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parul_bansal Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 9:32am | IP Logged
awww such a wonderful update..
loved it
aww i guess nupur liked him that's y she felt something on seeing him with some1 else...
hope my mayur be together...
thanks 4 the pm
may god bless u

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np18 Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 10:40am | IP Logged laughing so much.

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gopi06 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 January 2010
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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 11:21am | IP Logged
interesting updt fiza
waiting to know nupur's feelings for mayank...cont soon
thanks for the pm

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
unres my comment on page 49 Smile

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Angels_Ring Goldie

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 10:50am | IP Logged
nice update...
initial part iss too hilarious...
waiting for the next part...update soon

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Bhawna_arti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Lovly part...

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.rumki. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 March 2010
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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 12:36am | IP Logged
awesome update
mayank is too naughty lol,he arranged a girl 4 nupur.

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 February 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged


Chapter: 10

Nupur: hey…WHAT…magar kyun….

Throwing her phone on the seat she was hell angry moreover she doesn't know how to react ..she took the phone again and dialed a no..

Nupur: I wanna meet u….

With high pitch anger she reached inside the house, and banged opens the door,

Nupur: can u explain why u did so….she crossed her arms around her chest, and ask in utter frustration

Mayank: no I don't things I have to explain anything…

Nupur: what do u mean u don't have to, han..tum kerna kiya chaty ho..

Mayank: yeah meri life hai mein wohi keroga jo mjh sahi lagay ga, tum ny kahbi kis ko jawab diya hai

Nupur: woh meri personal life hai Mr Sharma

Mayank: oh..tu yeah meri personal life hai Ms bhushan if ur forgotten

Nupur: tum ko problem kiya hai

Mayank: koi nhi mjhy yeahi thik laga bus …

His soo clam n not affected tone was making her more n more angry, it seem nothing happen…

Nupur: n why u gave the reason….

Mayank: none of ur business MS bhushan….apko jo kam kerny k pasay diyan hain ap wohi kerain….

This was it, it dam hurts..already she was in such mix emotions and he was making it more and more difficult for her….

Nupur: Kiya kaha tum ny han…

Mayank: kyun kuch galta kaha hai mein ny….tum tu itni hi indifferent ho meri taraf…im just a mere case for se zayda kahbi tum samhjti hoon doesn't make any difference to you

Nupur: .kya kaha…oh…so ur talking business, fine MR sharma, im out of ur case….

Mayank: it wasn't a case madam, it was my life…aur tumhain kis wajah se diya tha yeah sab mein ny..kabhi socha hai tum ny

Nupur: tu did I ruined it, zenya was perfect for u mayank, kya problem hai us mein yeahi tu poch rahi hoon tum se mein…y u said no to her….

Mayank: kyun tumhari friend ny yeah nhi bataya wht I said to her…

Nupur: this is completely ridiculous, tum ko ab yaad arha hai that u love someone else, pehly kiya chal raha tha…

Mayank: wohi jo tum ker rahi thi itny dono se, khel rahin thi ..mein bhi ..per jo maqsaad tha woh tu tum lo dekhna nhi hai ………ankho per pati band ker rekhi hai kiya….

Nupur: tumhara masla kiya hai

He turned his back in high anger , it has been too much why can't she think simple

Mayank: tum, tum ho mera masla, sab se bara masla, jab se life mein aai ho pori duniya halay ker rekh di hai…uper se asay behave kerti ho jasy tumko koi farak hi nhi parta, aur jis cheez say parna chaiy us ko hi question ker rahi hoo….

He turned back to face her, and moved forward to her…

Meri liyan apni dost ko pasnd ker sakti ho, but apany dost ko hi nhi jantei

Nupur: tu is mein problem kiya hai k zenya was once a friend, isalyan atleast mjhy surety tu hai k woh tumhain khush rekhy gi..

Mayank: tu kiya mein us k sath khush raho ga…have u asked me that….k mein kis k sath khush raho ga….

He looked at her with a blaze of emotions in them, yet still she ignored him…

Nupur: tu tum kis k sath rehna chaty hoo…

He moved forward again and blocking her way away…

Mayank: nupur kab tak avoid kero gi…

Nupur: mein kuch avoid nhi ker rahi hoo, tumhain nhi kerni maat kero, tumhari life hai mjhy koi farak nhi perta …

Mayank: koi farak nhi perta tum ko…kisi baat se bhi nhi…he placed his one hand on one side just near her face yet placed it on wall…

Nupur: mayank donot act such with me, leave and do whtevr u want to…

Mayank: I AM doing wht I want to, tum ny jawab nhi diya tum ko fark nhi perta….he placed his other hand on the other side…

She raised her hand and broke the chain of his arms

Nupur: donot u dare treat me like ur American girls samjhy tum, in sab se mjhy koi farak nhi parny wala, aur tmhain jo jaha jis k sath khushi milti hai na jao

 and moved away but he griped her hand and pushed her back in to his arms, and this time she collided with his chest with a bang..

Mayank: u really want be to behave with u like a am American han….u haven't seen me such nupur

Nupur: I even donot want to see u ,  just leave mjhy jana hai….

Mayank: abhi bhi abhi bhi tum ko mjhy se baat kerny se zayda mjhy se daur jana zauda pasand hai ..

Nupur: tum se kya baat keron …

Mayank: yeah jana bhi zaroori nhi k mein kis ki baat ker raha hoon…

Nupur: mjhy nhi jana…

Mayank: jan na nhi hai k jantey hoay us ko sun na nhi hai….

Nupur: mayank plss…

She struggled abit to make her move away, and he pulled her back leaning more close to her

Mayank: u have to listen today, kyun dekhta tu tum ko kuch nhi hai…khabi socha why I am here, atleast us din… I didn't claimed u as I want to save myself stupid, I want to hint u, and u heard it too, yet us din bhi car k neechy ana manzoor tha, mjhy se baat kerna nhi…jab mein kuch pocho tu its ur personal life, tu mein hoon kaun…can u define…nobody…so why ru asking all this today to me…when I am nothing to u…why I always get to know things from othere by u, tum bhi tu bol sakti hoo, pehly bhi tu bolti thi na…phir…ab mein ny kuch kaha tu itna bora laga..kyun

Nupur: she glared back to him….i m sorry I interfered in ur life, now can I go…

Mayank: ufff..tum aur tumahr ego, man lo gi tu kuch chala jay ga….fine I will do the honors… yeah sab tumahin kuch yaad dilny k liyan kiya tha, that I still existed in ur life, boothnath, yes I always loved someone else, and tht someone was and is you…jo meir taraf dekh bhi nhi rahi hai..he said the last owrd with a msile

She wasn't looking at him at all, she knew wht is there, but she doesn't want to looked into it..for a second she closed her eyes when he confessed tht so simply, yet again she compose herself and struggled out of his grip

Mayank: ap kyun bhag rahi hoo

Nupur: did I said I do

Mayank: woh tum shadi per kahana…abhi I can take ur glares…

Nupur: it's not a joke, leave me…im not interested..

Mayank: jhoti…problem kiya hai,

Nupur: mein koi jhot nhi bol rahi hoon leave me…

Mayank: do u think I will distract u from all u have set in front of u, cant we do it together

Nupur: mjhy kisi k sahary nhi chaiy I can do it all by myself

Mayank: I know that u can , or mein koi sahra nhi day raha hoon, I just want to be part of ur life, u can do wht evr u want to

Nupur: mein ny tum se permission li hai kiya

Mayank: aray yaaar…nhi mein ach pati k tarha tum se persimmon lay ker kam kero ga donot worry…ap kaha hum se permission kasi baatein ker rahi hi hoo

Nupur: mayank pls…

Mayank: ek bar meri taraf dekh ker kaho tum ko mjhy se pyar nhi…he said dramatically …kafi filmi tha, common nupur yeah jo smile arahi hai kyun chopa rahi hoo…. plss nupur donot run, yaar mein sach mein thak gaya ho tum se larty lartay, ab thora pyar kerlain..tu shadi kab..

Nupur: donot even thing so….mein tum se shaid kero gi mein ny haan nhi kaha

Mayank: acha really tum ny haan nhi kaha…jab hi pehcly 10 mins se bari comfortably ur in my arms, almost an inch away from me to kiss u,

Her mouth hanged and she felt butterflies in her stomach… he was right..this can happen..there almost so near..n if it happen than…. no it cant shutp wont

Mayank: wait wait itna maat socho abhi asa kuch nhi ker rah hoon, he smirk…. aur han abhi bhi han nhi kaha hain, jab mein ny confess kiya, apko pull kiya tu jo chees ap bar bar clutch ker rahi hain na woh meri hi shirt hai…ah ah…ab us ko chorny k koi faida nhi hai….ur caught boothnath…

Nupur:  I am not….

Mayank: he pulled her more close…u r..

And leaned towards, slightly pecking her lips,  embrace her in his arms, her eyes were still close and were still in the moment when she can feel something lingering on her lips….she wants to hold it

Mayank: u can hug me, allowed hai…na hi tum kamzoor prove hojao gi…

Nupur: she encircled her arms around his neck….tum buhat ziddi ho

Mayank: ap se thora kam….can I hear it…

She made herself more comfortable in his arms, placing her head more comfortably on his shoulder

Nupur: NO…

Mayank: khadoos….

Nupur: bewaquff…

Mayank: zahir se baat hai, pori duniya mein is stupid dil ko boothnath hi mili thi, jab k Ms NYU mjh per flat thi

Nupur: hah aha ha….very funny, ..dekhi hai mein ny tumhari MS nyu, bhook nikla jatui hain un k samany…

Mayank: kam  se kam 4 taafa 2 min mein suny ko mil gaya hota, aur atleast 2 3 kisses, hay..She actually know how too….he said with a sigh pulling her close..

Nupur: okay tu jao us se k hi pass, maloom kerti hoon woh Mumbai mein hai k nhi…she said broking away….

Mayank: oye hello, donot u dare to move…


Nupur: Kya.. tu yeah sab planned tha….

Mayank: yup…he said fully smiling…

Nupur: mayank mein tumhain sach mein mardolo gi…

Mayank: ab kuch nhi hosakta you can't take ur confession back..haha….he said moving out of his room….

Nupur: aur tum mjhy ullu bana rahy thy…

Mayank: ullu ko ullu bany ki kiya zaroorat hai……he was stepping down the stirs

SA: aray bhi ab kiya hua…tum dono phir shoro hogay…

Mayank: apki bahu pagal hogai hai…..

She stopped in her track, her eyes pooped out at the way he said it as a matter of fact and moreover in fornt of was embracing

Shilpa stopped there and was smilingly widely…

SA: kya baat hai, tu sab set hai…

Mayank: he come to his mother, and encircled arm around her….nhi koi upset hai…as always…achi khasi happy occasion ko bhi jang k maida bandiya….

Nupur: oye hello..mein ny kiya..yeah stupid idiotic ideas, tumhary jasy teeli aur dumb deemgh mein hi asaktay hai…

Mayank: tu tum ko laga yeah idea stupid idiot hai

Nupur: nhi ..yeah idea bany wala stupid idiot dumb head hai….

Mayank: maa tum abhi sure hai is ko ghar laynay k baray mein…I mean mein guzara ker sakta hoon, girki mein se dekh dekh ker apny dil ko sambhalo ga…he was saying all this in full on nautanki style….magr yeah..tumhari itni barai insult…yeah tum ko stupid idiot or pata nhi kiya kiya bol rahi hai…NHi maa…mein asa nhi hony doo ga

Nupur: yeah…yeah…SA..k idea..

Mayank/SA" ji…

Nupur: wohi tu…tum khud kuch nhi soch sakty..kahli deemg…

SA: ek min..bus…mayank ja tu apni saas ko layker aay…us ko bhi tu batain k humara plan kam ker gaya…

Nupur: maa bhi…


SA: jab mein ny mayank se shadi k kaha aur us ny tera naam liya tu, sach mein tu usi waqt teri maa k pass gai, per tu , tu ny tu kasam kahi thin a shadi kerny ki…tu mein aur kiya kerti…shaq tu mjhy apny betay per buhat pehly se tha, per teray bary mein sach mein sure nhi thi…

NM: haan but mayank bulkily sure tha…tu hum ny socha k asay tumhara baray mein bhi pata ker lain….

Mayank: warna tum ko kiya laga..mein reality mein check list lay ker goomta hoon, itna exgeration koi kerta hai dumbo….and lastly ur real friend Zenya…jab restaurant mein meiny us ko yeah kaha aur kaha k pls be a part of it, tu she happily agrred as she herself belive u have feelings for me…tu jaane na jaane yeah GUL hi na jaaney bhag tu sara jaane hai…..

Nupur: oh great tu ap sab ko tu award milna chaiy ..logo k sath khelny per…waoo..kafi maza aaya aplogo haina…good…have a party for that…..

Saying so she left from the place and went to her own house…all three of them hit their head with their hand

NM: is larki k kuch samhj nhi ata…ufff..her baat per ghusaa kerti hai,…

SA: tu ja raha hai k nhi..

Mayanl: kaha ..

SA: us se baat kerny

Mayank: maa tum ko apny betay ki jaan zara bhi pyari nhi hai….

SA: darmay kam ker samhja….

Mayank: ab tum itna kah rahi ho tu chala jata hoon….


He tried to open her room's door but it was locked, looking here and there he found the keys under the door mat as usual and open it with them…

Standing under the moon light, her hairs were flying on her face, she wasn't making them back, and she was just looking aimlessly at the sky….

He took his step and stod beside her…..

Nupur: yaha kyun aay ho…tameez tu cho ker nhi guzari k kisi k room nhi kholtay….apk kya dekhny aao hoo, jitna maza kerna tha woh tu kerliya, kafi entraining raha hoga haina mjhy asa tang kerna, meri feeling ko dekhna aur un k mazak bana , mjh asay kamzoor pertay hoay dekeh ker tu apny ap ko champion samhj rahy hoga…aur infact meray sab se trusted people ko bhi apan sath mila liya, ..

He was standing looking at her with his cross arms, sternly and intently …listening to all her rubbish talks

Mayank: he raised his hand , ek rekh ker tapar lago ga na tu sari jitni bikar baatein deemgh mein hai na sab bahra ajay gi…

Nupur: oye han yeah tu hai mein tu kerti hi bekar baatein hoon…

She was leaving away when he griped her from her shoulder and make her come back in front of him…

Mayank: kya kaha tum ny, mjh buhat maza araha tha ,, bulkily….buht zayda. Jab her daafa mein tum se kahta k mein ajao waha mein dkeh lo ga sab, tu tum kiya kahti thi, its my business mein khud hi dekho gi…u stay out of it, jab tu tum ny nhi socha k mjhy kasa lagay ga, tumhari feelings k mazak ura raha tha oh really…aur tum kiya ker rahi thi…her baar her baar nupur mein tumharay pass aya aur tum ny aur zoor se mjh peachy dhakala…tab mjhy kasa lagta hai tum ny nhi socha….

Zenya se sab kuch kah sakti ho, yeah bhi k mjhy kasay handle kerna hai, mjh kya nhi pasand, mein kitni jaldi  upset hojata hoo, per mjhy in sab mein khud nhi sambhal sakti thi..

U never considered me to walk with u, tab nhi socha k ..even I can get hurt…pata nhi kasay us din accident waly din kuch lamho k liyan tumko dekha paya…

He loses his griped and raised his hand to place it on her cheek, cuping her face….

Nupur jo kuch bhi hoa, us mein mera ya tumhara kasoor tu nhi tha na, phir humain kyun saaza day rahi hoo, I so want u to say u want me near you, I want to feel wanted in your life, mein tumhari feelings se khel nhi raha tha, sirf tum ko yeah bata raha tha, that you love , no matter how much u want to deny u do…and u can't escape from it, bewaqufi hai yeah, ur doing it without any reason…tum soch bhi kasay sakti ho mein tumhara mazak urao ga..mein..

Stop running from yourself, feelings hamesha kamzoor nhi kerti, atimes they make u more strong and I assure you, I will never let u weak…

She was just listening to him, with teary eyes, and was enchanting each and evry word of him in her heart, how much she wants to hear all this from him only she knew, how much is each and evry word was giving her peace she just can't explain it, yet yes she can thank him, for no matter how rude and how indifferent she was , he nevr went away from him..even when she herself ask her friend to hold him, how painful it was for her, yet she did it, living under her on false myth

Crawling her hands to his neck, she raised herself on her toes, and softly place her lips on his, he was caught off guard, yet he smiled and holded her from her waist to make it more comfortable for her…..the gesture wch was just a soft expression of thanks turned into a passionate convey of love ..

He felt her tears slowly making their way down and he was glad finally she let her inhibition go..moving away she was still holding his color tightly in her fist, he kissed  away her tears and kissed his eyes…she hugged him tight as much as she can, and he completely hide her in his arms…he kept pulling her close and she was willingly given in herself to him…..

Mayank: nupur…

Nupur: hmm…

Mayank: are you single….

Nupur: she chuckled …. Hmm and ready to mingle…

The both shared a laughed and he kissed her neck and kept her hugging like this cherishing the said unsaid…


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