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fly2me IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 1:22pm | IP Logged

It was Houseful. Felt great. Lol.

The satisfaction of watching a good movie!Approve Specially when everyone in the theater is enjoying, laughing, crying, whistling. Ahhh! <3 Love, love, love.


I want to start off by...why the hell are the "critics" writing off this movie?...They can watch shizz like Double Dhamaal, Ready and what not and give it high ratings but they can't do that for a movie like Mausam?!. -___- Some bs, i tell ya. Total rubbish.
A honest request to everyone that has not watched the movie yet: Do not let the reviews you have read paint a picture of the experience that you will have when you watch this film. And please do watch it on the big screen...its meant to be watched on the big screen. The experience is just mind blowing.

Anywayss...back to my review...
Mausam is nowhere near flawless. But its honesty and simplicity makes you look past it all. Its just beautiful.

The number one thing that i adored about Mausam is that it isn't the obvious average, boy meets girl movie that we always see in our Bollywood films. Its different. Instead of conflicts between the leads its conflicts in the surrounding of the leads. Its about how love can survive, no matter what. After a LONG TIME i have been satisfied with a movie. And it feels good. Haha. Finally a movie that stays in your heart and mind.
To me, it made me this day and age, does love like this still exist?...Is this really larger than life or it is still possible? Can our hearts and mind go beyond what's happening in our surroundings to just be with the love of your life? Do things like this happen anymore? Its easier to give up than hold on...If you love someone so much...are you willing to wait or will you just move on? Its easier to move on. But if its true love...your love can survive. No matter what. Love is sacrifice, patience and faith!(;

Just a few thoughts that were going through my mind after the movie...sorry if i got too mushy.Blushing

I love romantic films...obviously. LOL And this one was no different. I loved it, i did. And what made me love it so much beside the story was Shahid and Sonam. How can one like a film if you can't feel for the characters. Shahid is excellent in it and Sonam has improved. They did a fab job...Nothing is forced...and i loved that about it.

-Shahid: This is a BIG leap for him as an actor. He definitely deserves a standing ovation. And he definitely got one from the theatre i was at. He is impeccable in it. Every shade that he goes through in the feel for him. Harry is a wonderful character for us to see his charms. EFFORTLESS.
-Sonam: Everyone agrees that she has a lot to learn as an actress. Well, i am happy to say...she has improved. A lot. She does great justice to her role and her looks help as well. She looks like Aayat and acts like Aayat. Yesh, i just said acts!(; This movie is a winner for Sonam as an actress.

Special mention:
Aditi Sharma: She does a marvelous job as Rajjo. I felt so bad for her as the character. She played it well!(:

Love, love, love, LOVEEE.
..I don't think i need to say more. Lol.
I have a lot of favorite dialogues from the movie but my most fav. has to be this one:
"Bure logoun ke na naam hote hai na surat, sirf ek bura saya hota ha"
You will understand it once you watch the film!(;
[I think i quoted it correct...if not, its somewhere along those lines. Lol. Sorry.]

Everything is just so breathe taking. I loved every bit of it. Some of my favorites:
-Every Punjab bit. Ohmygosh. I wanna go to Pubjab. Lol.
-Actually...every other place as well. The cinematography is purely amazing. The movie is visually pleasing.
-I LOVED the attack on tiger hills or whatever. Very beautifully shot. AND i loved all the scenes that leads to how Harry's hand is paralyzed. Touching.
-Abhi na jao chodkar...this was such a surprise and freaking AHHHMAAZINGGG! Hah! I loved it. <3
Their reunion in Ahemdabad after the fire and all that jazz. The dialogues after that were just out of this world!... Ohmygosh. I am not going to lie...when they were sitting down talking and saying those dialogues...i was silently shedding a few tears. Its was beautiful. Words cannot explain. <3 I sort of wished the movie ended here instead of the whole saving the horse and the baby thing. But i didn't mind that as much as others did. I mean...DUDE! You can watch a police officer kill someone with a kick or beat someone up with a belt over and over and over but you can't watch a ferris wheel scene? Something different? -___- Lol. Anyways. That's just the way i look at it. But i do think the movie would has had a better ending if it would have ended before the ferris wheel thing. was beautiful.

Pankaj Kapoor...
If this is his first movie...i CANNOT wait for more. Bring it on!!(:
Great first direction. And writing too...BUT...the script was its biggest flaw.
Which brings me to Mausam's flaws...there are just 2.
1) The script. - The second half could have been better. And like i said before, i wish the movie would have ended before the ferris wheel scene.
2) Editing. - It needed some editing...if some scenes would have been edited the movie would have flowed better. There were some unanswered questions. But...all the choppy editing did not take away from the essence of Mausam.

Overall...Don't miss this one. Its fresh. Gives you your money's worth. It has great moments, memorable characters, great story, great music, great acting, its beautifully shot, and everything elseee...(:

A great balance of art and mainstream cinema. This one is a winner in my book. DEFINITELY watch this.


P.S. So sorry, its so long.I did not think i wrote so much.LOL

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.khoobsurat. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
^ Lara...did u feel bored at any moment. I mean am hearing a lot of ppl say Mausam is a bit boring. I was looking forward to the movie until all the bad reviews...lost interest. Now your review is making me want to watch it lol.

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fly2me IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 6:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by beboholic

^ Lara...did u feel bored at any moment. I mean am hearing a lot of ppl say Mausam is a bit boring. I was looking forward to the movie until all the bad reviews...lost interest. Now your review is making me want to watch it lol.

Honestly, i was never bored. Maybe because i was so excited to be there and get to watch it or maybe because it was houseful and people in the theater were all fun...idk. I had A LOT of fun. I wasn't bored at all. Don't go by the all.!(:

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.Alluring. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
I saw Kanchivaram today. It's a tamil movie directed and written by Priyadarshan. It's the same director who churned out movies like Garam Masala, De Dana Dan, Khatta Meetha and many more comedy masala. I can't believe he directed it. because this movie is POLES apart from the previous menitoned one. I am so glad i watched it. The story is about a silk weaver named Vengadam who just got released from jail for two days to see his home town kanchipuram in 1948. As the journey begins, Vengadam, under the custody of two policmen on a bus, remembers several events that occured in his past. Basically a story of a silk weaver in the town of Kanchivaram. Prakash Raj plays the part of Vengadam. WOW he is excellent! I have no words for him. Such an outstanding performer. 

And I can't understand why can't Bollywood make movies like this? Cinematography, screen play, story, music, direction everything worth an applause. As the movie was set in around 1900-1948, you can actually get the feeling of it from lighting and photography so hats off to it. But the Story is very sad, specially the end was very depressing and shocking. Nonetheless it's an outstanding movie and it deserves a watch from everyone. 

10/10 Thumbs Up

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-Kruti.S- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
Are we allowed to write about Hollywood movies as well?? 
mysticgoryfilms IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
^ Yes. :)
-MakhanMalaai- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Mausam: The movies S L O W written all over it..the major back drop is the length.. Gossshhh.. times are gone when people used to sit in theatres for 3+ hours and watch movies like HAAHK, HSSH, DDLJ.. comeon director and i also dont see any reason why it was long.. there were alotta scenes which they could have reduced or completly cutt off..
Story: the story is not bad.. its just that years and months and days go by but the story is very much there.. at the same spot.. Punjab to Scotland to Ahmedabad to America to Switzerland to Ahmedabad again.. why soo many places?? makes it moree confusing.. then the story goes through all the disasters.. 9/11, Gujrat Riots, Kargil war and God knows wat not.. i seriously dont see any need for that.. its way too confusingg and the actors seem jinxed to have met only thrice in long 10 years..and wat was the effin ending about??? spoiler --> a person whose hand was not moving since the last 2 years was suddenly a ninja, superman, batman, spiderman.. climbed up that ferris wheel.. firstly.. climbing up that ferris is no piece of cake..but our hero does it.. not only that he saves the girl with one hand only and that too the paralysed one.. are we real??? puhhleaaseee Wacko
Shahid: He looks good in the Punjab days.. he looks young, fresh and cutee (i hate to say that cz i dont like him) DeadLOL he acts pretty much natural but as everyone saying that he is flawless he is not.. he could have done better..not bad but not the best for sure..
Sonam: she can hardly act...she has improved from her torture in Thank You.. but she needs to learn acting actually.. she looks pretty.. tries to act too.. kinda succeeds too but then everything is soo cliched she cannot do alot.. Story just takes over her..
Aditi: she was good.. better than Sonam.. she should be given more roles.. she can prove herself as a good actress..
final verdict: i was expectingg nothing so the movie went fair-bad for friend had some crazy expectations and she was visibly upset LOL it could have been better for sure very easily.. bad editing, too much happening in the story yet nothing is happening..songs are pretty slow.. u wont be sad if u give it a miss.. all in all a movie which could have been good has gone to waste..

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a little faithbamboocopter

-Kruti.S- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
The proposal - 2009 movie starring Sandra bullock and Ryan Reynolds

I really like their chemistry offscreen, so decided to give it a try...
it was a nice movie, funny at times...boring the other time...Ryan and Sandra look gr8 together so that is definitely a plus point...the story is not a unique one, but the feel given to it with the whole alaska backdrop was pretty nice...
I actually didnt like the way Ryan's character turned all mushy gushy and fell in love with margaret (sandra bullock's character) was justified on margaret's part though...some glitches here and there but Betty white is awesome :D

overall i would give it a 3/5.

Up in the air - 2009

awesome movie...very unique philosophy, gr8 actors, and everything about it was amazing...George clooney plays his part very well...need to watch his movies more often...
A must watch...


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