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MG:~Close Yet So Far (4)-ENDED (Page 62)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Finally an update for this

Hope you guys liked it...Bharti mentioned of having some moments between Maan and other kids so I included some parts in I hope you guys like itEmbarrassed

                     Chapter 65

Maan is in the gym working out...after their last confrontation which was a week ago...he tried talking to Geet but she simply ignored him and his presence. As if he was invisible. He would call her while getting ready for office for his stuff but that women sent the kids in telling him where to look for each stuff or if kids were not there as her bait she would send the servants to answer his questions. He was getting mad and irritated..he didn't know what to do...he tried every aspect every way to talk to her but all he came up with was a dead end. 

After watching the videos, he understood what he was missing...he understood how she felt to see him so distanced away...he wanted to talk to her about this, about them but no she wouldn't give him a chance at all. He even tried talking to kids, trying to understand them but can't...they all have different needs, different personalities and personally he is not very good with kids BUT he did notice they all have one thing they all LOVE to talk like Geet.. especially Sargam. 

Yesterday, he had made one big mistake. He asked Sargam where Geet was and that girl went on and on and on and on talking about everything else then answering his main question about Geet. Then he someone landed himself in having a tea party with her and her teddy bears...god how much he hated that and was so glad that no one was around to see him in this situation. But deep down Maan liked it. 

He listened to her carefully as she started telling him about the animals names, what they like..and between conversations she started talking about her they bother her, pick on her and use her for some experimental games. 

He really did feel bad for her because Maan and Arjun used to do the same with Pinky when she was little. They used to make fun of her with the food she needs and call her Piggy instead of Pinky which always had her ended up in tears. As the years went by, he and Arjun got more and more protective of her. Both would beat up anyone that used to make fun of her. Of course after his parents death all the responsibility came on him. He couldn't let anything happen to them or else he could never forgive himself.

Maan worked out thinking about his new found family. He didn't know what to do. For once he was stumped and confused. As he worked out he heard some noise. He stopped to look back but found no one...He started working out again until he heard some giggling...this caught his attention...he started working out again paying attention to the noise..he moved around the room while he worked out to go to the source. He stood right behind the noise makers. The twins. They both were whispering among each other while trying to look for him.

MJ: Armaan go and see where papa is.

Armaan: No you go. He seemed mad

MJ: Come on his anger is nothing compared to mom's. Did you notice how angry she has been at dad for the past one week. 

Armaan (laughed) I know..papa is scared in front of mom. He couldn't say anything to her. (both high-fived each other and laughed. Maan was getting mad hearing the kids talk. How dare they..he is not scared of anyone...even if it is Geet...he poked MJ's shoulder..he just brushed it away thinking it was Armaan. He then poked Armaan's shoulder, but again Armaan did the same.) MJ stop poking me. I am trying to look for Papa

MJ: Its not me. It was you that poked me.

Armaan: It wasn't me either...(Maan clears his throat...both turn around to look at Maan standing there with his arms crossed over his chest...)

Maan: What is going on over here? (Armaan pushed MJ to the front..)

Armaan: MJ will explain...(Maan looked at MJ. MJ looked at Armaan with anger...) Sorry you are the oldest...(he whispered)

MJ (kicked him on his knee...Armaan screamed and attacked MJ...both of them started rolling on the floor fighting with each other...) Let go

Armaan: You let go (Both started fighting again..Maan after having enough of this...he picked both of them up..holding each kid on both hands...he was holding them in the air as they both kicked and punched the air...)

Maan: STOP! (Both stopped and looked at Maan..)

Both: Sorry...

Maan (puts them down on the ground) Now tell me what is going on?

Armaan: woh we were watching you 

MJ: yeah we want to learn too

Maan (was amused) You guys want to learn thi-chi? (Both shakes their head yes) okay in one condition...You guys have to help me maanoy-fy your mom. (Both looked at each other and smiled)

Both: Okay done! (All three high-fived each other...)

Maan: okay guys take out your shirt and do what I say...(The boys does) Lets do basic exercise for today..and then tomorrow I can show you guys the next step...Okay so lets do some push ups...Come on boys follow what I do...

Armaan: I can't do it

MJ: You are fat 

Armaan: No am not...

MJ: Yes you are (he laughs. Armaan was about to jump on MJ when Maan came in between)

Maan: Can't you guys go one minute without fighting? Armaan let me help you...(After the push-ups all stand up)

Maan:  Okay so now get into horse this (he spreads his legs out on either side..) make sure that you have a good strong position...(the boys does what he does) slowly you cross your hands make sure your guard is always up and pay attention to your enemies weakness. Look for something that you can use against him...(Boys shake their heads. Maan stops...While Maan is teaching the boys Geet stood outside the door watching them. As she was about to go she makes a small noise. Maan looks toward the door..but found no one...he gets up..) okay boys go play that is it for today

Maan goes toward the door. He could smell Geet's perfume..he goes outside but found no one. He was passing by their room when he saw her sitting down on a chair holding a magazine. He opens the door and stands in front of her. He smirks. Geet looks up at him and roles her eyes while reading the magazine. She hid her face behind the magazine..waiting for him to leave and wondering what he is doing here. 

She sneaks a look toward him and found him starting at her. She quickly hides her face again, flipping the pages as she read. She sneaked peaked again but got scared when she found Maan sitting very close to her. She moves back a little.

Geet: Do you need anything?

Maan: No but just have one questions.

Geet: hmm what is it? I don't have much time

Maan: How can you read magazine upside down? Is it a new trend?

Geet (looks at the magazine and realizes what he was talking about. She puts the magazine on the table and gets up to leave) I have to go make food.

Maan (holds her hand and brings her on top of his lap) Geet...won't you talk to me?

Geet: Let go I have to go make food

Maan: why is it you always talk about food or kids...

Geet: What else should I talk about.

Maan; How about us? (he caresses her face)

Geet (looks at him): What about..

Maan: Geet that is what I have been trying to say...

he was about to speak when they heard the kids. Geet gets out of his lap and goes outside..Maan sighs) Damn it these kids can't sit quietly for two minutes can they? (He goes downstairs and sits on the sofa. He watches Geet set the dinner table...he looks at her. Geet tried not to look his way. She smiles to herself as she goes to the kitchen to grab some dishes. Maan sees Asha playing on the floor and was about to put something in her mouth. He picks her up and takes it away..

"Minee..." She says...Maan helds it in his hand..

"No...its bad..."

"I want...mine..." She makes a crying face...Maan sees a teddy bear on the couch and gives it to her

"Here play with this..." She gets happy and sits on his lap while was a talking teddy bear so she would laugh hearing him talk while Maan just watched her. The twins sits on his both sides...

MJ: Papa we came up with an idea...

Maan (looks at him..) What?

Armaan: Okay you have to pretend your head hurts...

Maan ("what time has come..I have to take advice from kids on how to woo my own wife...I hope no one will find out about this...warna pata nahi kya log sochege mere baare main..") What do you mean?

MJ: Yesterday we saw a movie where

Armaan: Where the main lead was messaging this guys head

MJ: will work

Armaan: Go try it (Maan kept moving his head left and right...listening to the twins was really giving him a headache)

MJ: here comes mama...go 

Maan: But how...

Armaan (Hits his head) okay we will help (MJ picks up Asha and holds her hands...she loved grabbing and pulling hair...he places her hands on top of Maan's head...she started playing and pulling his hair...Maan had to hold her in place..her feet were on top of his chest while she played...)

MJ (out loud) Asha let go of papas hair...

Armaan: its giving him a headache...(Geet looks their way...and comes toward them...the boys high-five and leave...Maan didn't have to act as he really was in pain and his head really did begin to hurt now...)

Geet: What is going on?

Maan: woh Asha is not letting go of my hair...

Geet (sighs) here let me help...(She picks up Asha and manages to untangle her hands..she puts her in the playpen...and was about to walk away)

Maan: uhh Geet my head hurts...could you message it?

Geet: I will tell Nakul to do it

Maan: Forget it...I will do it then..(he pretends to message his own head...Geet comes and stands behind him. She holds his hands and puts it down...she begins messaging his head...Maan holds her hands..) Right here Geet...(he directs her with his hands but he never let go of her hands...slowly he brings her hands it seemed like she was hugging him from the back...) Geet...I want to...(just then Sargam comes in with Vicky and Meera...they had gone out shopping.)

Vicky: oppss did we interrupt you guys? (he winks at them)

Geet (straightens herself out) No...(Maan sighs in frustration.."Okay Geet I guess I have to show you tonight what I am trying to say..." he smiles")

Precap: EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I know there were no maaneet moments in here but next update will make up for itEmbarrassed

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lovely n amazing part!!!!!!!!

Edited by bhanu_rekhag - 16 November 2011 at 11:02am
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ohh atleast maan is spending time with kids now Tongue

it won't take much time when kids will make their place in his heart again

after all he is a father who can't resist his children for long 

waiting for the night to see how he will make geet listen to him Wink

Edited by -memorable- - 16 November 2011 at 9:58am
sweet cherry IF-Rockerz
sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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loved da update
it was amazing
it was tooo good
nd funny
meena.. IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update
Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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So cute
Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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so maan s liking to spend tym with kids..
luvd his paagal children!
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lolely update
no one is letting maaneet to talk aloneLOLLOL

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