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~ Desigirl's OS Corner~ (Upd. 8/2, p. 13)

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              ~ Desigirl's OS Corner~

Hi Guys!!!Hug

Welcome to my OS corner where I will be posting the links to all my OSes

Here are the links to all my previous OSes and I have also posted some of them below!

The Wading Pool (complete)

Bachelorette Party (incomplete)

~One Shots~(old to new)

Payal Ki Kahani (full OS below)

For PMs add my new ID: desigirlpmlist

Hope you enjoy my stuff!!! This is my first time creating a corner of sorts so its rough!! Will improve as I go on!!!!

Love you all!!!Hug


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~Payal Ki Kahani~

Part 1:

Arnav was sitting by the poolside. He had Khushi's payal in his hand and was reminiscing about the time that he had found it. Rabba Ve playing in the back.


Khushi was now in Raizada Mansion and of the several encounters that Arnav had had with her, his eyes would always fall on her feet, and see how one was missing the payal that he had.


As Arnav sat by the pool, twirling the payal in his hand, he felt guilty for kind of stealing Khushi's payal and not giving it back to her till now. But for some reason he wanted to keep it close to him. Brushing away the thoughts that were coming to his mind, he resolved to do something about this issue. He was after all Arnav Singh Raizada and there was no way someone was going to make him feel that he had done wrong. He clasped the payal in his hand tightly and put it in the pocket of his pants, smirking, he had gotten his idea.


Now that Khushi was in RM, she made every effort to avoid meeting that Lord Governor (is that what she calls him not sure hehe). She tried to stay behind Lavanya and giving her tips. Right now she was telling her that she shouldn't be wearing such exposing dresses as that makes Nani even more upset.


Lavanya: Uff ho chamkili, tum kaun hoti ho mujhay batanay wali ke main kya pehen sakthi hoon aur kya nahi, anyway mujhay beauty bath lena hai, main ja rahi hoon, mera towel ASR ke room mein reh gaya hai, Tum mujhay lakay de dena, ok? (Chamkili, who are you to tell me what I can and can not wear? Anway I am going to take a beauty bath, I left my towel in ASR's room, get it for me, ok?)


Khushi: Hum?, lekin woh..woh.. (Me, but...)


Lavanya: Jo mainay kaha hai woh karo..samjhi... (Do as I say, understand)


Khushi: Ab hum kya karein..( What do I do now?)


Arnav was in his bathroom and had just finished taking a shower. As he was coming out of the bathroom in a black vest with the towel around his neck (looking really hotBlushing)..he bumped into someone..Wink

Part 2:

He felt a gush of wind sweep into his room. He looked towards the door and found her entering with her back to him. He decided to stay in the bathroom till she came inside so he closed the door again.


Khushi was walking backwards sneakily into Arnav's room.


Khushi: Hai Devi Maiya, kuch kejeye ke hum towel bhi leijayein aur us Raizada ki shakal bhi nahi dekhi paray. Please please Devi Maiya.


Khushi looked inside the room and saw that no one was there and let out a sigh of relief.


She was heading towards the cupboard to get a towel for Lavanya, wondering why Lavanya's towel was in Arnav's room in the first place, chi chi she thought, badi hi tez ladkiyan hai aaj kal. (the girls these days are so fast)


Just then she heard the door of the bathroom creak open, but before she could make a run for it, she bumped into the very person she was running from.


She stumbled and expected to fall on the floor, she closed her eyes expecting the worst, but instead she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and hold her protectively preventing her fall.


She kept her eyes shut knowing that it was him and not wanting to make any eye contact.


She thought in her head, "Aankhein band kar ke hi hum chupke se nika jaate hai, phir is Lord Governor ki shakal bhi nahin dekhi paregi" ( I'll just keep my eyes closed and escape quietly. then i won't have to see this Lord Governor's face either)


She kept her eyes closed and tried to loosen his grip from around her waist, but he only held her tighter.


Arnav was getting very angry, first this Khushi Kumari Gupta had the nerve to enter his room and now she was avoiding eye contact with him, he was not going to let her go this time.


Just then Khushi felt water droplets near her eyes, "Arnav Singh Raizada roh raha hai? Kya (Arnav singh Raizada is crying?, what) she thought in head. She couldn't help but open her eyes, not just because the water droplets were bothering her but also because she wanted to see what the matter was, and when she did open her eyes she wish she hadn't.


There he stood, with his hair wet and disheveled, looking at her with a confused look, a mixture of softness and anger. There was an innocence about him that she felt she had seen for the first time today. He was wearing a black vest and she looked at his muscular form, she felt a pull towards him, it was a new feeling. She turned her gaze away from him, but he pulled her closer to him. Holding her hand with one hand and using another to still hold her tightly by her waist still not letting go.


Khushi: Aap humain choriye. (Please leave me) She said her eyes tearing because of his tight hold. 


Arnav: Pehle tumhay meri baat suni paregi. (First you have to listen to what I have to say)


Khushi: Humein aapki koi baat nahi sunyi (I don't want to listen to anything you say), she said as more wet droplet hit her face from Arnav's hair. 


Arnav: Tumhay meri baat..he stopped in the middle of his sentence as he noticed the water droplets down her face. The water droplets mixed with her tears, and out of their own accord Arnav traced his fingers along her face wiping away the water droplets and tears. As he was doing so the towel around his neck fell to Khushi's shoulder as they were still in a half-bent position. He had loosened his hold on Khushi lost in the beauty of her face.


Khushi looked at the towel on her shoulder and made a run out of his room quickly.


Arnav held out his hand: Khushi Khushi.


Khushi stopped outside the room: Shukar hai koi towel to mila Lavanya ko denay ke liye, is Arnav Singh Raizada ko toh hum baad mein dekhlenge. (Thank goodness i got a towel to give to Lavanya. I'll see this Arnav Singh Raizada later)


Arnav was angry and ran his hand through his hair.


Arnav: Khushi Kumari Gupta, apnay aap ko samajthi kya ho, tum itni asani se mujhsay nahi baag sakthi. (KKG what do you think of yourself? You can't escape that easily from me)

Part 3:

Khushi hurriedly ran into Lavanya's room with the towel.

Lavanya was out in her bathrobe.

Lavanya: Uff ho chamkili kitni der kardi, chalo towel do. (Chamkili, u are late, give me the towel)

Khushi handed her the towel, while looking back nervously to see if Arnav was coming.

Lavanya: Yeh towel wet kyun hai..tum mere liye wet towel leaiyain? Koi kaam toh theek karlia karo, oh God tumsay ek chota kaam toh theek se hota nahi aur yeh sab chatay hain tum mujhey pata nahi kya kya sikhao, uff these people' (Why is this towel wet? You brought me a wet towel? At least do some work right, oh God you can't do one small thing right and everyone wants you to teach me)

Just then Arnav entered Lavanya's room.

Arnav: Khushi  mera towel'. (Khushi, my towel)

Lavanya: Oh ASR yeh tumhara towel hai, tumnay mere liye apna towel beja, oh how sweet and romantic. She said getting cozy with him and putting her hands around his neck,causing Khushi to feel discomfort and look away. (Oh ASR this is your towel, you sent your towel for me..)

Arnav looked towards Khushi and noticed her uneasiness..was it jealousy he thought in his head, for some reason the thought made him quite happy.

Arnav pushed Lavanya away from him

Arnav: Umm who Lavanya, mujhey kuch important phone calls karnay hai main tumsay baad mein baat kartha hoon. (Lavanya i need to make some important phone calls, i'll talk to you later)

Lavanya: Ok ASR..she said letting go.

As Arnav headed out the door he looked back towards Khushi who just was also looking towards him as he exited but right as their eyes met she looked away.

Lavanya: Acha chamkili toh plan kya hai, tum mujhay kya sikhanay wali ho. (So chamkili what's the plan, what are you going to teach me?)

Khushi: Woh toh humain nahi pata, woh toh Anjali ji hi bataigi ke hum apko kya sikahay. (I don't know, Anjali has to tell me what I have to teach you)

They both head over to meet Anjali. (The dumbo Shyam is hiding in a hole somewhere so isn't seen by Khushi)

Anjali: Khushi hum chahtay hai aap Lavanya ko dance sikayain. (Khushi, I want you to give Lavanya dancing lessons.

Lavanya: Dance, woh toh mujhay ata hai, apne dekha nahi tha Di maine kitna acha dance kiya tha Character Dheela pe, par woh Nani unko toh meri har cheez se problem hai. (I know how to dance, didn't you see Di how well i danced to character dheela, i don't know whay Nani has a problem with everything i do)

Anjali: Tab hi toh, tum nahi chahti ke Nani ko bhi tumhara dance pasand aye.( that's why..don't you want that Nani like you dance too)

Lavanya: Haan, toh phir. ( yea..soo)

Anjali: Toh Khushi, tumhay classical dance ata hai na? (Khushi, you know classical dance right)

Khushi: Ji, ata toh hai. (Yea, I do)

Anjali: Haan toh hum chathay hai tum Lavanya ko classical dance sikhao, Nani bhi is baat se khush hojayeingi. ( So i want you to teach Lavanya classical dance, Nani will be happy with this)

Lavanya: OMG classical dance so exciting, mein jake ASR ko batati hoon. ( i will go tell ASR)

Khushi tried to stop Lavanya, but she ran away.

Arnav was busy on the phone, when Lavanya came.

Lavanya: ASR pata hai mein dance sekhnay wali hoon woh bhi classical. Tum mujhay dekhogayna? (ASR i am gonna learn to dance, you will watch me right?)

Arnav as always was ignoring her: Lavanya main tumsay baad mein baat karunga, main busy hoon.
 (Lavanya, i'll talk to you later, am busy)

Lavanay: ASR I am so excited, woh chamkili hai na Khushi, woh mujhay dance sikhaygi. (Chamkili will teach me dance)

At the mention of Khushi Arnav directed his attention to Lavanya.

Arnav: Khushi tumhay dance sikhaygi? (Khushi is going to teach you to dance?)

Lavanya: Haan di yeh hi chaathi hai, bohut maza aayega, tum mujhay practice karthay hua dekho gay na ASR, please, please mere saath chalo. ( Yea, Di wants that, it'll be so much fun, please ASR come watch me practice)

Arnav: Acha theek hai, thori der ki liye chaltha hoon. He really didn't care about Lavanya's dance it was the prospect of Khushi's dance that was making him eager. (Ok i'll go for a bit)

Khushi was getting ready for the dance. She got the song ready for practice, Ore Piya (Aaja Nachle), she tied her duppatta across her shoulder at her waist. She undid her hair from the braid and tied it up in a loose bun so it didn't come in her way.  

Arnav came and sat on one of the chairs in the room that they were practicing in. He couldn't help but stare at Khushi's new look. He looked at her slyly as she was talking to Anjali and didn't notice him there.

Anjali looked down at Khushi's feet and noticed her missing payal.

Anjali: Aray Khushi aapki payal kahan gayi? (Khushi where's your payal?)

Khushi: Pata nahi Anjali ji jis din se aapki party se gaye hain, mili hi nahi, pata nahi humnay kahan gira di. ( I don't know Anjali, it's been lost ever since i left your party)

Anjali: Chalo milni hogi toh mil hi jaeygi. Shayad aapkay raj kumar ke paas reh gayi ho, aur woh ek din apko lakay dega, haina? (If its in your fate to find it you will, maybe your prince charming has it and he'll come and give it to you one day, right?)

Khushi: Anjali ji, aap bhi na, Khushi blushed. 

Arnav heard their conversation from where he sat and he felt Khushi's payal which was in the pocket of his jeans. He felt uneasy hearing the romantic talks that his Di had started again. 

Just then Lavanya entered all dressed in shalwar-kameez ready for her practice.

As she shouted in her loud voice.

Lavanya: ASR main kaisi lag rahi hoon? Khushi noticed that Arnav was also sitting there. (How do i look ASR?)

Lavanya: Ab tum mera dance dekh kar bata na ke kaisa laga theek hai. ( You tell after watching my dance how you like it)

Khushi: Hai devi maiya, yeh Lord governor humein dance kartha hua dekhay ga, hum iskay samnay kaisay dance kar paiengay? ( Oh God this lord governor will watch me dance, how will i dance in front of him?

Part 4:

Khushi looked at Arnav as he watched her with an angry face, she fiddles with her dupatta nervous.

Arnav turned to Lavanya

Arnav: Lavanya jaldi karo (hurry up), I don't have a lot of time.

Lavanya: Haan haan ofcourse ASR, chamkili kya kar rahi ho, chalo jaldi shuru karo. (chamkili what are you doing, hurry up let's start)

Khushi: Ji woh Khushi looked towards Arnav trying to get a way out of this situation.

Just then Arnav's phone rang.

Arnav on the phone: Hello, Mr. Gupta second.. he got up to leave.

Lavanya: ASR tum kahan ja rahay ho (where are u going)

Arnav: Lavanya just one minute, tum start karo main call lakay wapis ata hoon. ( u start I'll be back)

Khushi: breathing a sigh of relief: Shukar hai Devi maiya ka yeh toh yahan se gaya..phir bhi isay pehle ke yeh wapis aye humain kuch karna parega. (Thank God he left but I have to do something before he comes back) She started fanning herself trying to think of an idea.

Anjali: Kya baat hai Khushi ji, apko garmi lag rahi hai kya? (What's wrong Khushi are you feeling hot?)

Khuhsi: Nahi..woh..then getting an idea..haan..hum thora yahan se bahar jakay dance nahi karsakthay khuli hawa main. ( can't we go outside and dance in the cool air)

Anjali: Aray haan kyun nahi, chaliye hum bahar garden mein chaltay hai wahan mausam bhi acha horaha hai hawa bhi chal rahi hai. ( yea why not let's go to the garden the weather is very nice too)

They headed out to the garden.

Khushi took off her shoes and got ready to start the dance 

Khushi: Chaliyay Lavanya ji apne jhootay toh uthariyay aap. ( take off your shoes Lavanya)

Lavanya: What? Main yahan apnay jhootay utharon, tumhay pata hai abhi main pedicure karva ke ayi hoon.  Main jhootay nahi utharahi. (what, take my shoes off here, you know I just got a pedicure done, I am not taking off my shoes.

Khushi: Lekin Lavanya ji yeh dance jhooton ke saath nahi ho saktha. ( you can't do this dance with shoes)

Lavanya: I don't care chamkili main apne heels pehen kar hi karongi, jab mujhay problem nahi hai toh tumhay kya? Chalo shuru karo ASR ata hi hoga. Aur haan please grass se dur rehna main nahi chathi mere itne expensive shoes grass mein ganday hojaye yuck. ( I will dance with my heels, if I don't have a problem why do you. Ok let's start ASR will be coming, and yea stay away form the grass I don't wanna ruin my expensive shoes, yuck)

Khushi: Acha jaisi apki marzi. Anjali ji music lagaiyay. (as u wish, anjali put on the music) Anjali headed over to a corner to play the music, just then her eyes caught Shyam entering the house.

After playing the music she headed towards the door.

O re piya haye 
O re piya haye
O re piya haye

Khushi started to dance to the music. She did the hand movements and then twirled around asking Lavanya to follow, who tripped as she twirled.

Lavanya: Chamkili yeh kya kar rahi ho hathon ke saath you are going to fast slow down.

Khushi continued to dance showing Lavanya. Lavanya was having a hard time and kept on falling at one point her duppata got stuck on her heels and she tripped again making it hard for Khushi to hold in her laughter but she continued to dance.

Udene laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re 

(Khushi's bun opened because of the wind and her hair flew down to her shoulders and started blowing in the air.)

O re piya haye
O re piya haye.

Just then Shyam's gaze fell on Khushi as he was entering the house. He thought he was dreaming as he saw her dancing and he started drooling.

Just then Anjali came over to him and took him out of his daydream.

Anjali: Aray aap aga-ay. (you came)

Shyam: Ji rani sahiba. Shyam wondered why he still heard the music that was supposedly in his imaginiation.

Shyam: Yeh awaz kaisi? (whats the noise)

Anjali: Aray, shukar hai aap jaldi agaya, chaliye humein apko kisi se milwana hai. ( thank goodness u came early, I want u to meet someone)

She took him over to the side so he could clearly see Khushi who was busy in her dance to notice him.

Anjali: Yeh Khushi ji hai humnein inhay bhulaya hai Lavanya ko training dene ke liye. Yeh ab rozana aayegi.

Shyam: Acha Shyam said all nervous and loosening the buttons of his collar because he was sweating.

Anjali: Aap jantay hai Khushi ka koi bhai nahi, aur aaj raksha bandhan hai, bechari bohut udhass horahi thi, toh humnay usay kaha who aapko rakhi band sakthi hai aap bhi uskay bhai hue na. Humnein theek kaha na. ( You know Khushi doesn't have a brother and today is Rakhi and she was getting sad so I told her she can tie rakhi to you, you are also her brother, I did the right thing right?)

Shyam: KYA? (What?) Shyam started coughing like crazy. 

Anjali: Aray kya hua aapko. (What happened?)

Shyam: Rani sahiba humari tabiyat kuch theek nahi hum kamray mein ja rahay hai. (I am not feeling well, am going to the room)

Shyam ran away before Khushi could see him

Anjali: Hum apkay liye paani laatay hai she shouted after him (I'll get water for you)

Meanwhile Khushi continued her dance, droplets of rain started falling from the sky.

Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa
Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan

She twirled around taking out her hands to feel the rain.

Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai
Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai

O re Piya
O re Piya haye 
O re Piya

Lavanya: Chamkili mera sara dress wet horaha hai main andar ja rahi hoon. (my dress is getting wet I amgoing inside) Everyone ran inside because of the rain and only Khushi was left lost in her dance and oblivious to the surroundings 

She quickened her dance, moving her feet really fast as she twirled around.

Meanwhile ASR was making his way back from the phone call looking around for everyone.. He followed the sound of the music and ended up in the garden. He saw Khushi dancing. He got lost in her beauty and simplicity as her wet hair flew in the wind and her clothes clung to her petite form. He looked her up and down totally mesmerized.

ni re ,re re ga
ga ga ma
ma ma pa
pa ma ga re sa
sa re re sa
ga ga re
ma ma ga
pa pa ma
dha dha pa
ni ni sa sa pa
pa sa ma pa dha ni sa ni
re ni sa sa sa.. . . . ..

Khushi slowed down and opened her eyes only to find Arnav staring at her longingly.

Nazrein bolen duniya bole
dil ki zaban haaye dil ki zubaan
Ishq maange ishq chahe koi toofan

He started walking towards her, both of them not taking their eyes off each other. 

Chalna aahiste ishq naya hai
Pehla yeh vada humne kiya hai

O re piya haaye 2
O re piya

yehhh piya 

As Arnav was closing in on her, Khushi started to move back and slipped on a puddle of water, Arnav grabbed her by the waist before she could fall.

She had twisted her ankle and screamed in pain.

Nange pairo pe angaro
chalti rahi haaye chalti rahi
Lagta hai ke gairo mein
Palti rahi haaye

She tried to walk away but her foot was hurting a lot and she grabbed a wall to keep her balance.

Arnav walked up to her and grabbed her hand.

Arnav: Main tumhari madat kar deta hoon. (I'll help you)

Khushi: Nahi hum khud chalengay, humain apki help nahi chaiyay. ( no I'll walk myself, don't need ur help)

She started to walk away keeping her hands to the wall for balance and again she cried out in pain.

Arnav grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him her wet hair hitting his face.

Arnav: Mainay kaha na, main help kartha hoon, meri baath sunay mein tumhay kya problem hai. ( I don't you I'll help, what problem do you have listening to me for once)

Khushi: Aap jaisay insaan se humein madad nahi leni, samjhay aap. ( I don't want help from someone like you, ok?)

Arnav: Arnav Singh Raizada say aisay koi nahi baat kartha samjhi tum, main jo kehraha hoon woh karna parega.  ( No one talks to ASR like that you understand, do as I day)

Khushi: Nah'before she could finish her sentence Arnav picked her up in his arms.

Le chal wahan jo
Mulk tera hai
Jahil zamana
dushman mera hai

O re piya haye
O re piya. 

He took Khushi to his room.

Part 5 (last)

He took Khushi to his room.


As he was taking Khushi to his room she started dangling her feet and hitting Arnav on the shoulders telling him to leave her.


But ASR just kept a straight face and wasn't going to listen to anything she said.


Once they were in the room Khushi continued screaming.


Khushi: Humne kaha humein choriyay.


Arnav threw her on the bed.


Arnav: Chordiya he said sternly.


Khushi: Ouch Khushi yelped in pain grabbing her ankle.


Arnav got a worried look on his face and he went over to the freezer in his room and grabbed an ice pack.


He came over to Khushi with the icepack. He bent down on his knees and places the icepack on her ankles.


Khushi: Iski koi zaroorat nahi, hum theek hai.


Arnav: Jab main kuch kar raha hoon toh beech mein apni baat bolnay ki koi zaroorat nahi samjhi.


Khushi just stared at him as he placed the ice on her ankle which was swelling up and getting red.


Just then Khushi sneezed on top of Arnav.


Arnav looked up at her angry.


He saw how her clothes were all wet and even her hair.


Khushi: Sorry.


Arnav: Tumhari problem kya hai?


Khushi: Humari problem? She said confused.


Arnav: Kya zarrorat thi aisay dance karney ki, woh bhi itni barish main? Ek limit hoti hai pagalpan ki.


Khushi: Hello, aap hotay kaun hai humein yeh sab kehney walay, hum apna kaam kar rahay thay, woh hi jo Anjali ji ne kaha.


Arnav: Main kaun hota hoon? Really? Is ghar main woh hi hota hai jo Arnav Singh Raizada chatha hai, understand? He said pointing a finger to her and coming closer.


Khushi moved her head back as he came closer and she sneezed yet again, causing Arnav to move back.


Arnav: Baarish mein beegnay ka purana shauk hai tumhara, zyada bimaar parjati toh.


Khushi: Toh aapko kya farak padtha.


Arnav: Farak padtha hai he said moving closer.


Khushi: Kya?


Arnav:  Haan..woh..matlab ke Di upset hojati agar tumein kuch hota toh obviously mein Di ko koi tension nahi dena chatha.


Khushi just looked on shocked wondering when Arnav became so caring.


He moved the ice pack from her ankle noticing that the coldness was probably making her sneeze even more. She started to shiver a bit because all her clothes were wet.


Arnav got up and gave her his towel to dry up her hair.


Arnav: Yeh lo.


Khushi: Humein nahi chaiya.


Arnav: Mainay kaha na le lo.


Khushi: Aur humein bhi kaha'


Arnav: ENOUGH! Take the damn towel!


Khushi quickly took the towel afraid of what Arnav would do if she didn't listen.


She quickly started to dry her hair with it.


Arnav went over to his cabinet and saw a dress of Lavanya's that she had left there before she moved all her clothes to the guest room.


He took it out and threw it on the bed.


Arnav: Yeh lo, kapre change karlo, tumhey tand lag jaeygi.


Khushi looked at the short dress funny.


Khushi: Yeh iskay saath ke baaki ke kapray kahan hai?


Arnav: shaking his head at her naivety, bas yehi hai.


Khushi: Hai Devi Mayya itna chota dress, nahi nahi hum yeh nahi pehen sakthay.


Arnav: Dekho tumhay apnay kaprey badalnay hogay.


Khushi: Aap humaray saath zabardasti nahi kar sakthay aur hum yeh nahi pehnegay.


Arnav: AHHH, fine, he went over to his cupboard and grabbed a tee-shirt and a pair of his shorts. Yeh toh pehen hi sakthi ho na?


Khushi: Apkay kapray? Hum..kaisay..?


Arnav: Ab tumhay kapray bhi nahi pehene atay kya?


Khushi: Nahi humara matlab woh nahi tha..she said turning red embarrassed.


Arnav: Miss. Khushi Kumari Gupta just shut up and do as I say, jao, aur change karkay ajao.


Khushi got up and limped her way to the bathroom.


She came back wearing Arnav's t-shirt which was awfully baggy on her and his shorts which were beyond her knees but still above her ankles.


Arnav stared at the innocent sight before him as Khushi came out of the bathroom looking like a little girl who had lost her way. She came and sat on the bed and saw Arnav staring at her.


Arnav looked at her feet and his eyes fell on her left foot which had the payal and the right foot which was hurt and missing the payal. He touched his pocket and felt the payal there.


Arnav cleared his throat and walked over to the bed.


Khushi was feeling very uneasy and she tried to pull the oversized t-shirt to cover her legs which were uncovered by the shorts.


However just then Arnav came and sat next to her on the bed making her breathing heavy.


He had a balm in his hand and he looked at Khushi to find consent in her eyes to allow him to put it on her.


When she didn't say no, Arnav took the balm and rubbed it on Khushi's ankle in circular motions.


Khushi felt her heart flutter at his touch and she started to feel things she never felt before. She moved her foot slightly away but Arnav grabbed it lightly and continued to apply the balm. When he was done she noticed him put his hand in his pocket.


Khushi: Ab yeh kya karnay wala hai, she thought in her head.


Arnav cleared his throat yet again and took out Khushi's payal.


Arnav: Khushi  yeh..?


Khushi: Humari payal..yeh apkay paas kaha se ayi.


Arnav: Woh woh main..


Before he could finish, Khushi grabbed the payal from his hand and started to place it on her foot. However she was having trouble locking the hook of it in place. She constantly tried to adjust it moving her foot here and there which caused her to yell in pain again as her foot twisted.


Just then Arnav grabbed the payal from her hand. He put it around her ankle and locked it in place touching her soft skin in the process and sending shivers down her spine. (Rabba Ve playing in the back Wink)


Khushi stared at Arnav and he looked back at her.


Arnav: Woh main kafi time se wapis dena charaha tha, sahi time hi nahi mil raha tha, he said putting his head down.


Khushi smiled nervously. She kept adjusting the t-shirt and Arnav noticed her uneasiness.


Arnav: Main Di ke room se tumharay liye koi doosray kapre leyata hoon. He gets up to leave.


As he is leaving Khushi touches her payal and remembers Anjali's words about her payal ". Shayad aapkay raj kumar ke paas reh gayi ho, aur woh ek din apko lakay dega, haina"


Khushi shook her head at her thoughts.


Khushi: Yeh laad governor aur rajkumar? She thought in her head Nahi Nahi she said shaking her head .Tu bhi na kya kya sochthi rehthi hai Khushi. She hit herself on the head for her silly thoughts.


Just then Arnav turned around before leaving the room. Khushi thought she saw a softened look in his eyes and traces of a small smile as if he had read what was going on in her mind. Khushi was left agape!


The End!

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Khushi Demands, Arnav Reprimands

Hubby Wife ki Nok Jhok


Arnav was at work when he got a call from Khushi.


Arnav: Haan Khushi bolo kya baat hai, kaisay phone kiya? (Yea Khushi tell me what's the matter why did you call?)


Khushi: Ji woh humnay pone isliyay kiya tha ke'(Actually I called because)


Arnav: Khushi pone nahi phone (fffooonee) ( Khushi you say it like fone not pone)


Khushi: Haan jo bhi hai humari baat toh suniye..woh na humara ghajar ka halwa khanay ko mann kar raha tha. ( Yea whatever, you listen to me, actually I feel like eating carrot halwa today)


Arnav: Dekho Khushi agar tum chaati ho ke mein tumharay liye gajar ka halwa laon toh bhool jao, main busy hoon office mein. ( Look Khushi if you want me to get carrot halwa for you then forget it, I am very busy at office)


Khushi: Aray aap bhi na, humari baat toh suniye, hum aapko ghajar ka halwa lanay ko thori na kehrahay hai. ( At least listen to me, I am not telling you to buy the halwa)


Arnav: Toh phir? (Then?)


Khushi: Aap toh jaante hai humara naam Khushi Kumari Gupta hai aur mithaaiyan banayay mein hum mahir hain. ( You know, I, Khushi Kumari Gupta am an expert at making sweets)


Arnav: Pehlay apna naam toh theek se lena sheek lo. (First learn to say your name right)


Khushi: Humara naam? (My name?)


Arnav: Khushi Kumari Raizada.


Khushi: Oh haan soh toh hai, she said biting her finger'acha aap suniye toh baat matt badliyay. (Oh yea that's true, ok listen to me stop changing the topic)


Arnav: Ab bolo bhi Khushi mera time mat waste karo. (Ok tell me stop wasting my time)


Khushi: Hum keh rahay thay ke aap, halwa banane ki samaghiri le aaiyega jab office se aayein toh.  ( I was saying that can you get the ingredients to make the halwa when you are coming back from office)


Arnav: Main kyun? Ghar mein naukar nahi hai kya? (Why me? The servants are not there?


Khushi: Nahi hai na, sab chuthi pe hain, isliye toh aap se kehrahay hai. ( No they are all on leave that's why am asking you)


Arnav: Dekho Khushi mere paas in fazool cheezon ke time nahi hai. (Look Khushi I don't have time for such useless things)


Khushi: Jo humein chaiyay wo fazool hai, aur jo aapko chaiyay hota hai woh sab theek hai. ( Oh so what I want is useless and whatever you want is ok, I see how it is)


Arnav: Dekho meri baat suno. (Look, listen to me)


Khushi: Nahi hum koi baat nahi sun rahay, hum abhi Di se baath karthay hai ke aap humsay kaisay bol rahay hai. ( No I don't wanna listen, I am gonna talk to Di about this)


Arnav: Yeh humari har baat mein Di kahan se ajati hai. (Why do you bring Di in the middle of everything?)


Khushi: Kyunki ek woh hi apko line pe lati hain, humain pata hai. ( Because only she can set you straight)


Arnav: Acha ab zyada blackmail karnay ki zaroorat nahi hai, main leaagonga saman. ( Ok stop blackmailing, I'll bring the things)


Khushi: Yeh hui na baat, acha hum intezar karengay jaldi aayega. ( That's more like it, ok I'll be waiting, come soon)


Arnav comes home with the things to make the halwa.


He enters the house in full attitude with his sunglasses looking hot as usual.


He enters the kitchen with the things. Khushi is there wearing a red sari a looking very pretty with her hair loose and flowing as she was preparing the pans to make the halwa.


Khushi looked towards Arnav.


Khushi: Aray agayey shukar hai. Chalay madad kijiye humari. (Oh thank goodness you came, come noew help me)


She looked towards him and he looked at her mischeviously.


Arnav: Madad karoon, aur main? (Me and help) He said moving closer.


Khushi: Khushi looked up at him and he was still wearing his sunglasses. Pehle toh aap yeh sunglasses uthariyay. ( First take off these sunglasses)


Arnav: Kyun tum se raha nahi jar aha mujhay aisay dekh kar ( Why, you can't resist me when I look like this?) He said moving even closer to her


Khushi: Khushi pushes him back. Nahi woh baat nahi hai Khushi said nervously, woh humein apki aankhein nahi dikh nahi na toh pata nahi chal raha kya chal raha hai apkey dimag mein. Chalein samagiri nikalain. (No it's not like that, actually I can't see your eyes so can't tell what is going on in your mine. Ok take out the things)


Arnav took out all the things Khushi needed and he tried to get closer to her but she kept on concentrating on her work and avoiding him. At last Arnav gave up and left the kitchen.


At the kitchen table when the food was being served.


Anjali: Chaliyay chotay yeh halwa kha kar toh bataiyay kaisa bana hai. Akhir apki patni ne banaya hai. She smiled. (Chotay taste this halwa and tell how it is. After all your wife made it)


Arnav: Di aap jaanti hain main meetha nahi khatha. (Di you know I don't eat sweets)


Anjali: Haan lekin thora bohut toh kha hi sakthay hain na. Humari khatir..Khushi ki khatir? ( But you can eat a little bit na? for my sake? For Khushi's sake?


Arnav: Acha Di he said giving in. (Ok Di)


He tasted the halwa as Khushi looked on.


Anjali: Kaisa laga. She said smiling mischeviously. (How did you like it?)


Arnav: Acha hai, he said matter of factly. (It's good)


Anjali: Acha ke bohut acha chotay. (Good or very good)


Arnav: Bohut acha hai,he said looking up at Khushi and smiling. (It's very good)


Khushi blushed.


Later on in their bedroom. Khushi is sitting on the stool in front of the mirror, taking off her jewelry and getting ready to sleep.


Arnav comes in the back wearing his t-shirt and pajamas, looking super cute.


Khushi was lost in thoughts, when Arnav coughed and interrupted her.


Arnav: Kya soch rahi ho Khushi. (What are you thinking?)


Khushi: Hum woh kuch nahi she smiled. ( Nothing really)


Arnav: Khushi zyada soch ne ki zaroorat nahi, halwa sach mein bohut acha bana tha. (Khushi don't think to hard, the halwa really was very good I wasn't lying)


Khushi: Kya..aapko kaisay pata hum usi ke baray mein soch rahay thay. ( did you know I was thinking about that?)


Arnav: Bas dekh lo, he smiled. (Well, just see how well I know you)


Khushi: Lekin aapko toh meetha nahi pasand na. (But you don't like sweets right?)


Arnav: Kabhi kabar toh chaltha hai na, jaisay Di ne kaha. (It's ok for sometimes like DI said)


Khushi: Haan. She smiled. (Yea)


Arnav: Aur haan sirf halwa hi nahi, ek aur meethi cheez mujhay bohut pasand hai. (And not just halwa there is another sweet thing I really like)


Khushi: Aur woh kya? She asked curious. (And what's that?)


Arnav moved closer and held her by the waist and kissed her cheek.


Arnav: Tum, he whispered sweetly in her ears. (You)


Khushi blushed.


Arnav held her in a back hug.


Khushi: Aap na mujhay bilkul samaj nahi atay, phone pe aisay dandth thay hain jaisay pata nahi kitni nafrat bhari ho dil main, aur jab paas atay hai toh pyaar jatana shuru. ( I don't understand you at all, on the phone you argue like you hate me so much and when you are near me then you start your loving talks)


Arnav: Kya karoon Khushi, tumharay khoobsurat chehray ko dekhkar mera sara ghussa pigal jata hai. Phone pea lag baat hoti hai, tab main Arnav Singh Raizada hota hoon, aur ghar pe' (What do I do Khushi, seeing your beautiful face melts all my anger. The phone is a different thing, on the phone I am Arnav Singh Raizada, but at home..)


Khushi: Ghar pe humaray Arnav. She smiled and hugged him tighter. ( AT home you are my Arnav)


Arnav: Tumhara Arnav, humesha ke liye, he said, as he placed his head in the crook of her neck. (Your Arnav..forever Heart)

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Dupatta OS

Buaji and Payal left for the house as Shyam babua was alone (and who knows what crazy antics he would be upto in their house knowing him)


They wanted to take Khushi with them but Nani and Anjali requested that Khushi stay a bit longer as there were still certain things to take care of with Lavanya.


Khushi stayed and it was really late now and no way was she going to find a rickshaw at this time let alone go with any rickshaw wala so late.


Khushi: Anjali-ji ab humein ghar jana chaiyay, bua-ji aur Di pareshan horanhongay. (Anjali ji I should get going, my family is probably getting worried)


Anjali: Aray rukiyay Khushi ji itni der hogayi hai, aapka is samay akele jana theek nahi. Ek minute hum inhay phone lagathay hain shayad who rastay main hon toh aapko chordengay. ( Oh wait Khushi ji, it's so late and it's not good for you to go alone at this time. One minute let me call him maybe he is on his way and can drop you)


Anjali dials up Shyam


Shyam: Aray Rani sahiba, hum bas nikal hi rahay thay, kuch kaam tha. (Rani sahiba I was just leaving, you have some work)


Anjali: Chalo yeh toh acha hai, woh Khushi hai na usay uskay ghar chor ke ana hai kaafi der hogayi hai na. (Oh that's good, actually I need someone to drop Khushi since it's so late)


Shyam: Khushi. Shyam ke mann mein ladoo phoot rahay they and he thought..Aray Khushi-ji ke saath akele samay, aisa mauka toh hum kabhi nahi chor thay lekin kya karein jaengay toh sara bhanda phoot jaenga. (Shyam is very happy thinking that he would never leave a chance to be alone with Khushi, but if he agrees his lie will be caught)


Anjali: Hello? Kya hua ji, aap araha hai na? (What happened your coming right)


Shyam: Ji woh Rani sahiba humein thori der hojaeygi, yahan bohut traffic hai, aur Khushi ji ka wahan rukha theek nahi hai itni der aap driver se khaiyay na. (Rani sahiba I'll be late, it's not good to stay there so late for Khushi, tell the driver)


Anjali: Acha ok, dekthey hai. (Ok I'll see)


Anjali later to herself: Aray driver to chuthi pe hai'ab hum kya karein.  (oh no the driver is off, now what do I do)


Khushi: Anjali ji aap zyada pareshan matt hoiyay hum kuch sochthay hai. (don't worry Anjali ji I'll think of something)


Just them Arnav passes by, he is angry at having gone to the pooja all because of Khushi's plan.


The wind blows and he looks towards Khushi angriliy and Khushi looks back scared, eye-lock and Rabba Ve in the back.


Anjali sees Arnav and gets her idea.


Anjali: Aray chotay idhar aaiye. (Chotay come here)


Arnav: Kya baat hai di? He said trying to avoid looking at Khushi who was standing next to Anjali. (What's the matter Di?)


Anjali: Chotay aap humara kaam karengay. (Chotay can u do something for me)


Arnav: Boliyay toh Di maine aapko kabhi mana kiya hai. (Tell me Di, have I ever said no to you)


Anjali: Woh kya hai na chotay, driver nahi hai, aur Khushi ji ko ghar jana hai, is samay toh rickshaw bhi nahi milega toh hum soch rahay thay.. (Aray chotay there is no driver and I need someone to drop Khushi as no rickshaw at this time so I was thinking')


Arnav: Chod doonga di. (I'll drop her Di)


Anjali: Aray wah, she smiled. Chaliyay Khushi ji aap chotay ke saath jaiya hum kal miltayhai. (Khushi you go with chotay, I'll see you tomorrow)


Arnav in his head: Ab isay pata chalega Arnav Singh Raizada se panga leyneka kya nateja hota hai. (Now she will learn the consequence of messing with ASR)


Khushi looked at ASR afraid.


Khushi: Hai re Devi mayya humari raksha karna is rakshas ke saath jana pad raha hai. (Devi mayya protect me I have to go with this devil)


Arnav went outside and started the car, Khushi was standing outside praying to Devi mayya.


Arnav: Andar baitho, he screamed from the window, I don't have all night. (sit inside)


She sat in scared and put on the seat belt before Arnav would say anything.


Arnav started driving.


Arnav: Toh tumhein kya lagtha hai, tum chalein chal ke Lavanya ke saath saath mujhay bhi badal dalogi. (so you think you can play games and change me along with Lavanya)


Khushi: Ji..? She said confused.


Arnav: Tumhari himmat kaisay hui Arnav Singh Raizada ke saath khel khel ne ki, lights off karkay mujhay pooja mein bulanayki. (How dare you play games and call me to the pooja by turning the lights off)


Khushi: Aray humne nahi kiya yeh sab toh Nand Gopal ne kiya hai. Hum toh apse pehle hi keh rahay the jab aapki shirt pe ghee laga tha ke aapko pooja mein jana chaiya. (I didn't do anything, this is all God's doing, I was telling you before to when the oil fell on your shirt that you should come)


Arnav: Aur mainay kaha tha ke main in cheezon mein vishwaas nahi kartha samjhi tum, he started driving really fast in anger. ( and I told you I don't believe all this understand?)


The car was swerving now.


Khushi: Aray suniye ahista chaliya. (Hey listen driver slowly


Arnav: Tumhari ghari hai ya meri, I will do what I want! (is this your car or mine?_


Khushi: Ehh, such socha tha mainay apka baray mein ek dam rakshas hain aap rakshas. (I thought right about you, you are a devil)


Arnav: Kya kaha, rakshas? (What did you say, devil?)


He started driving faster and Khushi started to really shiver now as the AC was on full blast.


Khushi: Zara AC toh kam kijiye. (turn down the AC)


Arnav: Bar bar mujhay order dena band karo samjhi, tumhara ghar anaywala hai chup chap behthi raho. (Stop giving me orders, ur house is coming, sit quietly)


Khushi was really shivering so she pulled her dupatta open, she was wrapping it around herself and as she was doing it flew across Arnav's face.


Rabba Ve!!


Arnav moved it and looked towards Khushi who had wrapped the dupatta all around her now.


She looked towards him and Arnav got so lost that he stopped looking at the road.


Khushi: Aray agay dekhiya. She moved her hand to the steering and helped him swerve the car back to the road as they were about to hit  a tree. (Look in front)


Her hand was over Arnav's and they both looked at their hands overlapping..(more Rabba Ve)


Khushi moved her hand and they were back on the road.


Khushi: Dekha yehi hota hai jab humari baat ko tal tehai, hogayi na Devi mayya naraz. (See that's what happens when you don't listen to me, see you made Devi mayya upset)


Arnav: Just shut up, ok.


After a while.


Arnav: Lo agaya tumhara ghar go.  (Your house is here, go)


Khushi was stepping out of the car and Shyam was about to leave her house. He saw Arnav there.


Shyam: Aray salay sahab yahan? Shyam goes back inside and hides like the rat he is.


Khushi has her dupatta wrapped around and steps out and closes the door, she is moving away when she feels a tug at her dupatta.


She looks back and sees that it is stuck in the door.


Khushi: Aye hai Devi Mayya, ek aur dupatta gaya, yeh Laad governor toh phir se yeh dupatta phar kar hi chodega. (Oh no Devi Mayya there goes another dupatta, this laad governor is definitely gonna rip it again



Khushi looks in through the window and does an signals to Arnav that her dupatta is stuck and the door is locked.


Arnav tries to open the door but the lock is jammed.


Angry he gets out of the driver seat and comes outside.


Khushi is freaking out now thinking there goes her dupatta.


Arnav opens the door with a tug and pulls her dupatta out. She still has it around her and he pulls it away from her and adjusts it around her neck like she had before and his fingers touch her arms slightly as he does so. A strand of her hair comes loose in the wind and lost in his trance, Arnav moves it behind her ear.


Khushi gets all nervous and starts to move away.


Arnav gets mad at himself and turns to sit in his car.


As he sits he looks back towards Khushi's door to make sure she enters safely and Khushi turns back just then too and notices him looking at her.. Eyelock and rabba ve.



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i wud like a pm...pleasey :)

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                 Your generated text image  

Like this post, if you want to be PMed and add me as a buddy!!!Big smile


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Tum Theek Ho??

First some random shayari by me, aarz kiya haiLOLGeek

"Na jaane kab woh badal ne lagay

Humari kadar woh karnay lagay 

Pehlay jo kabhi theek se baat nahi karthay thay

Ab humse humara haal pocchnay lagay"Embarrassed


This is an OS after the scene where they bump into each other.


Arnav:  Tum theek ho? (Are u ok?)


Khushi nods shocked that Arnav is asking her such!


Khushi is going away after the dupatta gets stuck when Arnav calls after her.


She turns around and looks at him.


Khushi: Ji (yes)


Arnav: Woh, actually main soch raha tha, ke main tumhay drop karday tha hoon ghar? (I was thinking that i can drop you home?)


Khushi: Aap, pichili baar toh apnay humein'.( she gets angry remembering the time he left her on the road and she fell in the mud) .. (You but last time you...)


Arnav: Isliye toh, I want to make up for that time. (that's why..i want to make ...)


Khushi: Par apki gari toh, humari wajah se..? she made a sad face and Arnav smirked. (But your car..because of me..)


Arnav: Woh garage se wapis agayi hai, tum chalo main drop kardethahoon. (It came back from the garage, you come i'll drop you)


Khushi decided to go with him.


In the car.


Arnav: Khushi woh Di ne mujhay bataya ke tumharay saath aaj kya kya hua ghar mein. (Khushi, Di told me everything that happened with you in the house)


Khushi is shocked that Arnav is mentioning such things.


Arnav: Actually mami thori different type ki hain, toh tum unki baton ka bura mat mana karo. (You know Mami is a bit different, so don't take the things she says to heart)


Khushi: Ji Arnav ji hum jaante hain aur humein in baton se koi farak nahi partha, aap fikar matt kijiye. (Yes Arnav Ji i know, and these things don't make a difference for me, you don't worry)


Arnav: Fikar? He cleared his throat..umm tum se kisnay kaha main fikar kar raha hoon, woh toh main aisay hi keh raha tha. (Worry?..ummm who told you i am worrying, I was just saying it because.)


Khushi: Acha. she said a bit disappointed


Just then the car stopped in the middle of the road.


Arnav: Oh man, ab yeh kya hua? (what happened now?)


Khushi looked around and they were practically in the middle of nowhere


Khushi: Hai Devi Mayya pata nahi yeh Laad governor humein kis rastay se laya hai, aur yeh ghari bhi yahi kharab honi thi! ( Oh Devi Mayya , i don't know which route this Laad governor brought us through and the car had to break down now too!)


Arnav got out and there was smoke coming out of the hood.


Arnav: Yeh toh hona hi tha, mainay kaha tha Akash se kisi reputable mechanic se ghari sahi karvaye, pata nahi kahan gaya tha. (this had to happen, i told Akash to get the car fixed from some good mechanic, i don't know where he went)


Khushi: Aray unhonay humaray Happy bhaiya se theek karvaiye, woh bohut achay hai, aap unhay bura matt kijiye. (Hey he got it fixed from our Happy bhaiya, he is very good, you don't say bad things about him.


Arnav: Haan who kitnay achay hai yeh toh dikh hi raha hai, ab kya karein? (yea i can see how good he is, now what do we do?)


Khushi: Yahan toh bohut aandhera bhi hai aur charon taraf jungle hi jungle she said looking around at the trees around them. (It's so dark here and there is jungle all around us!)


Arnav: Main Akash ko ghar se bulatha hoon doosri ghari ke saath. (I'll call Akash and tell him to bring the other car)


Arnav called up Akash bitwa who was fast a sleep and lost in sapnay of Payal.WinkLOL (Akash is lost in dreams of Payal)


Arnav: Akash toh phone nahi utha raha. ( he is not picking up the phone)


Khushi: Hai Devi mayya ab kya hoga, humein aap ke saath ana hi nahi chaiyay tha, jab bhi aapkay saath hothay hai koi gharbar hoti hai. (Oh Devi Mayya, what's gonna happen now, i shouldn't have come with u in the first place, whenever i am with you something goes wrong!)


Arnav: Acha toh saari problems ki waja main hoon?Shocked He said walking towards her. Khushi moved back away from him. (So i am the cause of all problems?)


Just then she bumped into a twig laying behind her and tripped and was about to fall when Arnav bent forward and grabbed her. *Rabba Ve, ooo Rabba Ve Wink*


They gazed into each other's eyes totally lost in the moment Embarrassedwhen something tickled Khushi's foot.


Khushi broke away from Arnav and she felt something slither across her foot.


She looked down and saw that it was a snake. She screamed and jumped into Arnav's arms.


Khushi: AHHh saap saap!! Devi Mayya koi bachaye humain. Arnav ji kuch kariyay. (Ahhh snake snake, someone save me, Arnav ji do something!)


Arnav didn't know what to say, he felt really awkward at the way she was holding him tightly by the waist. He hesistantly put his arms around her and told her it's ok.


He told her to come behind him. Khushi realized the position she was in and she stepped behind him, still clutching his arm tightly.


Arnav used a twig and threw the snake into the bushes.


Arnav: Chalagaya saap, ab tum theek ho he asked holding her hand. (the snake left, are you ok now?)


Khushi: Ji who sorry, haan hum hum theek hai, she said moving away from him embarrassed. She looked down at the way he was holding her hand. *Rabba ve tune in the back* Arnav let's go. 


Khushi sees the car again and realizes that they are still stuck

Then out of nowhere she starts crying again.


Khushi: Hai ab kya hoga! Buaji toh humein chorengi nahi!Cry Hum ghar kaisay pohunengay?! (What's gonna happen now! Buaji won't leave me, how will i reach home?)


Arnav who can't see her cry one bit got all worried.


Arnav: Tum tum roh mat, main kuch kartha hoon na. (Don't cry i'll do something)


Khushi: Aap kya karogay yahan toh kisi insaan ka naam oh nishaan nahi hai, yahan toh auto bhi nahi milagay, aahahannn. Upar se yahan saap bhi hai!! CryHai Devi Mayya!!!!!

(What will you do, there is not a person in sight here, and we wont get a rickshaw here either, and now there are snakes here too!! Devi mayya!!


Arnav: Oh my God yeh ladki mujhay pagal kardegi. Saap ne kuch kiya ka?, Main hoon na he said touching her hand and she looked up her eyes still teary.

 (this girl will drive me crazy. did the snake do anything? no right, i am here na!

Khushi: Saap phir toh nahi aayga na? ( the snake wont come again right?


Arnav smiled seeing her innocence. Nahi ayega aur jab main saath hoon toh tumhay darnay ki zaroorat nahi.Embarrassed (it won't come and till i am with you u needn't worry)


Khushi was shocked at his behavior.


Arnav: Chalo main dektha hoon tumhay ghar kaisay pohunchaya jaye. (Ok lemme see how to get you home)


Just then a man was coming riding a bike, and behind him was a kid riding another bike.


Arnav stopped the man.


Khushi: Hai Devi Mayya, humein iss aadmi ke saath bej raha hai yeh laad governor.Shocked

(Oh Devi Mayya, this laad governor is sending me with this stranger) 

Khushi goes to Arnav and whispers to him.


Khushi: Dekiye hum inkay saath nahi jaengay, samjhay aap.Stern Smile (Look, i will not go with him, you understand)


Arnav: Main baat kar raha hoon na, chup chap karhi raho. ( i am talking right, be quiet)


Next thing Khushi knew the guy left one of the bikes with Arnav as Arnav gave him some money and rode away with his son on the other.


Arnav: Chalo, mil gaya tumharay ghar janey ka rasta. Arnav sat on the bike.

 (let's go we figured out a way to get you home)

Khushi: Ji? (what?)


Arnav: Bike pe baitho. (sit on the bike)


Khushi: Hum aapkkay saath? Kahan baithey. (with you? where do i sit)


Arnav: Mere sar pe! Oh God yahan beitho aagay He pointed for her to sit on the bike in front of him. (On my head! sit here in the front!)


Khushi was hesitant at first but then she sat sideways.


Khushi: Aapko yeh chalani atti toh hai na. (you know how to ride this right?)


Arnav: Tumne samja kya rakha hai mujhay? Bachpan mein mainey khoob chaliye hai. Main aur Di'he was drifting off into his sweet world but before that he realized and stopped.

(What do you think of me? I used to ride alot when i was little,,,me and Di...) 

Khushi sat sideways as Arnav started to pedal. She didn't know where to place her hand. She tried to balance by keeping her hands out on either side (Titanic style ROFL)


Arnav: Yeh kya kar rahi ho? Pagal ho kya.Shocked (What are you doing? are you crazy?)


Khushi: Woh hum haath kahan rakhay? (WHere do i put my hands_


Arnav: Oh my God u r just unbelievable!! Yahan. He grabbed both her hands and placed them on top of his own as he pedaled the bike.


More Rabba Ve as their hands touched!Wink

The rode along in the jungle surrounded dark road. A bump came as Arnav didn't see it.


Khushi got pushed back on the bike and her head fell against Arnav's shoulder and she grabbed his waist. Her hair was along his face.


Jungle song to imagine

(Jungle hai aadhi raat hai lagne laga hai dar, aja meri bahon mein soja rakhay sar WinkLOL)


Arnav stopped the bike and put Khusi's hair behind her ear. Khushi tum theek toh ho na?!


Khushi: Ji she said looking into his eyes.


Arnav: Tum mujhay pakar ke rakho bas tumhara ghar anay wala hai.Embarrassed ( You just hold me tightly your house is about to come)


Khushi's house came and she started to get off the bike but her bracelet was stuck on Arnav's sleeve buttons.


She stepped back and pulled it out.


Arnav: Good Night.


Khushi: Good Night.


As she moved away to go to her house she turned back to look at Arnav and he was there staring at her too.Wacko (staring session and ofcourse more Rabba Ve)Embarrassed

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awesome work fati (?) plz pm me when u update! i will wait impatiently Tongue

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