein kis rishte se unse baat karoonga.

K: (Smiles) Garv!! Mama, papa tumhe apna beta maante hain. Tumne hamesha unka saath diya hain. And always got them out of trouble. Garv, you are the son that they never had. Son-in- law ka nahin balke tumne ek beta ka rishta nibhaya hain.

G: (Smiles and says) exactly Kumud, mein unhe bahut pyar karta hoon aur unki bahut izzat karta hoon. I respect them a lot. Meine unhe kabhie tumhare parents nahin balke apne mana hain. Tumhare saath mera rishta nahin raha lekin Papa aur Kkusum mom ka beta hone ka rishta meine nibhaya.

K: (she smiles and they are still walking)

Garv: lekin, kumud meine ubhe bahut dukh pahuchaya, unki dono betiyon ki zindagi mein sirf dukh diya. AbhaY papa aur kkusum mom se wada kiya tha tumhe hamesha khush rakhoonga, lekin woh wada poora na kar saka.

Kumud has tears in her eyes but doesn't say anything.

Garv: but anyways, kumud you know what we should do? ( Garv looks back coz garv is walking faster than kumud. She wipes her tears before Garv sees her.

G: Aare kumud, kya hua? Are you alright? ( he has a worried face, he runs back to the place she was standing. He didn't realize that Kumud is behind. So yea he runs to her and holds her, not hugs her)

G: Kya hua? Tum itni slow kyun chal rahi ho?

K: mein slow chal rahi hoon, yaa tum fast chal rahe ho?

G: thik hain, baba, slow chalte hain! Fast chalna toh tumhare bas ki baat nahin hain. (he teases her)

K: Garv( she looks at him angrily) khana khaane ke baad, sirf tumhare jaise idiots fast chalte hain. You just watch, mein tumhe haraoongi, we'll have a race. Ab nahin phir kabhi.

G: you called me an idiot!

K: yahan koi aur hain besides you and me? Obviously I called you an idiot.

G: ( Garv is happy, that at least they are talking like friends, and there isn't any awkwardness between them. Garv is not mad at her, but pretends to be serious, for awhile)

G: Acha chalo(he keeps quite and walks at Kumud's slow speed)

K: (notices his seriousness and thinks that he is upset) naraz hogaye? I was just playing around. I am sorry. (she smiles and touches his face)

G: Its okay Kumud, (he smiles). I was just kidding too. Come-on lets walk back home.

K: (feels relieved and smiles) Achaa chalo. (she holds his hand while walking and feels secured)lol. Its 1 am in the morning.

K: Garv tum bhi naa itne raat gaye walk par nikalte ho.

G: (doesn't mind holding her hand, because he thinks that she is scared) Dar lag raha hain, itni raat gaye? Don't worry Kumud, mein hoon na.

K: Tum agar saath ho toh darr kis baat ka hain? I am not scared. (garv smiles, and kumud holds his hand even tighter)

They look at each other and they snap outta it when,

Suddenly it thunders and it starts raining. The thunder scares the hell out of kumud and she hugs Garv tight and Garv hugs her back( love is rekindling guys). The hug is like lasting forever, they forget about the rain and the thunder it doesn't make a difference to them because they are lost into each other and feel like everything they had yearned for is now fulfilled.

Garv realizes that he is still hugging her. He looks into her eyes, (tere naam, song goes in the background) they look into each other's eyes and see the love for each other pouring out. Kumud feels shy and lets go of garv. Its still raining.

G: isss bar toh tum sure shot dar gayi thi! (garv smiles and teases her).

K: Smiles and says: Haan iss baar toh mein dar gayi. Garv yahan ke thunders kitne scary hain.

G: I know. But I am used to them, lo ghar aagaya.

They get inside soaking wet.

Garv: tum jakar change karke sojao. Mujhe zaara office mein kaam hain.

Kumud looks shocked, and yells, Garv!!

G: Kya hain, kuch hua kya, mein toh yahin hoon, cheela kyun rahin ho?

K: Ab raat ke 2:00 baje hain aur tum office jaa rahe ho!

G: Aare, kumud, office toh ghar mein hee hain. I have made one at home too. Anyways, if you need me, I will be in my office, Okay!

K: Tumhara office kahan hain!

G: Mere room ke opposite jo kamra hain naa woh mera room hain. Got it!

K: Haan, mein jakar change karti hoon another time!

G: you better, warna sardi ho jayegi. I better go that too.

Kumud smiles and goes to the room to change, while garv changes and goes back to his office.

Kumud wears this gorgeous night gown, she looks very beautiful in it. U know the song mere tang mein rang ne wali (from Meine Pyar kiya) yea, its that kinda situation. Garv is working hard and she is impressed by her love working so hard. She just waits at the door watching him lovingly.

Garv finally looks up and sees his love, looking all beautiful. He is just amazed. Garv and Kumud do not know how they feel about each other yet. They might soon. Just wait and watch. I am kinda busy, and this is the best I could have typed for today. I will try to finish it up soon. I had lots more coming up in this part but I will do it in the 3rd part. Till then tell me how u like it. Bye.

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Garv and Kumud reunite Part 3

Garv: Kumud, u look beautiful. (she blushes) umm. Bahar kyun khaddi ho? Andar aao!

Kumud: Well I just didn't want to disturb you. Bahut busy ho na?

Garv: umm…

Kumud: Aaj sone ka iraada hain kya?

Garv: haan Kumud I am like almost done. Bas 15 minute aur. Umm.. tum kuch piyogi ?

Kumud: Nahin Garv, don't waste time. By the way kal office kitne baje hain

Garv: office is gonna be late tomorrow, after all this work I am doing now, meri hee law firm, I can go there any time I want. Tum yahin thairo, mein abhie aaya.

Kumud: thik hain (she is wondering, where he went, so she just looks around the home office and she finds her photo on his desk. She also finds Kiran's photo on there along with them as a couple. Kumud smiles and has tears in her eyes, tears of love, happiness. You know. Kumud decides to go check his room when he goes back to work tomorrow.

Kumud hears Garv's footsteps and so she goes back to her seat and Garv comes in.

Garv: Heyyyyy Kumud! Mujhe pata hain key tumhe thand lag rahi thi, issliye, yeh rahi garma garam coffee
Just taste it and tell me how it is? Yaad hain mein chai nahin bana sakta, lekin seekh gaya, but coffee is something I am naturally good at. Try it! He winks at her.

Kumud is like OKAY!

Kumud: Haan Garv, tumhe toh chai powder kya hai woh bhi nahi pata tha.
They laugh
Kumud smiles and drinks it

Garv is waiting for her to say how it was.

Kumud: not bad!
Garv: Not bad!!!!!!! what, are u kidding me, Kumud tum jhooth bahut bolti ho.
Kumud: I am just giving my opnion.

Garv: well okay, I guess I will get back to my work, bas thode print outs lene hain.

Kumud: Garv I was just kidding, I really love the coffee (in her mind she is singing the song, tere sang ek simple si coffee bhi kick deti hain, its an awesome song, u guys should hear it) lol.

Garv: yea, okay. I knew that u were kidding,.. try a little harder next time. Guess what mera kaam hogaya. Now we can leave.

Kumud: finally its about time.
Garv: alright lets go. Ab mein office mein 10:30 baje tak jaa sakta hoon, after dropping kiran at school.
Kumud: thik hain, I will help her get ready.

Garv and kumud proceed towards kumud's room. Kumud sits on her bed, while garv is standing and they are waiting for someone to start a conversation. Finally kumud, says.

Kumud: umm, Garv kal kitne bajje uthna hain?
Garv: doesn't matter, I mean wake up whenever u wake up.
Kumud: lekin tum kitne bajje uthoge, kiran ko school ke liye tayaar karna hain naa?
Garv: mein toh subah 6:30 bajje uthon ga. I have to go for a jog, so I will be back around 8:30, kiran ko school ke liye 9:30 bajje tak tayar karna hai hain. So tum 8:30 uth sakti ho.

Kumud: Lekin mein bhi jog karne jaana chahti hoon
Garv: are u sure, Kumud its 3: am will u wake up!
Kumud: haan garv, bas mujhe jaga dena at around 6:45
Garv: Okay!! By the way, meri ek dost bhi humme join karegi.
Kumud: dost, kaun dost!
Garv: Tum usse nahin jaanti, meine kabhie tumhe uske baare mein nshin bataya, she is like the only person who knows everything about me.
Well anyways u better sleep now, mein bhi chalta hoon. Good night, Kumud. (he gives her a sweet smile)
Kumud: (Smiles back, and says good night too) but she is still thinking about the friend

Its 7:00 am

Garv is all ready for his jog, and he knocks at Kumud's door, she doesn't answer it, coz she is still sleeping. Garv enters, he looks at kumud lovingly.

Garv: oh man! Kumud, you look beautiful while sleeping too.

He goes and sits on her bed, he goes close to her and stops. He thinks should I wake her up or not and then decides to wake her up.

Garv whispers in her ears

Garv: Kumud subah hogayi hain, its time for the jog.

Kumud is awake all this time, she even heard him say that she is so beautiful and stuff, kumud is enjoying this and just pretends to be asleep.

Garv: kumud, please yaar. Wake up. U know what, I guess u should just sleep. I am going.

(Garv gets up but suddenly kumud hold his wrist and says, I am coming. She runs into the bathroom)

Garv laughs and then yells I will be waiting downstairs.

Kumud is all geared up. She looks beautiful and Garv looks hot. What a couple yaar.

Garv: Ready for some exercise?
Kumud: DUH! By the way kiran is sleeping?

Garv: Yea, she is don't worry kiran sleeps a lot. Chotte bachon ko neend ki bahut zaroorat hain. ( they both laugh)

Garv and Kumud start running, and then Garv stops at a stop around two blocks away, Kumud stops too.

Garv: Hey Aaliyah!! (he hugs her, Kumud is upset)

Aaliyah will be A now. Aaliyah is the one from Kaisa yeh pyar hain. She is pretty too.

A: Hey Josh! Kaise ho tum, you didn't call me all weekend. I kept on calling ya, but u didn't answer my phone calls. What is this yaar, I was worried, u weren't at home either. (she gets mad at him)

Garv: sorry yaar, my cell phone was acting up and I was in new york, mein kal sham ko hee wapas aaya. Please forgive me.

A: its ok. Aliya looks at kumud and smiles

G: Aare Aliyah yeh hain kumud, and kumud this is aaliyah, my best friend.

A: Hi Kumud, Josh tumhare bare mein bahut baat karta hain.

K: Haan aliya woh tumhare bare mein bhi bahut baat karta hain.

A: (she laughs) ofcourse karega coz I am his best friend naa?

K: yea, by the way, its nice to meet u.

A: Same here, umm... toh tum bhi jog karne aarahi ho? (she gives a friendly smile)

G: Well yeaaaaaa! Oh come on Aliya don't u see she is all geared up?

A: Yea, I am sorry, I am kinda slow.

G: U sure are!

They all laugh. They all start running and talking Garv is in the center. Hahaha. Then kumud has a question.

K: Aaliyah, tum Garv ko Josh kyun bulati ho?

G: Stupid hain isliye.

A: Shut up Josh! Umm... woh kya hain naa kumud, garv right from the middle school days till today, bahut hee josh mein raha hain. So Angad, my brother.. humne uska naam Josh rakh diya.

G: Hahahaha that was totally lame.

K: nahin JOSH! (she teases him too) it does suit u, I mean tum hamesha kaam ke josh mein rehte ho. So I don't blame em.

G: yea ok whatever, by the way Aliya mera yaar, angad kaisa hain? Did u go to meet him this weekend.

A: Ofcourse, Saturday ko uska concert tha, I mean it was a big comeback for Angad and Kripa, angad tumhe kabse phone laga raha tha. He missed u, and so did Kripa.

G: I am sure he is mad at me. Man, I promised him. I am such a lousy friend.

A: don't worry yaar, he understands, just give him a call.

G: yea, I will do that. U know what. I am going ahead of u girls. Tum dono toh thak gaye ho lagta hain. U guys running so slow. Later.

Aaliyah: Excuse me, hum yahan jogging karne aaye hain, cross country nahin. Idiot.

K: I know right. Well, garv ko jaane do. Mujhe tumse akele mein kuch baat karni hain.

A: Sure, whats up.

K: Ummm.. Aliyah did u ever fall in love with Garv?
Aliya doesn't know how to answer this question, but decides to be honest about it. they stop and sit on a bench.

A: Kumud, I am gonna be honest with you. Haan, meine Garv se pyar kiya hain, lekin...

K: (Kumud is upset and shocked, she is about to cry) lekin kya

A: just as a friend yaar. He has always been there for me, always. aur waise bhi I can't fall in love with a guy who is madly in love with someone else.

K: (is relieved she still has a confused face)

A: haan kumud, he loves you. Usne mujhse kaha ke he thought he was in love with kali, but after he met you and spend those wonderful times with u, he realized ke tum hi uska sachaa pyar ho.

Kumud cries tears of happiness

A: lekin garv poori tarah se toot chukka tha, jab tumne kshitij se shaadi karli. That's why he moved back to America. I know that kshitij iss duniya mein nahin hain lekin, garv feels that u have always loved kshitij and u never loved garv. U were just trying to work out the relationship between garv and u, to the best of ur ability. Kumud, I am really surprised to see u here. Tum yahan kyun aayi ho.

K: aaliya, tum sach mein garv ki sabse acchi dost ho. Mein yahan apna pyar wapas lane aayi hoon. Yeh sach hain ke kshitij was my first love, but my true love is, was and always be garv. Meine kshitji se shaadi isliye ki kyunki who mera best friend tha, aur mein uska dil nahin thod sakti thi. Lekin meine apne pyar ka hee dil todh diya. (she cries)Kya tum mujhe apna pyar pane mein madad karo gi?

Aaliya sees the love for Garv in kumud's eyes, and decides to help her out.

A: Haan kumud, I will try my best.

K: Thanks! Friends?

A: Friends (they both laugh and hug)

Garv comes back from his run and smiles when he sees them hug.

Whats gonna happen next? Check it out. Next time I am gonna have garv's daughter, kiran, aliyah , garv and kumud in there. Its gonna be great. Do post ur comments.


RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2006 at 7:44pm | IP Logged
Continued from garv and kumud reunite part 3.

Garv: Hey girls, whats going on?
Aaliyah: Aare Garv! Hogaye tumhari running, well we just talking about stuff any problem
Garv: No there is no problem, baatein toh tum log ghar par bhi kar sakte ho, right?
Come on Kumud.
Kumud: Yea, Aliya, Kiran ko jakar school ke liye tayaar bhi karna hain
Garv: Yea Ali, come on.

A: lets go, what are we waiting for.

G: hold on a sec.
K: Kya?
G: yaad hain tumhe kumud, tumne mujhse kahan tha, kay tum mujhe race mein haraa sakti ho? Do u remember?
K: So, what, I can beat you, koi, shak?
G: no doubt at all, toh mujhe harane ke liye tayar ho? I mean lets have a race.
A: Oh come on Garv, just chill.
G: U know what Aliya dear, u can be the refree.
A: I don't think so.
K: Yeah, I don't think so either. Come on Ali lets go.
G: toh tum dar gayi. I knew it.
K Excuse me, Kumud kissise nahin darti. ( she pushes him playfully and Garv falls down.. Aaliyah and Kumud laugh and run away before garv gets them, but unfortunately they aren't as fast as Garv, Garv gets up and runs after them and when he is about to get hold of kumud, she starts doing her nautanki of breaking her ankle)

K: Aaaah aah(she is in pain, kumud sits on the ground)
A: Kya hua!
K: I think, I sprained my ankle (she winks at her, and Aaliyah is confuse, then she looks at Garv behind her and finds out that she is doing a natak, she shakes her head in disappointment)
G: (sees her in pain ) Kya hua Kumud? (he is worried) Are you alright? Aliya, kya hua isse?
A: I think it's a sprain.
K: Bahut dard ho raha hain.
G: just relax Kumud! Uummmm. Aliya tum ghar jakar Kiran ko dekho, mein kumud lekar aata hoon.
A: yea sure, bye kumud, I will see ya at home.
K: Bye (they share a smile)
G: Kumud, kya zaroorat thi, aisa karne ki, I mean u should have taken a lil care.
K: tum mujhe lecture doge, I am in pain.
G; yea, I am sorry. Kya tum chal payogi.
K: Garv I am having a hard time standing up and u asking me whether I can walk.
G: toh I guess mujhe tumhe uthana padega, I guess that's the only option.
K is blushing while garv is lifting her up. He has to walk half a mile holding her in his arms, now half a mile may not seem a lot, but when u are carrying someone in your arms, boy that's a long time. LOL.

G: Wow, your not heavy.
K: (sarcastic)thanks
G: I mean you r light.

They both laugh.
Kumud feels like she is traveling the heaven in his arms, lol. Garv and Kumud feel the love, and they glare into each other's eyes. Tere naam is going on in the back ground. When they get home, garv puts her on the sofa and goes to get a bandage and water.

Kiran: Aunty, kya hua?
Kumud: kuch nahin beta, hum tumhare papa ko fool kar rahe hain. Shhhhhhh.
A: hum nahin sirf tum, kumud, toh bahut chalu nikali.
K: agar mein yeh nahin karti toh Garv mujh par gussa ho jata, don't worry I will tell him the truth.

Kumud goes to see Garv.

She is walking as though nothing happened.

Garv is shocked and angry, it's a 2 in 1 reaction. Lol.

G: kumud tumne phir jhooth kaha?
K: tum mujhe marte warna, I mean tum bahut gussa hote. That was the only way out.
G: Mein ladkiyon ko nahin marta, but what makes u think ke mein ab gussa nahin hoon? Kumud ki bacchi mein tumhe nahin chodoonga.(he runs to get her).
Kumud runs into the backyard.

K: Bachaooooo! Bachaoo! (lol)

Aaliyah and Kiran laugh and try to protect Kumud by blocking garv. Garv somehow manages to unblock em. Kumud tries to block him, Garv falls down and kumud falls on top of him. ( don't know how that happened but it did, lol, khoobsurat itefaq).

K: I am really sorry Garv, for acting immature.
G: It's okay. I am happy that you like to have fun.
K: Toh tum gussa nahin ho?
G: Nope! Infact it was fun.
K: Mujhe uthana, fun tha? (she teases him)
G: You know what I am getting late for office.
K: yea , she gets off of him and garv goes.

Kiran comes running to Kumud and hugs her while Garv is getting ready.
Ki: kiran and K: Kumud A: aaliyah.

Ki: Aunty, kya aap mere saath school chalengi.
Ku: ofcourse beta. I will come drop you. You look very cute in that uniform. .
Ki: thank you, mein jakar meri bag lekar aati hoon.
K: okay beta.
A: I will go now! See ya tonight.
K: tum kitne bajje milogi?
A: You know what Garv ke saath tum mujhe firm mein milo.
K: Mein kya karoongi wahan?
A: Just chill there?
K: No yaar its okay. I will cook dinner for tonight.
A: Oh cool, I will be the judge, aur agar achaa bana toh tum mujhe sikha dena. Alright me is going bye.
K: Bye (she smiles) They hug.

Kumud goes inside the house and sees Garv in his suit, and looking all handsome. Kiran is ready too, she looks so cute.

K: Garv, u look …(she stops)
G: look what?
K: kuch nahin.
G: anyway, mein kiran ko school chodkar, office chala jaata hoon..(she interrupts him)
K: Ummm… Garv mein Kiran ko chodkar aati hoon.
G: Are you sure? I mean tumhare paas license hain?
K: Duh. International license hain mere pass.
G: How was I supposed to know?
Ki: Aap dono kitna ladh te ho! Aunty come on lets go.
K: Yea, lets go. Tumhare Papa ko ladna bahut pasand hain.

Garv keeps quite and gives Kumud the car keys. He kisses kiran good bye.

G: Bye beta.

Kumud sees 4 cars in the garage. She chooses the Wrangler Jeep. Kumud is still in her gym suit.

K: Garv, yeh kiski chabbi hain? Coz I wanna drive the wrangler.
G: Umm.. yeh mercedes benz ki hain. I think you take the mercedes.
K: I don't want to argue with you. You don't trust my driving, aur mein tumhe force bhi nahin kar sakti. (acting all innocent)
G: oh come on kumud, don't do this. U can drive it tonight, coz I am taking it to the office now. Okay? Now come on, Kiran is getting late.
Ki: yes, aunty. Mujhe late hojayega.
K: Sorry beta.

They sit in the car, kiran is so happy. She feels like her mom is taking her to school.

Somehow all three of them, feel like they are a complete family now.

Kumud starts the car is about to leave when Garv stops her.
K: ab kya hain (acting annoyed)
G: do u know where the school is at?
K: ummm (embarassed)No. toh tum bata toh sakte thay.
G: Yea, so its my fault, anyways ( he explains her the route)
G: got it?
K: Yea, I will call you if I get lost. Okay?
G: Yea, no problem. Bye.
Ki: Bye dad, love you.
G: love u too, beta.
K: Awwwwwwwwww cho chweet.

They both laugh.

Kumud and Kiran reach Kiran's elementary school. She is in the 1st Grade.
K: Wow, nice school beta.
Ki: thanks
Kumud goes in with kiran. She is kinda embarrassed coz she is still in the workout suit.

Ki: Mom, yahan meri class hain (kumud is shocked but very happy, kumud has this happy emotional, tear eyed expression)
K: hmmmm, lets go.

Kiran's teacher sees them and comes to meet Kumud.
Lets call her Mrs. Jenkins.

Jenkins: hello Mrs. Sachdev.
Kumud doesn't correct the teacher about the sachdev part, coz she liked it. Lol.

Kumud: hi, how you doing?
Jenkins: I am fine thank you! Kiran how are you?
Ki: fine.
Ki : mom I will go now (she pulls kumud down and hugs her, gives her a kiss) I love you mom.
K: I love you too, beta. (she is so happy, both are).

Jenkins: aww. Mrs. Sachdev kiran, looks just like you.
Kumud laughs and takes it as a complimen.

J: how come I never saw you here.
K: well yea, I was back home in India, I just got back yesterday.
J: Oh great. Well it was nice to meet you Mrs. Sachdev.
K: Same here, I will take a leave now.

(Kumud sees Kiran in the class and waves back at her like a loving mom).

On the way back home she is thinking about how she has earned a lot after coming to America, she has basically gotten everything she had hoped for. Kumud thinks now that Kiran has accepted her as a mom and Aaliyah tols her about Garv being in love with her, she can tell garv how much she loves him and how garv and kiran are now the most important people to her, without whom she cannot live.

Next part coming up soon.
RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2006 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
I will continue this fan fiction that I had stopped awhile ago. I am kinda into it now.
RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2006 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
anybody interested? Big smile
*Piku* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2006 at 8:41pm | IP Logged
finally its been ages since you continued this ff
RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2006 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ziddi

finally its been ages since you continued this ff

i know, now that i look back i think i should have continued it. ziddi thanks for reading, i appreciate it. Wink

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