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info about atif in hollywood

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Posted: 18 January 2006 at 7:31am | IP Logged

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Our Loving Aadeez

Your support and prayers have pushed our star atif to such a height that now one can refer him as a GEM for Pakistan . We need your further support to stand at this height.

When we announced the launch of Atif in Bollywood every one of you was cheered like true aadeezz and one of you wished us luck in the flow of his or her sentiments saying that " Atif bolly wood k baad ab Hollywood main bhi jana hay INSHALLAH"


the time has come.


Ladies & Gentlemen

Let me share with you another achievement of Atif's Musical Career .

Atif's Three songs have been inserted in a Hollywood Art Movie " MAN PUSH CART"

(Read again its not Bollywood its Hollywood )

"Aadat" is the main track while portions of the songs "Ehsaas" and "Yaqeen" are also introduced in the film.

It is an art Movie depicting the troubles of an New York Based Pakistani Guy who is fighting for his survival and settlement in USA and gives back his life a positive U turn by exploring his previous talent of singing. There is also an Interesting love triangle in the film.

Film is directed by Ramin Bahrani who is an Iranian American and a Film teacher after his graduation in film making from Columbia University . As per my knowledge Ramin is an extra passionate guy for the movies. Believe me or not he invested almost his every thing into the movie.

After "Ustad Nusrat Fateh" Ali Khan sahib and "Strings", our star Atif is the only person whose voice has been inserted and introduced in any Hollywood Movie.

We are all excited including atif and we are feeling endless thankfulness to God for this Honor. This really shows that there is something that protects our star from every hurdle from every problem.

Ramin was in contact with us for the last 11 Months since the start of his film. After negotiations and other concerns our deal was finalized for to introduce three of Atif's Song in the Movie with "Aaadat" being the key track. In his initial email the Ramin said that when he listened to songs of Atif in USA with the help of the Hero of the Movie in translation, Ramin felt that this is the right kind of environment for the theme of my film

So he decided to go for one song but later on he asked us for the other two songs which were also fitting in the environment of the Movie.

Its an honor to see the name of our star mentioned in the Movie Titles.

The movie got a great response at its premier in VENICE FILM Festival which is considered as the second largest film festival in the world. Film is recently launched at Venice Film festival. About 60 Movies were selected for the Premier at the Film Festival out of 3000 and "Man Push Cart" is one of them. This speaks for the quality and standard of the film. Almost all of the Hollywood celebrities attended the film festival and this gave an extra exposure to atif's voice to the gurus of film making , Hollywood producers and directors.

Film's hero also narrated that after the premier the president of the Venice film festival who was not knowing English held his hand and took him to the stage and appreciated his film a lot.

Following was the screening schedule of the film at various places in the world.

Film will be available on DVD after cinemas.

62nd Venice Film Festival August 31 – September 10, 2005 * Giornate Degli Autori – Venice Days *

49th London Film Festival 19 October - 3 November 2005 . *World Cinema Section*

5th MARRAKECH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL- November 11-19, 2005 . *Official Competition*

16th Ljubljana international film festival - 10-24 November *Official Competition*

46th Thessaloniki International Film Festival - November 18-27 *Official Competition* http:

Alhumdolillah Film also got tremendous response at London Film Festival and won the "FIPRESCI CRITICS AWARD" for the "THE BEST FILM " at the film festival. This international federation of film critics award is considered as the most authenticated and high rated in film industry there.

So After Bollywood it is Hollywood , what next ?

But one thing is for sure that God has given atif an opportunity to raise the image of Pakistan in true sense in world music.

So aadeez this is a new Year and first birthday gift of our website for you guys from ATIF. I think this is the very right time to pray more and more for our loving atif and his success.


Atif is nothing without you guys.

CHEERS to you all

GOD Bless Atif & AADEEZ. Sheraz Aslam

P.S. I am also pasting some of the reviews and other info available at various internet sites about the movie.


Year 2005 lenght 87' color 35mm country USA-Iran

Directed by Ramin Bahrani

Ramin Bahrani


Ahmad Razvi (Ahmad), Leticia Dolera (Noemi), Charles Daniel Sandoval (Mohammad), Ali Reza (Manish), Farooq "Duke" Mohammad (Duke)

Micheal Simmonds

Art direction
Charles Dafler

Ramin Bahrani

Costume design
Elena Kouvaros

Peyman Yazdanian


Ramin Bahrani, Pradip Ghosh, Bedford Bentley III

Noruz Films

World Sales
Wide Management Enterprise

Directer Ramin Bahrani


Every night while the city sleeps, Ahmad, a Pakistani immigrant man drags his heavy cart along the streets of New York to his corner in Midtown Manhattan. And every morning, from inside his cart he sells coffee and donuts to a city he cannot call his own. He is the worker found on every street corner in every city.
He is a man who wonders if he will ever escape his fate.

Beautifully observed, this is a subtle and technically accomplished film. Whatever else is going on in the protagonist's life, the film returns regularly to the act of him setting up his cart in the early morning; his preparations for opening and his exchanges with customers, as they buy coffees, teas and bagels from him. This gives Man Push Cart a deliberate rhythm, whilst it explores the complex and hidden depths of the character, who we learn is desperately hanging on to his small dreams in the midst of grief and despair. The denouement of the film is tragi-comic, heart rending and almost inevitable. His little glimpse of an escape from a circumscribed world has been closed down again and he has to pick himself up and focus on the same thing he started with. This is a haunting and inciteful second feature that gives an elliptical but nonetheless revealing picture of an under-depicted community in the Big Apple.
(Adrian Wootton)

Directly afterwards I ran to see Man Push Cart because the young director, who graduated from Columbia and teaches film and scriptwriting, had written to tell me he would be in Venice with the movie. I knew it would be about an immigrant Pakistani Muslim living in NYC. But the film is about far more ex-pats and greater than the sum of the circle of characters that Ramin Bahrani explores. More than a recitation of the usual protocol of the differences at cross-cultural borders. More than a tale of those who make it and exploit their own countrymen and women, or the loneliness, the trials, the misfortunes of starting a new life outside your homeland.

The contemplative nature of this young man who pushes a bagel stand through the streets of New York, a former professional singer from Pakistan reduced to odd jobs, is what's compelling in Bahrani's second film. Man Push Cart was refreshing after Mary , almost like an atonement. Man Push Cart washed my soul of Mary 's chaotic, desperate and demanding form that is desparate and demanding. I met Ramin's lead actor, Ahmad Razvi , and DP Michael Simmonds after the screening. An extremely pleasant and cordial group of people. "Thank you for coming to my film", said Bahrani. You bet! Thank you !

Posted by dwhudson at September 7, 2005 04:58 AM


Interview With Ramin

By Poopak Taati

In front of me, at an outdoor caf near Venice Days Office, I see Ramin Bahrani, the movie maker that lots of critics in Venice have been talking about and thought of his film, ' Man push cart ' ( Noruz Productions ), as a brilliant capture of the heart of New York. Comments have varied from 'This is the kind of film I wish I had made' to 'This is a movie only students of Kia Rostami can make.'

Q: How do you identify yourself? Iranian? American? Iranian-american? Or, something else?

A: I am an Iranian-American as confusing as that sounds!

Q: I know you have graduated from Columbia University in the city of New York . Was 'man push cart' a thesis or a school project turned into a feature film?

A: No, I graduated about 10 years ago and since then I have produced 'strangers' which was filmed in Iran .

Q: Do you mind if I ask you how old you are and how many years you have been living in U.S. ?

A: I am 30 and I was born in North Carolina . I grew up in the south of U.S. , but went to New York for a degree in film studies. After graduation from Columbia , I lived and worked in Iran for 3 years. Upon my return to New York , I came to develop the idea of 'man push cart' when I saw and learned about the life experiences of a Pakistani friend and neighbor.

Q: Making a film is an expensive endeavor. Have you received funding and help from the Iranian- American community?

A: I received much help from the Iranian community but also from the Indian and Jewish communities, from both white and black Americans, and also from other groups. Although the film is about a Pakistani and Moslem immigrant, the first person who offered help was an Indian of New York.

Q: Do you plan to distribute this film in Iran too?

A: I would love to. I have been working with a musician from Iran , Payman Yazdanian who is a genius. Others in Iran have helped with the sound, montage, and technical issues. I would like to show the film at the Fajr festival and from there have a distributor for theatrical release.

Q: Would you be disappointed if the kiss scenes are censored?

A: Since this is an international film and since the kiss scene is not passionate, I am hoping it would not be censored.

Q: How do you see the Venice film festival? Has it been useful to your film?

A: Oh yes, definitely. Venice film festival is one of the tops and the chances for recognition are great here. Only about 60 films were selected for screening and it was an honor for me to come here.

Q: Have you had success in selling your film to distributors?

A: France , UK , Italy , and some other countries have already shown interest for purchasing it.

Q: How did you get to show your film at Venice ? Did you have connections?

A: No, I sent the film through fed ex on the day before the deadline. That is how it got to be here.

Q: Wasn't it annoying to you that at the night of screening your film, a few Italian critics asked if your point of view about New York was Iranian? I imagine since you were born and raised in U.S. , it must be annoying to hear people talk as if you a foreigner to U.S. and therefore dismissing your view as marginal.

A: I didn't interpret it that way because I don't know of the popular culture. I don't watch films and television, nor do I listen to radios. I was glad that they liked the film. For me, it is important to be honest and have a fresh vision. Of course I don't have a tourist's perspective of New York . New York is where I live. I wanted to show it the way that it has not been seen. Since 1890, many films are made about New York , but none introduces the angle that I have shown. My next film would be even more honest. It would show a New York completely ignored by other movie makers. Location is important. A mix of professional and non professional actors is also important to me.

Q: Your film is about a Pakistani immigrant. You have a Spanish actress playing a part. You are a writer and director of Iranian origin. Your cinematographer is an American. The cart was made in China . Your funding has come from Indian, Jewish, Iranian and a diverse group of Americans. Was it a conscious choice on your part to make this film of international elements?

A: Yes, I live in New York where there are different nationalities and cultures. How could I not be international? In fact, there is a debate nowadays that cinema should not have a national origin and good films are about and for everyone in the world.

Q: As a last question, what is that you want to tell through your films?

A: I believe it is important to be honest to yourself and not to be a hostage to your culture. I want to make fresh films, films with a real vision, like movies that were made in the 50s and 60s. I could make a film even about here and show a Venice that no other film maker has yet seen. That is what I like to do.

A few minutes later, we were walking toward the festival happenings in the company of a mutual friend. I wished him lots of success and told him the interview will be published at an Iran related website on the Internet. He said his father reads them every night.

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Clap Clap koool info buddy

ty sooo much

atif rockz Tongue

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THX 4 INFO Smile
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