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ABHIYA FF:LOVE THAT SLAUGHTERED ME(chapter 10 page 70)pms later (Page 70)

-srija- Goldie

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Chapter 10 part 1

The pale moon light fought through the darkness of the forest nd brightened the isolated cave in the hilltop of seemed as if the moon was trying to drive away the evil force out of that place.metz opened her eyes wid a jerk.
"its..its nt possible.its absurd."
"y is my lady in so much anger?"
"sid no joke plz.i cant biliv dat my connection wid piya was disturbed.somebody actually dragged her out of my trance."
"wat do u mean?u were sure dat nobody wil b able 2 break it."
"ya I know.theres no 1...hold on...its abhay...he can break through nt him...i didnt feel him around then who cld it be.."
"relax metz...i think u lost ur concerntration.dnt worry we'll do it again bt nt 2day.2day we av some major issues regarding our fellows."
"may b u r right"
Piya opened her eyes slowly feeling dazzed.c was feeling different as if c was bounded 2 sth or 2 some1.c saw rebecca by her side n woke her up.
"rebi rebi wake up"
R:"piya u awake?"
P:"1st answer me.u r ok rt n wat abt mom n dad.they r fine rt?"
R:"relax piya.everything's alright.u jst ad a bad dream dats it.calm down sis."
P:"rebi I want 2 c every1 rt nw.plz cal them all."
All the jaiswal family members gathered round piya.
Kamya:"piya we al r fine.u jst ad a bad dnt panic dear."
Piya hugged her mom n cried her heart out.
P:"momma I was so afraid...metz is so evil.she..she.."
K:"stop it piya.jst 4get it.nw my dear daughter freshen up n come downstairs.u must b hungry."
P:"ya rt mom.m really very hungry.i want a huge breakfast."
Every1 smiled looking at piya n her cuteness.they were glad dat her charm returned back.sth struck piya's mind n c eyed kamya pleadingly.
K:"no piya m nt going 2 let u out.remember u r grounded 4 a week."
P:"dats nt fair mom."
K:"nt again piya.dats ur old dialogue.try sth new gal"
Aman was staring at his cell was constantly ringing bt he was tryin his best 2 control himself frm answering the call.meera noticed his dilemma.
M:"aman wats the matter.y arent u answering the call?"
Aman jst ignored meera's question.meera was sad luking at dat state of her bst fren cum uncle who seemed so lost n distracted.c didnt want 2 break thru his mind bt widout aving any other way c decided 2 use her charm.

"no I wil nt meet her but...but how wil I stop myself...after all I ... I love her."
Meera smiled knowing aman's thoughts.
"oh so its al because of a gal.dnt worry aman I wil defo help u."
Piya was feeling restless.c was feeling as if sth was calling her.c was feelin as if sth was calling her.c was feeling as if some1 needed her badly n the only name dat came 2 her mind was 'abhay'.
P:"i dnt know y bt m feelin dat abhay needs me."
R:"u mst be joking piya.y wld dat arrogand self centered person need u?oh oh I 4got u av been in luv wid him thru dreams."
P:"m serious rebi.its nt abt the childhood dreams or crush.m really feeling restless.i need 2 go n visit him."
R:"n be kicked out right?"
P:"rebi plz.i need ur help.plz persuade mom 2 let me out."
R:"no no nt wid mom.i dnt want 2 get grounded again n again."
P:"plz rebi.for umm...ya ryan.please."
R:"piya u r blackmailing me.its nt so lyk u."
P:"i know"
R:"wat if mom grounded u again?"
P:"i dnt care bt 4 nw I need 2 go n visit him.m goin 2 sneak out.plz handle mom till I return.luv u rebi."
R:"piya wait..."
Bt who could stop piya.c rushed 2wards raichand mansion.c was feeling energetic yet restless.c just wanted 2 c abhay as soon as possible.

Part 2 posted below.

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-srija- Goldie

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Chapter 10 part 2

Piya crept inside the raichand mansion.c luked around as c didnt want 2 encounter chadeena.c was confident regarding her sheild of elements around her body bt c was tierd n cldnt hold her sheild 4 long so c let go of it.
Piya jumped wid fright hearing her name.c turned around 2 find arya standing behind her wid a gloomy face.
P:"oh! Its u arya.well how do I greet the queen of dark magic."
A:"wats the use of being a queen wen ur magic doesnt work at that time when it is most needed."
P:"why wat happened?"
P:"i knew it.its abhay.he did sth 2 u right?how do u even live wid him in the same house.theres nothing important 2 him dan his own self esteem.proudy,arrogant n self centered human...oops sorry nt human bt an evil dark wizard.i was a fool 2 come here widout obeying mom's order as I though he needed...4get it.rebi was right y wld he even need me..."
Piya kept babbling on n on till c saw dat arya luked damn serious.
P:"sorry I jst cant stop talking.y r u so sad.plz tell me."
A:"abhay...he is unconscious since the day b4.its been almost 18 hrs.i tried al dat I cld 2 wake him up n mom n dad r trying 2 do the same bt no use.piya u r a fairy.wld u please help us."
Piya's face fell.c nodded silently.arya led piya 2 abhay's room.piya slowly opened the door.the usually dark room was filled wid the soft glow of light.c luked around n found hundreds of candles lit all over the room.the 1st word dat came 2 her mind was "wow...".at the centre of the room abhay was lying lifeless in his bed.haseena n chand,4 the 1st time in their life were co-operating wid each other.a large bowl of silvery water lay infront of haseena wid a kind of herb it it.her hand was joined wid chand n their eyes were closed in concerntration.chand's left hand was on abhay's head n he was chanting something.piya could feel the scent of dark magic in the room.c stared at the unusually calm face of abhay.
"i never knew he cld luk so calm."
Though c tried 2 joke her heart was heavy.
Chadeena sighed in frustration n opened their eyes.
H:"its no use,its nt working at all.dat was the last spell I cld channel bt It didnt work either.nw wat r we gonna do?"
Chadeena luked up at arya n wen they saw piya,they seemed kind of relieved.nw their last hope was piya.the three of dem luked at piya in anticipation.though chadeena hated fairies n white magic 4 abhay they were ready 2 cooperate wid piya.
P:"wat?y r u al eyeing me in dat way?"
Ar:"nw u r our last hope."
P:"wat can I do?i dnt know anything abt magic n such stuffs."
A:"piya u dnt need 2 know anything.u r a fairy n ur power wik guide u automatically."
Piya felt helpless.
P:"ya I know bt m the most careless fairy in existence.i av neveq been able use ma power let me c wat I can do."
Haseena n chand left abhay's side n piya occupied dat space.c bit her lips trying 2 figure out wat 2 do.c glanced at abhax who seemed 2 be in deep sleep.c sprinkled some water on his face.
"silly piya,he isnt an unconscious human c whom u can sprinke some water n wake him up.use ur mind piya.aaargh...m useless."
C didnt know whether 2 touch him or nt.finally c closed her eyes shut n touched his forehead lightly.c felt ger new energy flowing out of her body n c felt very light as if a great burden had been removed frm her shoulder.c withdrew her hands wid a jerk feeling the pull.dat was when c saw abhay move.c didnt want 2 get scolded again so c decided 2 leave.
"arya m leaving.i think he is abt 2 wake up"
"bt piya..."
"no arya I must had grounded me and if c found out abt me sneaking out of the house,m dead."
Piya hurried 2wards the door.c opened the door n was jst abt 2 step outside c heard abhay's voice.

Part 3 posted below.

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Chapter 10 part 3

Piya was glued 2 the ground.c cldnt move.her heart skipped a beat hearing her name.c turned around n saw abhay looking at her bt the calmness in his face was replaced by a kind of irritated expression.
"i didnt asked 4 it anyways thanks 4 ur help."
"hey cant u even thank me in proper manner.oohh I 4got its great abhay raichand thanking a mere piya cld mr. Raichand b polite 2 some1 inferior 2 him.m just a stupid gal 2 anticipate politeness 4rm u."
P:"what?slug?u called me slug.i helped u n u r treating me in dis way."
Piya placed both her hands on her hips,pouted her lips n glared at abhay.abhay approached piya n came so close 2 her making her flush even more.c searched 4 words as c cldnt utter a single word.
Abhay took off a chain frm his neck.the chain was golden wid a large round brass locket wid various small words carved in it which piya cldnt understand.
A:"here..take it."
P:"r u ordering me?n y did u think I wld accept it frm YOU."
A:"if u wont take it den I wil make u take it"
Piya tried 2 gulp down her fear as c cld c abhay's eyes blazing with rage.c cldnt understand y c cld only c anger in those eyes.
When c made no movement abhay himself took the lead n clasped the locket on piya's neck which fitted her perfectly.the locket was beautiful.c absolutely loved it bt didnt want 2 admit it.
A:"nw leave.thats the way m expressing my gratitude.and remember dat locket is even older than our existence.dnt u dare mess with it."
Piya was dumbfounded.c just stared at him rising the discomfort widin abhay dat led him 2 turn his back 2 her.chadeena were still trying 2 digest the fact dat abhay was actually calm than any other day.arya was smiling inwardly though c didnt dare 2 smile infront of abhay.
Having nth else 2 do n since abhay ordered her to leave c waved bye 2 arya n left the raichand mansion.chadeena left the room as they wanted 2 get some rest after the tiresome day.
Arya:"bhai u helped her wid dat enchanted locket widout letting her know right.admit it bhai dat u care 4 her."
Abhay:"its nth lxk dat.c helped me n I returned the favour dats it.i dnt lyk 2 b burdened by others favour.and ya I wld do anything,even frenship wid piya if it wil bring hindrance in dat bitch maithli's plans. Arya u knew I hate lights rt.."
With 1 flick of his finger the whole room turned dark once again giving abhay the feeling of belongingness n superiority."
Piya was relieved 2 know dat rebecca had done the work of handling kamya very well.c silently entered her room nd stood infront of the mirror.the only thing c cld c was the locket which was glowing wid perfection.c touched the locket again n again.c was still dazed by the touch of abhay n his closeness.c cld feel dat c was falling in luv wid him all over again-n dis time nt in dreams bt in reality.

Next chapter:the diary.

Sorry guys I was stuck up wid my studies so cldnt update soon.please forgive me.hope u lyk dis chapter.
With love

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Res. Update soon waiting

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awsm update srija ..

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res (m late Cry) update soon we r waiting 

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