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MG:~Close Yet So Far (4)-ENDED (Page 8)

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Phew..finally an update...
Hope you guys liked it...Embarrassed

                       Chapter 59

Geet was shocked to see Maan this close to her. She had missed him so much and now he is here holding her hand like he did before. He looks at her with a smile. She was confused..does he know who she really is? Is he pretending to loose his memory?

Maan: What are you doing here?

Geet: What you mean?

Maan: You told my family that I invited you here for vacation...(he leans closer to her) but we both know that is not the truth. (He whispers in her ear...she was shocked and surprised..she didn't know what he was talking about)

Geet: Truth?

Maan: Come on (he pulls her by her waist..she puts her hands flat against his chest...) I know you came here after reading that letter I wrote for you

Geet: What are you talking about Maan? 

Maan: Come on I pretended in front of the family but we are alone now. (He caresses her face) Okay I'll tell you..the letter that I left explaining you that I am Delhishark and I knew that you are NyQueen. 

Geet (understood now what he was talking about) Ohh that letter...

Maan (looks at her confused): How can you forget? 

Geet: I didn't forget..I wanted to see if you would bring it up.

Maan (smiles): So you are not mad at me that I fooled you all this time and that I knew who you were?

Geet (she comes out of his grip) Ohh that I am and for that you have to do something for me. (Geet loved this...her old Maan was coming back slowly)

Maan: Like what? (He hugs her from the back)

Geet (Enjoyed this so much...): I don't know am sure you can figure something out...(he was about to say something when he heard kids yelling again..Maan gets angry)

Maan; These kids never sit quietly...(Geet to can they? They are your kids after all...) Let me go out and see what happened.

Geet (stops him): NO...(Maan looks at her) I mean let me go and check..(she quickly leaves the room and goes toward the kids room..."why couldn't I loose my memory? All I got was a broken leg..." she mumbles to herself and peeks inside the room. She saw Vicky playing with all the kids making a huge noise...she slams open the door and looks at everyone while they stare at her) I told you kids to go to sleep. What are you doing up?

Vicky: Geet chill they couldn't so I decided to play with them. (Sargam nudges Ramesh to leave the room but Geet catches his hand..)

Geet: where are you going Ramesh?

Ramesh (looks at her and then all the kids who were shaking their head no...) umm mumma..I want to go see mumma

Geet (lets go of his hand) umm okay but hurry back...(he runs out of the room...and looks back at Vicky) You know Maan was just about to come here good thing I handled him. Now you have to put the kids back to their bed for sleep.

Vicky: But how will I manage all these kids?

Geet: I don't know you handle them you are the one that woke them up and started playing. Anyway, I have to go check up on Asha. (she leaves the room)
Maan was in his room working on the laptop when he hears a knock on his door. He opens the door but doesn't find anyone. He looks down when he felt someone tugging his pant. Ramesh signals him to come down...Maan sighs and bends down sitting on his knee. Ramesh holds his ear and comes close to him. Maan thought he was going to say something..then he felt something hitting his head. He grabbed Ramesh hand and saw a small toy in his hand. He stands up..for Ramesh he looked like a giant monster living on top of a bean stalk..the story that he recently read. Maan looks down at him with anger crossing his arms over his chest. 

Maan: Why did you hit me? (Ramesh gulps and runs away from him. Maan throws the car on the floor and runs after Ramesh causing Ramesh to be even more scared. Maan finally was able to grab his hand...Ramesh having no other option started crying. Maan instantly lets go of his hand. Ramesh takes this opportunity and runs away. He looks back at Maan and sticks his tounge out. Maan was about to go after him but stopped when he heard Geet singing softly. Curious, to know, he slightly opens the room door from where the noise was coming from and was shocked to see her holding Asha in her arms putting her to sleep. She was sitting on the rocking chair...while Asha placed her head on her chest. Geet was slowly caressing her back while Asha sucked her thumb. He looked at Asha...there was something about her that made him want to hold her and play with. She looked so familiar. He was about to go when he accidentally hits the door making a small thump noise. Geet looked up and saw Maan holding his foot. She quickly got up placing Asha in her crib and went to Maan.

Geet (looks at his foot): what happened?

Maan: I stubbed by hurts...

Geet (bends down looking at his toe..) hmm it will be okay.

Maan (stands up): what are  you doing here?

Geet: Ohh I was putting Asha to sleep.

Maan (looks at her suspeciously) How can you get along with everyone so quickly? 

Geet (fumbles) ohh umm because I love kids and its easy for me to connect with them

Maan: Do you like kids?

Geet: Of course...("Or else how the hell did we get four kids...")

Maan: I don't know how you can handle kids...I don't think I would ever want to have any.  (Geet to herself: "Wait till you find out about your shetan kids...") Anyway (Maan pulls her close...) You didn't tell me what you want me to do? (he nuzzles her neck...Geet pulls him ever closer moving her neck aside to give him more access...)

Geet (gasps as Maan bites her neck...) I told you...(she could talk) surprise me...(Maan looks at her...he bends toward her eyeing her lips..he was about to kiss her when they heard kids yelling and screaming causing Asha to wake up...Maan gets mad)

Maan: These kids...see that is why I hate them...(Geet holds his hand when Maan was about to walk toward the noise)

Geet: Maan why don't you take care of Asha (and then soon even Priya woke and started crying) and Priya..while I take care of the others

Maan: Why should we take care of them...Call Vicky and his wife and their dad what is his name ohh yeah Yash...

Geet: Yash is sleeping...

Maan: What? (he gets mad and goes toward Yash's room. He kicks him off the bed...Yash gets up with sleepy eyes looking at Maan. Soon his sleep vanished when he saw his angry face)

Yash: What happened?

Maan: Your kids are making a lot of can you sleep without putting them to sleep. Go control your kids. I hate noises..(Maan begins to leave the room...Yash sees a flower vase and picks it up..he holds it in his hand to hit Maan on the head but soon puts it down when Maan turns around to look at him.) what are you waiting for? (Yash quickly leaves the room...he opens the kids room and saw everything messy. He joined Geet who was busy yelling at all the kids including Vicky. Maan comes in the room.

Maan: Where is Meera? Priya and Asha are crying...

Geet: umm Meera she is sleeping. She wasn't feeling well. Why don't you take care of them.

Maan (shocked): What? No way...

Geet: Maan if you want to get some peace and quiet then you have to do it.

Maan: Fine...(he glares at Vicky and Yash...Geet turns back to all of them)

Geet: Vicky you are not putting kids to sleep anymore. (Vicky looks at her and then looks down again seeing her anger.) NOW I want each and everyone one of you guys, except for Vicky, to form a line at the front of the bathroom. (Everyone does so) Ranbir you go first. Brush your teeth and then come out. (to Vicky) seriously I am glad you don't have another kid or else how will Meera manage all three of you guys?

Vicky: What do you mean three?

Geet: including you makes three kids. 

Vicky: I am not a kid (Geet scoffs) I was just keeping them busy

Yash: Yeah you did a real good job at it because of you Maan bhai kicked me out of the bed. My back hurts now...

Vicky: Well good...after all you are the father...(he mimicked Maury from the Maury show...)

Yash: Well I never asked for this either...

Geet (stops them): Alright guys...lets not start a fight here...Yash you take Sargam and Ranbir, and Ramesh and put them to sleep

Vicky: You get the twins...(Vicky gets happy and high-fives the twins...)

Geet: Alright, kids I want you to go to the bathroom one at a time.
Meanwhile, Maan made the whole room a mess. When he had came in the room, he noticed that Priya needed to have her diaper changed. He goes near her and blocks his nose. He picks her up making gagging noises...he holds her far away from himself. He sees a changing table in the corner. He puts her there. He goes to Asha who had a red nose from crying so much. He picks her up from her crib and holds her. Priya was also crying out loud on the changing table. He drags Ashas crib with his feet near the changing table. He puts Asha inside the crib and rocks her back and forth with his one foot, while he tries to balance with his other foot. He takes a deep breath before opening up Priya's diaper. He almost threw up seeing the poop and on top of it Priya peed while the diaper was open. Both of the girls started screaming and crying very loudly. Maan quickly takes out her diaper, while doing so, he touches inside the diaper by mistake. He throws the diaper on the floor while grabbing handful of tissues to clean his finger. He looks around the shelf behind the changing table and picks up a powder he sprinkles the powder all over Priyas bottom. After sprinkling the power he realized she had to be cleaned first...he grabs baby cleaning wipes and starts cleaning her bottom..Asha in the meanwhile stands up in the crib but Maan didn't realize it..he kept rocking the crib back and fourth with his feet. Asha falls back bumping her head against the crib causing her to cry even more loudly. Maan sighs and picks up Asha..he puts her on the changing table. He puts diaper under Priya, tyring to figure out how to put it on. He quickly sprinkles more powder on Priya causing the power to get on him, Asha and Priya. Before Maan could tie the diaper, Priya peed again...

Maan: ewww...this confirms it I don't want any kids...(Asha cries even louder...Priya cires even louder..Maan looked at both Priya and Asha..he holds his ears not being able to take the crying and falls on the floor holding both of them trying to quieten them up...that is when Geet came in the room and saw the mess...

Geet: What the...(She goes up to Maan and picks up Asha who was crying...) I told you to take care of them not make them cry more. Yash comes in the room and was shocked to see Priya in that state. He quickly goes up to Priya and picks her up.) What happened?

Maan: Priya needed to change and Asha just started crying...

Geet: This is how you change? Now I have to change both of the kids...(To Yash) Did Arjun come back yet? (He nodes his head no) okay you go give Priya her bath..I will wake up Meera to give Asha a bath so that I can get their milk.

Pinky: You don't need to. I am up. I will get their milk while you give them a bath.

Geet: Okay...(she looks at Maan) you go change too..("seriously if I had lost the memory this whole house would be a mess")
PInky was in the kitchen making milk for the kids when she heard someone call her name. She looked around but couldn't find anyone. She ignored it and started warming the milk up again but again she heard someone call her name. She went near the window and got scared when someone's face popped up. He removed the black shawl over his head..she sighed in relief.

Pinky: Adi.what are you doing here?

Adi: I was missing you so I sneaked into the mansion. Where is Maan sir?

Pinky: I missed you too Adi...(she holds his hands through the window..) hold on let me open the front door for you.

Adi: Will ma ma maan sir see me?

Pinky: No he won't don't worry...
Maan came out of the room after changing. He was about to go check on Geet when he heard some noise coming from downstairs. "Who is it?" Adi hid under the stairs scared of Maan. Pinky hid near some other corner, waiting for Maan to leave. She saw Maan going into the kitchen...she quickly made Adi go up the stairs but before he could they saw Maan coming out. Adi knocked over a vase while hiding behind the stairs again. He quickly ran over to the source of the noise. Pinky comes and stands between Adi and Maan.

Pinky: Bh Bh bhai what are you doing here?

Maan: I heard some noise...what are you doing here? (looking around...)

Pinky (holds milk bottles in front of him) milk..for the kids..bhai can you give them to Geet bha I mean Geet..please

Maan: Why don't you give it yourself

Pinky (yawns) because please bhai I am tired...go...the kids are crying so badly and you know if the other kids hear it.then they will start making the noises again. (Maan quickly grabs the bottles and goes upstairs..Pinky sighs and quickly takes Adi upstairs)
Maan goes to the kids room he saw Vicky sitting outside the other kids room holding his head. He goes to him and pokes him on the shoulder.

Maan: What happened?

Vicky: Baache happened. Where ever I look I see baache...

Maan: hmm here take this...(he gives him the milk bottles) give them to Geet..for Asha and Priya.

Vicky: What? Look I just handled five kids...I don't think I can handle two more. Please you do this. I have to look at Meera right now. She is sick. Please

Maan (sighs) okay fine. I don't understand why your sister had so many kids. I mean one should be enough. (he gets up with anger...Vicky sighs and goes to his room...Maan goes to the little kids room and saw Priya and Asha sleeping peacefully. He goes near them with the milk bottles. He puts the milk bottles in both of their mouth. As he was about to leave the room. Asha caught his finger. She held tightly to his finger. Maan turns around looking at her with a smile. He sits down on his knee looking at her. He felt connected to her. He tried to pull his finger but her grip only tightened around his finger. Geet looked at the sight before her with tears. When Sargam was born, Maan would stand in front of her crib looking at her. He could look at he all night long. Sargam used to hold his hand while sleeping..Maan would fall asleep right next to her on the floor. She wipes her tears leaving him alone with Asha. 

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awesome update n congrts 4 new thread...
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awesome part...

congrats 4 new thread
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Awesome update!!!!
Luv it !!!!!
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lovely update...
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awesome updateClap
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part 59
nice part...
poor Maan had the tough time taking care of 2 kids...
when he comes to know he has 4 kids, hes gonna faint...
cont soon dear...
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awesome update n congrts 4 new thread...

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