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Maan and Geet - A new Journey (Page 7)

amni375 Goldie

Joined: 18 July 2010
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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 11:41am | IP Logged
My dear u r so talented.   Awesome storey.
  it's raining and i just happend to find your post.  Having tea and reading your story.  Now I am anxious for the rest of Maneet Journey.

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RoshiniManeet Goldie

Joined: 14 September 2010
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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
Dear Friends,
Thank you all for your encouragement..

Geet and Maan are fictional characters but Drashti and Gurmeet have breathed life in to these characters... Strangely the current set of CVs of the show are trying to take the real life of the these characters and are making them look dumb...especially that of Geet's...
I feel pain when such a wonderful show is getting ruined at the hands of few very unthinking set of creatives...

I am updating the next two parts of the story which I managed to complete yesterday... Please let me know your opinions...

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RoshiniManeet Goldie

Joined: 14 September 2010
Posts: 1913

Posted: 24 September 2011 at 11:01pm | IP Logged

 Part 7

At Khurana Constructions, Maan was at his laptop preparing for his meeting with the new client. Somehow he was disturbed and could not give his full attention on to his work… Slowly he got up and started pacing up and down the room…He felt irritated, angry and most of all depressed that he could not do his work…As he started to work on his laptop again he remembered Geet with the laptop taking blessings from Dadima…She looked like an angel in that white tops he thought…He expected Geet would come up to the dine so that he could have a good look at her but Geet stood at the hallway and did not even give a glance at Maan…At that juncture, there was a knock on the door and it was Adi with the client…Maan was even more disturbed…He was not ready to meet the client and hence merely shook hands and told them that he would meet them in an hour and left the room….leaving Adi Shocked and Blinking….

Maan took his Black Coffee and sat at the Break-out lounge in his office. He was in deep thoughts. He was sure that Geet was disturbing him from within but he cannot blame her for that because she does not bother to give him even a glance these days. Maan was not sure if he was happy or sad about this. Geet was all around him until a few days ago. He hated her interference in his life. He himself had taken the decision that he can never accept Geet as his wife and even applied for a divorce. He did feel bad for Geet but he could not see her as his wife. But now…somehow things have changed a little… he thought… Soon he himself stopped…and chided himself for being foolish..

Maan: (Self talk) What non-sense are you thinking Maan…Geet is such a childish, irresponsible and ever playful on earth can such a girl affect you…You are just feeling pity for her… that is it…Now stop all this and get back to work…

Maan went to the conference room…called upon Adi there, completed their study on the new project, met the waiting clients and for the umpteenth time closed the deal in favour of Khurana Constructions.

A little while later Dev walked in to the office. He went to Maan's cabin and sat opposite him.

Dev: Good Morning Bro.

Maan: Dev.. behther hoga agar tum mujhe Good Afternoon hi wish karo…yeh koi time hai tumhare office aane ka…

Dev: Sorry Bro.. woh Nandini hai na, Geet ki sister…use kuch Novels chahiyae tha Public Library se, tho mein bhi saath mei chala gaya..

Maan: You mean to say you went escort for Nandini..??Is she not old enough to fetch a Novel on her own from the library?? Ek tho time waste kar rahi hai novels padke…uppar se tum bhi uske saath… She has to learn from Geet..See how Geet has managed to get selected for B.Arch and is now going to college…

Blurting this Maan bit his lips… He need not have brought up Geet in this…

Dev: Bro…woh…usne request ki …tho mein inkaar nahi kar saka.

Maan: Fine ..Let that be..From tomorrow I would like to see you in office regularly and on time. Now please go sit with Adi. He is working on the new project. Let me know the developments…

As Dev turned to leave…maan asked..

Maan: By the way Dev.. How is Nayanthara?… She has settled down in Canada or what?

Dev turned blue as he heard the name Nayanthara ..recovered a little later and answered..

Dev: She is fine bro.. Bas yahan aana hi nahi chahthi..She is comfortably settled there.. tho mein ne bhi soocha ki kyun use pareshaan karun..

Dev did not wish any more discussion on Nayanthara, hence he quickly slipped out of Maan's cabin.

Part 8

Geet was dropped at the college gate by dadima's chauffer and he confirmed to pick her at the same place around 4 PM… Geet got out of the car and looked around.. The college had a beautiful campus..full of trees, birds and butterflies… It was hard to believe that such a place existed at the heart of the city.. This is going to be her heaven for the next five years, she thought… She slowly walked though the road inside the campus and enquired with a girl about B.Arch Department. She was shown the road to her left….As she walked down the road suddenly there were a group of boys on their bikes who started encircling her and whistling at her… Geet was shocked and scared as they started moving very close to her…. As she was about to cry for help…when a strong hand pulled her towards him…she almost buried her face on the person's chest…soon the noises died down and the bikes pulled away…Geet slowly raised her head to find Sameer smiling at her..She instantly stepped back and said …

Geet: Sorry…I was a little shocked and frightened… Am sorry..

Sameet: Aur kitna sorry kahogi yaar… Woh yahan ke seniors hai… Bas.. nayi lakdi ho.. shayad kuch ragging wagging plan kar rahe the…

Geet: Ragging tho mana hai na campus mei tho phir yeh log aisa kyon behave kar rahe hai..

Sameer: Haan ragging officially mana tho hai.. lekin aisae chote chote incidents hote rehthe hai..

Geet: But Sameer you seem to be very powerful here… the moment you came.. they ran away…

Sameer laughed out loud and said…

Sameer: Woh log mujhe dekhkar nahi bhaag rahe the Geet… uss aadmi kho dekh rahi ho…Woh hai           Mr. Sharma and he is the head of anti-ragging committee..As I saw these guys troubling you I dragged Mr. Sharma here…Sharmaji even has the power to recommend for rustication …jaise hi woh log          Mr. Sharma ko dekhe; bas jaan lekar baag gaye

Geet smiled at Sameer….

Sameer led Geet to their class room….. Introduced her to all the class mates and finally offered and made her sit next to him in class… Soon after.. he gave her the time-table chart and the syllabus for semester. The papers and the contents on the syllabus almost looked like Rupenzel's long hair…were going on and on…and on…

Geet:Sameer…kya itna sab kuch hai hamae padne ke liyae….Bahut darr lag raha hai..

Sameer: Arre yaar.. yeh sab ek hi din mei hum thodae hi padenghae… Don't worry..Mein Hoon Na…and started  singing in a very hushed up tone..

Kiska hai yeh tumko intazaar Main Hoon Na…..

Geet: Shut up Sameer…

Sameer: Kyon… song pasandh nahi aayee..

Geet: Song nahii, tumhara sur….

They both laughed…

Soon Professor Mr. Kashyap entered… Geet introduced herself… and they all started with their lessons… Lessons were a little difficult as the Professor were explaining the topics very swiftly and in an extremely high placed English which Geet found a little difficult to follow. Geet looked confused and lost. As soon as the class was over, Sameer looked at her asked what was the confusion about…

Geet: Sameer, I studied from Hoshiarpur and hence am not very fluent with English. Here the entire lecture is in English and I am a little slow to follow their language…

Sameer: Bas itni si Baat…Look Geet…English is merely a language…with conscious effort and constant usage anybody can master it..So first become confident of yourself…Anything you don't follow, ask me.. I am ready to even prepare notes for you in simple language until you settle down and get used to these hi-fi lectures…Is that OK…

Geet was overwhelmed hearing Sameer say this..Initially she had thought that he was merely trying to flirt with her but now he was genuinely offering to help her with the lessons. Also, during the lecture, Sameer was fully concentrating and also asking a lot of questions… The Professor himself was impressed..

After that there were a couple of more lectures but even those just  passed above Geet's head…but Sameer was taking notes and helped her to copy them during the break… At lunch the whole gang of Sameer with Geet went to have their lunch at the canteen… As they were having lunch Neha looked a little depressed. Aryan asked her what she was depressed about…Neha replied..

Neha: Aryan you know..I am from a very reserved family. My parents are typical Land Lords at Ludhiana…I am staying at my uncle's place… Yesterday my mom called to tell that Dad was planning to get me engaged to his friend's son very soon and may even get me married off in a year..

Aryan: What getting married??? You are just 19 child…Why on earth do they think of getting you married now?? That's crazy..

Neha: Getting married at a very young age is nothing new at our place Aryan… My dad did not want me to continue with my education. Since I did my schooling here in Delhi and since my Uncle is an educated person, he encouraged me to join here. I did manage to join but my parents are planning my marriage..

Aryan:Neha… chill yaar…They are just planning, right… Why worry for it now..Lets think of crossing the bridge when we come to it…aur tho aur.. hum sab hai na tumhare saath..

Sameer chipped in…

Sameer: Haan hai na…Hum hai na… jarror aayenghe tumhare shaadhi pe…waise Ludhiana ka special dish kaun sa hai…Shaadi mein koob khane ko milega na..tabhi hum aayenghae….haan..

Neha who looked sad until then..started laughing and gave one phatak maar on Sameer's back…

The word shaadhi took Geet flying back in memory…She remembered her marriage with her Maan…It was like a beautiful dream come true….how happy she was…..All the sweet memories made Geet sad as well… Her flower like beautiful face stated drooping….

Hello….anybody there???? Sameer waved his palm in front of Geet's face…Geet smiled….

There were a few more lectures before the day ended. Sameer and Geet walked out towards the gate..They were silent for a while...Geet was enjoying the beauty of the campus…Sameer said..

Sameer: So Geet how did you like our college?

Geet: Great Sameer. I am so happy and lucky to be here.

Sameer: That is Good…Well did you like me?

Geet was a little surprised at this question…She did not see that coming.. Still she said..

Geet: Umm…You are a nice person, good at studies, I presume…Your friends adore you…You seem to be the life the party.. Well in that case it is difficult for anyone not to like you….

Sameer: Geet…Geet ..Geet… Tum Politics join kar rahi ho kya..Seedha seedha jawab nahi de sakthi…

Geet: Ok… We can be friends.

Sameer: Thank God.. Finally you gave me the answer for a question I asked you yesterday.. Lekin Geet tumhe nahi lagtha ki tumhara "Turn Around Time" kuch jyadha hai… I mean 29 hours to answer a simple question…

They both laughed…and sameer said..

Sameer: Geet mein tho batana bhool hi gaya tha…Harama woh freshers party hai na…that has been postponed to Friday…I am happy that hamein kuch preparation ka time bhi milega…tho tum dance karoghi kya….mere saath..  


Geet: Nahi sameer… I don't want to participate…Please..

Sameer: OK OK lets not decide this now.. I will talk to you tomorrow… waise tumhar mobile no. kya hai…

Geet gives her number and Sameer give her a missed call and says store that Geet…My number….

Dadima's car was waiting for Geet… Geet said bye to Sameer and started walking away..when Sameer shouted..

Sameer: Geet ….I like you very very much and you look very stunning in your Jean and Tops…Keep dressing like this…and keep smiling… Bye…See you tomorrow…

Geet stood there looking at Sameer for a while, then got in to the car and was quickly in front of the out house. As she got down, she saw Dev coming out of out-house.

(To be continued…)

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
amazing updates..loved it
keep writing

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-Mounika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
Awesme updates

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-Mounika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
Wow!really awesme dear.and ha iam impressd that geet wearng jeans and top.anyways waitng for next part

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 July 2010
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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 1:24am | IP Logged
wow loved it ///hope sameer dosent fall for geeet...

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rifana2811 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 2:05am | IP Logged

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