Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

"Tum Theek Ho" OS

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Hey guys!

Well most of you probably know I like to write ArHi OSes with my crazy weird ideas so here goes another one!

First some random shayari by me, aarz kiya haiLOLGeek

"Na jaane kab woh badal ne lagay

Humari kadar woh karnay lagay 

Pehlay jo kabhi theek se baat nahi karthay thay

Ab humse humara haal pocchnay lagay"Embarrassed


This is an OS after the scene where they bump into each other.


Arnav:  Tum theek ho? (Are u ok?)


Khushi nods shocked that Arnav is asking her such!


Khushi is going away after the dupatta gets stuck when Arnav calls after her.


She turns around and looks at him.


Khushi: Ji (yes)


Arnav: Woh, actually main soch raha tha, ke main tumhay drop karday tha hoon ghar? (I was thinking that i can drop you home?)


Khushi: Aap, pichili baar toh apnay humein'.( she gets angry remembering the time he left her on the road and she fell in the mud) .. (You but last time you...)


Arnav: Isliye toh, I want to make up for that time. (that's why..i want to make ...)


Khushi: Par apki gari toh, humari wajah se..? she made a sad face and Arnav smirked. (But your car..because of me..)


Arnav: Woh garage se wapis agayi hai, tum chalo main drop kardethahoon. (It came back from the garage, you come i'll drop you)


Khushi decided to go with him.


In the car.


Arnav: Khushi woh Di ne mujhay bataya ke tumharay saath aaj kya kya hua ghar mein. (Khushi, Di told me everything that happened with you in the house)


Khushi is shocked that Arnav is mentioning such things.


Arnav: Actually mami thori different type ki hain, toh tum unki baton ka bura mat mana karo. (You know Mami is a bit different, so don't take the things she says to heart)


Khushi: Ji Arnav ji hum jaante hain aur humein in baton se koi farak nahi partha, aap fikar matt kijiye. (Yes Arnav Ji i know, and these things don't make a difference for me, you don't worry)


Arnav: Fikar? He cleared his throat..umm tum se kisnay kaha main fikar kar raha hoon, woh toh main aisay hi keh raha tha. (Worry?..ummm who told you i am worrying, I was just saying it because.)


Khushi: Acha. she said a bit disappointed


Just then the car stopped in the middle of the road.


Arnav: Oh man, ab yeh kya hua? (what happened now?)


Khushi looked around and they were practically in the middle of nowhere


Khushi: Hai Devi Mayya pata nahi yeh Laad governor humein kis rastay se laya hai, aur yeh ghari bhi yahi kharab honi thi! ( Oh Devi Mayya , i don't know which route this Laad governor brought us through and the car had to break down now too!)


Arnav got out and there was smoke coming out of the hood.


Arnav: Yeh toh hona hi tha, mainay kaha tha Akash se kisi reputable mechanic se ghari sahi karvaye, pata nahi kahan gaya tha. (this had to happen, i told Akash to get the car fixed from some good mechanic, i don't know where he went)


Khushi: Aray unhonay humaray Happy bhaiya se theek karvaiye, woh bohut achay hai, aap unhay bura matt kijiye. (Hey he got it fixed from our Happy bhaiya, he is very good, you don't say bad things about him.


Arnav: Haan who kitnay achay hai yeh toh dikh hi raha hai, ab kya karein? (yea i can see how good he is, now what do we do?)


Khushi: Yahan toh bohut aandhera bhi hai aur charon taraf jungle hi jungle she said looking around at the trees around them. (It's so dark here and there is jungle all around us!)


Arnav: Main Akash ko ghar se bulatha hoon doosri ghari ke saath. (I'll call Akash and tell him to bring the other car)


Arnav called up Akash bitwa who was fast a sleep and lost in sapnay of Payal.WinkLOL (Akash is lost in dreams of Payal)


Arnav: Akash toh phone nahi utha raha. ( he is not picking up the phone)


Khushi: Hai Devi mayya ab kya hoga, humein aap ke saath ana hi nahi chaiyay tha, jab bhi aapkay saath hothay hai koi gharbar hoti hai. (Oh Devi Mayya, what's gonna happen now, i shouldn't have come with u in the first place, whenever i am with you something goes wrong!)


Arnav: Acha toh saari problems ki waja main hoon?Shocked He said walking towards her. Khushi moved back away from him. (So i am the cause of all problems?)


Just then she bumped into a twig laying behind her and tripped and was about to fall when Arnav bent forward and grabbed her. *Rabba Ve, ooo Rabba Ve Wink*


They gazed into each other's eyes totally lost in the moment Embarrassedwhen something tickled Khushi's foot.


Khushi broke away from Arnav and she felt something slither across her foot.


She looked down and saw that it was a snake. She screamed and jumped into Arnav's arms.


Khushi: AHHh saap saap!! Devi Mayya koi bachaye humain. Arnav ji kuch kariyay. (Ahhh snake snake, someone save me, Arnav ji do something!)


Arnav didn't know what to say, he felt really awkward at the way she was holding him tightly by the waist. He hesistantly put his arms around her and told her it's ok.


He told her to come behind him. Khushi realized the position she was in and she stepped behind him, still clutching his arm tightly.


Arnav used a twig and threw the snake into the bushes.


Arnav: Chalagaya saap, ab tum theek ho he asked holding her hand. (the snake left, are you ok now?)


Khushi: Ji who sorry, haan hum hum theek hai, she said moving away from him embarrassed. She looked down at the way he was holding her hand. *Rabba ve tune in the back* Arnav let's go. 


Khushi sees the car again and realizes that they are still stuck

Then out of nowhere she starts crying again.


Khushi: Hai ab kya hoga! Buaji toh humein chorengi nahi!Cry Hum ghar kaisay pohunengay?! (What's gonna happen now! Buaji won't leave me, how will i reach home?)


Arnav who can't see her cry one bit got all worried.


Arnav: Tum tum roh mat, main kuch kartha hoon na. (Don't cry i'll do something)


Khushi: Aap kya karogay yahan toh kisi insaan ka naam oh nishaan nahi hai, yahan toh auto bhi nahi milagay, aahahannn. Upar se yahan saap bhi hai!! CryHai Devi Mayya!!!!!

(What will you do, there is not a person in sight here, and we wont get a rickshaw here either, and now there are snakes here too!! Devi mayya!!


Arnav: Oh my God yeh ladki mujhay pagal kardegi. Saap ne kuch kiya ka?, Main hoon na he said touching her hand and she looked up her eyes still teary.

 (this girl will drive me crazy. did the snake do anything? no right, i am here na!

Khushi: Saap phir toh nahi aayga na? ( the snake wont come again right?


Arnav smiled seeing her innocence. Nahi ayega aur jab main saath hoon toh tumhay darnay ki zaroorat nahi.Embarrassed (it won't come and till i am with you u needn't worry)


Khushi was shocked at his behavior.


Arnav: Chalo main dektha hoon tumhay ghar kaisay pohunchaya jaye. (Ok lemme see how to get you home)


Just then a man was coming riding a bike, and behind him was a kid riding another bike.


Arnav stopped the man.


Khushi: Hai Devi Mayya, humein iss aadmi ke saath bej raha hai yeh laad governor.Shocked

(Oh Devi Mayya, this laad governor is sending me with this stranger) 

Khushi goes to Arnav and whispers to him.


Khushi: Dekiye hum inkay saath nahi jaengay, samjhay aap.Stern Smile (Look, i will not go with him, you understand)


Arnav: Main baat kar raha hoon na, chup chap karhi raho. ( i am talking right, be quiet)


Next thing Khushi knew the guy left one of the bikes with Arnav as Arnav gave him some money and rode away with his son on the other.


Arnav: Chalo, mil gaya tumharay ghar janey ka rasta. Arnav sat on the bike.

 (let's go we figured out a way to get you home)

Khushi: Ji? (what?)


Arnav: Bike pe baitho. (sit on the bike)


Khushi: Hum aapkkay saath? Kahan baithey. (with you? where do i sit)


Arnav: Mere sar pe! Oh God yahan beitho aagay He pointed for her to sit on the bike in front of him. (On my head! sit here in the front!)


Khushi was hesitant at first but then she sat sideways.


Khushi: Aapko yeh chalani atti toh hai na. (you know how to ride this right?)


Arnav: Tumne samja kya rakha hai mujhay? Bachpan mein mainey khoob chaliye hai. Main aur Di'he was drifting off into his sweet world but before that he realized and stopped.

(What do you think of me? I used to ride alot when i was little,,,me and Di...) 

Khushi sat sideways as Arnav started to pedal. She didn't know where to place her hand. She tried to balance by keeping her hands out on either side (Titanic style ROFL)


Arnav: Yeh kya kar rahi ho? Pagal ho kya.Shocked (What are you doing? are you crazy?)


Khushi: Woh hum haath kahan rakhay? (WHere do i put my hands_


Arnav: Oh my God u r just unbelievable!! Yahan. He grabbed both her hands and placed them on top of his own as he pedaled the bike.


More Rabba Ve as their hands touched!Wink

The rode along in the jungle surrounded dark road. A bump came as Arnav didn't see it.


Khushi got pushed back on the bike and her head fell against Arnav's shoulder and she grabbed his waist. Her hair was along his face.


Jungle song to imagine

(Jungle hai aadhi raat hai lagne laga hai dar, aja meri bahon mein soja rakhay sar WinkLOL)


Arnav stopped the bike and put Khusi's hair behind her ear. Khushi tum theek toh ho na?!


Khushi: Ji she said looking into his eyes.


Arnav: Tum mujhay pakar ke rakho bas tumhara ghar anay wala hai.Embarrassed ( You just hold me tightly your house is about to come)


Khushi's house came and she started to get off the bike but her bracelet was stuck on Arnav's sleeve buttons.


She stepped back and pulled it out.


Arnav: Good Night.


Khushi: Good Night.


As she moved away to go to her house she turned back to look at Arnav and he was there staring at her too.Wacko (staring session and ofcourse more Rabba Ve)Embarrassed


Sorry guys i know it was totally random and weird!! I just write whatever comes to mind!! Hopefully u liked it still?! Like! Comment!! Thanks Love u guys!!!Hug This is especially for Meera (lostlove) as she wanted me to write another OS!



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niceee 1

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..Damsel.. IF-Dazzler

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thank god i found this...was bored and looking for something to read, when your os came up...

loved it very much... and hahaha, Khushi thought Arnav was sending her with that man "Dekiye hum inkay saath nahi jaengay, samjhay aap" cute...

and the bike ride...Khushi's so lucky...i mean Arnav wouldn't ride a bike for any other girl...right

overall, it was saved me from boredom LOL

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very very very niceBig smile

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kamal hea yaar... Itz tooo good... Enjoying reading it..great job..

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Originally posted by Arhi-Sarun

thank god i found this...was bored and looking for something to read, when your os came up...

loved it very much... and hahaha, Khushi thought Arnav was sending her with that man "Dekiye hum inkay saath nahi jaengay, samjhay aap" cute...

and the bike ride...Khushi's so lucky...i mean Arnav wouldn't ride a bike for any other girl...right

overall, it was saved me from boredom LOL

hehe glad i could be of some help in relieving ur boredom!!LOL  thanks for liking and commenting!!!Big smile
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Originally posted by Kamalika..

very very very niceBig smile

thanks, glad u liked it!!
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