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Maan and Geet - A new Journey (Page 34)

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Please update na. Update chaheyeee...

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awesome ff!!!!!!!!!!! please send me a pm for further updates!!!!!!!!
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I started reading this story today only and couldn't stop till the last update!!! its so beautiful!!!
Plzz PM me for future updates...
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DisapproveConfusedConfused WHERE IS UPDATE???????
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Part 25

Maan, Geet and Sameer were on their way back to Noida. All three were very silent. Maan and Geet both knew they were happy but just couldnot express their happiness across…. Sameer stopped the car on the highway for a short snack. As he headed towards the caf with Geet, she turned back to ask if Maan would like to join…but to her surprise Maan was already out of the car and was silently walking besides her. She felt good. She thought Maan would be again angry on her for having agreed to sit in the front with Sameer…but Maan looked very relaxed…

Maan badly wanted to talk to Geet. His heart was full of happiness. He now wanted to bring Geet back in to his life as his wife. He wanted to accept that she was never away from his mind. Even in anger he always had wanted to be close to her. But now that he has understood where exactly was the fault, he wanted to make amends to his miserable life and bring back its happiness. Also he wanted to keep Geet happy. Though he did make all these plans, he really did not know where to start from. He thought he should first get an opportunity to talk to Geet peacefully. He thought once back in Noida he will make a plan…

After the journey all three retired to their flats and got refreshed but soon returned to office as agreed earlier to complete their tasks….After a tired days' work they all went back to sleep….The next day morning as Geet woke up and opened her balcony, Maan was waiting for her in his balcony. They stood looking at each other for a while and finally when back to senses rushed off to get ready for work….This became their every day ritual…..

Work never gives time for personal life….one has to take the time rather than wait for time….By the time Maan and Geet understood this it was more than 4 weeks that they returned from Ludhiana….Maan still was only planning to have his talks with Geet….Since both were in the same office, their meeting often…talking through the eyes…accidental and at times even intentional touches - now and then- all these kept the two satisfied yet still wanting more…..

Sameer could notice this change both in Maan and Geet. Maan was not the same saddu boss….he was more patient…had completely stopped yelling at people….He was more approachable and at times even joined his staffs in their celebrations….He still was the task master but more gentle…above all sameer could not help noticing the change in Maan's eyes when he sees Geet….There seemed to be a perfect understanding between the two….With just one look from Maan, Geet could tell what he wanted….Without even looking up from his work, Maan could sense that Geet was near him….Sameer was going mad thinking about all this. He wanted to know what exactly was between them. Finally he thought he would talk to her…..


Geet was busy with her work when she received a message on her mobile. She saw that it was from Maan. He wanted to speak to her and so will be coming to meet her at her flat by 9 PM. Geet's happiness knew no bound. She was literally flying….She just waited for her work to get completed and rushed off to her flat. As she entered she saw Pinky was all dressed up and was getting ready to leave….Geet was surprised and asked...

Geet: Pinky….tum yeh saj-dajke kahan jaarahi ho iss waqt?

Pinky (With a slight blush)…woh geet….hum date peh jaa rahe hai…

Geet: Date peh??….aur Hum matlab?????Tum aur….

Pinky: uff Geet….tum bhi naa….Hum matlab…mei aur Adi sir…who else???

Geet: ho…Pinky I am sooo happy for you…Finally after so many years Adi sir did show the courage of asking you out for a date…

Pinky: Haan Geet…I too was surprised….He called me only in the evening to tell this but I managed to get ready soon….What if he sees me not ready and drops the plan???I got scared and got ready in a jiffy…Mei kaisi lag rahi hooon???

Geet hugged her and said…you look gorgeous dear… but change the set alone to something in silver naa…..

Pinky again rushed to her room to change her set when there was a soft knock on the door Geet found Adi sir at the door. He had a gift parcel in his hand. He handed them over to Geet and said Maan sir would come to meet her….and the gift was from Maan…..and he said..

Adi: I am just taking Pinky away….so that you two can have some time to-gether…

Geet: Too bad Adi sir….I thought you had asked Pinky out ….

Adi: No No Geet….please don't mistake me……Maan sir ka aana tho bas ek Bahana tha…..I really wanted to take Pinky out ….bas itnae din himmat nahi mil raha tha…..I am actually planning to propose to her to-night….

Geet: Oh…..I am soo happy for you both Adi sir…..Congrats….

Pinky and Adi left for their date…..Geet went in to her room and looked at the gift….It was a beautiful saree…She loved it instantly…Also there was a note which read……." This is for the most beautiful girl in the world" – 'My Geet'

Geet felt the cloth on her face, kissed them and held it close to her heart…..She lay on her bed dreaming for a while…when she was aware it was almost only ten minutes to 9 PM….Soon there was a knock on the door….Geet ran to the door and opened it and found Sameer near the door much to her shock….

Geet: Sameer…tum…..

Sameer: Kyon Geet…kisi aur ka intezaar tha kya????

Geet: Looked confused a little and said…No Sameer…come in….

Sameer came in and sat on the sofa in the hallway. He looked at Geet…she looked a little tensed….He said…

Sameer:I was thinking of talking to you in person for a while Geet…but just could not get the right opportunity to do so….Since I was in a good frame of mind today, I thought I will speak to you….

Geet was getting very restless…she knew Maan would come to meet her any moment. Maan already had problems with her being close to Sameer and seeing Sameer inside her flat at this hour is definitely going to put him off, she thought…but she still maintained her composure in front of Sameer…

Sameer: Geet….We have discussed this even earlier once during our first year of college…. I proposed to you at your home…as I started to feel happy that you accepted my love…you immediately corrected yourself to say 'No'. Had it been any other girl, I would have thought that the girl is simply trying to play with my feelings….but about you…I can never think so…. You have been one different girl I have met with in my entire life…You are so straight forward, loving and caring… simple and soft yet so determined….

Geet : Sameer…..But …..

Sameer interrupted to say….. Geet….Allow me to complete what is on my mind and heart first Geet…then you may please explain me if I am right or wrong….

Geet could see that Sameer was very disturbed and she should hear him out first…..Her concern about Maan was eating her up but Sameer was her best friend and he too definitely deserved her time .…..

Sameer Continued…..

Sameer: Geet ….you did not accept my love on that day….I did not disturb you after that, not because I had ceased to love you but because I knew your studies and career were more important to you and also I thought I should give you time……I know there were many other guys in our college who had fallen for you and some of them even attempted to propose to you but you so curtly and politely said them all a plain "No". I was happy. We had planned to work to-gether and we managed to get placed in the same office…..I was again so happy because I could be close to you all the time. But offlate, I am simply not able to understand you…….You know why????? Maan Singh Khurana…….

I really don't know what is between you both…..I feel very strange when he sees you….Actually the very day I had met him I felt there was something vey strange about him….He dragged you to dance with him…you never hesitated…He was so harsh with you still you never complained…That was the day I had noticed happiness in your eyes which otherwise were always amiss of their bliss. Nobody can dance with a person with so much of ease and understanding and that too without any rehersals…He came to drop you in college…you kept looking back at him……to know if he affects you I asked for the "All the best" from him before our internals….He said …and I did notice that it made you soo happy that you started looking so cheerful inspite of your fever….. I decided I will talk to you about this but strangely Mr. Maan Khurana disappeared from your life after that……

Now again one fine day he re-enters your life as your boss….I least expected that to happen but you were not even surprised…..You know Geet he has purchased the company from Mr. Bhatt for a very swell price…when he could have very well invested them at better places…I simply refuse to see this as a professional move….Later I accepted the presentation to our client but you too prepared for it….I found that strange but in the last moment Mr. Maan Khurana wanted the presentation to be given by you…. He tagged along with us to Neha's marriage- hurt himself but I could see the pain in your eyes…..Even last week, he had headache and requested for Black coffee…..I saw you preparing it for him and sending it to him through Ramu kaka…..Ramu kaka did not utter a word to Maan but still after just a single sip he looked at you and said Thank you……

Geet ….You are my best friend….I believe so….Please do help me out of with this….It is truth that I love you with all my heart but I am simply not able to get that love back from you….Mr. Maan Khurana seems to be affecting you…I don't know from when but please please tell me that you don't love him…and all that I noticed and told you were mere assumptions or imaginations of a jealous lover…Please Geet help me…Please….

Saying this Sameer almost broke down and was in tears…..

Geet never had the slightest idea that Sameer would be so badly affected by her. He proposed to her but her refusal she thought had put the issue to an end…but that he still continued to love her so much and had even gone to the extend of noticing Maan's presence in her life was simply beyond her expectation. She felt very bad for Sameer. She even felt guilty that she had been in some way the reason behind his distress….At length she said…

Geet: Sameer…..I should say I am sorry….There is no denying that we are best friends but Sameer there are a few things in my life which I had kept to myself……They are worst experiences of a girl's life and is better kept off rather than share with others….. Sameer…You proposed to me but believe me the way you did that I really misunderstood and took that in a lighter vein….because what you told me were lines from our college drama…..and I replied with my lines….By the time I understood that you were really serious with your proposing, I corrected myself and said 'No'……Sameer please believe me I had never meant to hurt you but it is also true that I cannot accept your love….I can't…please do understand…

Sameer: (Wiping off his tears) Ok Geet….You don't love me….I got that but why???Are you in love with Mr. Maan Khurana???

Geet: (After a long pause) Yes…I love Maan….I mean Maan sir….

Sameer was shocked at the very simple and straight forward reply that Geet gave him…He asked…

Sameer: From when Geet…From when is that you are in love with Mr. Maan Khurana???

Geet: From the day I have known love…from the day I have experienced and understood love….I have only loved Maan and no one else in my life……He is my first and last love in my life…..No one can ever take his place in my life and in my heart….

Sameer couldnot believe what Geet just said…all he knew about Geet was that she was staying at the Khurana's outhouse and Savithri Devi her sponsor….he asked…

Sameer: Geet…..Savithri Devi is your sponsor…Does she know about your love for Mr. Maan Khurana??

Geet: Sameer…Savithri Devi is not my sponsor…She is my dadi-sasu ma…

Sameer: (Shocked) aur …aur…Mr. Maan Khurana???

Geet: Mere Pati…….

Sameer felt as if the ground below him had just given way and he was falling down. He simply couldnot believe his ears….His best friend Geet is Mr. Maan Khurana's wife and he never knew anything about this….He was always proud about his friends and their mutual friendship…The past five years they have shared all their secrets….They always boasted about their friendship and today his best friend Geet has told him a secret…..a secret so grave that he now could no longer see her as his best friend….He had thought that Maan was trying to take his girl but the truth was he had fallen in love with Mr. Maan Khurana's wife……She has deceived him in the name of friendship he thought….He got so angry and wild that he did not wish to stay back a minute and was about to dash out of her flat when Geet stopped him….

Geet: Sameer…I know what is on your mind…but please don't mistake me…situations were such that I myself couldnot claim to be Maan's wife….He himself did not remember that I am his wife….A grave situation lead to him loosing his memory partially and he forgot me……and his marriage with me….I ended up losing him. Dadima helped me continue with my studies but I did not want to share my bitter past with anybody…..Please I never intended to hurt or cheat anybody…. lest not my friends….

Sameer: Geet….I can believe you no more. Actually I cannot even believe that you are married to Mr. Maan Khurana…The girl who stood up and spoke to Mr. Ranjith Singh about the ills of getting girls' married off at young age is by herself married…… that too when she was only around 18…..It is ridiculous Geet…and you even came up with a fictious story of a girl who was cheated in the name of marriage to tell to Mr. Ranjith Singh….I can never ever imagine that you could be so deceitful…. I am ashamed that I was your friend so long and more ashamed that I couldnot identify you…….Please don't ever talk to me…I hate seeing you…..

Saying this Sameer left the room…Geet was too shocked…She really thought she will convince Sameer. He was her best friend and her only support in college. He had helped her with her initial hiccups with lessons at college. He was so encouraging…..and today she felt so hurt that he misunderstood her and he also hates her. It broke her heart….She sat on the sofa with tears in her eyes…..


Part 26

Maan was lying on his bed. He had heard every word of Geet and Sameer's conversation. He did reach Geet's flat right on time but had stopped at the sit-out in front of the hall as he could hear Sameer's loud voice from inside the hall. He was initially upset and angry that Sameer was at Geet's flat at that hour but he decided to stay and listen rather than walking away in anger. He did not regret that decision. How much he had misunderstood Geet a few years ago by listening to half a conversation…. Today he has realized that it was his Stupidy and Pride that has lead to all the complications in his and Geet's life. He felt bad for Sameer. All his anger for Sameer seemed to have melted away.

He rolled on his bed and could only hear Geet's voice in his mind….which said " I have only loved Maan and no one else in my life……He is my first and last love in my life…..No one can ever take his place in my life and my heart…." Maan could not close his eyes…As he had heard Geet say this he so wanted to rush to her and take her in his arms and kiss her but….When Sameer had left Maan wanted to go to Geet and console her but he could see that she was in pain and his speaking to her at that junction will only make her more sad so he had decided against it and just sent her an sms saying he got stuck with some work that he could not make it to see her that day….

The next day Geet tried her best to speak to Sameer but he simply ignored her and also plainly refused to work with her. Once Maan came in Sameer walked in to his cabin and submitted his resignation letter. Maan went through the letter and asked him to take a seat…

Maan: Sameer…. Don't you think you have taken a decision in haste….

Sameer: No Mr. Khurana…I have thought well and I have other plans…so I wish to be relieved as early as possible…

Maan: But Sameer… As per your employment terms you are in abidement of bond with the company for a minimum period of 2 years….Hope you know that…

Sameer: Sir I do know and am ready to pay what ever it takes for deviating from the bond…

Maan: Well Sameer…you know we are all working on one of the most important projects and I would like to request you to give us time for a couple of more weeks before which I may let you know of the company's decision… So as of now please get back to work.

Sameer could not argue more. Actually he hated to talk to Maan even if it was for relieving him from his duties…so he thought he will continue for a few more days and if Maan again insists on his staying…he will leave without informing anybody...The worst part he thought was working with Geet. He simply did not wish to even see her.

Geet became very depressed due to Sameer's attitude and started covering for Sameer's work as well. He was mostly aloof much to the irritation of Mr. Chetan as well. Mr. Chetan even complained to Maan on a couple of occasions but Maan decided to be patient. Maan could not talk a lot to Geet also as she mostly looked very sad and upset.

Soon the entire team started working partially on the site and partially in office. One day when all of them were busy on the site….Adi came close to Geet and uttered somethng in her ears. Maan noticed this but did not give much attention then. Later Geet was seen to be very nervous and upset. She was seen discussing with Adi and Pinky and soon was not be seen around. Maan quickly noticed her absence and checked with Pinky.

Maan: Pinky….Geet dhikai nahi de rahi hai…kahan hai woh?

Pinky: (Fumbling) woh…sir…uski tabhiyat kuch teek nahi thi …..woh flat wapas chali gayi…thoda rest lenae…

Maan felt something was fishy. He knew Geet…howmuch ever she was sick she will not leave without informing him or atleast Mr. Chetan…He went to the flat to check but the flat was locked. He called her number but her number was switched off…He quickly went back to Pinky and threatened her for the facts…..Sameer noticed this and walked up to Maan and Pinky….

Maan: Pinky…I am asking you for the very last time…I know that you are hiding something from us. I am concerned for Geet. Please tell where have Geet and Adi gone???

Pinky: Maan Sir….Adi had some news about Nandini…She seems to be in some problem…Adi did not tell me the entire issue…He just spoke to Geet and Geet was very upset and wanted to meet Nandini immediately….So they both have left to meet Nandini at the Khurana outhouse….This is all that I know sir….

Maan quickly got in to his car and turned around when Sameer offered to join him…Maan was surprised but did not question anything as he was more concerned about Geet. He was actually very angry that she left with Adi without informing him and he couldnot guess what made her take a decision like that.He was also aware that dadima was not at home.

When Maan reached KM he asked the gateman if Geet has reached and he said she and Adi have headed to the outhouse…Soon Maan and Sameer were in front the outhouse. Maan could hear Geet yelling at Nandini at the top of her voice…..He walked to door to find Adi, Geet, Nandini and to his shock even Dev standing in the hall. There seemed to be some tension prevailing….Sameer and Maan stood at the door behind the curtain and listened…

Geet: Nandini….tumne tho hadh hi kar dhi hai…How dare you take such an important decision all by yourself and you did not even think it was necessary to inform us???

Nandini: Didi…as far as I know this is something to do with my personal life and I need not actually inform anybody about this….

Geet: Shame on you Nandini….you do the mistake and now you are even justifying your act and seem to have no remorse about what you have decided….

Nandini: Remorse…what for didi…..I love Dev and we have planned to get married. So what difference does it make if we get married today or for that matter even now?

Geet: (Shocked) Nandini…you are living with me here in this outhouse. I am responsible for your safety…Bheeji has allowed your stay here only because I take care of you and now out of the blue if get married to someone what do you think I will explain Bheeji…Will she not question me about this??? And what about Dadima? Will she not be hurt by this stupidity of yours???

Nandini: Didi…I have planned to get married not to a commoner…I am getting married to Mr. Dev Khurana, one of the Khurana waaris….See didi, there is nothing to be very tensed about. Actually it was a small bet… I challenged Dev to marry me before 12 tonight. It would have been a perfect fairy tale marriage, had not Dev discussed this with Adi, who inturn brought you here to upset our plans…

Geet was not only shocked but also ashamed that her sister was such a nut….She was so furious at Nandini…

Geet: Nandini….I have informed Bheeji and Teeji veerji. It is my duty to do so. They will be here soon… You may tell all your plans to them…Until then you need to sit here right in front of me…..

Nandini: (Wild and irritated) Geet didi…there is a limit to which one can interfere in other's life, be it even blood relations. I think you have crossed that. You know what… I think you are jealous of me. You could not attain the honour of being Khurana bahu yourself….Maan jiju has so openly denied you…so now you don't want me to get the status of being Khurana Bahu right….

Geet slapped Nandini across her face. Dev and Adi stood shell shocked.

Geet: Nandini how dare you speak to me in that tone….Jealous???who me????that too about your getting married to Mr. Dev Khurana??? Do you even know him well?

Nandini: (Also in rage) Yes … We are in love for long now. We know each other so well that we think we can be perfect couple…not like you and Maan…..

Geet thought this was the limit….She had to save Nandini and also she could not tolerate such nonsense being spoken of Maan….

Geet: Oh….so you both know each other very well, right? So in that case why are you still so hell bent on getting married to a person who is already married…actually still married????

Nandini had the shock of her life hearing those words…..She knew Geet was trying to cook up som story so that she can stop her marriage….

Nandini: What the hell didi…how could you talk like this about your brother-in-law. He has always supported you. What do you mean by married…who Dev??? To whom???

Geet: Yes Nandini…it is true…Dev is married and if he gets successful in tying the Mangal Sutra to your neck today then it would be third time he is tying Mangal Sutra in his life….

Nandini could not believe her ears…But she could see that Dev did not protest at Geet's words nor was he trying to tell anything in his defence.

Geet: (Turning to Dev) Why Mr. Dev Khurana…Am I wrong in what I had said just now.

Dev: Geet I was married to Nayathara but I have divorced her….

Geet: Oh really…which was the court that you appeared which gave you the divorce… You signed the papers and gave them to NT…She fell down and was in coma….Did you even take a step to know what had happened of her…. Without her signatures, without a divorce filing, hearing and judgement how on earth did you become the "Most Eligible Bachelor" for your next marriage Dev??? So if some day NT returns back and claims to be your wife, do you have an answer for that Dev?

Nandini: But Dev…you never mentioned about your marriage to NT. You should have told me…Why did you keep that away from me?

Dev: But Geet why are you so concerned about NT? She ruined your life and still you are so anxious about her rights??

Geet: (Laughed) NT ruined my life??? Are you sure Dev?

Dev: Yes NT was the one who made that plan of getting me married to you at your village. She was the one who used me as a tool to get all the money, jewels and your land from you. She was the one who asked me to dump you at the airport while we flew to settle down at Canada….

Geet: And was she the one who suggested you to sleep with me and get me pregnant as well Dev?

There was an uneasy silence in the room….Geet's eyes were red with anger. She had left her past well behind her but today Dev was trying to show himself off as innocent. She could not allow this to happen…..

Geet: Dev you should be ashamed of yourself. You have been a spineless creature all through your life. That was the reason why NT used you. Anybody with sense will know the consequences when they attempt something grave….but you ….you never even thought about it…..You faked me in to a marriage along with your wife, stole all that I had, slept with me and ran away dumping me at an unknown place????? And you call yourself Innocent???

Dev: But Geet…I did ask for your forgiveness….

Geet: Yes…I had forgiven you…Not for your sake but for the sake of Maan and Dadima. Keeping vengeance in heart is not going to help anybody. There has to be forgiveness…But that doesnot mean I can forget all those cruel things you did to me. 

Dev: But Geet having forgiven me why do you want to spoil my life now…

Geet: I am not spoiling your life dev. Iam just saving my sister's life. I cannot see her taking the cruel thorns of life like I did. I had Maan in my life. You told me about forgiveness right….I would not have been standing here today to hear your words…My family was behind me to kill me and my child…Had there not been a Maan, I would be dead and gone now…Whom will you ask forgiveness to….??? Your acts could have got me killed but Maan save me in time…..He gave me a life….his love ….his protection and above all his heart and soul…..

So Nandini henceforth kindly donot compare Maan and Dev…..Zameen aasmaan ka pharak hai inn dono mei…..aur please believe me I am not jealous of you….A girl can forget and forgive when hurt from body or heart but I was hurt in my soul….What Dev and NT did were crime. I cannot see them as mistakes….Please believe me… I intended no harm to your happiness……..

Saying this Geet fell on to her knees on the floor……

Sameer who stood listening to all the happenings ran to Geet and embraced her in his arms. He was in tears…. He kissed her forehead and repeatedly said…Iam sorry Geet…Iam sorry…Please …Iam sorry ….I have hurt you…You are my best friend and you will ever be my best friend….I am so proud of you Geet…..I am soo proud of you….

Maan stood like a rock…There were tears in his eyes……


(To be continued….)

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awsome update
will wait for the next
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they should have shown something like tha...
at least,in your ff, dev is unmasked...
i am really happy

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Aww Finally She let go of the past...
why couldn't geet do all that in geet..
arghhh yours in soo much better x

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