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MG:~Bramachari Maan-THREAD 2 (Page 59)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Hey guys,

sorry for the delay but here is the next update...okay am gonna go hide under my chair nowLOL You guys will know what I am talking about after the update!LOLLOLLOL

                    Chapter 26

It has been one day since the incident with Pandayji. Maan kept himself distant from everyone. Somewhere down the line he couldn't bring himself to face others especially Geet. Unknowingly, he accused and cursed at her thanks to Pandayji with no fault of her own. It was him. He was the stupid one to think that girls can do that but not anymore. He will not believe anyone that easily anymore. She opened his eyes and made him see what he was missing but there is one thing that bothers him. Even though, she is his wife in all ways he just can't bring himself to accept her fully.  How can he take another step forward. She has been the only girl in his life that came this close to him. He doesn't know anything about women and their feelings. He doesn't know anything about Geet either. He stood in front of the mirror trying to think of something. He turns around to leave for office when he saw Geet standing there looking at him. He was about to leave when she holds his hand. He turns around to look at her.

Geet: Maan its not your fault you know

Maan: I know but I just need to think for myself now. 

Geet: Okay but you know I am here for you

Maan: Yeah I know (he smiles and leaves.)

Geet looks at day Maan...i will wait for you when you are ready to fully accept me. For now, I am happy that you know Pandayji's true color. The day is not too far when you come out of this shock. She promises herself and makes her way downstairs. 
Dev paces the room looking at his phone. He tried so many times to call Pandayji but his phone is coming out of service. What is going on. He was worried if something happened to him or worse if he got caught or else his plans will be failed. He looked at the phone as it rang. It was unknown number. 

Dev: Hello (Dev sighed in relief when he heard Pandayji talk on the other end) what happened to you?...what?! You are at a police station? Why?...(he made a fist in anger..) GEET!!  Don't worry I will bail you...(he throws the phone on the floor...) You didn't do right Geet...not are trying to save Maan bhai but now wait and watch...I might have to take extreme steps now...(he laughs)
Maan sat in the office thinking about Geet...he closed his eyes and smiled when he remembered their so called honeymoon. Someone knocked on his door. He opened his eyes and looked at Sasha who was standing there with his coffee.

Maan: Come in Sasha

Sasha: Thank you sir..I saw you stressed out so I thought I should bring you your coffee

Maan: hmm thanks. You can put it on the table.  (She comes across the table placing the coffee in front of him. While doing so she bends down a little more revealing her cleavage to him. Maan turns his face the other way closing his eyes...) you may go

Sasha: If you need anything at all let me know

Maan: Hmmm...(Sasha slowly walks out moving her hips...Maan calls home hoping to get Geet...he smiles when someone picks up the phone but frowns when it wasn't Geet) hello Nakul where is Geet ma'am?

Nakul: Sir she went out

Maan: ohh okay...(As she was hanging up the phone he saw her standing there looking at him. He smiles and hangs up the phone) Geet what are you doing here?

Geet (Mad) ohh I shouldn't have come here?

Maan (confused) No that is not what I meant

Geet: Yeah I saw everything what you were doing

Maan: What are you talking about

Geet: That chudail that came in here..what was she doing here?

Maan: ohh you mean Sasha

Geet: Yeah I mean that Sasha...

Maan: She came to get me my coffee...

Geet (steps closer to him) couldn't you call someone else to get coffee

Maan: I didn't call her she came  on her own...I don't understand why you are so mad?

Geet: forget it...maybe I should leave...(she walks out while Maan follows her to the streets) 

Maan: Geet wait...listen to me..I had nothing to do with her

Geet: Whatever..I am going...

Maan: Geet...listen...

Geet: MAAANNN! (She dropped on her knees when she saw him getting hit by a car. He landed on the road with blood slowly dripping on the street. She ran to him putting his head on her lap..yelling and crying...) HELP!! SOMEONE HELP!!! Maan get up! (She patted his face...he slowly opened his eyes looking at her...and then closing them..) SOMEBODY SAVE MY MAAN!!

People from office came outside and was shocked to see Maan on the road. Adi ran inside to inform Ronit and to call the police. Ronit came outside and immedietaly went to Maan's side...

Ronit: Maan...Geet what happened

Geet: i don't know...he got hit by a car...(She hugs Maan while crying...)
Everyone waited outside the waiting room...Madhuri was trying to calm Geet down but failed. She, herself, was breaking down seeing her tears. Dadima held Ronit's hand...Dev stood in one corner...looking at the turn of events. In the morning, he had released Pandayji out of the jail anonymously. No one would know he was behind this accident. Everyone would think it is Pandayji behind Maan's accident. He had everything planned. Now, he waited for one news that he wants to hear...his that he can marry save her from being a widow all her life...He smirked...any minute now...the doors of the operation theater opened...Dev joined everyone...

Doctor: He is in a critical condition. His legs and his ribs are broken. (Everyone was shocked while Geet just sat there like a statue) We won't know his real condition until he becomes conscious. 

Ronit: There must be something you can do

Doctor: There is nothing I can do. The next 24 hours is very critical and just hope he comes out of this soon. We are going to have him shift to ICU and only one member can stay with him. Excuse me.

Dadima: Kisi ki buri nazar lagi hai humare Maan par...pata nahi yeh kaise ho sakta hai

Dev: Kyoi dushman toh nahi Maan bhai ka? (Geet looked up hearing Dev...she got up and ran to the receptionist. Everyone ran after her...)

Geet: Hello police station...Pandayji that you arrested yesterday where is he? What?! Who bailed him? What do you mean! Find him!

Ronit: Geet what is going on beta...tell me...(Geet tells everyone the truth behind Pandayji and him being arrested. Both, Maan and Geet, did not tell anyone about him because there was no point...they didn't think that he could come out...Ronit was shocked and mad hearing this..he takes out his phone) HELLO! I WANT THAT PANDAY FOUND ASAP!!!

Dev (smirked) Geet are you sure he could be it?

Geet: yeah how else do you explain this? He was the only one after Maan. He was the one that brainwashed Maan thinking am the bad shadow in his life. 

Madhuri: Maybe Pandayji was right...(Everyone look at her. Dadima puts her hand on her shoulder. Geet stumbled back a little gripping the counter for support hearing the accusation)

Dadima: beta what are you saying...

Madhuri: What i am saying is correct. My beta is in there fighting for his life ever since he got married everything has been gone wrong. Your accident, Ronit's business loss and now Maan...everything started when Geet came here...

Geet: Ma don't say that..I had nothing to do with this

Madhuri: Maybe you didn't but your bad saaya did...

Dev ("this is going way better than I the new twist): Mom what are you saying? Geet does not have bad saaya..I am supporting her in this (he stands next to her...)

Madhuri: You guys can support whatever or whoever you want. (She leaves...)

Dadima (stands next to Geet) Geet beta don't mind her...she is just grieving for her son. She will come out of this

Geet (hugs her and cries) I...didn' faints while crying...Dev picks her up and makes her sit on the chair)

Ronit: Let me call the doctor...

Dev: Geet get up...Geet..

Dadima (cries) Geet...get up beta...geet...
Maan in the room moves his finger...he whispers Geet...doctors come in hearing a beeping noise. He goes outside to inform them that he is getting up. Madhuri gets happy and goes to the doctor.

Madhuri: How is he? 

Doctor: He is saying Geet's name. Please call her

Madhuri (shocked) She can't come. Let me meet my son

Doctor: but he wants

Madhuri: I am his mother. I want to meet him now.

Doctor: okay..right this way. 

Madhuri (went inside the room and immediately sat right next to Maan with tears) Maan get up beta..look whose here..Maan

Maan (slowly opens his eyes..) Geet...(he whispers before closing his eyes again)

Doctor: Please get Geet or else he might get worse..

Madhuri: No. She can't come.

Doctor: Think over it again. You are putting your son's life in danger. If you want him to get better then I recommend let him see her or else I won't be responsible for what happens next. (The doctor leaves leaving her to think...Madhuri touches Maan's face with tears...while doctors words ring in her head...she wipes her tears and gets up.)
Dadima sat right to Geet who was lying there like a zombie. She was awake and was fine but no tears or anything was come out. Dev sat on the opposite side holding her hand while Ronit went to talk to the doctor. Dev looks up and saw Madhuri standing at the door looking at them. Dev stands up.

Dev: ma what are you doing here?

Madhuri: I came to meet Geet...(She turns and looks at Madhuri. She stands little bit farther away from Geet...) You can meet Geet...(everyone gets happy) but as soon as he is have to leave Maan. 


Madhuri: Yes I do! Nothing is important to me then my son.

Dadima: Geet is leaglly married to Maan

Madhuri: Then she can legally be separated from him as well. Divorce

Dadima (slaps her) No one in our family got divorced before how dare you say that.

Madhuri: I am right. All along we were cursing Pandayji when he was right all along

Dev (smirks) Mom you can do whatever but I will always support Geet in this. She has done nothing wrong.

Geet (gets up and stands next to her) I will do it...(Dadima looks at her) I will do anything to make sure Maan is safe and if he is safe by staying away from me then I will do that as well. 

Dadima: But Geet..

Madhuri (smiles) okay come with me. Maan next you. (Geet followed her quietly supressing her pain and tears)

Sorry in advance if its not long...I umm okay am gonna hide nowLOLLOL

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bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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awesome part!!!!!!!!!!

at last u turned madhuri to evil saas..n geet as poor tolerating bahu!!!!!!!!!!. as in saas bahu crap...

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LuvScooby IF-Rockerz

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Oh no, not this twist...Maan was not only hit by a vehicle, but now his mom is turning against Geet...I don't like this at all.

That Dev Angry I cannot believe he would stoop so low and wants to kill his own brother.
Poor Geet, its not her fault...

Continue soon

Water. IF-Rockerz

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Oh My God!

That was a jhatka...Poor Geet...ek to she is fighthing to find her place in Maan's house and heart and uper se this MadhuriAngry she is an ass****

Hate her...Angry

Stupid DevAngry ( punck, kick, slap)
Craziest_MG IF-Sizzlerz

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Now tell me what was this...??
A 360 degree turn in the story...
So many twists ek sath...???
Dev ka bachcha...i'll kill him now...
And what's wrong with Maan's can she...???
shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 November 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
now I know why u wanted to hide.. seriously..
XXaquafireXX Goldie

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Posted: 03 November 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Dev has crossed all limits today. I realized he was a complete dumba** when he 

caused Dadima's "accident"... but attempting to murder his own flesh and blood to get Geet?Shocked

That completely sickens me. AngryDev is going to rot in hell. 100% guarentee!

Poor Geet...i hope she realizes the truth about this nalayak duffer...

And poor Maan...calling out only her name with such hope... Cryhis brains better start working too! 

Simiji please bless your poor characters, they really need it right now!! LOL

Edited by XXaquafireXX - 03 November 2011 at 1:24pm
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by LuvScooby

Oh no, not this twist...Maan was not only hit by a vehicle, but now his mom is turning against Geet...I don't like this at all.

That Dev Angry I cannot believe he would stoop so low and wants to kill his own brother.
Poor Geet, its not her fault...

Continue soon

hahaa I know..but I had to bring some twist into the story
its late diwali dhamakaEmbarrassedLOL

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