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FF- Promise To Never Leave Me Thread 2 Link Up (Page 135)

AquaBluez17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!! Yup another update!! Whoot!! Today is your day!! Hope you all enjoy it!

This update is for Munchy who really loves this FF. You are gonna kill me after the udpateBig smile

Ammie made it Tongue

Isn't it gorgeous?!!? I love it !! Now all my FF's have awesome possum banners!! I hope you like them, I think I would rather just stare at the banner than actually read!! Good idea, you guys should do that LOLLOL

Part 12

Recap: Khushi talked to Akash about why he would not marry, making him reveal that he would marry, by his own choice and was planning to ask who he loved to marry him. In their room,
Khushi thought about her birthday and how Arnav had supported her that day, while she waited for him. She heard the door fly open, making her exclaim in joy.

    Khushi ran out of their bedroom to see the empty hall. It was dark with barely any moonlight coming in, but she did not care. It did not matter to her at the moment that she was supposedly scared of the dark. All she could think of was how she had heard the door open, announcing his arrival. She had to see him, had to make sure he was okay. Khushi did not want to say it, but she had been worried, very worried about him. She had been scared ever since her hand had accidentally knocked down his smiling picture. When she saw no one in the hall, she rushed down to the main door anyway, to check if anyone was there.

The doors were closed with no sight of anyone being there. She looked around, trying to see if he had been here, any sign would have calmed her down. When she saw no such thing, she stood there, staring at the door. Her feet started to move and she walked to the kitchen. Taking out all of the things she needed, she absentmindedly started to do what she did best when she was overstressed. She made jalebies.

Arnav had come home to see the lights off everywhere. Assuming that everyone had went to sleep, he went to the downstairs bathroom, thinking that Khushi was probably asleep too so he would bother her if he went to the bathroom in his own room. Handing his laptop bag and coat to OP on the way, he swiftly walked into the bathroom, not even bothering to say thanks to OP for opening the door for him.

Anjali sat wide awake on the bed in her room. She was thinking about how Shyam and how even though they pretended to be okay, Khushi and Arnav were anything but okay. Anjali knew that Arnav had still not forgiven Khushi for what Shyam had done. It bothered her so much since she could not see the poor girl being tortured for something she had not even done. Anjali knew that Khushi had not trapped Shyam, she knew that Khushi was innocent, which is why when the truth came out, Anjali had not hesistated to throw the man, her supposed husband, out of the house.

Anjali had known about Shyam's previous affairs too when they were married. She had even caught him once, but he had lied to her, and she had chosen to believe his lie rather than do what she should have done. When Chotey had told her about Shyam and why he had married Khushi, she had thrown Shyam out of the house. The good thing about the whole situation was that only she knew about why Chotey and Khushi had married. Chotey had been worried about her reaction so he had told her about something she was already aware of in private. What she had not been aware of was the reasons behind his marriage to Khushi.

She had made him promise, promise to never tell anyone why he had married Khushi. Only the three of them knew, no one else knew and would ever know. Anjali had also made her brother promise that he would never leave her, never leave Khushi or Anjali. He would be there for the both of them. Anjali did not want Chotey to torture Khushi about Shyam's deed but she knew he did it anyway. It will stop though. This cannot keep happening. Khushi can't live with such injustice. I know Chotey loves her, and she loves him. Now it is time for the two to realize their own love and admit it to each other. I will not let Chotey ruin Khushi's life like Shyam ruined mine. She got up off of the bed to go see if Arnav had come home yet.

Om walked to the kitchen when he heard loads of noises coming from there. Arnavji had not said anything, but Om knew that he had to go and put away the things Arnavji had given to him, but the noises distracted him. Maybe Khushiji is making jalebies..., Om thought as he quickened his pace to the kitchen before things got too out of hands. No wonder Arnavji came home later today. They probably had a fight which is why Arnavji just came home and now Khushiji is making jalebies too. Walking into the kitchen he saw her bent over the cooking pot with a spatula in one hand while the other held a half eaten jalebi.

"Stop Khushiji!" Om cried, hoping that he could distract her for even one second.

Khushi broke out of her trance when she heard OP calling on her. Looking at him startled, she noticed that he was holding his laptop band and his coat! She looked up at OP, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

"Is he back?" she asked, putting down the spatula and walking out of the kitchen even before OP could answer.

She ran to their room, climbing up the stairs in twos. Swinging the door open of the room, she walked in to see no one there. Swiftly she walked to the bathroom, slamming the door open. There was no one there either but there sure was a smell there. It is his cologne!! He has been here! She noticed the steam on the bathroom mirror, getting even more excited as she realized that she was not  just imagining the smell. He had actually been there.

She ran downstairs once again to see if he had been there after his obvious shower in their bathroom.

After going to the downstairs bathroom, Arnav climbed up to his room, opening the door, expecting his wife to be sleeping on the bed. He was a bit shocked when he saw that she was not there, but forced himself to not think about her. She does not care right? Well I don't care either. She told me herself that she was not actually my wife so why should I care? Whatever.

He went to the closet, pushing aside her clothes which were completely mixed in with his. Finally he found his black and white v- neck shirt and pants, bringing them out so he could change. Walking to the bathroom, he decided to take a nice hot shower since she was not there anyway so he would not be waking her up.

Arnav walked out changed into his home clothes, with his hair still wet from his hot shower. Feeling relieved he walked to his favorite place, his beautiful garden, his thoughts still tainted by his lovely wife. Where is she? She is not even in the room and still has not come to me...

Arnav had been surprised when OP had opened the door since usually Khushi would do that. She had never gone to bed before him during their whole marriage. When OP had opened the door, he had been a bit confused but assumed that she had feel asleep due to the overload of work she had probably done during the day. Now she is not even there... I wonder...

Khushi walked to the last place she knew he would be. If he was not there then, where could he be?  Her breathing high due to the anticipation, she took the shortcut to the garden, not being able to wait any longer. Quickly she walked up to their bedroom and looked out the glass doors which showed the garden clearly.

There he was, tending to his plants as if it was the most normal thing to do. He was wearing his black and white t-shirt, the one Khushi loved. Relief hit her like a tsnami and she saw him cutting twigs on his plants, trimming them once again even though he had done so yesterday too. Feelings taking over her, she ran...

Well!?!? I hope you liked it! Like and Leave Comments!!

Hershi... ahh never mind! You don't need me to remind youWink

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phewww!!! finally got through it =D
i don't think i need to tell you that i loved it haha!! but i will anyways =D I LOVED IT =D

They were playing hide and seek throughout the whole part!! i was like now she will find him...or now he will see her! but nope -__-

He misses her and he knows it but the jerk is in denial as usual -__- 

i cant believe she went to make jalebis lmfao! typical her! 

Really looking forward to the next part for some ArHi moments...u better give us some -__- i mean it!!
i want ARHI!!! i shall start a protest if u dont -__-


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im feeling pretty awesome at this moment. no really, i am. i mean im never this good. really, never. its sad that it only happens when i should direly be doing something else, but koi nahi.

HUG HIM WOMAN! JUST DO IT! [start nike ad now]
man theyre so mean to each daft. o well loves always been a rocky just keep on walking.

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Finally you are off your strike!!! it has been a long time since i heard someone say awesome possum...i loved the update
these two had so many hits and the end if i was khushi i would have totally hugged that hunky man

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alice54 Goldie

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finally Kushi saw himBig smileBig smile
hoping for a big and fat patch up between them...which only you could give us...plz do the honours for usBig smileBig smileBig smile... continue soon...
And make teh jalebi making sessions double out of happiness for kushi...

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Thanks for the PM. Hope they meet soon.

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shybabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
It's awesome girls! Fantastic! And thanks
for the pm!

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MsCeylon IF-Dazzler

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When will they understand their love 
Hope it's soon

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