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FF:DESTINED TO LOVE(chapter 15 part 1 n 2 page 89) (Page 36)

-srija- Goldie

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Dear diary,
m in dilemma rt nw.i m nt sure whether i listen 2 my heart or ma heart says 1 thing n my mind jst the opposite.

I dnt know wat is happening 2 me.abhay's presence n absence both affects me a mind urges me 2 stay away frm him while my heart wants his closeness.i never thought it'd b very hard 4 me 2 decide sth.i was suprised at myself when i felt unnaturally comfortable in sharing details abt that incident wid him.i really felt relieved.

The way he looks at me,the way he comforts me,talks wid me,it makes my heart beat wildly.i had never experienced this kind of feeling,never.he said it was jst becoz he didnt want his project 2 be spoiled bt his eyes says sth else.i can c concern n worry 4 me in his eyes.mayb its jst ma imagination bt y do i want it 2 b real?y do i want it so badly?

I still remember the feeling being held in his arms.i was sure he was my secret fren the 1 who encouraged me.i know i was angry wid him as i thought he lied 2 me,lied abt being unknown abt ma parents bt though i was angry i was really happy thinking that he was ma secret fren.when he said it was kabir,my happiness shattered.i still cant biliv that its kabir.i feel abhay is lying 2 me 4 som reason.

Kabir is a very nice guy,with a very good heart.unlike abhay he is calm n serious.all the proofs points out that my friend is kabir-the handwriting,the details he gave me,the ans 2 my questions,he proved himself 2 b my friend bt still i am nt convinced.i cld feel the hesitation when he confirmed himself as my secret fren.i know he is sweet and will be my great fren bt still y do i want my secret fren 2 b abhay?y cant i accept the fact that kabir is my sec fren, nt abhay?

I know its silly n i'd never been so stupid like m when it comes about abhay i becom dumb n stupid n i've no control over it.

The most surprising thing 4 me 2day was that i didnt sit alone,whole day i was wid abhay n kabir.i cld see their bonding.they r very close frens though they r exact opposite of 1 another.1 is serious then other is funny,1 is silent then the other speaks a lot.the thoughts of kabir r mature while that of abhay is childish.abhay dnt care abt anything,acts like a child but dis behaviour of him attracts me 2wards him.i cant stay away frm him even though i want to.

M afraid that if i let them b close 2 me,i'll loose them someday for sure n will breakdown completely.after so many years,i m really changing myself,i have frens nw bt m afraid of my change.m afraid that abhay wld b important part of my life.i dont want 2 feel the pain of loosing some1 again.i dnt know whats there in store 4 me in upcoming days.i must be strong enough to face it.



Hey swthrt,
how r u.2day i've lots 2 say 2 u.2day was the 1st day 2 work wid piya.i was afraid thinking how wld i ask her 2 work on her parents' case bt c asked it herself.c is confiding on me.m really very happy.

Bt her tears pinched me.i cld fel her pain,though c shared the details wid me bt c was hurt remembering dat dreadful day.i nvr meant 2 hurt her bt it was 4 her own gud.

I'd nvr been so close 2 her like i was 2day.c is truly very beautiful,most beautiful gal i've ever seen.her simplicity is her greatest asset.i dnt know y bt i want her 2 b my side 4ever.even the library felt comfortable 4 me wid her presence.

Wen c asked me whether i was her sec fren or nt n was angry,i was afraid that she'd nvr tak wid me if c found out the truth so i said it was i regretted it the moment i saw her smiling n talking wid kabir.

I had nvr seen piya like dat.da moment i told her it was kabir,c confronted him.thank god i had told him evrythin abt note n her parents otherwise c wld hav found out abt piya didnt look convinced though c accepted kabir as her fren.

Whole day we 3 were tgther.kabir n piya has so much in common,their thoughts,their views,their behaviour evrythin is same.piya was comfortable around him n smiling too.i felt like punching kabir bt wat to do,he's ma bst fren n i lov him.i just hope kabir doesnt betray ma secret.

Hey swthrt i found out y u were angry wid me coz since the day i met piya i've only written abt her.m myself surprised coz i've nvr cared 4 any girl 2 dis extent like i care 4 her.even the slight trace of weariness,even a drop of her tear disturbs me.i want her 2 b happy n smiling.i keep thinking abt her everytime.even now m missing her.i feel like looking at her all the time.sth pulls me 2wards her.

I dnt know whether m falling in love wid her or nt.if anybody knew i fell in love they'd surely laugh at dis cant be love.i think being informed abt her past n searching 4 her 4 12 yrs i feel attached with her.thats it.

Hey sweetheart i think m going nuts.the only solution 2 my confusion is m going 2 sleep.



part 2 posted below.

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-srija- Goldie

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Abhay turned in his bed frm 1 side 2 the other.he tried hard 2 sleep bt he cldnt.his mind was so filled with piya's thought that sleeping was out of question.

"come on abhay,stop thinking abt her.remember u r nt supposed 2 miss any girl like dis.just block ur mind n sleep."

he closed his eyes 2 sleep bt in vain.he rose up n sighed in frustration.he stepped out 2 the balcony.full moon light welcomed him n the gentle breeze wishpered in his ear.he closed his eyes feeling the light caress of the soothing breeze.though the night was tranquil,his mind was filled wid images of piya.closing his eyes,he saw the smiling face of piya.a slight smile curved on his lips.he cld even hear piya's voice clearly as if c was standing beside him.he opened his eyes n looked around him.


bt to his dissapointment he was all alone.he smiled 2 himself.
"abhay u r crazy,really crazy."


Piya after writing her diary,took her book n started reading as usual bt the moment c spent wid abhay in library,his smile n his deep blue eyes haunted her.c was nt able 2 concerntrate on her book so decided 2 giv it a rest.c took a clip n was tying her hair,bt even the lock of her hair reminded her of abhay.the way he looked at her n moved the lock of hair.c cld feel her increasing heartbeat.even the thought of abhay affected her so much.

"whats happening 2 u piya?stop thinking abt him.remember he is a stranger.u dnt hav any connection 2 him then y think abt him.just stop it."

But to control her heart was nt so easy.c stood infront of the window feeling the gentle breeze.c thought c heard abhay calling her bt he was nowhere around.c sighed in frustration.

"piya u r crazy,really crazy."


it was almost dawn when abhay stepped out of his room,ready 4 jogging.he cldnt sleep whole night n he felt lonely in his room so he decided 2 jog earlier than usual.his house was silent.he was the only one awake.widout making a single sound he crept out of his was so early in the morning,even the street was empty.

"abhay u r going crazier day by day.y did u step out of the house so early?whom did u wish to see?ghosts..?look theres nt a single person in the park.keep it up abhay n u'd end up in an asylum."

since nobody was there in the park n he felt like stupid,he was returning home when he heard the bell of the temple.

"bell?so early?who'd b in the temple at dis hour?ok abhay lets see the true devotee of the almighty."

he was abt to enter the gate of the temple when he bumped into som1.he looked back n saw the one he wished 2 c badly.

Abhay:"why...r u here...i mean at this hour?"

both were nervous n felt lack of words.they didnt know what 2 say 2 each other.

Abhay:"its ok.4get it"

both were silent 4 a moment.

Piya:"so...i'll le-eave then."
(to himself in low voice) " to her.whole night u were thinking abt her n now..."
Piya:"did...u say sth...?"
Abhay:"hun?..ohh no no...umm...piya???"
Abhay:"jst...jst that...nothing...c u later.bye."

Piya left him in the temple.her heart was beating wildly n c was shaking wid nervousness.

"what is dis piya...y r u shaking?it was jst abhay,nt a ghost."

on the other hand abhay was in the same condition.

"silly abhay.shame on u.u cldnt speak wid a girl.a girl???abhay,superstud of clg n afraid of a gal,shame on u."

blaming himself 4 his stupidity he returned home 2 find haseena waiting 4 him with questioning eyes...abhay gave her a weak smile sensing the trouble.he knew he was going 2 b showered with questions...

Abhay:"so what mom???
Haseena:"where were u at dis hour???"
Abhay:"come on mom.i was in park jogging.where else wld i go?"
Abhay:"ya mom.dnt u biliv me?"
Haseena:" were in the park rt?den y is ur white t-shirt so colourful?"

abhay looked at his clothes n hands which was stained with sindoor.

Abhay:"what the hell."
Haseena:"so what were u saying,u were in the park right?"
Abhay:"woh actually mom...i went 2 the temple nd bumped into see..."
Haseena:"(teasing)oh my son went 2 the temple 2day."
Abhay:"MOM stop teasing me."

he stormed 2wards his room.haseena laughed seeing abhay's embarassed expression.

Chapter 10 completed.sory guys 4 short point out ma mistake.
With love

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-srija- Goldie

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Abhay went 2 his usual hanging out place of the clg n found kabir sulking abt sth.

Abhay:"hey dude,what happened?"
Kabir:"nothing do u tolerate that crazy Tina."
Abhay:"what did c do now?"
Kabir:"u r ma best fren right bt still u dont know who my project partner is-its ur gf TINA."
Abhay:"ouch...that pinched me yar.m ur best fren,dnt be so rude 2 me.thats gud.i give u permission 2 enjoy some quality time wid my girlfriend."
Kabir:"shut up yar.tu mera dost hai ya dushman.i cant tolerate her 4 a minute.c always talks abt u n wont let me concerntrate on ma project.m sure i will fail."
Abhay:"chill dude.i know u can do of luck with tina.bye yar m going 2 library."
Kabir:"u r lucky 2 hav piya as ur partner"
Abhay:"i know."

Abhay smiled remembering the morning incident and hesitation.

Abhay:"kabir u know sth.i had never hesitated talking wid a girl bt wid piya its different.2day i met her in the temple n..."
Kabir:"temple n u???r u serious???"
Abhay:"dnt joke kabir.m serious.2day i met her bt had no idea wat 2 say 2 her.when i'm nt wid her i want 2 c her,talk 2 her bt infront of her,i just cant speak.i feel so silly n stupid yar."

Kabir smiled looking at abhay's expression nd confusion.though his heart was heavy knowing the fact that his best fren loved the same girl he loved but he was happy seeing abhay changing.he wanted abhay 2 recognise his feelings himself.

Kabir:"i think its becoz piya is different than other girls.obviously u'll feel diff n hesitation na."
Abhay:"hmm...i think u are i'll see u later dude."

Abhay rushed 2wards library.kabir was sad n happy at the same time.

"I had never seen abhay like this b4.he is serious n more mature than he used 2 b.he is falling in love n he deserves a gal like piya.piya can only change him.m happy 4 him.though i myself love piya,c is suitable 4 abhay than me.hope abhay realises his feelings soon."

Kabir was deep in his thoughts when tina interrupted.

Tina:"kabir...kabir did u see abhay?"
Tina:"i searched 4 him everywhere bt couldnt find him.he 4got our date too."
Kabir:"did u search the library?"
Tina:"r u joking?abhay n library?i knew u r crazy bt still i thought of asking u."
Kabir:"abhay called me few mins ago 2 say he'll nt be coming shall we proceed wid our project.."
Tina:"project?what project?...ooohh...sorry i need 2 go 2 the parlour.manage it urself.bye..."
Kabir:"oh god.kahan fasgaya mein.."


Abhay entered the library n saw piya wid a book.c was wearing a light blue suit,with matching sandle n clip.her baby brown eyes were scrutinizing the contents in the book n her rosy lips were enclosing the tip of her pen.widout disturbing her abhay sat down opposite 2 her silently.she was so lost in her studies that c didnt notice him.he just sat there widout making a sound n stared at her.after several minutes she looked up n was startled.

Piya:ah!...oh its u.u scared me.
Abhay:"oh so u got scared hun.finally some change in expression."

Piya smiled hearing it nd abhay smiled seeing her smile.

Piya:"r u teasing me?"
Abhay:"nope.i know i should work alone if u get i wld never dare 2 tease u."
Piya:"so u r afraid of working alone."
Abhay:"ya...u know i hate these large books.what if i failed...u should know m a very selfish person."
Piya:"now i know."

They both were looking at each other nd smiling.kabir was watching them frm the door.he wanted 2 ask abhay abt his book but didnt want 2 disturb them.

"keep it up guys.abhay seems happy n piya seens comfortable.God let them be together 4ever."

After sometime both of them realised they had been staring at each other.the same nervousness n hesitation of the morning engulfed them again n they both avoided the gaze of each other.both fell silent 4 several minutes.finally abhay broke the silence.

Piya:(avoiding his gaze)"hmm.."
Abhay:"umm...did u...erm...did u get the sketches...?i told u na...didnt i?m nt sure."
Piya:"ya...u told it is.."

Abhay looked at the sketch of the murderer,a man wid beard,long hair n evil glint in the eye.while observing the sketch,he found the face of the man familier.

"i think i know this person.i've seen him somewhere."


sorry guys i was late in posting the 3rd part.4give me.
Hope u like it.
With love

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prerna26 Goldie

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Lovely updates Srija!!!Star

I'm happy for both...Ah!!! first love hmm...Sleepless nights,dreaming about each other and when you are in front of that person you don't know what should you do and you get nervous while facing that person...Interesting.You have expressed their feelings beautifully. Love the bond that Abhay shares with his mom.Continue soon.Interesting chapters!Smile

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_Klaroline_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Im in so love with this ff...
Please update d third part...
Im really waiting...
These were just awesome...
Love u srija...

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---Priya--- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged

srija superb update!!!!!!!!!!

both were thinking the same way... so cuteee

plzz update part 3 soon


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sunflower52 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
awesome update. Loved the thinking scenes of Abhiya and their meeting in the temple so cute.

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sweety_crazed IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
res ...will edit soon ...i've just started reading it...

it was marvelous srija!!!!! was sooo lovelyStar..well,i really loved d concept.Big smile..its superbClap...abhay was sooo sweetEmbarrassed...feel very bad 4 piya.Disapprove...i really had tears when abhay read piya's miss.dobriyal is falling 4 was really cute of abhay to help piyaEmbarrassed...u deserve bear hug 4 this ff.Hug.HugHugHug...its sooo perfect with all d pain ,revenge,love,loneliness,betrayal...u portrayed it so wellStar...i really want abhiya momentsSmile...n who was d murderer of piya's parents???????y was that secret person wanted abhay 2 handle d case?????? continue soon...waiting eagerlySmile...

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