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FF:DESTINED TO LOVE(chapter 15 part 1 n 2 page 89) (Page 49)

-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 1:41pm | IP Logged

Superb update..srija
Glad to see kabir happy for his frend... Cho chweet !!
Abhiya eyelocks , hesitation , smiles .. Everything was beautiful !!
I hope abhiya realizes their feelings , sooon...
OMG !! Abhay knows the murderer...who is it??...
Eagerly Waiting for the next part..
thanks for the pm
continue sooon

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-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by missglam

Superb update..srija

Glad to see kabir happy for his frend... Cho chweet !!

Abhiya eyelocks , hesitation , smiles .. Everything was beautiful !!

I hope abhiya realizes their feelings , sooon...

OMG !! Abhay knows the murderer...who is it??...

Eagerly Waiting for the next part..

thanks for the pm

continue sooon

oi sonia itna late...kitna intezaar karwadiya.
I told u na kabir is tyagi baba.
Abhiya wil realise soon but wont confess.
Ya abhay knows the murderer.kaun hai abhi kehediya toh suspense paani me miljayegi.wait for it.

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 October 2011 at 3:06am | IP Logged
woh brillient dr...
i loved ur ff...
cont soon n add me 2 d pm list!!!!!!
-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 18 October 2011 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Akshi0019

woh brillient dr...
i loved ur ff...
cont soon n add me 2 d pm list!!!!!!
thanks akshi.
Wil continue soon.
U r added in my pm list dear.

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-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged


Dear diary,
nowadays my life is totally different than it used 2 b.either abhay or kabir or both stay wid me all the time.i hav started enjoying their jokes and pranks.i never knew life was so much fun bt seeing abhay n kabir enjoy their life i hav started hoping 4 good,i've started laughing nd talking.their frenship has amazing affect on me.

Kabir is a nice guy.i feel comfortable around him.since kabir nd abhay knows everything about me,i dnt need to pretend anything.its such a comfort to get out of all the pretenses.though abhay is very nice...i know he is a brat bt he behaves very nicely with me yet i feel uncomfortable round heartbeat rises nd i just cant decide what 2 say 2 him.i feel so dumb.his stare make me shiver wid nervousness.its difficult 4 me to stay wid him bt its even more difficult to stay away frm soon as i leave him,i start missing him.thats why i never wanted 2 be close to least when there was no one i never new what was emptiness n how 2 deal wid it.

Talking about my project,its going on well.though abhay says he hates bookes he's brilliant.he knows various tricks of detection nd knows all the acts by heart.m glad that he's my partner.

The most shocking thing was that he said the sketch was familiar.i thought he was joking at first bt when i looked at his face i found him serious.i cld clearly see dat he wasnt playing a prank.i asked him whether he was sure that he knows the person.he said it was familiar bt just cldnt figure out who it was.

Anyways i hav decided 2 visit that house where my parents died.i must visit that place in order 2 recall every moment of that dreadful hurts to remember that but i must in order to provide justice to my parents.when i shared dis idea wid abhay he looked quite worried.i dnt know what was going on in his mind bt he agreed finally.tomorrow i need to be more strong in order 2 visit that place again.lets see wat happens.


Hey swthrt,
m confused rt nw.what sld i do at dis situation.piya wants 2 visit this house.what if c found out this house belongs to me.oh! God m going to be hanged by my own petrad.kabir denied to say this is his house.nw what do i do..?

First i should hide all the photographs specially mine.oh man i hav lots of work.thank god u r wid me least i can pour down all my frustration in u.

U know what,sth is disturbing me.the sketch is so familiar that m nt able 2 4get it.m damn sure i hav seen him many times bt i just cant figure out the identity.

Bt rt nw the main problem is i cant let piya know its my house.if c found out then c'll definitely know m her secret fren nt kabir nd c wil get angry wid me 4 lying 2 her.wish me luck swthrt.c u 2maro.i hav lots of work to do nw.


Abhay closed his diary nd stepped out of his room.he scanned each nd every corner of his house nd collected all the photographs there.haseena saw her son piling up all the photographs in the house.

H:"abhay...r u all right?y r u collecting all these frames.."
A:"mom plz dnt ask me any quest just help me."
H:"ok i'll help 1st u must tell me the reason behind doing all this?"
A:" woh...i wanted 2...throw a party...ya throw a party so i need 2 maintain everything na?"
H:"really abhay?u want 2 throw a party hun?"
A:"ya of course mom.its abhay's party mom.everything should be perfect na nd look at those frames,the colour nd shine is fading so..."
H:"(still nt convinced)its a surprise dat u r doing it urself.ok will help u."

Haseena helped abhay 2 pile up all the frames.then she bade him goodnight n went 2 her room.

H:"though u wont tell me abhay bt i know u r hiding sth.i wil find out abt it.after all m ur mother."

Abhay placed all those frames nd albums in a box nd took it 2 his room.

A:"phew...finally its completed.nw i must send ma mom outside the house 2maro anyhow b4 piya reach here."
"oh s**t abhay u r so stupid.nw u sld plan 4 a party.cldnt u think of any other idea than that,aarghh!!..i hate it when i have 2 plan everything out myself.m going to kill kabir 4 nt helping me.

Next morning he woke up early nd made a cup of coffe 4 himself.he sat down sipping it n thinking abt the ideas of keeping his mom outside the house.suddnly an idea struck his mind.

"abhay its gr8.since u mst do it by urself then y let mom stay in the house."

he rushed down 2 the hall where haseena sat drinking her tea.
H:"yes abhay."
A:"wel mom i dnt want..umm..i dnt want u 2 stay in the house 2day"
A:"i want 2 giv u a surprise."
H:"y sld i leave house 4 ur surprise."
A:"thats the surprise mom.plz mom."
H:"what do i do whole day outside?"
A:"u can go anywhere na mom-parlour,shopping...n also buy sth 4 plz."
H:(with a knowing smile)"ok"
(to herself)"i know u want to hide sth frm me.i'll find it out abhay.i'll give u surprise as well."


part 2 below.

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Abhay sent his mother 4 shopping nd his father was as usual working on his firm.abhay made sure the house remains empty whole day.he reached the clg n rushed 2wards the library.piya was already waiting 4 him.

P:"abhay why are u late?did u 4get we planned 2 go to that house 2day?"
A:" actually i had 2 help my mom so..."
P:"nw shall we?"
A:"ok lets go"

Abhay had asked one of his servent 2 act as the owner of the house.abhay was quite nervous nt being sure whether that man wold act properly or not.

Someone was hearing their whole conversation.
"so she is going 2 that house nd abhay is helping her.looks like he hasnt told her that house belongs to its time 4 me 2 meet piya n abhay.i cant hide anymore."


abhiya reached abhay's house.they rang the bell nd a man of average height,balding hair nd plump body opened the door.he was looking quite nervous nd his face was red like a tomato.

P:"excuse me.are u the owner of da house?"
man:"hun...oh ya ya"
P:"actually we r law students.this house is a site of the murder nd we wanted 2 study it."

The man looked at abhay nd at piya.he was finding it very hard to act.he looked at abhay wid pleading eyes bt abhay gave him a warning look.
Man:" u r law students.i...i am more than just glad to help u.come in."

piya smiled at the man nd entered.abhay was abt to enter when the man interrupted.

Abhay:(wishpering)what happened ram vaiya.plz dnt talk wid me rt nw."

ram took abhay to the corner nd whispered.

R:"abhay its urgent...madam.."
A:"what??mom??what happened??"

Ram pointed towards the kitchen and followed the direction to see his mom standing by the kitchen door.he rushed 2wards her nd dragged her inside.

A:"what is dis mom?y r u here?"
H:"thats my surprise 4 u"
A:"but mom..."
H:"i liked ur surprise abhay.(winking at him)BTW who is c?"
A:" plz.marwaoge kya!!!.c doesnt know dis is my house.u know abt the previous owner of dis house na.c is their daughter,my project partner nd is working on her parents murder case."

Abhay finished saying it in one breath.

H:(smiling)"relax abhay.u can speak slowly."
A:''no mom plz understand.if she found out abt my lies,my project will be ruined."
H:"wat abt u hun?are u afraid c wont talk wid u?"
A:"(hesitatingly) just worried abt my project."
H:"well c is beautiful"
H:"ok ok m leaving."

As soon as piya entered the house,her past memory pinched her heart.c touched evry wall,every stones of the house where she had spent early 7 yrs of her life.c was so bg looking around that c didnt notice abhay was nt with her.abhay approached her nd tapped on her shoulders.

Abhay:"hey piya y did u want 2 come here."

piya tried 2 smile back supressing her tears.

P:"i..i just wanted 2 re live that memory rem-member that incident is the owner i...i want 2 know where those old things are."
A:"in the store room."

piya looked up at him wid questioning eyes as she was surprised that abhay knew where those things were.abhay realised his mistake.

A:"woh...i jst asked the owner.i thought u might want 2 look at them."

Piya knew the way 2 the store room.when she was a small child it used 2 be her favourite place for playing.while piya entered the store room abhay sneaked out 2 see whether his mom was still there or not.

Piya entered the room nd checked those things which once belonged 2 her.c touched the furniture,the frames.she found a photographs.she had tears in her eyes that dropped down on the glass of the frame.she remembered the day that photo was taken.

Arnab,sugandh nd piya were taking photographs.the photographer took several photo of three of them.piya suddenly climed down of arnab's lap nd went 2wards the photographer nd whispered sth in his ear.

Photographer:"sir,madam..plz shift closer to each other and sir plz hold madam plz."
Piya:"ya papa...plz"
Arnab:"piya come here beta sit wid us."
Piya:"no papa.i want u 2 take photographs...just 2 of u.thats papa,smile momma"

Piya smiled remembering that day.she used 2 be very happy nd cheerful bt now everything was changed.she looked through few other things nd came across a piece of metal on a corner.she picked it was the same dragger wid which her parents were killed.she was shocked to find it in the store rom.

Piya:"maybe its nt the same 1"
mystery man:"no piya its the same 1 that killed ur parents."

she turned back nd saw the person,the same person who snatched away her parents frm her,who snatched away her happiness,her everything.



guys here i completed the 11 waiting 4 ur beautiful responses.


With love


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-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Schedule of ff updates.

Nature dnt want us tgther-sunday
dark heart-monday
destined to love-tuesday
love that slaughtered me-wednesday
still waiting 4 u-thursday
wanna know me-friday
unbreakable knot of love-saturday

guys m going 2 discontinue ss its a beginning n wil continue my bro's ff dark heart.

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 12:05am | IP Logged
Res...update soon...
PART 1 - read
 I loved the diary entry part...
so piya loves Abhay but she cant understand her feelings...
Loved Abhay's lies...
throwing a party...surprise for mom...
haseena doubts abhay...
i think so haseena will find abhay's secret...
waiting for haseena's surprise...

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