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FF: teri merei prem kahaani Ch 1 pg 5 (Page 2)

Ziva01 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 May 2011
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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged
Beautiful character sketch and different storyline.  Please do continue soon and PM me when you update

punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 May 2011
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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 April 2011
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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
loved intro
nice character sketch
pm me when you update
sur001 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 March 2011
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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
hey Fiz, m really interested in this show and now when u r writing an ff on this then its gonna be super fun
continue soon
aqsam Senior Member

Joined: 26 February 2007
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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
Interesting luvd d intro
do continue n plz pm me...:)
Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 April 2008
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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 1:14am | IP Logged

New charaters

Kunal verma :29 ys old  mano buas son lives in London coming back to india and staying with his mamus arnab and vikram … successful  lawyer in opening his own law firm .. very close to his family his mamus Arnab and vikram are like his fathers he respects them a lot he loves his mamis madhu and neha  a lot heloves  to tease them by  flirting with by calling them sexy and and hottie …enjoys hearing his mothers broken English  it makes him smile he is fun and loves to make ppl laugh but its like they say the one he makes people laugh the most is the really sad inside kunal has gone threw a lot as kid his father left him and his mom at young age of 2  which has made him  like stone. infront of people that don't know him  judge him harshly as if he is arrogant stuck up jerk  but with his family and friends he is just the opposite  he is caring , loving fun , sweet best big bro any sibling can have very protective of his sister nidhi and Ayesha  and best friends with his bro  anand … he knows nidhi is very responsible  and trusts her fully but is very worried about Ayesha , proud of anad and what how he has become … when  it comes to  his family he can do anything for them … kunal is very blunt and frank, straight foreword  person what he thinks of you he will tell straight off the bat whether you like it or not… doesn't believe in love after what his dad did to his mom and after his ex gf broke his heart in a thousand pieces


Ma ji :70yr old woman head of the kapoor house has 3 sons  Digvijay,Ram, Ashutosh,  and two bahus  priya (rams wife and roshni(digvijays  wife ) and has 3 grand kids  naina (22yrs old  and   sidharth aka sid 24 yrs old  roshni and digvijay son)  and shilpa 20yrs old  ( ram and priyas only daughther ) ma ji is known for her happy go lucky fun personality, lets her kids and grandkids do what makes them happy she is modernin thought but doesn't know how ashu turned out so boring and old school.  She is known dadi cool the coolest dadi ever spoiles her grand kids too bits … is happy with her life and family only wishes her ashu would settle down as well .



Digvijay kapoor aka DK: 47 yrs old  successful   lawyer oldest son  in the kapoor family is rude ruthless lawyer man he doesn't care what he has to do to get his work done he will do it by hook or crook ….even if he knows his clinet is guilty he will prove him innocent no matter what … famous lawyer india hasn't lost a case till date .. even though he is rutheless stone hearted laywer he is just the opposite with his family and friends he is aloving husband who is till head over heels  for his beautiful wife roshni and is a  wonderful father to his kids  sid and naina

Roshni  kapoor 43 ur old  house wife who is  very sweet simple loving bahu,bhabi, wife and mother she doesn't like what her husband does when it comes to his work she feels he shouldn't do what he doing innocent people ki badoowa,haa, nahin lay na , but he never listens to her . her kids call her momzz she feel her husband has poiled them and given too much freedom to them. She doesn't want that to back fire on them …fears that her son sid   is a copy of  his father meaning his father ruthless side which she never wanted . close to her SIL priya and ram bhai 

Loves her niece  shilpa she just like naina to her very scared of her dever  ashutosh who is very stricted


Ram kapoor 45 :staright foreward , responsible adorable , cute,fun, has sense of humor  loving son, husband ad the worlds best father .. he is opssite to his big bro dk  he stands by his values and principles  he wont compromise  for anything very honest caring successful business man treats  his daughter shilpa like a princess nothing except the best for her  she is the apple of his eyes  very scared  his younger bro ashutosh

Priya kapoor  43yrs  old has not lost her passion for living life king-size knows that one shold live life to fullest and she is she is , caring ,loving sweet, perfect bahu,best bhabi .loving wife and but overly protected mom, who cares for her family, with an identity of her own. She has her own set of ideologies in life which she wouldn't give up for anyone. A very level headed female who likes to read rather than going out to party with her friends very intellgent who  gives her duaghter shilpa freedom she wants but and knows she ont cross her limit feels he has spoiled her too much though



Sidharth kapoor: 25 yrs old  he is  just like his father ruthless ,rude , he is very arrogant,  stuck up, egotistic, self centered '.money mined thinks money is a power that can buy everything even peoples emotions '.. he is very good looking , hot the stud of the town hottie  of the office Casanova , his favorite game is  no cricket, basket ball or car racing he loves to play with girls hereats , he is a heart breaker , he defines  the word bad boy in fact that is a under statement  what ever girl he likes he gets no matter what  he gets them right where he wants them  he is a photographer has his own comapnay  he sees Ayesha and falls for her right off the bat

Niana kapoor:22 yrs old  She is a rich and arrogant  girl who is used to having things her own way ,she is not use to hearing no and it is not long before she wants Kunal to  for herself. She decides that since Kunal  is the man for her and she is madly and passionately in love with him, she can latch on to him by 'buying' his love through her brother's money just like she has been buying everything she ever wanted all her life. But to her dismay Kunal is not the sort of guy to be lured by somebody's money or power. Though he will fall in love with Niana but not for her money or for her beauty for that matter. Its her madness, her wilder and wacko side that attracts him to her. She is very pretty , she is  one of the hottest girl in  town she is currently working air hostess  

Shilpa  kapoor 20 yrs old, bubbly , sweet full of energy and life , funloving , cute,  very adorable when she is upset  starts giving her piece of mind and not a afraid of it does what is right, she is a full punajbi kuri yet very modern  very flimy , bidasss and carzy in sense when she is around there is never a dull momentshe is the type girl who makes all the guys dance to her tones, she is very beautiful  wiatting for her prince charming





''Just because you know someone doesn't mean you love them,
and just because you don't know people doesn't mean you can't
love them. You can fall in love with a complete stranger in a
heartbeat, if God planned that route for you. So open your heart
to strangers more. You never know when God will throw
that pass at you.'' - Heather Grove



Since the day  she 1st meet him he had  such a impression on her that she started hating him so much  how could she hate sucha complete stranger that to only knowing him for less then 5mins. She never knew that destiny would take such a turn the angel in the heaven above had decided to bring these to polar opposites together.. ever since that day they for one reason or another would bump into each other for her it was like black cat crossing her way her day would go all wrong if  she met the jhandu balm ke dhakkan kaan . then suddenly one  unexpectedly  things started to change her view her judgment of that jhandu balm ke dhakkan kaan aka dr. Ashutosh changed . he had enter her heart and mind  she couldn't understand how this happened and what was going on could this be love and if so  is meant to  be is even possible , could it just be a young crush  … nidhi verma never knew that Dr. Ashutosh was going threw the same confusion he couldn't understand that a stranger he barely knew has made sucha big and lasting impression on his heart and mind the wall that dr. Ashutosh had had finally be broken down by a girl he barely knew .




A Tall middle  aged guy was standing  impatiently waiting for  some one " yeh larki bhi na she is never on time always late" mumbled the man  .a young girl inblue and  white dress which  was above the knee came running and hugged him from behind . "sorry  sorry  sorry … I know ki acha mein bhot  late hoon *holding her ears * Maaf  kar do na please" she said smiling and give a puppy dog face.  "ok  fine  laken next time on time got it" syas the man . "Here  this is for you" says the guy  "wow orchids   my favorite  you remembered there beautiful  thank you"  she gives him a kiss on the check  . suddenly someone who was watching this for a while grabs her arm and slaps her on the face. "Kunal  bhaiya tum" says the girl   and pulls her home

At home

"Arnab mamu, madhu mami ,  vikram mamu   sab  jaldi  aao yahaan" says  Kunal  . they all come rushing in along with neha, mano . anandand Ayesha.

"Kya hua  why are you yelling calm down an and tell us na ki kya baat hai tum itne upset kyun ho" says  Arnab

"Kya hua … kya hua  ask her  ki kya hua  hai" says kunal pointing to nidhi  

Nidhi was standing there in tears  shaking  terriafied at the thought of how her family will react to her and ashutosh ristha, she was thinking "Agar Kunal bhaiya aise react kar re hai tho sab  aise hi react hoge" Ayesha and Anand went and stood near her and were calimg her down.

 "Chup kyun ho blo sab ko Bolo! Yells kunal jab aise harkat  kare tab tum sharam nahin aaye ab kyun  aisa chup ho haan. 

"Bhaiya please stop yelling at di  she is so scared   calm down na" says Anand.

"Haan Bhaiya  just look at di she is crying please na"  says Ayesha


"We should be the ones to cry yeh larki has ruined are family respect che we wont be able to show are face to any one because of her". Says  Kunal

"Hello , Hi, BYE, BYE aisa bhi kya hua hai ki hum cry shy kar na chaiye  kunal bituwa  says manorama"

Nidhi kya kare tum  baatao na says madhu

Mami ill tell you yeh chup hi hai , mein na nidhi aur DR. Ashutosh ko ek saath dehka Nidhi ne …. Says kunal

Kya Nidhi ne  kya says Vikram

I saw Nidhi kiss Dr. Ashutosh who dono ek saath date kar re hai  there a couple  says Kunal

What Nidhi and Dr. AShutosh aisa ho hi nahin sak tha says Arnab


Haan humare nidhi aisa nahin hai im sure agar asia kuch hai bhi  na tho that Dr.Ashutosh had traped are innocent nidhi war na woh aisa kuch nahin kar the says Vikram

Nidhi  what kunal is saying kya woh sach ahi kya haan ya na says madhu

 Nidhi close here eyes Haan sach hai mein Ashutosh se pyaar kar the hoon… hum dono pyaar kar hai  says  nidhi

Suna  tum sab dil kart ha doon ek aur  kaan ke niche says Kunal (he raise his hand when Suddenly some one stops him )

It is Dr. Ashutosh  ruko men should never hit a woman I know ki abhi tum kaafi upset ho aur hona bhi chaiye after all who tumhare choti bhen hai laken hitting is not the answer  says ashutosh

Oh really you will teach me huh what right from wrong teri tho says kunal

Bhaiya please Ashu ko kuch nahin kar na yells nidhi


 Chup ! don't interfere in this  nidhi .. AShu huh ….. o I will teach your AShu  what happens when you lay your evil eyes on my innocent sister Dr. Kaminey  he goes to slap him when nidhi  comes in front and get slaped .

That's it for now do comment




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-Nags- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 1:24am | IP Logged
sorry for late replySmile

Wow!!!!! interesting start dear shine-smiley Smileyshine-smiley Smileyshine-smiley Smiley

first fight to blossom love between  ashu-nidhi shine-smiley Smiley

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punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 1:24am | IP Logged

great start
so they are already in love
now her family also knows
pls update soon

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