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Maan and Geet - A new Journey (Page 30)

punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
just came to your ff and read in one go
the new journey of Maaneet is awesome
you have done a superb job of expressiong their emotions
but in 5 years maan has not got his memory back
just loved it and waiting to know more
please pm when you update
have sent a buddy request 

prathyusmiling Senior Member

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
waiting waiting waiting... Day Dreaming
gitaramesh Newbie

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 12:35am | IP Logged
eagerly waitinggg...ConfusedConfusedConfused
abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 12:40am | IP Logged
khan ho to
update quickly dear eagerly waiting
007jindal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged
waiting waiting
tintinu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 3:36am | IP Logged

awesome awesome dearSmileClap,still waiting for more

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RoshiniManeet Goldie

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 3:38am | IP Logged

 Part 24

Neha's mother was looking for Geet. She spotted her amidst her friends. She went close to her and took her by hand to her room. Geet was surprised to see the beautiful saree that Neha's mother handed over to her. She also gave her a few ornaments to wear. They looked so pretty. Neha's mother said that she and Neha's papa have brought these for their second daughter Geet. Geet was overwhelmed seeing their affection for her. Neha's mom helped Geet with the saree and the jewels and soon they both were coming downstairs.

Maan was sipping on a cold drink when his eyes spotted his angel draped in a beautiful red saree. She looked absolutely stunning he thought. Her ears were adorned with large beautiful stoned droppings; the necklace on her smooth neck was really very elegant on her. Maan stood literally mesmerized in her beauty. He was so immersed in his admiration that he didnot realize that Mr. Ranjith Singh was standing very close him. Mr.Ranjith Singh at length said…

Mr. Ranjith Singh: Maan beta…kitni khoobsoorat lag rahi haina meri Geet beti….

Maan: Haan sir…bilkul…

Mr. Ranjith Singh: Maan beta… know something…I wanted to look out for a good boy for Geet as well…I did come to know from Neha that Geet was staying with some sponsor of hers and she never really talks about her parents or anything personal. Neha said since Geet was not very comfortable, she too never pressed for these details…But I think she is an orphan, why else would she not want to discuss about her parents or other relations….

Maan felt like someone just pierced across his heart with a very sharp needle….The word orphan just left him saddened and shattered like anything. Geet was his wife….He too did not know much about her parents but still his presence in her life for the past few years was so meaningless that someone had even gone to the extend of presuming her to be an orphan. He realized what a fool he had been so long…how much Geet would have felt hurt all these years….How many more people would have hurt her directly or indirectly thinking or saying that she was an orphan…

Mr. Ranjith Singh: Maan beta…what are thinking??

Maan: (Clearing his throat) oh…nothing sir…

Mr. Ranjith Singh: hmm…. Neha hinted to me that Sameer was in love with Geet, I too thought that to be too good…Sameer is a good chap, intelligent, smart and lovable too…But when I discussed this with Neha's mother, she immediately said…'No'.

She said Geet was not in love with Sameer. I was surprised… I always thought that my wife knows Geet a little less than I do. But I was really surprised that she could tell for sure that Geet had no feelings for Sameer and that he was merely her friend. Strange isn't it…..But we have to accept that women are indeed very strange and getting to know their heart is indeed a difficult task…..

Saying this Mr. Ranjith Singh laughed aloud to himself…

Maan was very troubled…he could barely enjoy himself in the party…He wanted to speak to Geet. Towards the evening after the marriage, Maan, Geet and Sameer were ready to leave. Mr. Ranjith Singh would not allow them to go that day. He wanted all three to be his guest for the day, stay with him that night and leave if extremely required the next day. Maan too could not say 'No' to his request and also he could see that Geet was very happy amidst her friends. So he said yes and hence they all stayed at Mr. Ranjith Singh's residence for the day.

There were loads of fun and hungama in the house… Geet, sameer and their friends danced and laughed to their heart's content. Maan was looking at Geet all through and Sameer kept watching Maan's eyes for Geet with lot of anger and irritation. It was night and everybody were so tired. They were all given rooms to rest. Maan was given a nice bedroom while Geet shared her room with Gitanjali…. But soon Gitanjali had to leave as her parents came to pick her up on their way back home.

Maan was tired….very tired and his wounded palm troubled him a lot…. He was sitting on the old fashioned rocking chair…he was in deep thoughts….The story he heard from Mr. Ranjith Singh fascinated him a lot…Did he too know this girl, he thought. He did not remember his own past with Geet…so he was not sure if he by any means knew the girl and her family which wanted to kill her because some guy cheated her and left her pregnant???? Slowly Maan's eyelids drooped…he was not yet in to deep sleep…it was just the moments before he fell asleep…..

He could see a group of people chasing a girl…most of the men had swords in their hands and their faces were half covered by a piece of cloth from their turban….they chased the girl through the wilderness…The girl…he could not see her face…was running for her life….soon the men chased her down…she fell flat on her stomach…. She turned around…. One of the men with very cruel eyes raised his sword … Maan saw the girl's fear filled eyes….they were so frightened, so horror struck….The sword came down like a lightening to slice the girl.. the girl shrieked in fear…suddenly there was hand that held the sword by its blade….

Maan shouted "Geet"……..and he trembled out of the chair that he was resting moments before….He had sweat all over his face….Those fearful eyes they troubled him..he knew those belonged to Geet. He cannot make a mistake there…Geet's eyes were so special for him…He always connected to her eyes….

Maan quickly wiped off his sweat. He was worried if Geet was fine. He thought what he saw was a dream. Since he got so involved with the story that Mr. Ranjith Singh told him, he imagined those, he thought…But how come he saw Geet as the girl in that story…But what he saw seemed so real to him…He wanted to see Geet immediately..He took his phone and called her….

Maan: Helloo…Geet

Geet: (worried about his tensed voice said) Maan sir…aap….aap teek tho hai na sir..

Maan: (sensing that Geet was fine…changed his tone and said….) haan geet mei teek hoon...

Geet: Aapki chot dard kar rahi hai kya…

Maan: Geet joh log phikar karthe haina…woh log aisae phone par haal nahi poochthae…

Geet: Maan sir…mei iss waqt aap ke paas kaise aasakthi hoon….

Maan: Geet…where there is a will there is always a way….

Saying this Maan cut the call…He expected Geet to come and see him in his room. The place where Geet was staying had a lot of womenfolk sleeping…He did not wish to go there and trouble others…soon there was a soft knock on his door…Maan opened the door to see Geet standing. He quickly asked her to come in and locked the door after her. Geet made Maan sit on the bed and looked at his palm. She removed the bandage and applied a little more medicine to the wound and put on a new bandage. She gently blowed on the wound. Maan felt good. Soon he leaned on the pillow with his hand on Geet's lap. She kept feathering them. Maan soon fell in to a very deep sleep.

The next day morning Maan woke up very early…he checked the time to be 4 AM. He felt very fresh after a good night's sleep. Actually it was years that he ever managed a good sleep like this. He looked around to see Geet sleeping a little away from him on the same bed. She had fallen asleep nursing him….He looked at her. She looked so beautiful and innocent. He put his hand on her cheek and caressed them. He then moved close her on the bed. Suddenly she put her hand on him in sleep. He moved more closer to her and kissed her forehead, then her cheek and finally could resist no more and kissed her lips….She smiled in her sleep and murmered…."aap bhi na Maan"….and cuddled close to him and placed her head on his chest. Maan felt as if he was living only for this day. He held her close to his heart in an embrace and placed his chin on her head and again slept with her….

It was aroung 7 AM Geet woke up from her sleep. She sensed to be within someone's strong hold. It took her a little time tor realize that Maan had slept embracing her. No wonder she slept so peacefully like a baby last night, she thought. She had really missed Maan and his love and affection for so long. She tried to get up from the bed and in the process Maan too woke up….Both had an awkward moment and later both jumped out of the bed. Geet blushed for a moment and ran out of the room…

Maan stood there for a while thinking about how on earth did he ever conclude Geet to be in love with Sameer and said all those cruel words to her. A girl who keeps bickering his name even in sleep…how could he have ever imagined her to have given her heart away to some one else….He realized how kiddish and unthinking he had been. His past had a role to play but still he had to balme only himself for having jumped in to such conclusions. He made up his mind that from that day he will always talk to Geet rather than presuming anything and also he will stop being jealous…no matter what he knew Geet would only love him and she was always his….Later he corrected his thoughts a little saying….he cannot be totally without jealousy…He was too possessive….and cannot see Geet being touched or being close with anybody else….He smiled to himself….Freshened up fast and got ready to leave for Noida. He also resolved to ask Geet about the girl in the story that she had narrated to Mr. Ranjith Singh and if by any chance he too knew these people...

Geet, Maan and Sameer were all set to return to Noida. Mr. Ranjith Singh and his wife hugged Geet. They had tears in their eyes. Geet touched their feet and at the same time Maan too came forward and touched their feet…Neha's mom was pleasantly surprised. She knew Maan as a strict Business man and never was seen to be emotional. Years ago when he had taken up building their home, he would barely speak to her. She also noticed that glint of sweetness and happiness in Geet's eyes and her blushing. She looked almost looked like a newly wedded girl and her skin was pink and glowing….Neha's mom remembered seeing Geet run out of Maan's room in the morning and when asked she shyly stumbled a little and said that he asked for something official….Neha's mom's enquiring eyes looked at Geet as if to ask if Maan was the one???? Geet bowed down her head with a smile as if to say "Yes"…. Neah's mom again kissed Geet…

Mr. Ranjith Singh looked lost during his wife's and daughter's talking through eyes talent…Finally he said….Ahhh….Women!!!!

As the three headed towards the car, Sameer almost ordered Geet to take the front seat with him. Geet looked worried but Maan was cool. He opened the front door for Geet and he himself took the back seat. Geet was astonished…..Maan just smiled at her…

(To be continued...)

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RoshiniManeet Goldie

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 3:42am | IP Logged
Dear Friends,

Too much to study and absolutely had no time to think and write. Actually I am yet to decide on the further course of the story and needed some time for that but my homeworks are too much that I couldnot spare a lot of time...Sorry sorry sorry...Please bear with me. Just posted a small part but a significant part.. Hope u guys like it... I will continue soon...


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