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ARHI FF : Life and its twists !!! *On Hold* (Page 64)

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2011 at 6:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zeee

wooo. getting closer. kajal is too mean lol

Kaajal s mean ???ShockedShockedShockedShocked

nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 11 November 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AquaBluez17

whoa! amazing hun! I wonder wut arnav has is mind! prob sumthing calculatvie! grr business tycoon!

Thanku Myaa ... (Guess that's ur name )
wat's in Arnav's mind ??? WinkWinkWink ... u ll come to know soon
nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 11 November 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anita_21492

great update!!!!
what shart???? i want to know
thanks for the pm

thanku dear ...
u ll soon come to know abt the shart WinkWink
nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 11 November 2011 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cpervaiz

lovely kaajal and khushi talk and i just can't wait when arnav and khushi will start working update soon please.

thanku dear ...
even I love KJ n KK talks ... wat a coincidence naa Wink ...
ll make them "work" soon WinkWink
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2011 at 6:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FebruaryFlower

Smashing update.
I'm loving Kaajal at the moment. She's so brilliant.
Her comment about calling Arnav 'chotte jiju' really made me laugh!
Looking forward to reading what Arnav's condition is.
Thanks for the PM hun!

hey febflwr Big smileBig smile ... glad you liked the update ...
KJ is sooo brilliant like me naaa EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...
he he he ... even I liked that "chotte" jiju ...

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2011 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ushankitvc

superb updt... shart kaisi shart??????????????????????...

u ll come to knw soon dear WinkWinkWinkWink
nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 11 November 2011 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
Part 19 :

Arnav - but ... meri ek shart hai ...

Kaajal - condition ? ... Confused

Arnav - yup ... Firstly ... I think , sooner or later , Payal is going to shift to your place ... (to which Kaajal nodded) ... but I do not want to lose her at office Smile...(Evil Smile muahahaha ... I know most of u guys wud hab drilled ur brains for what shart was Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile )

Khushi - Matlab ?? ...

Arnav - Matlab yeh ... ki ... she has become indispensable ... uske bagair mera aur Aakash ka koi kaam nahi hota ...

Kaajal - toh yeh aap hume kyun keh rahe hai ... its totally her decision to make ...ClapClap

Arnav - OK ... ab yeh sort ho gaya ... toh mentoring ke baare mai ... I can be available for 2 hrs each for 3 days in a week at max.Atleast for the next couple of months. Tum log decide kar lo kaunse days hai aur tumhe mere calender ko block karna padega ...

Khushi  - 3 din !!!ShockedShocked (in a slight shocked tone)

Arnav - yes ... usse zyaada mai nahi kar paaunga ... (he stared at her with a bit of confusion ,was it more or less ?? ConfusedConfused... ) ...

Kaajal - ( guessing exactly why Khushi exclaimed ) ... but isn't it too much for initial phase ?? .. I mean ... initial planning ke time pe itna lag sakta hai?? ... and implementation ke waqt ,its more of fire fighting right ?? ... but we might need u more during the launch ... so maybe then you can give us more time ?? (Khushi looked stunned)

Arnav - ofcourse ... Wink

Kaajal - you fine with this ??? (she asked Khushi)

Khushi - (not knowing what else to tell ,she just nodded in acceptanceWink) ... hum agle hafte se kaam shuru kar sakte hai ... ab tak jo plan kiya hai uske details hum aapko kal tak bhijwa denge ... (she told with a slightly uneasy voice since Arnav was staring at her as usual, making her a bit uncomfortable) ... Kaajal ?? (she nodded at her while showing her eyes towards the door)

Kaajal - yup !! newaz ... nice meeting you all ... hume ab nikalna chahiye ... (both Khushi and Kaajal stood up to leave, Khushi being the first)

Arnav - (standing up and going near them , while Kaajal remained unaffected , Khushi became slightly nervousEmbarrassed) ... It was nice meeting you ... and thanks (forwarding his hand for a handshake , Kaajal took it )

Kaajal - (slightly nodding) ... well ... thank her ... it was totally her idea ... (slightly nodding her head towards Khushi. )

While Arnav looked at Khushi , Khushi was fidgeting with her phone and was trying her best to not look at him in the eye.Wink Arnav was still holding Kaajal's hand. Kaajal found this situation a bit amusing considering the fact the her sister wasnt the least to be bothered when she was around guys in the past 2 yearsConfused . Kaajal had tried her best to hook her up atleast for dates ,but Khushi's expressions had always been of being plain bored. And looking at her now ,Kaajal saw her being restless and almost blushing whenever this "sadu" was around her .Well now she laughed at times when she told Khushi to be "normal" like any other girls of her age. Noticing Arnav still holding her hand she was almost sure that "Aag dono taraf se lagi hai" .WinkWinkWinkWinkShe almost giggled at them, but then she didnt want others to notice , so she tickled his palm using her nails LOL. Arnav who was lost looking at Khushi ,was bought back to the world but a tickle on his palm. He almost mouthed'What the.." Confused, but Kaajal's smirk and raised eyebrows and her piercing yet naughty eyes stopped him. To tell that he was embarrassed was an understatement. He had again lost his control and he mentally kicked himself for tat , but strangely he wasn't angry for that. Two years away from Khushi , had taught him to mellow down on his anger and accept his feelings for her . HE was almost sure that he was in love with her , but he was totally unsure if she reciprocated his feelings.When he had met her again at Mehra Group, he had decided to take it slowly, lest he scare her away with his intensity. Looking at his expressions Kaajal was sure that there was something going around , about which she didn't have a clue and she hated thisAngry. Being uninformed was being vulnerable according to her and she decided to have a close look at these two when they were around before jumping into any conclusions, since the two things she had learnt in her life were , "first impressions weren't always the best and true impressions" and second was "never trust your eyes and jump into any conclusions hastily".

Kaajal - (with a slightly deliberate uneasy tone) ... ehhhmmm ... Mr.Raizaada ?? Confused(she indicated their hands with her eyes and he left it ) ... It was nice to meet you ... btw I guess (showing her phone) ... this is ur number ?? ( he nodded) ... cool ... we ll keep in touch with the latest developments regarding the *deal* . Good day .. (she nudged Khushi who seemed to have developed a sudden keen interest in twirling her phoneLOLLOLLOL )

Khushi - (suddenly distured out of her twirling exercise looked at her sister pointing her to tell bye ) ... Chalte hai ... Bye ..


The whole drive back home from AR was peaceful for Khushi, atleast till now. she was glad that Kaajal didnt prod onto topics like why she wanted to help the Raizaadas so much , why she was uneasy around Arnav or why she tracked them for 2 years or why she personally wanted to go and give them their shares . She knew Kaajal wouldnt pester her much ,for now, but she also knew that Kaajal hated it when she was kept in dark . she tried to relax herself by closing her eyes and rested her head on the headrest .One day she might open up to her sister ,she thought and sighed a bit too loudly to her own annoyance. Wink

Kaajal - kya hua ??? Confused

Khushi - kuch nahi ... (still closing her eyes) ...

Kaajal - kuch hua bhi nahi aur tu (making a horrible exaggerated mimickry of Khushi's sighing) ... kar rahi hai ?? LOL

Khushi - bola na kuch nai hua ... sar thoda dard kar raha hai ...

Kaajal - wow !!! Congrats yaar ... hearty congratulations on this new discovery ... ClapClap

Khushi - kya ??Shocked ( opening her eyes with a fake anger ) ... mera sarr dard kar raha hai ... aur tu mujhe congratulate kar rahi hai ...

Kaajal - ofcourse ... see ... tera sar dard kar raha hai ... iska yehi matlab hai ki tere paas *sar* hai .LOLLOL... I mean ... mujhe to tum hamesha se brainless lagti thi ... but sadly I am proven wrong ... (she sighed with a sad faceDisapprove) ... or may be ... just may be ... bhaggu ne mujhpe finally taras khakhe ... tujhe brains de diya ... (looking up) ... thanks a lot Bhaggu !!! ... aapne finally meri baat sun li ... (Khushi glared at herAngry ) ... oh don worry  Khush .. I know tujhe sar dard kyun ho raha hai ... (raising her eyebrows Khushi questioned herStern Smile) ... u know nayi cheez se used to hone ke liye time lagta hai ...medically its proven that when a foreign entity enters ur body , ur body goes into defensive mode and tries to throw that thing out ... in ur case , that thing is *brain*... itne saal bina brains ke rahi ho ... adjust hone k liye thoda time toh lagega na ... hope you dont throw it out ... LOLLOLLOLLOL(Khushi smacked Kaajal's arm and placed a finger on her lips asking her to shut up) ... Owww ... it pains u dodo ...

Khushi - nice discovery ... it pains when you hit someone ... really enlightening WinkWink(she added sarcastically while closing her eyes. She knew Kaajal was just trying to lighten up her mood , but then she also knew it was her total craziness at times which drove Khushi mad)


After some time :

Kaajal - tera sarr dard kaisa hai ?? ...

Khushi - hmmm ... (still her eyes remained closed) ...

Kaajal - dekh ... I wont dig your already miniature although at times brilliant brain by asking you any questions ...kyunki mujhe pata hai ki tu kabhi na kabhi toh bata hi degi ... tere pet mai zyaada derr bachega nahi ... Wink

Khushi - (opening her eyes ) ... Kaajal...

Kaajal - maine kuch poocha kya ?? ... newaz ...btw agar tujhe uss sadu se kuch prob hai toh bata hai ... Bhai se bolke uski pitayi karwa doongi ... Confused

Khushi - kya ?? ... (confused)OuchConfused

Kaajal - haan yaar ... bhabhi jo usse itna workout karva rahi hai ...koi personal trainer rakhwaya hai usne ..body building(she added dramatically)k liye ... uske tolle sholle kab kaam aayenge phir ??LOLLOLLOL... in other words practical exam ho jaayega ...

Khushi - kya ?? workout ??? our bhai ?? woh bhi body building ke liye ?? Shocked

Kaajal - tujhe pata nahi kya ?? ... aaj hi suna bhai se ... bol rahe the ... ki bhabs ke andar kisi physical instructor ka bhoot ghuss gaya hai ... last 2 weeks se karva rahi hai ... subah woh bol rahi thi ki bhai ka body ek poorana building jaisa ban gaya hai ... shapeless ... although I wonder how can buildings be shapeless , but usse argue nahi kiya ...ConfusedConfusedLOLLOLcoz it wasn't the best time to clarify you know .LOLLOL... acc to her he has to get in shape ... 

Khushi - tabhi toh ... (her eyes twinkled by the new realization) ... ek maheene se Australia ke office jaane ka plan postpone karne waale humare Prem bhaiyya ... acchanak itne urgency mai bhaag rahe hai ... 

Kaajal - hmmm ... tu na kaafi shmaarrttt ban gayi hai ... aakhir sangat ka asar hai ... Tongue

Khushi - accha ?? ... isme bhi khud ki taareef ?? ... Angry

Kaajal – obviously ... well ... zameen pe aaja ... itna fly karne ki zaroorat nahi ... coz inspite of my sangat ... u r quite stupid at times ... (busily typing something in her phone)

Khushi - what ?? ... Confused

Kaajal - ab tu "whatt " whatt" karna start mat kar ... uskeliye ek namoona kaafi hai ...

Khushi - hum aur stupid ??

Kaajal - ofcourse behena ... dont you think it was tad stupid of you to be soo obviously nervous when arnd that Sadu ?? ... don even try to defend urself ... meri aankhen kharaab nahi hai ... sab notice kiya hai maine ...

Khushi - kuch bhi ... (she hmphed her sister ) ...

Kaajal - free suggestion hai ... get a hold ... u r equally powerful as him now no ... actually ... equally dumb as him ...LOLLOLLOLLOL (Khushi shot back a look, holding her hands up) ... ok ok ... *little less* dumb than sadu ... Silly


Arnav's phone buzzed , it was a text msg - Hey sadu ... you need to stop brooding at girls like the way you did during the meeting... its soo serial killerish and creepy ... oh and before you smash this phone of yours and start with ur "Whatt-nama"... I needed to inform you that we are coming this weekend to meet Payal Dii ... If possible,try to keep ur mouth shut abt it ... Its supposed to be a "surprise" ...

"What the !! ... ", blurted out ...OuchOuchOuchOuchShockedShockedShockedShockedAngryAngryAngryAngry


End of part 19

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007jindal IF-Rockerz

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Me 1st me 1st

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