Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

WU- 24th sept 2011- gohem and gohem everywhere.

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged

Hello everyone, hope everyone survived the kalakaries anyways.

The episode begins with gopi coming downstaris and after hearing the door bell ring, she opens the door to see her dear ahemji all in a havoc state, crumpled shirt, bleeding from the mouth and a hit mark on the head (did he beat them or they beat himConfused)

Gopi eyes became wide with shock and turns and shouts for koki, hetal and rashi loudly (first time i hear her shout, she have a voice) putitng her pallu. Ahem shouts at her that why is she calling everyone and creating a scene (well u created a scene first modi, she is ur wife afterall)

Kokila comes rushing and gets a heart attack seeing ahem. She shouts at ahem asking him what happned, with whom he fighted (arrey wah koki knows her son very well) Ahem replies its the cable man. He says that he went to talk to them and they misbehaved so i got angry and we had a fight (sir, u demanded them first, this man really thinks himself as god)

Koki shouts at gopi to go and bring some ice and medicine. gopi rushes into the kitchen. Ahem is stubborn to let go of matter but koki scolds him and asks him to shut up. He calms her down and makes her sit beside him. Koki gets upset saying first kinjal and now u. 

whatever kinjal did she did it. And now u are getting messed up because of her. Ahem assures her that it wont happen again.(sorry i forgot what their real conversation was it was something like this)

In beteween gopi comes with the kit and koki tells gopi to clean his wounds and she wil bring haldi milk for ahem(wah...good move koki) Gopi looks at koki indicating like me but koki assures her and moves out.

Gopi musters courage and hesitantly puts the ice on ahem's forehead. Both felt akarward slightly. Ahem flinches due to pain and gopi flinches seeing him. Ahem feels slight akward and says that he wil do it. In this process the holds gopi hand and ahem gets a shock. Gopi slowly pulls her hand and keeps watching him.

Then she takes a cotton and puts dettol in it and waits for ahem green signal. After getting it she cleans the wound near his mouth and agian the flinches goes. Ahem keeps looking at her concern face. then she applies ointment near the wound.

 After getting done ahem slowly raises his trousers and gopi saw a wound at his leg (nice move, silently indicating he is hurt at the leg too) Gopi jumps to action again and attends his wound with care and love and ahem keeps watching her. (love is in the air)

The moment gopi is done koki enters, (correct timing) and gopi says she is done. Koki asks gopi to go and study as tomorw her exam and says to ahem to rest in her room and also to drink the milk in her room (arrey koki why are u sepearating the love birds)

Rashi comes there saying gopi why did u called and gets shocked seeing ahem and asks ahemjiju u are hurt? Ahem is like cant u see. And koki asks the same question saying god gave u eyes, cant u see and says that gopi called her 10 min before and now u are coming.

No need to show any false concern and asks gopi to go and study and ahem and koki leaves. Gopi leaves with her bag nd rashi watches her leave making a face.

Here dhaawal is at his shop and a man comes there and says that he came acting for kinjal. He hands them a paper and in between kinjal comes there and stands there with attitude. dhawal reads the papers and gets shocked and asks what dis?

The man replies that his client kinjal is asking for payment as he used her photos on her baniyan covers and on some boardings too (This girl wil definetly get into trouble) dhawal is shocked and asks kinjal and kinjal makes a proud face and dhawal gets the point

Rashi comes rushing into the kitchen with the eye kajal (eye liner type) and mixes chilli powder in it and says to herself that chilli powder add taste to dishes and this chilli powder destroys gopi studies. she goes to gopi room and gopi is siting in depression. rashi asks the matter and gopi says that she is concern for maaji as first kinjalben and now ahemji (i thought she was concern for ahem)

Rashi says that if she keeps on thinking then how can she study. He asks her to concentrate on her studies. and adds that eveyone is in tension. So asks her not to keep a depression face and makes them sad and asks gopi to go and wash her face.(now i got it why the sudden concern)

The moment gopi goes inside rashi switches her kajal with the chilli one and takes some kajal from the good kajal bottle. after gopi comes out she pretends to be applying kajal and says to her that now she is looking good and asks her to rectify her kajal and sit to study.

Gopi nods and says that she wil do it after putting the tea cup. Rashi snatches the tea cup and asks her to put the kajal first and then sit to study (she keeps on mentioning kajal, god why cant gopi get  a doubt). Gopi nods and sits infront of mirror and rashi happy.


Gopi applies her kajal and sits to study and starts to get irritation and pain in her eyes. She shouts calls for rashi and rashi cames rushing to the room. Gopi cries saying that she cant open her eyes and asks rashi to do something. Koki comes there and asks what is happening there. Everyone comes i mean ahem and parag.

Rashi does the drama saying gopi cant u open ur eyes, show ur eyes to me and when gopi opens her eyes slightly struggling rashi shouts saying whats dis gopi, what u did, not looking at her. Koki shouts to stop the drama and says her to move and asks gopi to show the eyes. Rashi shouts saying that gopi got conjuctivites(eye infecton). 

Everyone gets shocked. Rashi asks her what u did and gopi replies she dint do anything she just applied kajal. Rashi says that the infection grows more after applying kajal. gopi cries she is in pain and rashi says that it pains in infection(This girl dont have any heart). Ahem says how can she gets eye infection suddenly(arrey wah ahem got a brain) and gopi jumps like a ninja and puts her pallu. (seriouly u have to see ahem reaction) Rashi shouts at ahem saying not to look into her eyes as he wil get affected too. Both koki and ahem keeps looking at rashi

Ahem asks whether it is swelling or drowsy and rashi in return replies yes she have. Both the mom and son keeps looking at her, koki suspicious and ahem confused. Ahem says he wil call doctor and rashi stops him saying she knows it is conjuctivities, and says that gopi seemed to be dull since morning.  Parag advises her to wash her eyes time to time and eveything gets better in 2 days and rashi shouts saying but gopi have exam next day. everyone shock and koki gets suspicios on rashi for sure evne ahem seemed a bit doubtful.

She shows false sympathy saying ahem have taken this as a challenge so now what wil happen. ahem goes and takes out a cooling glasses and says to gopi to wear them as she would feel beter. Rashi says that hetal have the medicine for the infection in her room and she wil bring it to her as she went to temple.

She leaves and pees inside and gopi tries blindly to get hold of ahem's googles. Ahem holds gopi and makes her sit and keeps the googles on her. Rashi laughs seeing gopi attire (pallu and googles) ahem and kokii looks concern and rashi laughs and went away. Gopi says she is feeling better and express her coneren about the exam and ahem and koki are tensed. Koki asks her to rest and both leaves.

Here rashi is updating the status of gawar gopi and rashi laughs saying she looked super gawar wearing those googles.Both makes fun of gopi saying she is looking dumb wearing these googles among the modis. urmi says no one cant be as smart as she wil be after wearing the gooles(i am feeling like i am going to be sick)

rashi says that she wil go and see if gopi is studying and asks whether gopi wil be harmed with the kalakari and urmi assures her that she wil be alright within 1 day and not to make her take the exam at any cost.(see i am saying that my orange girl have a heart but misguided) rashi nods and leaves. Rashi sees gopi reading with the googles. She asks gopi what is she doing and gopi says that she is feeling well now so she is trying to study and rashi asks her to stop reading and not to remove those googles and takes her to the kitchen so that she might not get bore(She took gopi to rest in kitchen.Confused)

she takes gopi into the ktitchen and asks her to cut the vegetable and she does some work. GOpi is cutting vegetables when koki comes and gets shocked to see gopi in the kitchen and shouts at gopi to go and rest in her room. she scolds rashi saying that previously u showed so much knoweldge about infection, and now u are making her work so that u cant work. She asks rashi to conitnue to work and when rashi about  to put the vegetables cut by gopi koki stops her saying these may get infected too so cut new one and also before preparing them clean everything with anti-infectious solution and then cut and cook (must watch rashi's face LOLand went away saying she wil come and check.

HEre urmi sees the dhawal papers and asks kinjal how can she asking money from her own husband. how can he bring so much big amount. And kinjal replies that she gave him 1 month time and she dont care how he brings the money. Gopi gets up from sleep and feels better and thanks god that her eyes are better now. She washes and goes out and cals jigar. jigar avoids watching her and asks her to rest. Gopi says that she is feeling great but jigar says that it takes 1 day to get over the  infection.

Koki comes and scolds her the same and asks her to put the googels and gopi says that she is fine repeatedly. here ahem comes with the doctor and rashi sees this  from the pillar and gets tensed. Ahem comes and asks gopi to come into the room and everone follow to the room.(why cant he bring the doctor before)


The doctor checks her eyes and says that she is fine and says that something might have gone into her eyes(if only gopi dint wash then maybe the doc wil say that it was chilli in her eyes) Everyone is releived and rashi down hearted. jigar says sorry to gopi for not believing in her and rashi moves her eyes from jigar to gopi (ha ha jealous)Wink

everyone leaves and again the akward  concern ahem and shy gopi. gopi moves out of the bed and and hand takes the gooles in her hand and rubs them throughly before handing them to him (arrey wah..she knows her husband is so health consicious) I think ahem was thinking the same too  as he keeps on watching her adoring. she hands the googles and says thanks. Ahem asks her to read as she have exam tomorwo. Gopi gets a bit tensed about the exam and collects her books

and was about to go out when ahem stops her and asks her wheere is she going. (aha aha possessiveWink) Gopi repleis that she is going to the hall now to study most of the night so that he might not get disturbed. Ahem is bowled again with her concern and says that no need for her to go and she can study here and he wil keep her side of light on (good change mr.modi, previously u used to switch off the lights without any secong thougts, what happend to u)

Gopi is happy for his understanding and gopi sits to studya nd  ahem reads a book (by name what and why?. I think he is searcing anwers for his inner conflicts)

rashi comes and gives badam milk to gopi so that she can do wel in exams and goes away thinking she wont let her go to exam at any cost. it was morning and our gopi madam in deep sleep. ahem already ready and calls for gopi to get up.

Gopi dint listen so ahem bends on knees to wake her up and calls gopi. still no response. He hesitates to touch her but finally shakes her and wakes her up(no problem ahemji..she is ur own wife...not others) GOpi gets up hurridly and ahem says her to get ready fast and goes down.

Gopi gets ready and is revising in her room and rashi comes there and asks her dint she complete. Gopi says she is revising. Rashi says that she is making carrot halwa for her and wil offer to kanaji and wil make her eat so that she wil do well.Dead

Gopi feels happy and rashi is waiting in the kitchen for her. when she sees gopi coming towards kitchen she starts acting that she dont know how to grate a carrot and gopi shows her how to do it. Rashi says her to grate and she wil boil the ghee.

Then she says that she is not getting sugar and asks gopi to take it and when gopi is busy with sugar she applies ghee to the carrot she is grating. Gopi gives sugar and in the mean time jigar calls rashi and she leaves. Gopi grates the greasy carrot and her slips her hand and her hand gets hurt pretty bad. ahem is leaving for office as he have important meeting and says to koki that he wil have breakfast outside(i thought he was taking gopi with him)

Ahem was about to leave when he hears gopi screams and koki rushes into the kitchen and so did jigar and rashi. gopi howls in pain and koki brings her out concern. she asks jigar to bring the first aid and asks gopi how did this happen.

Gopi says she got hurt while grating the carrot and everyone is concerned and shocked. Koki shouts at her why did she go into the kitchen when she asked her not to do.?(good point) ahem was clearly upset with gopi behavioiur and rashi says that gopi was showing me how to grate. Koki taunts her saying u cant do a thing right in her life.

Jigar hovers near gopi with the first aid and rashi makes a face (defineltely jealous) gopi crying in pain and ahem though concern feels dissapointed and shouts saying its her right hand, so how wil she gvie the exam? everyone shock and rashi smiles(biggest blooper, gopi was not wearing any pallu until then and when ahem oepned his mouth and camera came to gopi her head is covered. how can she do it sitting and with a hurt hand)


Koki says that neither his nor gopi effort wil go to drain. ahem fuming in anger and koki says that gopi wil give exam definetly. everyone confused.

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thanks for the update
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thanks for the update dear.
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Thanks for the update Shaina! Waiting for the rest.
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Originally posted by bholabear

Thanks for the update Shaina! Waiting for the rest.


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Thanks for the Fab Update Sweety! 
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Thanks for the update. I missed some parts of the episode. Your comments are hilarious and real fun to read.LOL Thumbs Up Star
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Thanks for the update Shaina.

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