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Maan and Geet - A new Journey (Page 9)

amni375 Goldie

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 5:46am | IP Logged

Great story.  Keep up the good work.  Can't wait to read the rest of it?

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ph1234 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
awesome updates dear
now waiting to see sameer n geet together n maan watching  ha ha ha LOLWink

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kooliio IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
Awesome FF!

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 4:56am | IP Logged
Hi dear,
update kab milega...waiitng

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RoshiniManeet Goldie

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 5:56am | IP Logged

Part ' 9

As Geet got out of the car, she saw Dev walking out from the out house'and she was surprised' She stood there until Dev was out of sight and then she entered out house' There she saw Nandini with a book having tea' Geet entered and kept her bag and books on the table..when Nandini said..

Nandini: Geet didi'.aap aagayae college se'College kaisi thi..

Geet: Nandini, Dev yahan kyun aaya tha?

Nandini: Woh'didi..I came this morning from Amristar na..but by that time you had left for college and I was totally bored'So Dev took me to the library and got me a few novels to read'

Geet: ok'but that was in the morning'why was he here now?

Nandini: oh-ho didi'aap itnae saare sawaal kyon pooch rahe hai'He just came her to give me company'

Geet: There is loads of work at office...and Maan sloughs it out every day there and Mr. Dev is giving you company here???

Nandini: Didi'aap Maan jiju ke bare mein kyon phikar kar rahi hai'He is so heartless and strong headed'you should stop thinking of him'

Geet got furious hearing this'

Geet: Nandini'you better mind your words' I do not want anybody talking ill of Maan to me' Whatever he has done, he had done that only to me' so you better hold the respect for him when you talk about Maan'.

Nandini was shocked at Geet's anger'she was never used to seeing Geet so harsh and angry'she said..

Nandini: Sorry didi'  I will take care henceforth..

Geet: OK chodoo woh sab'.how is bheeji? and What are your future plans?

Nandini: Didi'Bheeji is good. As you advised I did not utter a word of the happenings here to her' and didi.. I am planning to do P.hd..

Geet: What nonsense Nandini' Nobody can do a Ph.d after completing just higher secondary.. You will have to complete your undergradation, post graduation'even an M.Phil. will help and after that you can think of P.hd.. not before that 'atleast not in this world'

Nandini: Oh so much to go for a Ph.d.. Well in that case I will take up an UG course here in Delhi.. I can stay with you here and go to college'.hai na didi..

Geet: You may stay with me here but I really don't want you chatting and whiling away time with Dev..especially I don't want to see Dev coming here..Is that very clear'..

Nanidini: OK didi' I will take care.

Geet went to freshen up..Soon after that she picked up her books and went to the garden to study. She was going through the lessons and the notes that Sameer gave her' By then the window above her opened and it was Maan who was looking out through the window.. Maan caught the sight of Geet' He had a cup of black coffee in his hands and he got struck to the window' looking at Geet''

Geet was wearing a baby pink salwar' Her hair was tied up and she was concentrating on her notes'As she was reading, she was also playing with her pen..waving it here and there, at times talking to herself'at times trying to memorize lines'..Maan was amused at her antics'but as he continued to gaze at her..a strange kind of realization dawned on him' He always thought her to have a beautiful face but today he was even aware of her beautiful features and body'.

He thought, she had a flawless completion, her dark brows were beautiful, honey brown eyes that were so deep that they could sink the entire world in them, cute ears, a sharp, straight perfect nose and rose petal like lips that looked so sweet and juicy'He wished her hair was open'. Her neck was a perfect smooth glider to her''Maan's mouth went dry as he was in a trance for a few minutes'.She had perfect figure, her slim waist can drive anybody mad''as his eyes again started to feast on the features above her waist'.his thoughts were suddenly disturbed by a voice that called ..didi'aapka phone baj raa hai' Nandini came to the garden with Geet's phone in her hand and gave it to Geet.. It was Sameer on the line..

Geet: Helloo.. Hello Sameer..

Sameer: Kya chal raha hai..

Geet: Bas padayi ''

Sameer: U know why I called you now' I wanted to discuss about the Freshers party on Friday..

Geet: Freshers party'But Sameer I told you na that I am not interested.. why do u keep compelling me..

Sameer: That is because Mr. Sameer never takes 'No' for an answer' You got it..

Geet: But Sameer, I really don't want to dance' Is there any other program'.

Sameer: There are 'but Sameer's gang has been given the task of dancing..So I want you to be my partner and dance with me'

Geet: Be your partner'.well fine but you will have to train me up'

Sameer: Pleasure is all mine'.My Beautiful Lady'So get ready for the 'Ball Dance of the year' '

Geet: Hum ball dance kar rahe hai kya??

Sameer: Haan Ball dance to a song from the film 'Mausam''I will select your costume and all'so no worries'OK fine then' see u bye'

Geet continued with her studies'.Maan who was still at the window heard the conversation Geet had'he knew it was the same guy who Dadima was talking about'' He moved away from the window and started to work on his laptop'Again he was barely giving his attention to the laptop'Geet's beautiful lips were still on his mind'There was a strange urge in him to touch her'.feel her' and drown in her'her lips were so inviting that'he madly wanted to taste them''..He couldnot come out of the thought of her slim waist' and he suddenly remembered the Ball dance'.He felt irritated'.and angry'Why on earth colleges hold freshers party'.Aren't colleges meant for studies rather than parties'.he thought'Back of his mind he felt bad that Geet would be dancing with Sameer' Who is this guy..he thought..Dadima tho bahut thareef kar rahe the iske bare mein' As he could not think of working any further, he closed his laptop and fell on his bed and closed his eyes''.Geet again'..

He had met many a beautiful women before'but nobody had affected him like Geet did'It was not just her beauty but it was her childlike innocence and beauty that was driving him crazy'.. what surprised him beyond words was that he did not seem to feel any guilt lusting for Geet''

Initially he thought that Geet was more of throwing herself upon him'which he despised and also thought she too might be interested in money but later when she decided to part ways with him '.slowly he started to like her attitude'..She returned back the Khurana shares back to his name and moreover she even told to his face not to come to outhouse to bother her..not many people had the guts to show the door to Maan Singh Khurana'He liked the fighting spirit in her'.He came to know from Dadima that she wanted to pay rent for the outhouse'or she would stay elsewhere. She turned down what seemed to be any favor from Maan Singh Khurana'

Soon it was dark'Maan refused dinner'He did not want to be interrupted with his thought of Geet'It was midnight' he was still thinking and dreaming of her'

 'Yeh Ladki Mujhe Paagal Karke Hi Chodeghi''he said aloud 'with his eyes still closed'


Part 10

Geet continued with her college and studies'.Her dance with Sameer for the Freshers Night was a big hit'They both even won the 'Best Jodi' award in college'. Soon they both became the talk of the entire college'They even participated in college events and Fest-eves outside their college. They always came back with awards. Sameer and Geet were always seen together everywhere'Many even came to think that they were a couple' Geet never gave ears to any of these comments. She had her studies to concentrate. But Sameer was happy about this. He had taken liking for this girl the very first time he met her. He would be happiest person on earth if Geet were his, he thought.

In spite of his happiness, there was something that he was never able to comprehend about Geet'She was very friendly, very sweet and ever helpful but personally he felt she was not a very happy person from inside. There was always a tinge of sadness in her eyes. He knew they were great friends'but he was not sure if Geet too had that place for him in her heart as he did. He wanted to talk to her about this'but somehow he thought this was not the right time'After all she knows him only for a few months now. He would better try to look for hints of love before he speaks to her'..Also there were huge loads to study'Any diversion at this juncture would mean messing with his grand-mom'which he actually dreaded.. So he decided to give it all sometime'.

Back at Khurana Mansion, Maan always managed to get near the window to stalk Geet as she always did her studying in the garden. He hated it when he was not able to make it to his window in time as he always had some meeting or the other to attend and would be able to make it home only late in the night by which time Geet would either be sleeping or studying inside her room'

Days passed by and one day Khurana's lawyer came to meet Maan at his office. As he sat opposite Maan, he started giving updates on the various legal issues and cases in hearing'for Khurana Constructions..also updated Maan on the status of these cases. As he was about to leave he told Maan'

Lawyer: Mr. Maan Khurana'Your divorce papers have been filed with the family court and there might be a hearing soon'I just thought I will keep you informed.

Maan was shocked to hear this'he had very conveniently forgotten about the divorce filing until the lawyer reminded him and now he had to go for the hearing'. In his confusion he merely managed to say yes to the lawyer and sent him off. Maan did not want the hearing and he simply did not want to rake up the divorce issue '.He knew that Geet would be disturbed with all this and might not able to concentrate on her studies'He really wanted to save her the torture of coming to court and the mental agony of attending the sessions' Back of his mind he himself did not wish to go any further with the divorce procedures but he did not want Geet know about his change of mind either' He quietly called up the lawyer and asked him if Geet ever enquired about the proceedings' It was a negative from the lawyer and hence Maan requested the lawyer to withdraw the filing'also he requested him not to speak to Geet about this'.he asked if Geet's signatures would be required for the withdrawal'for which the lawyer promised to try and manage without the same'

Maan was greatly relieved'but he still did not know what he actually wanted'..

Geet's semester exams were around the corner...she worked very hard and successfully came out with flying colors. She ran to KM with sweets and fed dadima the sweets'She told dadima that her good marks fetched her good scholarship and hence she can pay off her fees on her own' Dadima felt so happy and proud. Maan was coming down the stairs when Geet was feeding sweets to dadima. He looked at her and expected her to give him sweets as well but Geet left the sweets box with Dadima, took her blessings and quietly left'Maan grew a little sad watching Geet leave without offering him sweets'.He hurried away to office'

Part - 11

Soon it was Diwali time'Dadima had arranged for a huge party at Khurana Mansion. She had invited the entire staff of KM to the party'Maan was specially requested not to abscond himself from the celebrations.. Geet was called to KM and Dadima gave special invitation for all her friends to attend the party' Geet was jumping with joy afterall it was something to look forward for after a long long time'Geet herself took care of all the arrangements..Maan was impressed with the way she handled the preparations.. There was a touch of professionalism in all that she did' He tried on a couple of occasions to speak to her but she politely excused herself every time. Maan started growing restless seeing Geet ignore him and his presence completely'

Came Diwali, and there was huge dhamaka and celebrations at KM'Geet and her friends danced and laughed'' Sameer was a bit late to the party'As soon as he entered..dadima hugged him and took him inside' He was introduced to Maan..

Dadima: Beta Sameer, yeh hai mera potha'Maan Singh Khurana'

Sameer extended his hand to Maan and shook hands with him'.. Maan had to accept that Sameer was indeed very handsome and smart.

Sameer: Dadima'Mr. Maan Singh Khuran needs no introduction' I have read articles on Business India about him and his huge success in the construction field and he has managed all this at a very young age'

Maan merely smiled and went to the corner of the hall and started working on his laptop and also stalking his Geet' In the evening Dadima had arranged for dance and they were all looking forward to it. Suddenly Geet's friends started demanding for a couple dance from Sameer and Geet'

           Dadima too requested for their dance'and Geet was left with no other option but to dance with Sameer'.They both danced to a nice number'Sameer was a gracious dancer and Geet was an apt partner' She almost looked like a feather when Sameer lifted her'.she glided so smoothly along with him' Their dance thrilled everybody on the floor..They all clapped when the dance was over'

Maan simply could not take it any more'His face was red with anger'his nostrils were puffed up and he almost looked like a dragon ready to blow fire'As he was about to leave the hall'dadima stopped him and told to Sameer'

Dadima: Sameer, do you know'even Maan is a good dancer'.He was too good at dancing in college'He had a huge fan following in college'.

Sameer: Oh..that is great'Do you still dance Mr. Maan Khurana'?

At this question Maan stared at him'He went to the center of the hall and looked at the DJ'He played a nice number'.Maan stood there at the center for some time and slowly looked at Geet' Geet turned her face and started to talk to Gitanjali at her left' Maan swiftly walked towards Geet'Held her hand and forcibly brought her to the center of the hall' He looked deep in to her eyes'and started off'. They both danced together'Maan held Geet so close and tight to his body'.Throughout the dance they were in eye lock with each other' Every time Geet tried to break that eye lock he again forced her to eye lock with him' It was more the six minutes that they were dancing non-stop'Maan pulled and pushed Geet very forcibly' But Geet seemed to have no complaints'Finally he lifted her in air and swirled her' The music died down' There was an uneasy silence in the hall' Maan slowly brought Geet down'gliding her through his body'Geet stood like a statue'looking at Maan' There was a huge applause from the croud' Maan and Geet finally broke their eye-lock' and Maan took a minute to regain his composure' while Geet almost collapsed' Sameer rushed to her side to give her some water'..Sameer looked in to Geet's eyes'there was no complaints'no pain'strangely there was a feeling of contentment in her eyes'the ever evident tinge of sadness in her eyes were now replaced with sheer pleasure'.


Sameer did not understand what he just witnessed' He and Geet were dance partners in college'Everybody praised them for their performance' But he recollected that every time their choreographer had just one compliant '.they both danced well but Geet could not relate to Sameer' Their performance was good technically speaking but the much required chemistry in a couple dance was always missing'but today he saw that ..he saw that chemistry when Geet danced with Mr. Maan Khurana'He did not know how Mr. Maan Khurana so authoritatively dragged Geet to dance with him and also how Geet gave in to his authority without any complaints'.He only knew Savithri Devi as Geet's sponsor' He thought it was time to know more'Sameer took Geet to outhouse. She was done for the day' He asked her to take rest and left for home'

Geet lay on her bed wide awake' She was in pain'There were blue and red marks all over her hand'. She took a deep breath'In spite of the pain she was smiling and blushing to herself' the dance with Maan was unexpected. More than a dance it was almost like Maan made love to her through the dance' She could still feel his breath on her'His touch was magical like fire and his lips brushed through her many times during the dance' She felt pleasure while he touched'how much she had missed his touch all these days'She was sad when the dance ended..she wanted that to go on forever and forever'She reached for Maan's photograph'kissed on his lips and slept with him close to her'

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Idealistic Goldie

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 6:07am | IP Logged
gr8 work Thumbs Up

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TanuDDian IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 6:13am | IP Logged
awesome concept dear...
loved it...
plz add me inSmile

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rifana2811 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged
gr8 update...
waiting to see some love in maan for geet

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