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Dancing With Your Love Chapter 22 pg 106 4/1 (Page 44)

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PM me the nxy update!!!

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amazing update...Big smile
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awesome update
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Cry Me feeling really bad i have many pictures which i wanted to post but edtitors and not letting meAngryAngry, me suepr angry and sadCryCry

Chapter 17

Everyone looked so happy. They looked more happy than Viha. It had been a great day for all of them.

The party was finished and everyone decided to go home. Kriyansh was thinking to alone home so they could spend some time together, the new it would be a lot of teasing if they said that they wanted go alone.

K:- Rey aap kahe na

R:- Paagal hogaye ho kya, pata haina mera haal kya karenge.

K:- Toh kya kare??

Both was sanding close to each other and whispering. When they heard someone cough, the looked and saw Swayam standing there with his eyebrows raised. Rey did same thing back. He pushed Kriyansh with both hands and went to all.

SW:- Guys I have something to tell you. Looking back at Kriyansh who standing there saying no please don't do it shaking there heads. But Swayam was feeling a bit evil today so he just gave a teasing smile to top them.

SW:- Guys Kriya and Re4y wants to alone.

ALL:- OWO!!!

Kriyansh was standing there all red.

R:- Main Swayam ko mardalunga. Rey thought.

Sharon got up to Kriyansh and said Sorry tum dono ekle nahi jah sakte.

Kriyansh faces fell.

Sharon got up to Kriya and whispered in her ear if I get to know in detail afterwards then I can think about it .

Kriya started blushing badly hearing that. She lowered her head, and blushed badly.

Rey leaned against Kriya and asked what happened. She just shacked her head and said nothing.

Rey please let us go. Warna dekh lena main school ka GS hoon.

SH:- TOH KYA HAAN, main college ki CS hoon. Sharon said in a waring tune which made Rey gulped, first time in his life he was scared of Sharon.

R:- Yeh tho jr jr Rani Lakshmi Bai hote yah rahi hain, he muttered. Which Kriya heared and shot him a really angry glare.

Which made Rey gulp again. He widespread back with a sweet innocent voice which made Kriya smile at him. Which meant that he was forgive.

Swayam came up to Rey and said get ready to run with your lady love. Rey got confused and stared at him, then he got it and nodded his head in ahh I understand.

He widespread in Kriya ear

R:- When I say run then run OK.

K:- But why?

R:- I will tell you that later.

Swayam got up to the gang at started makes them busy in other things. After few seconds he gave Rey thumbs up. And Rey took Kriya' hand and ran out to the parking lot took his bike helped her sit on the bike, and they drove away.

Inside the hall no one had got that Rey and Kriya and run away. Swayam had made them so much in to the conversion that they didn't notice that Kriyansh was gone.

After awhile Amar looked around and asked

A:- Tliya aur Ley thah hain?

[Kriya aur Rey kaha hain?]

All looked around and shocked to see them not anywhere. Then they understood that both are run away. All turned to look at Swayam, gave him a big big big angry glare. Like if they could kill someone with there eyes Swayam had been dead by now.

Swayam understood that he needed to run now, or he would be dead.

Swayam looked around and said

SW:- Looked there. And pointed somewhere all looked that way and saw nothing when they turned back saw Swayam running and all behind him.

SW:- Yaar, yeh dost hain yah dushman. Swayam thought and ran. He came to the parking lot took his car and went away. The whole gang came running behind him and saw that he had escaped. All looked at each other. And gave a evil smirk to each other it was time to play pranks.

NI:- Abh aye ga maza, Swayam Shikhawat watch out.

SI:- Guys lets meet in the RH tomorrow and think of some plan for Kriya,Rey and Swayam.

BH:- Abh hum bane ge pyaar ke dushman. And all let out a evil laughter

Rey was driving and Kriya was sitting behind him, her body was leaned against him and her head was on his shoulder with eyes closed.

Rey had never had this feeling before as she felt right now. It felt wonderful for him and he was so happy the person who he loved was sitting behind him and was only his BAATCUTTER!!

(yes I am stealing Deetha's title of her ff, Deetha plz don kill me)

R:- Baatutter!

K:-hmmm, Kriya replied

R:- Hey don't fall asleep, we are home any min.

K:- Linecutter, mujhe aapke upar sona hain, koi problem hain? She said lifing her head from his should and pouting like a kid.

Rey looked in the rearview mirror, he felt like pulling her cheeks she looked so cute.

R:- Teek hain so jao but please jab main utaho toh ut jaana.

K:- Teek hain.

Rey shock his head and Kriya put her head on his shoulder again and got closer to him.

Just when she was about to fall asleep she felt some droppers on her.

K:- Rey mere phe paani kyun gira raha hain?

R:- Kya?

Before they could talk, it started to rain badly, it was just flowing down.

R:- Oh sh***.

Kriya was getting all wet, Rey stooped the bike, turn around, the water was just flowing heavily.

Plus Kriya' house was one hour from there both where.

Rey looked at Kriya who was getting more and more wet and had start shivering. Rey got helpless when one thought struck his mind. He turned to Kriya. He hesitated a bit.

R:- Kriya , umm, uh

K:- K..k..kya Rey? She said shivering badly

R:- Kriya its raining like hell and it will take one more hour too come to your house. My villa is from here 10 min or something if you don't have a problem, should we uh, uh.. go there?

Kriya got a bit uncomfortable, bcs she didn't know how her mom would react.

K:- Rey could you call mom once and ask her. Rey nodded took out his phone and called Smritti up. And she agreed she had trust in Rey that he will not do anything wrong with er daughter.

Rey drove them to his villa:

Kriya was dumbstruck seeing it it was beautiful. Rey drove in and both jumped of the bike Kriya was trying warm herself rubbing her hands on her arms. Rey fished up the key. He turned one sec just to see Kriya who was standing there with her eyebrows raised, he got what he was thinking.

R:- NO, NO its not what you are thinking I have always the key with me. As I stay sometimes here.

Both got inside and Kriya had her eyes big seeing the hallway all black and white they came to the living room which was also black and white:

Then was the kitchen which was also black and white: and really beautiful.

Kriya came back when she hear Rey calling her

R:- Kriya.

K:- Uh, she said turning back to him.

R:- go to that room and you will find everything you want. Kriya went in that room and was shocked to see a such beautiful room:

She got up to the cupboard and opened the cupboard and got a bit uncomfortable, because all dresses and night wears was really short. She found one which was a bit longer than those other dresses which was but even that one was short: She took it and went in the bathroom and was shocked again the bathroom was really amazin: She thought,

K:- am I the right girl for Rey? He is so rich, he can get any girl. That thought started disturb her she changed and dried her hair and went out from the bathroom.

She didn't know exactly how to go out, she was a bit uncomfortable going out like this.

She breathed in and out. And said

K:- Kriya don't be scared it just Rey no one else. She sighed and went out. She came to the living room where he was sitting he Kriya's foot steps, he looked up from the TV and saw her in a Sex** short night dress. She looked really HOT.

Rey gulped down his saliva and thought

R:- Rey control control, you don't wan to scare her she looks already so uncomfortable in that dress don't do anything stupid now. He could see how she was trying cover more herself.

Kriya looked at Rey who was sitting on the sofa in a white tank top and black shorts and he looked also really HOT.

Rey tired to be normal, gave her a smile and said

R:- Kriya come and sit here. She got to him a bit nervous. She didn't sit close to him she to a pillow and put it on her leg so it got covered a bit. She gave Rey a nervous smile, which he also returned nervously. Rey got back to the TV and Kriya got busy with her thoughts about her and Rey, that Rey deserved a better girl than her.

K:- I think its better if I stay away from him maybe he will get someone who actually deserves him, a tear drop fell from her eyes, thought of leaving, the tear drop didn't go noticed by Rey. He got worried he turned of the TV and got closer Kriya.

R:- Kriya kya hua tum roh kyun rahi hoon?

Kriya fast tried wipe it.

K:- Kuch nahi Rey.

R:- Kriya tell me, tumhe meri kasam.

Kriya couldn't hold back her tears and hugged Rey and toll Rey the whole truth that she thought she don't deserve him.

Which made Rey mad. The took her out of the hug and gave a angry look and said

R:- Pagaal ho gaye hoon tum? I love you and no one else, it doesn't matter for me if she are rich or not. I have loved your innocent and your simplicity which made me feel in love with you. You are the only one in my life. Rey said griping her shoulder and shaking it a bit.

She made a cute baby face and said sorry, which made Rey melt that second. Both hugged each other and stayed like that. Just then the light went of and as Kriya is afraid of the the darkness she gripped Rey tightly. She didn't want to let Rey go. Rey lifted her up and too her to fire place and started the fire. When it stared to burn and flames came she opened her eye. She looked in Rey' eyes and saw love for her in those eyes. Rey stood up, put his hand forward and asked her for a dance. She said no music. Rey go to the table took his phone and played a song

(guys plz listen to this song: orry couldn't find the orginal video, but I liked this one more)

chup tum raho chup hum rahe, chup tum raho chup hum rahe. Kamsohi ko kamohi se, zindegi ko zindegi see baat karne doon.

Rey put hi hand on her waist she put her hand on Rey's shoulder and they started swaying with the beats. Kriya sang along.

chup tum raho chup hum rahe, chup tum raho chup hum rahe. Kamsohi ko kamohi se, zindegi ko zindegi see baat karne doon.

Rey turned her around and put his hand around her waist, she had her back to Rey. Both swayed with the music. He twirled her around.

Chup tum raho chup hum rahe, chup tum rahoo.

Rey brought her closer, and whispered somethng in her ear which she chuckled at and blushed.

akhoon main koh jaye ahkheen, bole haat se haat. Akhoon main koh jaye ahkheen, bole haat se haat.

Both kept swaying very very very slowly, both looked in each others eyes.

Bahoon main chup kar, saso se jaise dole raaat,

He twirled her around and brought her closer

unglio ko unglio se, mausamo ko shokiose baat karne doon.

He he took her hand and put the fingers between hers.

Chup tum raho, chup hum rahe. Khamohi ko khamoshi se, zindegi ko zindegi se baat karne doon. Chup tum raho chup hum rahe, chup tum raho...

Kriya pushed Rey and ran she showed him her tumb then her tung and ran she ran around the sofa trowed a pillow at him,. And ran around the whole living room.

When she thought that she had escaped she stooped and caught her breath, but suddenly she felt a hand around her waist, the hand turned her around and made her see the persons face which was non other Rey. She smiled and put her head on his shoulder. And continued swawying

Hootoon par hooton se likeh, bin shabdo ke geet. hootoon par hooton se likeh, bin shabdo ke geet.

Kriya lifted her head and Rey ran his tumb on her lower lip. Both had much passion in there eyes.

Dharti se ambar takh gunje jismo ka sangeet bekho di ko bekho di se, aasqi ko aasqi se baat karne doon.

Kriya lowered her eye a bit because she was feeling shy to look in Rey's eyes.

chup tum raho chup hum rahe, chup tum raho, chup tum raho, chup hum rahe. Chup tum raho, chup hum rahe, chup tum raho , hum rahe, tum raho, tum raho

Rey lifted her face towards him, both moved closer in till there lips met. The kiss was soft in the beginning, the kiss grew more passionate. Rey slowly put wet kisses down her neck. Which Kriya made kriya moan. Rey lifted her up in his arms made is way to his room:

(No pool in his room. I still want my seda sada ReyWink)

He put her on his bed and...


Sorry guys no pics i will try to pot them in next part, bcs the editors and not letting me my hard woork got all in waste it took me so much time to find them.CryCry

Rest will you get to know in next update.Evil Smile Which will be after 15pg. And ye I know that many of you wanna kill me for stopping there but I was feeling a bit evil today. So yeah.Evil Smile But I hope you liked the update, I am hell nervous about this part. First time I have ever wrote such bold scenes. The song is one of my fav songs I jut loved this song its beautiful.  And yeah i have a good news also i wilkl contioue this ff a after Swarons confssion too.Wink

And yeah ALL WHO WANTS PMS ADD MaaneetAminapm in there buddy list or just say it in your comment I will add you.


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So awesum hayeee to romantic and love dis song... Thanx to swayam kriyansh get alone tym together... Gang thnking 4 prank on kriyansh n swayam. God save dem.. Kriyansh dance and romance hayeee supeb.. Please update fast.. And ese point par end nahi karte..

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OMG... that was such a freaking hot update...

haww... the whole gang became Pyaar ka Dushmaan...Shocked

Kriyaansh romance n DanceBlushing

n the song was so perfect for them...Day Dreaming

update ASAP...

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sahi mein continuation kar deti next post mein..

aise point pe rokne kii kya zarurat hai...

i mean sab itna accha chal rha hai.. 

pura filmy scene tha but beech mein villain ki tarah tune break daal diya...

so lovely swayam, kriyansh  toh gaye..

rey bechaara donon ladkiyon ne toh uski nikaal ke rkhi hai

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Its amazing!!!!! not amazing actually its HAWT...luved it...plzzz update the next part soon

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