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Remember Me-A Maaneet Fanfic Part-8 updated (Page 10)

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I will update the next part on monday.

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Few days had passed. Maan became comfortable in Handa Constructions. He made new frnds there- Sameera, Sasha, Pinky, Vinay, Yadav and many more. They spent their spare time together. They always shared their lunch. Even they spent time together outside the office also. Maan and Sameera's relationship was beyond frndship. They both knew that they didn't see each other just as frnds. They were more than frnds, but they never had the guts to accept it to themselves. Their frnds knew that there was something going on between the two, but they kept quiet. They wanted Maan and Sameera to realize it themselves, without anyone's help.

Here Maan and Sameera's relationship was blossoming, it was becoming more beautiful day by day and on the other hand, Maan and Geet were avoiding each other perfectly. They did talk, but when it needed. They did argue, but over some project. They were maintaining total professionalism. Maan decided not to think about Geet and her that cheapo boyfrnd Vikrant. Though he respected Mr.Handa very much, but he didn't want to interfere in Geet's life.

On the other hand, the person who overheard Geet's and Maan's conversation, was none other than Mr. Mohinder Handa. He never knew that her daughter was in love with someone. Geet never shared that information, the most important one of her life, with him. First he decided to talk to her directly about it. But then he thought against it. He knew that if Geet came to know that he eavesdropped her and Maan's conversation, then she would refuse to talk about it. So he had to do something without telling Geet directly. Then he thought to ask Rano about it. May be Geet had shared it with her mother. But then Mohimder also knew that Rano could never hide anything from him, If she knew about it then she would have obviously told him. That meant that Geet never told anyone about Vikrant. Mohinder wanted to know abiut this guy. Becoz  it was not easy to impress Geet Handa.

Mohinder called one of his faithful man, who worked as a private detective, or I should say that Mohinder's private detective. This detective person was with Mohinder since last 10 years. Whenever Mohinder wanted to know some secrets, or rather to tell the truth that he wanted to know someone's secret, he appointed this detective person and he had full faith on his information. Mohinder didn't know Vikrant's full name, so it was not easy to find the person. So he assigned the detective to find out secrets about his own daughter. Though Mohinder never used him against his family members and so the detective himself was surprised when he was assigned to this job, but mohinder cleared his doubts.


Mohinder: I just want to know whom my daughter is dating. I have currently come to know that there is some guy in her life and I want to know that guy even deserves my daughter or not. Is he good for her??????? Whether he is playing with my daughter's emotion or not????? I do not want you to follow my daughter. You will follow her to point out the guy, then your real job will start and that is to find out every informations about the man, his family, frnds, job and everything.

Detective: Don't worry sir, your work will be done. And whatever secrets, I come to know during this while, it will be safe with me. You will receive the result within 15 days.

Saying this, the detective left the room and after looking around for a while when he was sure that no one had noticed him, he made his way out of the office.

Today Geet was going to meet Vikrant after 5 days. Vikrant was out of the city for a project work in Rajasthan. Geet was getting ready in her room. Then she made her way out of the house when his father's entered the house. Mohinder noticed his daughter riding the car. Seeing her father, Geet also stopped near the car.


Mohinder: Geet beta, where are you going at this four? I t is already 8 o' clock.

Geet:  It is just 8 o' clock dad. I am going out with some of my frnds.

Mohinder: Frnds or boyfrnd beta???????????

Geet(in her mind): Has Dad come to know anything?????????? But I never told him or Maa anything. May be he was teasing me as usual.

Geet: Dad, you very well know that I have no boyfrnd.

Mohinder: But you hould have beta. In your age every girl has boyfrnd. It is normal.

Geet: Dad, I am being late and whenever time will come, I will get a boyfrnd and you and Maa will also know about him. Now I have to hurry up. Bye Dad.

Mohinder:  Bye beta. Take care. And have fun.


As Geet's car left the compound, Mohinder called his detective to inform that. His detective told him that he was just outside the house and now he was following her car. Mohinder warned him about Geet and asked him to keep a close look on her.


Mohinder(in his mind): I just hope you tell me about Vikrant soon Geet. I am worried about you. And I also hope that this Vikrant is a perfect man for you and he never breaks your heart beta. I just pray your well being to God.


Here Maan and his office colleagues had gone to watch 'Mausam' in a multiplex. His colleagues had deliberately choosen 'Mausam', becoz it is a romantic film and they just hope that it would help their frnds Maan and Sameera to understand their feelings for each other. After seeing the movie, Maan understood that he should not wait for the right time and tell Sameera immediately about his feelings for her. He decided to propose Sameera officially on her birthday which was just after 12 days.

Here Vikrant and Geet were in a restaurant for dinner. They were talking when the waiter came to take the order. The waiter took the order and went away. The detective appointed by Mr. Handa was also there in the restaurant. At the time of serving the dinner, the waiter dropped some curry on Vikrant's shoe. Vikrant became angry and started rebuking and beating him. That time he told his name which was noted down by the detective.


Detective(in his mind): So he is Vikrant Modi. Is he Mr. Abhishek Modi's son??????? Oh yes'.yes'.I have seen his photo in the newspaper. Now I have to know everything about him.


The detective waited in the restaurant till their dinner was finished and Geet sat in her car for going to her home. The detective was also leaving the restaurant premises when he saw girl, merely clad in a dress becoz it was exposing nearly her all secrets, walking towards Vikrant. The detective knew that she was a call girl. Vikrant grabbed her hair and kissed her full mouth and then bit her neck. He again entered the restaurant with the girl. The detective also followed them and he saw that they took a key from the reception and walked towards the elevator. He pepped from behind a pillar and saw the room no. From the reception, he came to know on which floor the room was and within a few moments he was there in front of the room. The room door was not closed from inside, but that didn't matter, becoz there was a 'do not disturb' tag hanging from the door handle. He opened the door slightly and saw the scene what he had predicted. "So Mr. Vikrant Modi is a flirt, playboy and only wants s*x from a girl and he can buy it with money. Then why is he after Geet Handa??????? For money????????" The detective thought and then went away closing the door. His job was complete, now he wanted to know the reason of Vikrant's presence in Geet's life. Then he could submit the report to Mr. Mohinder Handa.

Maan dropped Sameera at her home and then came back to his house. He had taken his dinner in the restaurant with his colleagues. So he walked to his room straight and after freshnening up he laid down on the bed. But sleep was miles away from him. He had so many thoughts in his mind that he didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to propose Sameera. And if Sameera didn't have the same feeling in her mind for him, if she loved someone else then what was he going to do?????? But it was not the only thing which was disturbing him. The most disturbing thing was Vikrant, Geet Handa's boyfrnd. Yes he was also there, when that Vikrant was kissing a barely dreesed girl, may be a hooker. Maan knew that Geet was not aware of this. He knew that Vikrant was not the right guy for her. Though he himself didn't like her, but that didn't mean that he wanted her any loss. Then he remembered how Geet had warned him not to interfere in her life.


 Maan(in his mind): "Tu kyun soch raha hai uske bare me Maan??????? Tujhe pata hai na kaisi ghamandi aur badtameez ladki hai woh. Tune toh use warn kar diya hai na, ab use jo karna hai woh kare. Tujhe kya????? Lekin woh ek ladki hai. Agar uske saath kuch galat ho gaya, toh kya tu aapne aap ko kabhi maaf kar payega??????? Saach janke bhi chup rehna kya thik hoga???? Aur phir woh chahe jaisi bhi ho, uske papa tujh pe kitna biswas karte hai, kitna bharosa hai tujh pe unhe. Kya unke saath yeh karna thik hoga???????"

Maan was in his inner turmoil. He didn't know what decision he should take. Then suddenly an idea strucked his mind.


Maan(in his mind): "Haan yeh hi sahi rahega. Main sidhe Mr. Handa se baat karoonga. Woh mere baat ko sunenge aur samjhenge bhi. Beti se baat karke koi fayda nahin hai. Who toh meri baat sunegi nahin, khud bak bak karti rahegi. Isse achcha hai ke baap se hi baat kiya jaye."


 Maan became happy with his decision and decided to take steps accordingly. His mind became calm and he fell down in a deep slumber. Here Maan was sleeping peacefully and there Mohinder was sleepless. He didn't know what was going wrong, but he knew it for sure that something was not right. He knew how much his daughter is desperate, impulsive. If it was proved that Vikrant is not the one for her, then she will be heartbroken and her miserable state would make everyone miserable. But that's not the problem, the real problem was that Geet will be more arrogant which will not be proved good for her. Mohinder was restless, he couldn't share it with anyone, not even with Rano, not now.


Next day Maan was late to reach office as he had to pay electric bill before going to office. He came to know that Geet was still not at office. So he thought that it would be better to talk to Mr. Handa now. Sameera informed him that Mr. Handa was in the cabin. Maan pepped in the cabin and saw Mohinder busy in a call. He thought to come back later, but then thought against it and knocked the door.


Maan(softly): May I come in Sir???????


Mr. Handa gestured through his hand to come into the cabin. Maan entered the cabin and waited for Mr. Handa to finish the call. After a few moments, Mohinder finished the call and started talking.


Mohinder: Sit down Maan. Anything important????????

Maan: Sir, I know that I am interfering in your family matter, but I thought that I should tell you and warn you about something. Becoz I am grateful that you gave this job.

Mohinder: You don't have to be grateful beta. You get this job as per your qualification. You deserve it. So don't be hesitant to say anything. Feel free to say what you want to. I know your intention can never be wrong.

Maan: Thank you sir for having so much faith in me. (clearing his throat) Sir it's about Ms. Geet.

Mohinder: About Geet????? What happened?????? Did she say something to you????????

Maan: No no sir, it's not that. Actually it's not about Ms. Handa. It's about her boyfrnd.

Mohinder(became eager): Do you know her boyfrnd?????? Who is he????????

Maan(became surprised): You don't know that she has a boyfrnd???????

Mohinder(being hesitant): She never told me anything about her love life.

Maan(closing his eyes realizing his stupidity): I guess sir that I should not tell you this. Yeh baat aap ko Ms. Handa hi bataye toh achcha hai. I am sorry for wasting your time. I should go.

Mohinder(seeing Maan getting up from the chair): Maan, I need to know about that boy with whom my daughter is in love. I don't know why beta, but I have a feeling that nothing is right in her life. Plzzz tell me about her boyfrnd. I will be very grateful to you for this help. She is a girl Maan. Ek baar agar izzat pe daag lag jaye toh kuch nahin kar paunga. Plzzz beta.

Maan: Plzzz sir mujhe iss tarah request maat kijiye. I will tell you everything I know. Mujhe pata hai ke ek ladki izzat kya hoti hai. Mera khud ka ek behen hai.


Before Maan could start talking about Vikrant, there was a knock on the cabin door. Both Maan and Mohinder looked at the door.

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awesome update
loved it
plz update the next part soon

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i can't believe it...!!!! i really can't believe it...!!!!
you updated??? you really updated??? really...!!!!
you don't know how desperately i was waiting for your update...!!!!
coming to the update
its awesome dear
i really loved it so much
do continue soon
please please please
add me as your buddy & do PM me please

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toh maan went to talk to mr handa...its better dan to talk to his arrogant beti...who dosent knw wahts good fr her...

but maan n sameera...oh no...

awesome update dear...

really loved it...

thank u fr d lovely update...

waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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