Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan


Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan
Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan

sumit-kumkum hugs!

zara29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2005 at 3:40am | IP Logged
I have posted this from a yahoo group.I don't know u guys have read this b4[may be],I just want to shareThe List of S-K hugs in KUMKUM serial.....Smile
1.Su hugging Kk mistaking her to be roshni 2.The promo of that scene (as the promo was shot in a different dress,so it becomes hug no 2) 3.when dhruv was hospitalised 4.s-k playing cricket -(one where they try to catch the ball and s hugs kk as they fall;then su teaching kk to bat..not a proper hug..but still 1/2 + 1/2 =1) 5.KC hug 6.mirror romance scene - as they get ready for rahul-tara's wedding 7.s hugging kk from behind..before going to singapore (ab aage se ho ya peeche se..a hug is a hug,right?) 8.kk hugs su when he returns from singapore 9.During the kirtan saga,s gives kk a boquet of flowers and asks her to keep smiling always..i think kk hugs s..i haven't seen this scene but saw the pic. 10.While getting ready for kirtan's b'day 11.imtihaan scene - kk on the bed and su hugs her from behind 12.Su hugging kk - when they come to know of tara - 2 hugs.......one after su tells kk..apni kaan pakdo galti tumne ki and the end of the scene they hug again 14.Kk comforting su saying what he had told her earlier....'ye ghar khud hume'...and su smiles and hugs her 15.su telling kk that he can't tolerate her insult after renuka returns 16.corridor romance scene 17.s-k hug when they plan to go for the movie and then cancel it..it comes under mirror romance 18.s hugging kk after that frightening dream 19.before the lohri pooja 20.s hugging chanda(chanda ya kk,hain wo juhi hi)....telling her sorry and sees the mole missing and gets confused 21.the flash back scene...where he remembers seeing the mole on kk's back 22.s hugging chanda from behind and trying to make her agree to go for the trip 23.su hugging kk from behind - the scene where he asks her to go for the pmp test 24.su hugging chanda after the holi dance 25.s-k scene...after kk returns and su notices the difference... 26.Divine dance I - 4 hugs.. 30.Su hugging kk after the gets the report and tells her that they baby is fine and so is she. 31.su telling kk about the trip and asks her not to tell anyone.. 32.where su asks kk to wear those western outfits....kk moves backwards and falls on su's lap and he holds/hugs her... 33.kk hugging su...when he keeps staring at her after she wears that dress 34.restaurant scene - the peela bandar scene -here also 2 hugs 36.scene where su tells kk that he's the luckiest as he's got his kk 37.Divine dance II -2 hugs 39.When kk dreams of telling the chanda-kk story to sumit 40.sumit assuring kk that they'll return home soon and asks her to smile.. 41.kk hugs su in the hospital when she realises that he's fine.. 42.kk hugging su when she tells about the miscarriage 43.s-k "ulloo" flashback scene 44.s-k flashback scene in the mandir 45.s-k hug after their misunderstandings are cleared..where su feels guilty 46.after the teej dance 47.su inviting kk for dadi's b'day scene 48.kk hugging su - when she sees her...in the forest 49.kk hugging su saying that she had thought that she would never see him again 50.S-K RR...... - 3 hugs 53.S-K "shairoshairifying"(ruchoo - i love this term) rose scene,where su tells kk that he wants to gift her something. 54.S-k hospital scene after su's accident ; when su gains consciousness (not a proper one but still...) 55.su-kk - kada scene - su mock angry...kk kissing him and finally the hug. 56.Su-kk dance after rahul-naina's wedding 57.su-kk scene - su-kk talking about their friendship,love and vishwaas ; the scene after bua accuses su and kk supports him.. - 2 hugs 59. Kk hugging sumit...after sumit comes out of the factory and kk is very happy to see him safe and sound. 60. Su-kk in the room.....kk saying that she was really scared when sumit had gone inside the factory to rescue the workers. 61. The sad kk promo - where su -kk and all are leaving the WH. 62.Su-Kk scene - In their room before leaving the WH....comforting each other and finally hugging. 63.Kk challenging promo - Kk challenging AC and shots of Su-Kk leaving the WH..... - 2 hugs [actually 3 but one is the same as the previous promo so 2 hugs]. 65.Su-Kk scene - the railway station scene su happy to see kk and all and hugs her.. 66.Kk-Su scene - Su sitting near kk and telling her that they've got back their WH....Kk is happy and hugs him. 67.Su-Kk dream scene - su taking kk to the WH.....su saying that no one can take away their WH away from them....Kk happy...Su telling her to give this happy news to all - 2 hugs. 69.Su-Kk scene - su very sad that he's not able to do anything....kk talks to him....su says about nilaami and stay order....both sad and kk hugs su and cries. 70.In the garden When both are sad, as they are homeless and they console each other and hug 71.Sumith all set to go to Dubai, Kk crying & Su gives her a hug 72.Sumith leaving to go to Dubai and both Kk Su are crying. Both hug each other and tells tht they will miss each other a lot. 73.Swing Romance:Dream Sequence on Kumkum's birthday. When SuKk are dancing to the Oh Hansini Song, both in white outfits. And in the end both of them hugging each other tightly whilse on the swing. 74.Sumith comes from Dubai after a months time, is in the chawl compund And Kk just runs towards him. Su with his arms wide open,tears in his eyes and Kk just rushes towards him and they both hug each other tightly. 75.Same eps when Su comes from Dubai and KkSu doing tulsi puja in the chawl compound and after tht they once again each other. 78.Hugs 3: Kitchen Romance, When Su returns from Dubai and they both get romantic and hugging shugging very romantically. An very ultra romantic scenes. Kk hugs Su first and then Su hugs her twice. 79.When Su realises tht abhay has insulted Kk and he is frustrated & feels helpless due to leg fracture. Kk tells him tum mera haath yu hi hamesha thamna and hugs Su. 80. Scooter Romance, Kk hugs Su 81. Su meets with an accident and in hospital, Kk rushes from the office and hugs him 82.Su Kk sitting on stairs in the chawl and talks abt Vishwas etc and then Su asks her abt the mobile and later on apologises and hugs Kk. 83. When Kk and Ac are stuck in Panvel and when she is back home she first goes and Hugs Su 84. Sudden Romance: Abhay thinking tht SuKk Romancing. 3 hugs 87. SuKk sleeping hugging each other and Kk dreams abt the panvel incident. 88. When Su is a bit upset bcoz he argued with Kk in the morning due to Veena and when Kk is back from office he apologises and hugs her 89.Temple Scene on New years Day. When Su saves Kk frm Abhay and then they are both in temple hugging each other. And the 2nd time when Kk tells Su the full truth and cries and he hugs her once again. 91.After the Posion tamasha. Su Kk Standing near the door, Kk in tears and Hugs Su asking him why he had to do all this to prove his love etc etc and then again hugs him telling him not to do anything like that. 93. Su telling Kk that abhi toh sirf jung ki shuruwat hain again AC and he hugs her and Vr sees them 94. Vrinda goes to her village and the building is completed.SuKk standing & talking abt wht wht they suffered in this past few months and hug each other 95. Sumith takes Kk to their new house and Kk hugs Su 96. Sachin shows Kk an sketch which he made of SuKk. And Su comes and teases Kk says something is missing and adds tears to Kk sketch and pulls her leg by saying ki Kk always keeps on crying naa.. And Kk says Sumith and Su hugs her both smiling 97. House Warming Romance. On eof the most sizzling and intense romantic scene picturised on SuKk.. Altogether 3 hugs. 100th HUG: Its the same Housewarming Romance When SuKk are hugging each other and sleeping 101. Kk is scared coz of abhay and then when she hears the cracker noise she is more scared and hugs Su tightly 102. Su tells her Darne ki koi baat nahin Abhay kuch nahin bigaad sakta and hugs Kk 103. Kk scared that Abhay will kill all of them and Su hugs her, tells her nothing will happen. 104.Malli's engagement And Kk again scared, apologises to Su coz of her behaviour and Su understands her state of mind and she hugs him tightly. A nice emotional scene 105.Kk hugging Sumit saying that there's nothing to worry now and that everything will be fine(after she talks about the 100 crores). 106.Kk hugging Sumit and telling him that from now she will not fear AC and that she'll be brave. 107.Kk says that she'll tell him how to thank asit and then says,(trying to be romantic) that this moment is theirs and she wants her sumit and hugs him. 108.Su-Kk in the car before he goes to the police station to surrender himself 109.Su-Kk hug - when su tells kk about the deal with AC...and he is going to die within the next 7 days. Emotional scene.kk hugs him. 110. When Su tells Kk tht within 3 days he will die and tells Kk to tell how much he loved druv. Kk hugs him crying 111.Kk tells Su tht we shall go to the dr once again and nothing will happen to Su. Kk hugs Su 112. In the temple After Su is fit and fine. Kk tells him tht she is pregnant and Su is so excited tht he hugs her in the mandir itself. 113. When Su gifts Kk a pink night gown and Kk kisses him he hugs her by saying Luv u Kumkum 114. Laash Romance: When SuKk decides to trap AC and Su pretends infrnt of AC tht he is dead. When AC runs away frm there. Kk rushes towards Su and asks him whether he is fine n he tells her ki agar zindagi chodne ki baari kabhi bhi aayi toh sabse pehle woh apni jaan dega.. Kk is touched by this n she hugs him n says ilu Su OFFSCREEN / REAL HUGS : 1.Kumkum's success party - that shot in the pkp promo where hu is hugging ju with one hand and showing his thumbs up with the other,both smialing soo happily - My most favourite hu-ju shot(real) till date. 2.Ju hugging Hu when he wins the best pati award - spa'04. 3.Hu hugging Ju when she wins the best patni award - spa'04.

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Jem4Himesh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2005 at 4:43am | IP Logged

thanx 4 the info!!


batool Senior Member

Joined: 01 September 2005
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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
O my God who log itni bar hug kiya mager pata hi nahi chla hahhhahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa plz kumkum& sumit keep going plz thxxxxxxxx
zara29 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2005
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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
lol batool ,u found out this article too 4m the previous pages LOL LOL LOL
wesey its an old record of su-kk hugs ,abhi tak tu 150 hogaye houngey kyu guys! LOL Wink LOL
KHJL IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 July 2005
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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
kooooooooooollllllll! thnx 4 da info Embarrassed
mariaam Goldie

Joined: 14 April 2005
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Posted: 27 November 2005 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Hey Sweety Tongue

Chaa Gaii hain? Big smile kya baat hai.. i m impressed Smile
wah bhai wah Zaara, Hats of 2 u Tongue
shabzz123 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 March 2005
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Posted: 27 November 2005 at 8:21am | IP Logged
thank u soooooooooooooooo much zara ... i dont know if anyone remembers but ones we all very playing this game where we had to mention all the hugs till now remember and it had come out till 170 or more if i am not wrong yaar if that time it was 170 above but now tu it must be above 250 hehe dont u all think so lolzzzz and if u include real life tu i think it must be 70 or more cause in soooo many parties they r together and in some pic also hu is putting a hand on ju shoulder ok now u all must be thinking that i am gone mad actually i am hehe <some ppl know that from before kiyu>lolzzz LOL
zara29 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2005
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Posted: 27 November 2005 at 10:14am | IP Logged
lol guys
I hav just copy paste this record of su-kk hugs 4m sumwhere else Embarrassed Wink ...hhe madoo tumhe bhi yaad nahi aya.. LOL LOL LOL
shabu jee chinta not..v knew that ur...maha pagal.. Wink LOL ...
but the most sweetest & luvliest hug was when Su returned 4m Dubai..when they wer living in chawl..that tight hug was awsum..wonderful.........almost 4 full 5 mins Tongue ,they were hugging hehe LOL Wink LOL

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