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Maneet FF-Love makes Life Beautiful#3-Ch 41-P141 (Page 56)

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awesome plz update soon...

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Awesome update

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Good Morning Soums

Me waiting LOLLOLLOL

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plz update soon !!!!

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Update coming up in twenty minutes...!!!!! LOLLOL
Hello Everyone,
Here is the next update...!!!!!

Chapter 35

The car stopped a little distance away from the mansion and Geet looked at the driver and was shocked.

"aage aao", he told her.

"aap?", she said, shocked. "I thought you were sleeping". She got out of the car and when and sat in the seat beside the driver's seat.

"I was working and then the driver told me he would be late. So I had to drive you, since I told you, that the driver would drop you to the airport", he said, driving.

"I see", she said. "How can you stay up all night?"

"I am used to it- meetings, calls, presentations etc etc, make it impossible for me to sleep sometimes",he said.

They continued speaking for sometime about various things and finally the car came to a halt at the airport.

"One hour got over so fast", wondered Geet, getting out of the car. Maan got her luggage out and helped her with it.

She turned to look at him and said, "Bye"

"Bye", he said and moved towards her and hugged her. She was shocked to her wits. Was she dreaming? She hugged him back and held him tight for sometime.

She then moved back from him and raised her self on her toes. She kissed his nose slightly. He held her by her waist, all this while and said, "Take good care of you, Geet. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me".

"Sure", she said and kissed his cheek this time. He did not say anything nor did he stop her.

"Check in and come out for sometime. I'll wait near the visitors place", he told her. She nodded and went and checked in. she came back to the visitor's area and he stood there, looking at some other people.

"Kya dekh rahe ho?", she asked.

"Wondering why people cry so much", he said, pointing to the people a little away from them.

"Ab sab aapke aur mere tarah nahin honge na. Pattar jaise", she said, looking at those people.

He smiled and looked back at her. She looked at him, too. Both of them smiled.

"Why dint you sign the card?",she asked.

"What was in the card?", he asked.

"We will miss you Geet, was written", she said.

"I see", was his reply.

"That is not the answer to my question", she said.

Before he could answer the question, the announcement for bording of her flight had come. She took a deep breath and said, "Okay time to leave now. Cant afford to miss this flight"

"Hmmm", he said.

She said, "Bye Maan. Take care."

"Yep, you too, honey", he said. She smiled and turned to go. She walked a little distance and turned back to look at him. He gestured her to come back and she did.

"Geet, I did not sign the card because I do not believe in, stating the obvious", he said. She did not seem to understand what he said.

"Bye Geet", he said and patted her cheek and walked away. She touched her cheek and walked away too. She sat in the flight and recollected his words, "I do not believe in stating the obvious".

"Oh Geet, you nitwit. How could you not understand this?", she mumbled. She pulled her phone out to text him, but the airhostess told her to switch it off as the flight doors were closed. She switched off her cell phone, closed her eyes, and recollected his words repeatedly. Her insides jumped in joy.

"He was going to miss her and he did not say it, because it was obvious", could her day have started off any better? First, he drops her to the airport, and then he hugs her and allows her to kiss him. Next he tells her that he would miss her. Geet wanted to dance, but too bad, the seatbelt sign had just switched on and the flight was on the runway ready to take off.

"Dang it", she thought, as she looked outside the window. "Haan, Now my S'pore trip is gonna rock", she told herself, "Maan Khurana you have not failed to make me happy yet again".

Khurana Mansion

Maan came to dining room and found Daadima already there. "Where are the others?", he asked.

"They'll be here soon", she said, putting the newspaper aside.

"Okay!", he said, pouring some juice into his glass.

"So, did you safely drop Geet to the airport?", she asked.

He looked at her shocked and stopped pouring the juice. He held the jug midway. She smiled mischievously.

"Maan, you'll drop the juice. Put the jug down", she said. He put the jug safely on the table and still looked astounded.

"Okay I get your question, "How do I know?" Here is the answer. It was simple Maan. The car that was parked in front of the mansion to drop her had darker shade on its windows. As far as I know you Maan, you would never allow any woman of the house, to go, in a car with a darker window shades, as it might not be safe, especially when a driver is driving the car. You've time and again told Kiara that if anything goes wrong, then these darker shades will just add to your worries, as people outside cannot see you and come to your rescue when needed. So how would you send Geet, in such a car?"

He smiled at her logic and said, "Smart!"

"Ofcourse, Daadi kiske?", she said, proudly. "I was a little worried when Geet did not want any of us to come to the airport. Once I saw the car and all its windows closed, I smiled and bid her a "bye" confidently- as nothing would go wrong- Maan Khurana was dropping her off".

Maan nodded his head and sighed. By the time she could continue, the rest of them came to the dining room.

"Good morning Daadiji", said Dev, "Kya baat ho rahan hain", he asked, "anyone going anywhere? I heard you tell bro about dropping someone off. Though it wasn't clear".

"Arey kuch nahin beta. Maan was telling me that he would himself drop some delegates to the airport, so I told him, okay. That's it. Come now, you people are late", she said, serving some toast.

Kiara looked dead sleepy. She sat beside Maan and said, "Bro zara juice pass karna. Mujhe zyaada nahin khana, I feel heavy and I'm sleepy", she complained.

"Go and sleep after you're done", he told her, while serving her some juice.

"Waise Veerji, even your eyes look red. Aap raat mein kaafi der tak kaam kar rahen the kya?", asked Naintara.

"Haan, and I woke up early to finish some work", he lied, blatantly and Daadima did not say anything.

All of them quietly had breakfast. Everyone at the table, looked sleepy and exhausted. They quickly finished breakfast and walked away. Again only Daadima and Maan were left.

"You should rest too", he advised her.

"Oh yes, I will, in sometime", she said, picking up the newspaper again.

He sat there doing nothing when he felt someone walk in. he did not bother to look in that direction.he heard a female voice, call out to him, "Maan".

His instant reply, was "Bolo Geet". he knew that voice was not his Daadima's so it had to be Geet's. Since she is the only person, who called him by his first name. Daadima looked up from the newspaper at Sasha and Sasha looked shocked and so did Daadima.

Maan, finally, looked in the direction of the voice and saw sasha standing there.

"Sasha tum?", he asked.

"Haan, kuch papers pe sign chahiye tha. You dint come to office so I came home", she said.

"Tumne mujhe abhi abhi kya kehke bulaya?", he questioned.

"Maan", she answered.

"Sasha, mujhe Maan kehke bulaane ka haq sirf mere Daadima ko hain, aur kisiko nahin. You have always called me, MK, so just call me that", he said.

Daadima looked into the newspaper and smirked. "Sirf Daadima ko hain, haq? Liar", she thought.

He took the papers from Sasha and looked through them very quickly. He signed the papers and gave it to her.

"Are you not coming to office today?", she asked, taking the papers from him.

"No", he said, "You take care of the office", he told her.

"Okay, see you!", she said, and flashed a smile and Daadima, who very politely smiled back. Sasha left the mansion.

Daadima cleared her throat and Maan looked at her

"What?", he asked.

"Bolo Geet", she said and cleared her throat again, "hume lagta hain, humne kuch ghalt suna ya phir aapne kuch ghalat kahan?"

"Aapne kuch ghalat nahin suna aur na hi maine kuch ghalat kahan. Mujhe sach mein laga ki Geet ne bulaya tha. Only she calls me by my first name, after you", he said.

"And you happily gave her that privilege which once only belonged to me. Why?", she asked.

"What else would she call me, if she would not call me, Maan?", he asked her, pulling the newspaper's supplement.

"Well,  I dunno. Maybe she could call you MSK or MK or Mr. Khurana etc etc. I mean, how would I know?", she said, with a lopsided smile.

"Cut it out Daadima", he said, pretending to look through the headlines.

"Maan, you're holding the newspaper upside down", she said and laughed. He realized what he was doing and threw the mewspaper on the table and got up.

"I'm going to the outhouse", he said.

"Geet is gone, Maan", she reminded him.

"I know. I dropped her to the airport this morning", he reminded her.

"Then why are you still in the outhouse? Shift back to the mansion", she ordered him.

"Hmmm, lets see", he said.

"What do you mean?", she asked, getting up from her chair.

"I dunno. I need some rest now and I'm sure you need some rest too. So, see you later", he said. He turned to walk away when his Daadima stopped him.

"Do you want to discuss something with me, Maan? I can feel some restlessness in you", she said, walking towards him.

He turned and looked at her and smiled. No matter how much he tried to not tell her, what he was going through, this woman in front of him, always knew.

"Why do you know me so well? It is annoying at times", he said.

She smiled and said, "Well, I will never force you to tell me something that you don't want to. The choice is yours, Son", she said, patting his back.

"Hmmm", he sighed, "Can we talk about this, in the evening? I need some rest now", he requested.

"Sure, whenever you are ready to express yourself", she said, smiling.

"I love you", he said, "Daadima"

"I think I love you, too", she said, winking.
That's it for now...!!!!! So, Geet's flight has taken off to S'pore... Now what????? ShockedShockedShocked.
Dunno, lets see, in the next update...!!!
HAha, thanks for you're wonderful comments... loved them to the core... gosh, amazing readers I have...!!!! ClapClapClapNice long lovely comments, make my day... and make me happy, and in turn I made Maan hug Geet... lol... so keep leaving nice long comments...!!!! ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL  Lol. just kidding, thought it was appropriate for the moment...!!!! Big smileEmbarrassed
Now Precap: "Oh Whatever, I don't care..." !!!!! Big smileTongueWink
P.S. I am in love with this line, "I did not sign the card becuase I do not believe in stating the obvious"...!!!!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

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Originally posted by pickle6586

Update coming up in twenty minutes...!!!!! LOLLOL

DancingI cant wait for this 20mins to flew off...Dancing

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omg omg omg
i think i am more happy that geet
i am doing my bhangraROFL
uff i am deadFaint

loveddd the updatee
  to you soumyaa
haye loved the kiss geet gave to maan and the hugDay Dreaming

my heart was beating fast reading those scenes

uff ur driving me crazy with the FF

i cant wait for next part
update soonnn pleaseeeEmbarrassed
cant wait


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