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Hi buddies,
From this week onwards there will be regular daily updates posted here. Please discuss the show in this weekly thread...If there is not much views or like button clicks...we may have to discontinue the daily updates and opt for once a weekly update...SO please promply click the like button and also join in discussions...
Thanks for your support.
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Monday,  September 19th Episode 115
After  hearing so much from Abi...Reva is so shattered and comes to her room and weepsCry...Looks like Niru was ottu kekkaling all this and she smiles  romba villithanamaa...Angry
For quite some time Reva is comes Prabu and asks her why she is crying did anyone tell anything? Reva replies," aamaa...niraiyaa sonnaanga...but it is ok..." Prabu insists that she should tell so that he would go and beat them up...Reva is so irritated and screams at him," will you please go away from me...leaving me alone...?" Prabu is so shocked to hear this voice from Reva ...he slowly waalks to the terrace and looks down...
Reva is still come Jothi..who looks angry and upset...Reva quickly wipes her tears off and welcomes her and asks how come she never even phoned her to tell she is coming...Jothi replies," How could you forget yesterday's importance...see ippo kooda unakku ninaivu varalai...I agree that you did not come home but you could have atleast5 called to wish intha paithiyakaarikku to tell "happy Birthday" illiyaa...?"
Reva is shocked to hear this and apologises to Jothi...Now Jothi tells her," look Revathi I know you very well...from the child hood you never hid anything from me..I am pretty sure that something is bothering come out...tell me what is it?"
First Reavthy mazhuppuifies and hides but Jothi insists that something is defenuitely bothering Revathy and asks her to pour it out...Revathi tells every thing about Abi's santheham...that too with Ashok...Hearing this Jothi is shocked and surprised...while Revathy weeps inconsolably...
(Poormnima acted so well in this scene...sooper acting...Kudos to herClapClap)
 Nest thing Jothi does is meeting Ashok...Ashok is cionfused so he is caaled there to meet Jothi nu...he asks "sollu there any problem for Reavthy?" "neethaanda prachinai for Reavthy..." She slaps hard...and then .goes on accsuing for calling Revathy's house telephone so many times...for talking to Abi herself once...for going to the shop following Reva and finally going t5o the temple to talk to Revathy...Hearing all this...Ashok tells," Stop Jothi just becasue I am keeping silent you can not go on acussing me like this...first of all ...think...why should I bother Reavathy while I consider Reavathy is a good freind...more over if I wanted I could have married ...when it went upto ring exchange like a wedding engagement right? do you know why I decided not to marry Revathy at the last minute...? it is becaause I knew that she does not love me at what is the point in marrying such a girl...after that Have I ever called right...? then why should I call her and disturb her...all I did was making just one call...that too ...just to find whether she is happy or not...that is all I did...Please tell her that I said sorry even if I did not do any thapoo" He leaves...
Jothi comes back to Reva's hpouse and tells what happened with her meeting with Ashok.  First Revathy refuse believe what Ashok said then Jothi explains to her...They  both come to a decision that someone is trying to paint a bad picture on Revathy and to chase her away from this life...Reavthy tells," Jothi leave this matter to me I will find please do not get involved in this ...then Maama will come to let me handle this..." Jothi tells that she will take an auto and go nbut Reavthy tells that she will leave her...They both come down...
As they come out stops in front of ther and Karthik and Nirupama get out of the car. They say hi to each other and Revathy asks whether the car is free so that she can drop Jothi...Karthik said," sure ...we are not going anywhere..."  Revathy drops Jothi and ...the car is back on the road heading towards Prabu's home...The driver says that he has to check the tyre air pressure...Revathy tells him to go ahead. Revathy sits and looks around...suddenly she notices someone's cell there...meantime it rings...she looks at it...which says call from DIva...she picks it up...
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Tuesday , September 20th, Episode 116  
Revathy is going back home after dropping Jothi...On the cfar seat suddenly she notices someone's cell phone ...meantime it rings...she looks at it...which says call from Diva...she picks it up...Even before she says hello...from the other end Diva starts talking" yenna...why dont you pick up, there anyone next to you...even if does not matter to you as you are capable of changing your colour like a chameleon...paavam that cleverly used the situation of her going to the temple informing that Ashok and also made me call Abi...sari you have 10 000Rs now...I need some money" Revathy cuts the line...she is so shocked...She writes down Diva's phone number on her palm...She reaches home and still thinking of what DIva told...
Reva calls Jothi and tells what happened ...she tells," so for all my prachanai Nirupama is the responsible person" Jothi is shocked and insists that she should tell this to Abirami...but Reva tells," no no Jothi...we need to find her background and about her parents etc...and we need to find that DIva also...I have noted down that number...somehow I will find out all this" Jothi tells that she is scared of the situation but reva tells," I am strong Jothi...please make me weak by getting scared like this"
Everyone is at the dining table...Reva comes there too and asks the servant maid to go in ..she starts serving foor to everybody. Prakash's dad asks," did not tell anything about the chief guest?" Niru asks  why chieif guest..what is going on.. Prakash's dad tells," every year we give some gifts to all our employees...and some VIP will be brought as a chief guest"
Karthik tells that they should call some film stars but Abi refuses...
Revathi serves foo to Niru and she morachufies at Niru with some meaning...and Niru like an innocent tells,"thank you"...Karthik tells," In that case why cannt we have Nirupama's dad...he will be here in another couple of days" Abi smiles and tells," oh yes that will be nice" But Vasudecan interfere and suggests," the chief guest must be a known person to our I would suggest Mr Shanmugarajan"
Here goes Abi," are we running some old book shop or selling some stationaries...Our company is a multi crore company people don't even know how to choose a chief guest for such junction? Seruppu azhaga irunthaalum...athai kaalil thaan maatta venum...not on the head...mind it"Every one is shcoked but Niru...
SR ( shamnmuga rajan) is writing the story which Prabu requested ...about Reva an Prabu...Dhanam comes there with SR's medication...SR tells," I was so worried about Reavthy's life but now after knowing Prabu that worry is gone and the same thing with Arunachalam..I am no more worried about him I can concentrate on our Jothi' wedding plans..."
Vasudevan (VD) meets Abi...who is in some deep thought standing on the terrace...VD asks what is the problem ..what is bothering her and why she does not talk to Revathy as before...Abi asks " Og she sent you here to talk to me?" VD tells," no no I am here bcause I see some chages in you...what is wrong with revathy?" Abi tells," why don't you go and ask her...just leave not pressurise me like this.." He comes down and meets Revathy
VD asks Reva about the situation. Reva thanks him for being so concerned about her and tells," maamaa you please do not worry...just a small misunderstaning between us that is and I am pretty sure tha I will make everything alright as before"
Diva and Niru are having telephone conversation...Niru explains happily about what happened at the dinning table..." I thought this Abirami hates Revathy only but she hates motha mudumbamum"  At this point she hears someone knocking on the she says bye to Diva she opens the door..
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 Wednesday , September 21st, Episode 117
Update by karthik80 & pictures by atina
Originally posted by karthik80

Friends this is the 1st time am doing written update.. so excuse me for the mistakes done..hope u all like it..        

Scene starts with niru opening the door and shocked to see revathi standing on the door step and expresses her fear sweetly.. Revathi casually says its me, don be afraid. i need to speak with u.. niru asks her to come inside..revathi while entering the room says athai choosed ur parents and mama choosed my family for diwali function but i dont have any likes or dislikes regarding that. infact i come to know about the function at that time only.. she continues saying truly speakin ur parents as a cheif guest will be good because am the daughter in law of this house and u r trying to become DIL so its good to give chance to the new relation.. she bids bye to niru and goes but turns back again and asks niru why are u looking tense.. niru replies nothing.. then reva nakkala says u resided in london, so u would have been 'cool' always but our city 'sudathan irukum', try to adjust it.. reva leaves niru's room with victorius smile while niru is terrified by the way reva speaks...

Scene shifts to diva laughing on niru for being afraid of revathi.. niru expresses her fear about reva getting her true identity.. diva tries to convince her by saying if reva knows about us, she would have slapped u in front of everyone and disclosed about us.. niru who is not convinced says may be she is waiting to give a big blow to us.. diva again ask her to be not afraid.. niru replies no diva, i witnessed her crying in the dinning table when abi insulted her but she s standing in front of my door very confidently.. i feel she got the nerve to clear all the problems.. i am unable to look into her eyes when she is talking..
again diva tries to pacifies her but niru replies we have invested a lot for abi's properties. now i am afraid of all our efforts are wasted by reva.. diva says now if u want to know whether reva know about us or not, again trap her in a problem.. if she reacts angrily to u saying u r the main cause for all this problem, but u react opt for the situation.. then we can come to an conclusion..

Scene shifts to abi's home where abi is sitting and thinking about something.. niru climbs the steps and stops, seeing abi there..then she goes near abi and greets her.. abi greets her back and ask to sit beside her.. then she asks niru i asked ur choice of jewelry for ur engagement but u didnt replied anything.. niru says i have planned aunty but how can i say before u ask again.. abi replies whats there to hesitate in it.. this is ur home, feel free.. niru replies back wickedly yes its my home but i thought to buy jewels with my parents money.. abi says see niru, karthik has 40% share of assets.. when karthik is ur's then properties will also be ur's.. niru innocently replies i dont care about properties aunty, karthik is important to me.. impressed abi bless them to have 100 years of togetherness with love..
niru thanks her.. abi again asks her about jewels.. niru says i saw revathi jewels, i would like to have the same kind of jewel.. on hearing reva names abi irritatingly says thats all old model, we will get u all new model of jewels.. but niru continues no aunty, reva bought a new diamond necklace 3 days before, it is so beautiful..
hearing this, abi again goes to doubtful mind and calls reva angrily while niru gives devil looks.. reva comes out.. abi asks her to bring her jewels.. reva does that.. 

Abi opens the box and shocked to see new set of diamond jewel.. abi ask niru to go to her room which niru goes and sneaks to hear their talk..
 abi asks about the jewel.. to which reva promises that she dont know about anything.. but abi shouts and she calls the jewelery shop to ask the details.. the shopkeeper replies that the jewel was bought by revathi.. abi disconnects the call and shouts at reva, even now u will say u dont know anything right?..
reva replies yes i promise i dont know anything athai.. but abi stops her saying dont calling athai u dont have that rights.. u would have cheated prabu who knows nothing but u cheated all of us.. u have all the wrong thoughts, now u dont have place in this house.. who knows wat all things u have done.. reva shouts athai..
 abi shushh her with pesatha, see i don care about the properties but this house honour is important to me.. this second i feel like throwing you outside the house but i cant as within 15 days karthik-niru engagement.. on the good occasion i dont want to disclose this dirty things to see u urself have to get out of this house the next day karthik engagement is over.. abi goes from there leaving reva weeps badly while niru gives her ugliest style of smiling.. 

Scene shifts to abhi standing in the terrace and niru reaching there,standing behind abi.. niru innocently asks wat happen aunty, why u are standing here.. niru notices abi wiping her tears and asks why are u crying.. am i seeing u? such a brave person u are.. abi replies i thought my son will be happy after marriage but luck didnt favoured me.. again niru asks don mistake me aunty, is there any problem between u and reva? if so tell me aunty, i will try to speak with her and clear the problems.. abi replies no one can clear her mistakes.. i treated her as my own daughter.. i trusted her with all whole heartedly but she cheated me and my son who knows nothing about the world.. i am unable to say this problem to anyone and keeping this all to myself.. niru innocently asks what are u saying aunty? reva? i cant believe it..seeing reva i cant believe this.. she is looking very innocent.. abi replies yes i believed that innocence and loved her.. niru acts angrily saying who is that guy aunty? vetti kola vendiyathu thane(even i feel the same when i saw u)..
abi says when reva is not correct, what can we do for others.. niru asks abi do u know that guy? abi replies ya he is her classmate.. even some days he worked for me.. he thought to marry her also but reva married my son and with that guy... niru acts pls aunty don talk like that.. may be they were friends but why she married prabu... abi interrupts her saying there is no need for cheating my son.. i thought she will cure my son,lead a happy life and give birth to my grandsons but she cheated me.. niru replies yes aunty u r right, if reva is  good, there is chances for prabu to get cured.. now what u r going to do aunty?? abi replies i already come to an conclusion as she ll not live in this house..after engagement i told her to leave the house.. niru says i can understand ur situation aunty but just by sending her out of this house ur problem ll not get solved.. if she do anything after going out of this house which will damage this house honor.. so whatever u do, go in the way of law.. that is good for u.. abi gets into deep thoughts..
Next day, we see reva cutting the vegetables.. prabu comes there and ask what she is doing.. reva replies am preparing food for u.. prabu asks to help her in work but reva says u are not used to these works.. prabu insists her to guide the work.. reva asks him to sit and see how she is cooking.. prabu does that.. some body comes to door step,reva asks about them.. the lady replies i had worked here before 3 years and ask about abi to see her.. reva replies abi will come evening and invites them inside the home.. then asks them to sit as the lady holding the child..
at first the lady protests saying she is a housemaid but later sits on reva insistent.. reva sees the child lovingly and holds the child foot and plays.. prabu also seeing the baby,touches with the baby lovingly and smiling.. reva sees the prabu happiness full of love and smiles.. then prabu says the lady that papa is looking beautiful, where did u get ? reva replies no prabu,its their child.. prabu innocently asks how? reva replies they are husband and wife, so as a sign of their love, child born.. prabu thinks about reva words and asks we are also husband and wife na? reva replies yes.. prabu again asks we both also love each other na? reva again replies yes.. prabu aks then when will our child will born.. reva embrassingly thinks about that.. scene freezes on reva's thinking mode..
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Pictures by rosemary22
Hi friends..iam Shree and from this week i'll be doing  thursday updates for this show Pirivom Sandhipom...Tongue
Update by  shreenithi 
Thursday , September 22nd, Episode 118
Part 1

Episode starts with prabhu asking revathi abt the baby...Revathi says its their baby...Its their symbol of love...Prabhu asks revathi...we too have paasam and anbu towards each other...Then why we dont have any baby??...Revathi is speechless...She remains silent...After some time she says namakku baby porakkum...PRabhu is super happy...Prabhu tells the baby...hey baby...we too will have a baby like u very soon...Revathi smiles at him ...the lady says she has to leave now...Revathi takes her chain and puts it on baby's neck...Lady wishes revathi and prabhu that very soon they will have their own baby and leaves...Revathi is sad...

Revathi-Prabhu room...Revathi in thoughts...Prabhu doing painting...Finshes his painting and calls his wife...Reva comes near him and prabhu shows her the drawing...he had drawn a picture of revathi holding a baby..Revathi smiles ...Prabhu says this is our baby revathi...Beautiful na??...Revtahi says its very beautiful...but u have missed something...Prabhu asks what?...Revathi says u r my first baby..ur picture is missing here...Prabhu smiles and saysme ?..ur baby?...Revathi says u r my child...always...prabhu is happy and tells her to wait for 10 mins...

He draws his picture and revathi admires her husband and his talent...Prabhu finishes his picture and shows it to revathi...In the picture there is a small gap between revathi/baby and prabhu...Revathi gets emotional and says like this baby i want u to be near me always...She hugs him and cries...and flashbacks of abirami threatening her to leave the house immediately after karthik's engagement comes and revathi is worried...

Abi talking to her lawyer ..Lawyer  gives abi some documents and says neenga sonna maadhiri i had written mam...Abi tells him not to discuss abt this with anyone...Vasudevan comes and asks him ...why this sudden visit?...abi tells lawyer to leave ...Lawyer leaves and vasu asks abhi whats the matter??...Abi says ellam nalla vishayam...iam planning to start a new business for karthik...Vasu questions whats the need for a separate business for karthik??...Abi says let me do what i want...Vasudevan says he want to see the documents...Abi replies dcomuent still not prepared fully...once done i'll show u...vasudevan leaves saying do whatever u want...Abi  looks at the document...


Abi calls nirupama and nirupama comes...abigives her the document and tells her to verify...Nirupama reads the document with a villi smile...abi tells her to call revathi...Niru says she dont want to stay here when revathi comes and abi says ok u go...i'll give this to her...Niru leaves...

Abi calls revathi and revathi comes...Abi says only 14 days left for u to leave this house...Till then i'll not talk to u...i'll not send u out of this house ...U ur self find a good reason to leave this house...Revathi gives a terrified look...

Abi continues ...This ooor makkal will think that we cheated u..but i dont care abt that...Only problem is prabhu will search u...Becoz he likes u...I will handle him and also u dont need to worry abt him ...its not at all ur problem...Abi gives the papers to abi ...says...these are the papers thru which u and prabhu sill be legally separated...
Revathi is super shocked...Looks at her MIL...abi says u have 2 weeks it carefully ...Gives the papers to revathi and says pls do me a favour...Get prabhu's signature in these papers...I know its not difficult for u to get his signatures...Abhi leaves and revathi cries...Nirupama watches all this and smiles...Revathi wipes her tears and looks at the papers...

Diva sleeping and his phone rings...He picks it up and the caller says yerumai maadu...LOLDiva shosked and asks oye...who is that?...Ashok (iam not sure...sorry).. says iam ur pattan...just listen to me...Diva says sir..iam from educated family...Give respect and take respect...Ashok  says unakku ennada respect...thiruttu Dog...Diva is confused..

Ashok continues..i very well know abt u and ur friend nirupama...and ur motive...even now i can pottu kuduthufy u both  to abirami..want me to do that??...Diva sweating ...Ashok tells him to come to some manthoppu to settle things...Cuts the call...Diva calls niru and her phone is busy...

Ashok calls niru and says how dare u??...u can act infront of abi and co but not to me..i know u and ur kevalamana ideas...Niru says hello...who r u?..and u know to whom u r talking to?...iam going to marry abi's brother...Ashok says i know everything...Dont act like a ur act to someone else...Come to that manthoppu...Niru syas she wont come...ashok says varalanna very soon will be eating kali in madurai jail...jus come...

Diva and Niru searching (searching what?..manthoppu or ashok??)...Niru calls diva and says we have to meet immediately...Diva tells her to come to the manthoppu...Niru shocked...asks unakkum phone vandhucha?...DIva says...thats not a phone call baby...thats a sangu for both of us...Iam here for the past 1/2 an hour aana yaarum illai...

Niru and diva meets and confused abt phone call and the caller...Diva says some bootham is waiting to suruttfy abi's property...Niru angry diva says we will kill him...Niru tells him to keep porumai and says lets see the party...if he is strong enough we will wait...if he is amokkai man we will kill him immeidately...Diva shouts...dei...yaaruda engala vara sonnadhu?...come out...Niru tells diva to call the number...Phone rings and diva and niru hears the ring and shocked...


Sorry for the mistakes..if any...

P.S : This is my first update here and if u like the like button and do comment...and if u dont like ...then also press like  and commentLOLLOLThank u messages in open forum and TMS(tomatto,muttai,seruppu )  messages strictly thru PM LOL

Now pirivom...Next thursday Sandhipom
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Friday , September 23rd, Episode 119
Looks like no serial today as super singer3 is going on!!
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atina IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 4:17pm | IP Logged

 I think revathy should tell ABI about Nirupama...

what do you all think?
BTW where is Uma?

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pattuppudavai Senior Member

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 1:13am | IP Logged
Thanks Atina for the nice ck...Big smile

poor Prabu- got scoldings and is upset... he is looking down the terrace...
hope nothing bad had happened...Shocked

had Rev told abt Niru now, Abi will turn against her and complain, that she is manipulating her thappu on Niru.. Revu kannu, investigate Niru's background and reveal it soon... then that will be a big aappu... 

But Niru shouldn't suspect Rev in the meantime...Angry

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atina IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
wow 340 plus views and only one post to discuss...?
come on buddies come out and post your comments...
Thanks pattuppudavai  for the poost...
Thanks to the following memebrs for clicking like button

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krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Just waiting for the episode where revathy shows the true color of niru to everyone.

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Pearl. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Thanks Atina for the Monday and Tuesday update! Nice job with pictures upload!Clap
Me too feel that Revathy does not act hastly pointing her fingers on Nirupama before finding the true colors and background of Nirupama. She needs proper evidence to trap Nirupama and to prove Abirami.
Story is going really wellThumbs Up. Felt bad on seeing Prabhu when he saw Revathy was upset. Hopefully Nirupama gets caught soonDay Dreaming.

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atina IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 9:22am | IP Logged

yes krithikas I am also waiting for that purticular episode where Revathy is going to nail this Nirupama...?

Do you all think think this Nirupama character is overacting?
yes pearl soon Revathy should open her mouth...??? Why Abi does not think on earth Nirupama knows about Revathy's jewelleries? did Revathy show to her anytime? did I miss some thing?
By the way where is Uma? does anyone know Uma's husband's name?

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supree Goldie

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Wow...  Nice work Atinama with wonderful updates + pictures...etc.
Nope, not to Abhi as she might not believe and that will also give a chance for Niru to escape.
But, Rev should have mentioned something to Prabu's Dad about Niru when he asked, as he seems to be nice person and very understanding and is willing to help Rev! 
I hope Rev will take his help when needed later...
till then... Niru shouldn't find that Rev is suspecting her! 
Let's wait and see...

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