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FF- Promise To Never Leave Me Thread 2 Link Up (Page 35)

SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
Ok Looking Forward To It. (:

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pinkpearlz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
Waiting for it

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niya_s Senior Member

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 6:53pm | IP Logged awesome writing yaar...I absolutely love it... I just got time to read all the parts and they leave me wanting more. You r an awesome writer. Smile

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AquaBluez17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by niya2121 awesome writing yaar...I absolutely love it... I just got time to read all the parts and they leave me wanting more. You r an awesome writer. Smile

thanks alot hun! im glad you had the time to catch up!Big smile
AquaBluez17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
Author's Note- Hey guys! Sorry for the late update but here you go ! The long update! It is 2407 words! Wow rite?!!? LOLBig smile

Part 5 -

                Khushi walked to the dining room swiftly wondering what was wrong. Before she even got to the room she heard loud voices, explaining to her immediately what was wrong.  Hey Devi Maayiya! Yeh loga phirse lard rahi hain?! Ab kya huwa hai? ( Hey Devi Maayiya. These people are fighting once again? What happened now?) She heard Mami and Nani talking, rather screaming at each other.

                Hey Devi Maayia, phirse?! , she questioned herself mentally.  She speed up and pretty much ran to the dining room.

                "Akash bitwa ki bhi shaadi hogi ki nahi nah? ( Akash son is going to get married nah?), " Mami asked Nani.

                " Hai Manorama, Akash ki bhi shaadi hogi! Par woh apne liye laadki toh dhumrha! ( Yes Manorama, Akash will also get married! But he has to find a girl for himself first! ),"  Nani answered.

                "Akash bitwa shaadi karaiengi humaare choicewa ki saath!, ( Akash son will marry according to my choice!)" Mami declared.

                "Apki, pasanda toh hum janate hain ( I know you choice),"  Nani told Mami.

                "Sasuma aap chinta kyun karethain? Worry not! Mami is here! (Mother- in 'law why are you nervous?), " Mami told Nani.

                " Ishe kit oh chinta hai hume. Aap hi nahi hoothe toh kitna accha hota (That is what I am worried about. If you were not here then it would have been great.) , " Nani muttered to herself.

                "Kya? Aap kucho kaha rahi hain kyaa?? ( What? Did you say something??),  Mami questioned"

                As Khushi reached the living room, she saw Di walking as swiftly as possible to the two ladies, in the dining room, whose conversation looked like it could have turned ugly any minute.  She heard Di trying to console the two ladies, but off course they were too like each other to actually heed what others were trying to tell them. Khushi shook her head slightly at their baby- like actions. Koi bhi iss garh mein neech nahi hota hai!, she thought to herself thinking about Arnav, aur woh toh kabhi bhi nahi!

                She finally reached the dining table and saw that she was right. Their conversation had taken a turn for the worse. They were now arguing about how Nani, did not care for a rich bahu! She just wanted a sanskari laadki which Mami would never be able to find since like always attract like, and Mami is not sanskari. Off course lead Mami to get angry and they had gotten in this twist of words. Khushi could see that she would have to say something right now since poor Di was just being overpowered by these two ladies, whose ego's were hurt and inflating due to the shock of the pain.

She opened her mouth to say something when the door bell rang once again. Before anything could be said, Om Prakash walked quickly to the door and opened it, to allow Akash to enter the house.  Hai Devi Maayyia. Aaj toh yeh gaye. Isko bacha leyna!, sending a quick prayer to her god once again.


Akash walked into the house and could feel the air thicken around him. Kya? Arrey hawa kisey thick ho sakthi hain?, he shook his head at his gut feeling.  He looked at Om Prakash and nodded his head in a way to show his gratitude and wondered where everyone was. He did not have to think for long as he soon saw what he had felt when he had walked in. His mother and nani where at it again.  He sighed inwardly thinking, Yeh dono kabhi thak thi nahi hain kya?  He noticed they both became quiet as they noticed him walking up to them.  Lag tha hai ki yeh mere baarai mein baat kar rahi teh. He took a huge breath trying to calm his over active nerves, down. Nahi, aaj toh mujhe kuch bolna hi hoga, he convinced himself. Bracing himself for the upcoming war that he would have to face, he walked up to his mother.

"Ma, mujhe apse kuch baat kar ni hain ( Mom, I have to talk to you)," he stated looking everywhere but at his mother's face. He did not want to see a look of excitement on her face only to have it broken by him later. He did not want to break his mom's heart, but he just could not back out of this one. He knew this had to be done, however wrong it may have been.  Before he could gather enough courage to continue to tell her his story and important decision she started to speak.

"Arrey Akash bitwa tumho returnwa bhi gai? Dekho, hum apne soon to be daughter- in- lawa keh liye kya buy kiye hain! ( Oh Akash son you are back home? Look at what I brought for my DIL), " Mami said, bringing out a colorful parrot green saree with black embroidery . 

Akash looked at the saree in awe and without realizing started to imagine her in it. Yes that was why he did not want to marry any of the girls his mom was selecting for him. He had already chosen the girl of his dreams and he could not just let her go. She was perfect was him and the Raizada mansion. Yes she was not rich and did not have as much money as his family did, but her heart was made of pure gold and what could have been richer than that? He looked at the saree with deep love. He could see the cloth draped over her already with her maang full of sindhoor and her manglsutra hugging her neck. He knew that he had to be the one who filled her maang, the one who's manglsutra she would wear everywhere to show the world that she was married. That she was someone else's property, someone else's love. He wanted her to his forever and not just in this life time but in every life time. She was the only one for him and he could not live or even think about living without her. Even the thought brought goose bumps on his arm. 

He thought about how he had gotten to know her. How when they talked he felt love pass through her eyes. As if she loved him too.  How he waited for her to call him, Akashji, and how his lips died to say her name over and over again, Payalji, Payal, mere Payal. It sounded beautiful! Like god had planned this all out before. A smile slowly, creped on his face as he thought of the day when he would be asked who she was, and would get to introduce her as his wife.  He would introduce her as Payal, Payal Akash Singh Raizada.  The thought gave him strength to say what he had to say. He looked away from the saree to Di who was standing there looking at him with meaningful eyes. He watched as she worked out what he had to say. He nodded to her to tell her that it was time to do so. She looked a bit doubtful but after looking at him fully she shook her head and smiled confidently and encouragingly.  Looking at her he felt new strength. Someone understands, he thought. 

Finally looking at his mom he saw how excitedly she was showing him all of the things she had bought. Her eyes were full of pride and joy that her son was going to get married finally and that too, to the girl of her choice. How could he break her heart?? How could he do this to her? She had so much trust in him, how could he just break it all away? Not being able to handle the mental pressure that standing there was causing him, he excused himself saying he had work to do. He did not want to look at his mother since he knew he had let her down. He did not want to look at Di, since now she knew he was a coward, and he knew he could never look Payal in the eye since he was too weak to confess his love for her. He walked to his room, feeling like the worst person on the world.


Khushi had seen how out of it Akash had looked. She noticed how he did not pay attention to anything his mom said. How he just stood there as if he was staring at a wall. He was lost in his own world. She had also not missed the look that had passed between Di and Akash. It did not surprise her too much since she had already had a hunch about this, but now her thoughts were confirmed. Akash did not want to marry, but not due to the fact that he wanted to be a bachelor, he had already chosen a wife for himself. She smiled at herself at the joy of figuring out the secret that she had seen eating her devar away. From the look on Akash's face, she could tell that he had come to tell his mom about his girl. She just wished him the best and that he would have the courage. Her spirits died down when she heard Akash say that he had work to do and quickly walked to his room before he could have been questioned. Eh loh. Jaisa bahi waise hi toh hoga. Aur ab dekho, bahi ka dialogue bi maar gaya! Abhi baath thi hoon. Ab toh hum apne devarani ko leikar hi aaengi, she thought smiling and excuse herself slyly so no one question where she was going.


Akash reached his room and sat down exhausted. All of this internal conflict had drained him out completely. Who knew that love would be this tough to achieve, he wondered and then answered himself, Shakespear' He knew' No wonder everyone ended up dead in his plays. Whatever happens, I will and only marry Payal. Nothing can stop me. But wait! I do not know if she wants to marry me' I have not even acknowledged my love for her to her! What if she does not feel the same for me? Oh that could create some problems for sure, he thought to himself.  Fine. Tomorrow first thing I will do is go to her house and propose to her. He will explain that is she is okay with this relationship, and then he will get his family involved and tell them to go and talk to her family. Well half of my family anyway since Di already knows about this, Khushiji would be delighted to hear about this, Nani would get her sanksari laadki, Papa would only care for my happiness and Bahi would not be bothered at all. So technically all he had to do was help his mom understand. Great plan, he thought. So engaged in his thoughts he was that he did not hear the soft knock on the door.


Khushi knocked on Akash's door softly and waited for him to give the green signal. When no one responded for about a minute, Khushi turned the handle of the room and found it to be open. She pushed the door open and came face to face with a very troubled looking Akash, sitting on his couch.  She went up to him and tried to console him and questioned him about his health or what it was that was bothering him. Khushi wanted to hear and wanted it to be confirmed that Akash indeed did love someone.  When he refused to answer, she sat down next to him and questioned him once again.

Akash got up instantly like he had felt a current go through him and exclaimed, "I love her! I love her Khushi. Is that so wrong?? Is my love so wrong that I have to suffer this much??"

Khushi smiled inwardly at his declaration. She acted as if she was shocked to his face or else he would have gotten more nervous than before.  Remembering he had asked her something she answered, "No it is not bad. Do not worry. Tell me do you have something planned?"

 She sat there and listened to his plan and noticed how he had slyly avoided mentioning the name of his soon to be bride. When she had questioned him about her, he had only said that Khushi would not know her smiling as if he was sharing a personal joke with himself.  After listening to his whole plan, Khushi gave him the green signal telling him to go and do everything in his plan. It was perfect and nothing would go wrong. He seemed to be a bit apprehensive about if the girl actually liked him but Khushi knew, that any girl in her right mind would like Akash! Even jiji had liked him and told her that many times, she thought.

Khushi got up to leave the room when she suddenly turns around, clutching the almost forgotten phone in her hand. She looked at the screen to see that there was still no call from Arnav.

She asked, " Akash, apko paata hai ki Arnavji kaha hain?"

" Nahi babbhi. Mujhe nahi pata, "he replied snapping out of his own problems for the moment. He watched her turn around before he could get a glimpse of her face.

Khushi nodded quickly and turned, walking away as quickly as she could out of the room. Suddenly it had gotten too hot in the room. She felt herself go stiff as her mind went back into its ocean of worry. Before she left the room, she turned slightly to tell Akash to come down to dinner now as everyone was seated and ready to start.


Akash watched her walk out feeling bad for her. He got slightly angry at bahi for doing this to her always but then remembered that Arnav never lied to her. If he had made a promise to her to come home early he would have come by now.  Pushing his thoughts away, he quickly ran to catch up to Khushi. Both entered the dining room. He looked at the table and saw that there were only 5 plates set up for people to eat.  Shocked, he looked at Khushi.  Seeing the pain in her eyes he decided not to question and sits down at his spot to eat.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you all like it! Your comments motivate me to write much faster and update quicker lol.  Do hit the like button and comment!

P.S. sorry guys for no Arnav! I hav to get the story to have more plots so no Arnav, but he will be there in the next update

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arnavforever Groupbie

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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
LOVED IT Tongue ... Plz add me in your pm list...

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cpervaiz Goldie

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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 5:24pm | IP Logged

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FebruaryFlower IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
Fab update sugar.
Poor Akash...I really feel for him. I hope he soon musters the courage to tell his mother about Payal!
I can't believe Arnav still hasn't come. He'll probably come once Khushi's asleep...!!
Looking forward to the next part, so update soon!
Thanks a bunch for the PM sugar!!

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