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Who Kills Their Own Baby their own Creation?? (Page 4)

mkasisHC Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
hey u done a great job.
Nice post and completely agree with u,

Even i want the show to bring back some interestng tracks
And the actors like sameer and tht nandini is not used wel, why dev is behaving like a joker,
Jugnu mama is such a tragery to watch
Lucky and nandini are mad, they forgot tht they have their mom,
Who is alive, and they r marryng like childrens game.

I dont want the story to only focus on geet and maan
but the show should have a better track with al actors utilised properly.

And i like ur plan,
Nandini and maan knwing geet and dev's past,
Whc can bring the perfect twist.

Even i want nayantara, and brij veerji, why cant geet's family from hp joins her in her new life?
Why cant the past of maan with sameera is shown properly? I want to see maan's past too.

-Mounika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 12:00am | IP Logged
i completely agree with u
Lily201 Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 12:01am | IP Logged

@Viji-- It is true that we have no dearth of good performers in our show -except the fact that the situations surrounding them are badly scripted -which is why their characters take a beating and are not overall -well received Ouch

The characterizations of Lucky & Jugnu Maama had a lot of freshness when introduced-infact they relieved us of our doubts after being wary of "new" track post the not-so-impressive plot on AA & in absence of Gurti who had gone to Mohali World Cup SemisBig smile
The sharabi Maame's openly drunken antics ,love for "jasoosi" & bouts of forgetfulness were hilarious as was Lucky's cheeky oneliners on one 'n' all -which presented us a foil for Teji-Beeji duo.
So Maame(aka Ranjeev) & Lucky(aka Ahwan) are versatile performers -who drew good response even with their sentimental,vulnerable sides.
Remember Lucky holding the forte when Geet broke down when Maan went missing due to Pammi mummy's evil tactics.
While Maame's expressing his missing their mom when Beeji(his sis) was so strict on him was endearing too -plus his love for his nephew as wellEmbarrassed
But fact is -with current scripting -with no prior thought behind the story -they're overused as "comic props" & lost their earlier lustreOuch
So its best we move ahead to new tracks -as GHSP used to have a pacy flow earlier which is lacking now Sleepy
As for SS-- yup -no doubt he's a stellar performer and as a character very much indispensable but ever since his transformation into "saint" -romantic "devini" track - the dents are too heavy.
But Dev is one link that'll narrate the past of enigmatic "Khurana" clan - but with Nandini in they need to tread really safely -with the confession of murky past with Geet 'n' the sins coz of which his relationship with NT broke...
At this moment focus in Maaneet is direly needed since they've jeopardized for sake of DeviniUnhappy
PS-- Hope you bear with my long post tooLOL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
VIji very good and valid post Thumbs Up
I agree with u that paralle tracks r important in the show because a show cannot run on just two main leads but the problem with our show is ,here CVs hv always failed to prepare a proper sensible parallel track Ouch
Devini track would hv been liked by all if it had a proper maturity in it rather than making it into a teen silly college romance type Ouch...instead of Nandu challenging Dev for marriage and making it look all silly if Dev had decided to tell his past truth regarding Geet to Nandu and then if Nandu's inner dilemma would hv been shown ,then this same Devini track would hv got some respect from the viewers ...
Even Lucky and Jugnu track could hv been made sensible by showing Jugnu trying to fight against his alcoholism and lucky trying to establish himself with his hard work with the help of Adi ...but instead all we saw was some mindless comedy by these two which was more irritating than funny Ouch
Here I dunno who is at fault ..the writer or the creative team ..but somewhere they all failed to actually prepare a gripping parallel trakc with these talented actors and so today the viewers r not able to take these parallel tracks and r demanding only for Maaneet ..
Even now if CVs try and show Dev confessing his past truth to Nandu and can prepare a good matured drama around this ,it can still make for a gripping parallel track ..
Personally I always wanted Dev as a grey character for the drama element in the show because Samir is very good in negative roles and his role would hv been much more challenging today if he had been shown as a guy with a bit of grey and selfish shade to his character ...but sigh ..CVs could never make proper use of these talents they had Ermm

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 4:46am | IP Logged
You are absolutely right, with some very valid points. There are some incredibly talented actors working on the show at the moment and neither are they being given their due, nor are our fabulous leads. The careless manner in which the story and screenplay are being handled is unfair not only the audience but to the actors themselves!

In my mind, making Dev positive was not a bad idea from the start. In fact, the story was always leading to that, even with AS's remorse track and his friendship with Meera. However, making him good was not as easy a task as the present CVs assumed. The moment Geet forgave him, he ceased to be tortured by his past, which didn't figure for the viewers who were themselves still tortured by it. They didn't complexify his character in a way that was suited to his past, and much like all the characters of the show, including Lucky, Mama and Nandini, he was flattened into a prototype: good brother and devar, whose only mistake was to marry the wrong woman (NT).

Maaneet's absence could have been a blessing in disguise for the writers and CVs. Because we love our leads and would never fault them for being human, falling sick and taking a few days off, we would have been perfectly open to a track focused on the side characters. The CVs could have taken this time to really give these characters depth. Instead of the immature marriage, couldn't we have had a conflicted, tortured confession from Dev (SS would have been great in this), a shocked, appalled Nandini, a sensible older sister Geet (since poor DD was clearly shooting at least some scenes)? Or couldn't we have at least seen a legitimate reason for Lucky to have married Preeto so suddenly?

In addition to all the meaningless hide-and-seek sequences, there has been no consistency in the depiction of the supporting cast. Just one example, they made it sound like Nandini has been oppressed by her family all her life, which we know is not the case. She clearly studied away from home and was represented as headstrong, willful and pampered by her mom and brothers. This knowledge makes the impulsive marriage incredibly hard to digest. Why do the CVs not understand that one or two dialogues cannot convince us to accept something that contradicts a plot point or characterisation that has been developed already?

The way I see it, side-plots can be dealt with in two ways:

1. Support the main story, in this case Maan's ML (this is why the NT weeks were so good!)

2. Be interesting enough for viewers to want to see it independently of the main story

The side tracks in GHSP are failing to do both at this point. The strength of the office track was that all the characters fed into the Maaneet story. When they were not onscreen, they were being discussed, plotted against, suggested but that is not the case any more. Neither do any of the tracks support Maaneet, nor are the well-enough written to sustain interest on their own.

I agree with you that negativity is not bad, but negativity doesn't necessarily have to be in the form of a literal villain. It could even be the conflicts within the characters. Dev didn't have to be shown as a villain but constant conflict within himself was absolutely necessary to make his redemption track work. Turning him into a  nervous, smitten comedic lover was not the answer.

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charlie1950 Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 4:52am | IP Logged
answer to your question is
CHURAILS killsthier own baby
hate it but thats the reality at the moment
lovetheserial IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 October 2010
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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 5:05am | IP Logged
My Lovely and Beautiful Doc, Vij,
I love yor post as always, and honestly read it 4 times.Smile   
I am talking in the Anand or Spasky language of Chess today, since you brought up the Intelligent Wo-Man's game.

Vij, aaah! a chess game: One needs to have unique skills (as Geet HSP had) to beat a highly experienced opponent(the other serials).  One needs special knowledge of the game (as Geet's fabulous concept) which was not offered in custom made books, strong players (Geet's fab actors) and the right weapons (the existent power & strength of their acting).  There are strong players and weak opponents, and Geet HSP, broke the stereotyped rules (sas-bahu, endless mind twisting wrong marriages and love turned sour kekta styles), played on the opponents psychology (usual fan psyche) and gained the victory.   The stereotype was broken with unconventional styles, the CVs exploited the psychology of fans, won and gained the fan's starry gaze and imminent love.  Then instead of being alert to the dangers lurking (outflow of good CVs), some creative's and few actors had turned weak pawns and the stretch of the weak game was unbearable.


A game is fun and thrilling when we hold on to our seats as the game makes all the thrilling moves (black or white), and in quick succession, halt the opponent, but the minute lethargy of the mind or sleep overcomes as a hopelessly unimaginative un-creative mind works, one gives into the opponents hands.    This is the story of Geet HSP right now.


Yes Samir Sharma needs to be better utilized than what he is now.  In the last few episodes, he reminds me of a clown who can't get the communists to even smile!  I will never forget your words "the innate talents of Samir Sharma" in the very early days he was introduced.  And as Dev, at the Hotel where he worked and where M&G checked in for their Honeymoon, SS was a pawn who could have been in slow progression, utilized to make the winning moves.  Sadly the rest of the game players now need to be checked and stashed away (the Amritsar crowd), and brought back as and when required, and  obviously as you mentioned the winning moves "Dadima, Adi, Pinky and SS" need to be re-introduced as grande pawns.  LOL.


I am a hopeless lover of this serial and cannot take a shameless fall of my lover.  Gosh, Vij, is there hope??!!  An attacking element has to be dreamt and made a reality ' attacking the opponent which is obviously the weak plots that gain momentum with weak characterizations, study and detect the mistakes (and IF is a forum from where the CVs can learn) and use concrete weapons practically.  Use the M&G magic which is the extra secret which will make the attack more effective.  Find the good moves in the most risky and dangerous situations(as right now),  find the moves missed by the opponent (evil and the battle of good over evil, subtle hillarity and the inevitable romance), dare the opponent and cash in on their weaknesses (gain trps over the other present serials).  Some positions have to be given up, some positional sacrifices to be made, direct the players through the complex situations, and bingo! again cash in on the most powerful and impossible ideas (take a journey through fan os and ff writings, the more reliable and repeated hints by fans) and use the prophylaxis to win the game.

A few hints for the re-entry of dynamite screen viewing of fans and trp high's:  Bring in repeatedly:  The Iconic looks and grimmaced stare of GC, the stumbling girl  style of DD, DD's silly humour, GC's bare chest, the double whammy entry of this pair for longer time in each episode, their cool and simple clothes (a must for DD is branded cotton or ethnic neat cuts) and prophetic accessories, their deadly passionate closeness, catchy chartbusting hot songs with delectable dances like a ballerina in the hands of her tootsied lover, and pleasing and brief entry of guests and foes.  Ever so often, DD's dialogues designed for applause and GC's "Kya??"... and ofcourse as Vij put it: Daadi, Adi, Pinky & SS on the rocksSmile...

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dreaminvincible

answer to your question is
CHURAILS killsthier own baby
hate it but thats the reality at the moment

I understand your Frustration dear, Majority of us are in the same stand as you...But this is beyond Our REPAIR, it must be tended to immediately by CV's or Writer or the Series Director- Nissar Parvez Himself

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