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PJ's FF~*MANEET*~Ch 19 on pg 24 (Page 17)

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 6:37pm | IP Logged
loving it!!!!Big smile

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 7:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by d2407

Awesome updates dear
Liked the maan and geet moments..they were just continue soon
Thanks for the pm

Thanks...will definitely continue...coming soonBig smile

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Awesome updateee...
cntnue soonn

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superb update..

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~Scene 1:

The Outhouse of the Mansion in the jungle

Pouring rain pelting against the windows

Storm outside

Night time, dark and eerieConfused

There were no signs of the rain slowing down, and they didn't know how to get out of the place in that tempestuous weather. It was very dangerous and risky, but to stay back was even more dangerous. The water level was rising all around them and they had to make a decision quickly. Geet had lost all her courage by now and was scared to death by the entire incident. But she didn't wanted to show her weakness in front of Maan (puh-leez...he already knowsLOL). Maan was more composed; he looked at her staring at the rain with tears. She saw him looking at her and she moved uneasily adjusting her jacket on her wet dressEmbarrassed.

"Tum aise hi khade rahoge yaa kuch karoge bhi..." she then told herself, "Babaji ne bhi mujhe kahan phasa diya, lagta hai aaj is baarish ke paani mein doob kar marna likha hai..."

"Oh, hello...tum marne wali nahi ho...Please stop crying."

"I'm not crying.Angry"

"Accha?? You are not crying??" he looked at her sternly and then smiledEmbarrassed, "Daro mat Geet, I won't let anything happen to you, I'll take you out from here safely. Just trust me" he stopped and looked at her, "I won't fail you this time."

There was something genuine in those eyes, those words that told her to trust him, and she listened to her heart and nodded her head looking into his eyes.Embarrassed


Scene 2:

On the Porch of the Outhouse

"Geet, I'll go inside the mansion and see if I can find some help...perhaps there's a phone inside or some person who might help us. You wait for me here, and if I don't return in one hour, you please don't come inside after me, stay here and when the rain slows down find a way outside this forest..." he took a deep breath, looked at her and then spoke, "I never wanted to hurt you Geet, I was insensitive of me to have done something like that...I'm sorry.Confused"

Geet remained silent, and when Maan got up to leave she spoke, "Maan...I don't know if I can forgive you for what you did to me...if it was not for what you did to me, I wouldn't have been a fool in front of so many people, it's not just affected me but my family as really broke my heart...still I want to thank you for what you did for me today, you risked your life for me?Embarrassed"

"I didn't...I did it for me...I would do it a thousand times...for you or me...what's the difference?"

The words were coming from his heartEmbarrassed, like poetry, love's poetryEmbarrassed. There was complete silence, but their eyes acknowledged the feelings they had for each other. He was about to leave when she held his hand and stopped him, "Please don't leave me alone...I want to come with you too," she said with pleading eyes, tears brimming in them.

"No Geet, it's very dangerous, agar tumhe kuch ho gaya to..." he said and the worry was so evident in his eyes. They realised how much they cared for each other, and however hard they tried to ignore the truth the more evident it became.

"Maan tum ho naEmbarrassed...I want to get out of here together or I don't want to go only without you...Blushing" she stopped and looked away realsing what she had said, "I mean, mujhe kuch nahi hoga...mujhe pata hai," she stiffened her look.

"Tumhe kya pata hai??" he asked.

"Yahi want to escape want to leave me here."

"What? Not againAngry...tumhari gaadi wapis shak ke track par...and I was thinking that you...Forget it...Theek hai, chalo mere saath. But remember this is not your home so please be careful and keep your mouth shut."

"Okay Baba Maan Singh Khurana ji...AngryLOLLOL" she mocked him.

"Okay now we go inside...stick close to me."

She grabbed his jacket and held him tight; she was in his arms now and MAHI...III...MAAAHHII.

"I didn't mean itna can keep some distance," he said with mischief in his tone.

She pulled herself away and looked embarrassed, "Woh...I saw something moving...warna who wants to come near you.Confused"



Scene 3:

The Mansion

They sneaked inside the huge mansion which was completely derelict, almost in ruins. There were broken furniture, dirty walls, and piles of junk everywhere. None of the switches were working and it was real spookyOuch.

"Maan...I don't see anything that can be of help to us...let's just get out from here."

"In this darkness we can't find anything...we'll have to get out of the forest all by ourselves. Are you with me?"

"Yeah...whatever...I just want to get home...Enough tamasha to handle in one day...I can't imagine how worried my family is going to be when they don't find me in school. Hey Babaji...please help us."


Scene 4:

The jungle ordeal

Maan took a huge plastic sheet lying on the floor, wrapped it around them, held Geet by her waist, and set out in the dark, while it was still raining. There was no way they could have seen some path leading out of the place, still they continued to walk, leaving everything to God. They were hit by bushes and stones on their way, but when they both were together they felt secure and confident. Geet couldn't walk anymore, her sandals were drowned in water; her legs were bruised and swollen. She was tired and was losing her senses. Maan just couldn't stop there in the middle of nowhere. So, he decided to carry her as long as he could. She held on to him, with her hands around his neck, her head resting on his shoulder, praying in her mind to her Babji for their safety. The water was lowering, still it was knee deep, and Maan struggled.



Scene 5:


Rain has stopped partially, drops of water sliding down the green, gushing stream and nature in its sublime form.

The refreshing sunlight falls on the dew drops, transforming them into sparkling water pearlsEmbarrassed. ( would be fire candies...puh-leez...enough metaphorsLOLConfusedLOL) Maan was sitting beside a tree, resting his head on its trunk. And Geet lay in his arms, still holding him... (Aww...Snow White and Prince Charming...Perfecto!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed) They both were asleep.


Maan woke up and saw two most lovely things in front of him, the pristine nature and the beautiful Geet in his armsEmbarrassed. He just couldn't take his eyes off herEmbarrassed. He slid his hand beneath her cheek to her neck, and wandered in her innocent beauty, a nymph from a dreamEmbarrassed. A smile sprang on her lips, soft and pink like some morning rose. He couldn't stop himself, he leant forwards and was about to place a kiss on her lips,

when suddenly she opened her eyes, and saw his intense face which just took her breath away. She stopped him and got up from his lap.

"Maan...yeh kya kar rahe the tum...Confused"

"Pata nahi...Maine aisa kyun kiya..." he held his head and got up too, "I'm so...SORRY...I should have controlled myself...****...Geet please don't misunderstand me...I don't know why I...****Look it was unintentional...delusional...effect of the fatigue...I don't know ConfusedConfused( What?? Fatigue?? What the hell has fatigue got to do with gives you heart attack that kills you dumbo...but love gives you life...Moron...just accept it...You are crazy about her...Puh!! EGO EGO ...Leave them and GO GO...When will he realise???)

It was very embarrassing for both of them and they tried to ignore each other's eyesEmbarrassed, but since they both were the only humans in a long long radius, they had to converse, it's human. So first Geet began (Ladies always firstLOL), "Where are we Maan?"

"No idea...still in the jungle..."

"Ah...I can see that.Ouch"

" why are you asking then...if you could do any better...very good..."

"I didn't mean that..." she narrowed her mouth and turned in angerAngry, "AKDUAngry...gussa toh bas nak pe chada rehta he...baat karna bhi bekar hai..."

"Geet, I'm sorry...please naaraz mat ho...Confused"

"No...I'm not's okay."

"Darro mat...its morning and we can find the way out much easily now. Eh...Are you okay?"

"Yes...I'll just go to that stream and wash my face."

"Hmmm...okay...I'll wait here."

She splashed the cold water on her face and suddenly the feeling gushed in again...the touch him, the sound of his heart against her face; and she blushedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Another splash and she returned back to reality.

"Geet, don't lose your heart again...this time you won't get it back completely...don't repeat the mistake, don't let your heart rule over your reason," spoke her conscience.

Her clothes were all wet, and it was making the cold more unbearable. She came back to the tree, Maan had lighted a fire and his shirt and jacket were hanging on a branch to dry, she came and sat around it ignoring his eyes. She was drying her hair with her fingers and Maan was entangled in those curly hair.

Then suddenly he screwed his eyes and said when he saw her shivering,

"Geet, remove your'll feel better."

"No...Confused" she retorted and then took a deep breath and said, "Maan I'm okay..."

She looked away from him and tugged on her jacket nervouslyConfused. She was shivering with cold, Maan walked to her and insisted, "Geet give me your jacket...I'll hang it beside the fire...jab sukh jayega tab pehen lena."


"Dekho zidd mat karo."

"Bola na nahiAngry...I'm..." she shivered "...o..k..a...yOuchConfusedOuch"

"You are okay...then aise kaamp kyun rahi hoAngry"

He walked closer...

"Dekho...mere paas mat aanaConfusedAngry."

He didn't listen to her excuses; he pulled her close to himEmbarrassed, held her resisting hand and removed her jacket slowly, her duppatta next...which made her more nervous and she pushed him.

"Maan, how dare you? I told you not to touch me.Angry"

"Who wants to?? Dekho I don't want to be caught by the police with your frozen corpse...And I can't lift you any more...kitni moti ho tum..."

"Hun!!! MotiConfused" she checked herself, "AkdooAngry"


She turned away angrily and walked to the branch where his shirt and jacket were hanging, took the dry shirt and slipped herself into it... " Abhi isi se kaam chala loongi...waise I don't wear such dirty things but koi baat nahi, kaam chalaoo hai"

"My shirt...yeah take it...waise bhi I was going to discard it...accha hua tumne le liya...It's my unlucky shirt...jab se pehna hai tabse I'm stuck with you"

Geet stared at him as if he blasphemed...Maan understood and said, "Oh...woh...I didn't mean YOU" he looked drained now.

"I didn't say anythingAngry"

"Yeah you didn't...but you've understood? Your look says it all.Confused"

"I'm not stupid...and I really don't care. I've got better things to worry about than what you say or think about me. So, please don't get any wrong ideas.Angry"

"Alright...alright...I got it. God Girls!!! Just can't understand them."

"Akdoo huh!..."


Scene 6:

After a few miles of walking...

"Accha suno...if we don't find the way out of this jungle...then we are like going to be together...and...LOL"

"Don't even think that.Angry"

"I know it's a dangerous situation...for me...but still I'am ready to accept you as my just have to cook and look after should be obligedLOL."

"I'd rather marry a lion and sacrifice my life than cleaning your dirty dishes and your clothes."

"Achha...what about our kids?? We'll have lots of them..."

"Then I'll tell them to kill daddy...and I'm sure they will..."

"No they won't because they love daddy as much as they love mummy...and they'll tell you how much daddy" he's lost "loves mummy..." and she too forgets the fight and looks into his eyes completely lost in the dreamEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... "And mummy will tell them that mummy too loves daddy...Embarrassed"

"More than anything...Embarrassed"

"In this whole world...Embarrassed"



"And in all worlds...but...mummy is standing on daddy's feet right now, and it's killing daddy.LOL"

"WHAT???ShockedConfused" She was on his feet, she moved away looking shocked.

They both realised and then forgot how much they loved each other. They were still two children who didn't realise what love was and how love has blossomed in their hearts.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Scene 7:

They met some forest rangers and with their help they got out of the jungle. They called their home and informed them of what had happened last night. They were taken to the police station, where they registered the complaint against the goons, told them about the mansion and everything. There was a traffic jam in the city and Geet's parents could not reach the station. Maan decided to drop her home...He hired a bike and through the short cut alleys and bylanes drove the bike and finally reached her home. She got down and walked straight away to the gates without saying anything, and Maan stood there hoping she would turn just one time, so that he could see her face once more before she left. Geet was hoping to hear just one word from him, her name, so that she could stop and look at him for once before he left. But they were stubborn; they just wouldn't listen to their hearts.

~EmbarrassedEnd of Chapter FourteenEmbarrassed~








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amazing update

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awsum update luvd it
fanx 4 da pm x

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