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FF :kabhi alvida na kehnaa chapter 31, page 33 (Page 8)

JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
wt a precap...Shocked
don't create drift btw prem and heer...

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CocoChanel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 4:07am | IP Logged
 shocking one...hope raj doesnt messup things!!...

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repunzell Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 5:01am | IP Logged
okay guys back wid the update...!!!

chapter 18:

the next morning everybody woke up n came out from their tents to get fesh up n start the day. prem was sleepin in his tent peacefully thn suddenly he heard noices n shouts disturbing him. first he ignored n thn he get irratated so he came out of the tent. he saw everybody running here n there n searching sumething. 
prem: what happened guys??
nobody respond
prem: (shouting) what happened!!!
priya: prem, heer is missing
prem: what do u mean by that?
prem: i mean heer is not here, she is not in her tent also.
prem: what kidding!! she must be here only.
priya: she is not here.
prem ignored her coz he didn't want to get tensed at thiz moment. he satrted searching for heer around the tent area bt culdn't find her. he got worried n started to panic
prem: heer...where r u jaan?? plz cume back before i lose myself!!! plz cume back
priya: prem, relax she'l be back
prem: are u kidding me?? heer is no where to see n u asking me not to panic
priya: but prem...
sume one came n said " guys RAJ is also not here!!!!
prem n priya looked at each other n got hell worried.
prem: where culd raj go now??
priya didn't say anything.
prem: what shuld v dooo??
saniya: v shuld tell this to the principal
prem was on the verge of tears coz of his heer. he was worried where she will be n how.

they were discussing what to do n in awll thiz priya was quiet because she had a feeling that heer's missing is sume how related to raj. bt she didn't know who to tell. if she says anything to prem so she doesn't know how he will react so she was confused n worried n kept quiet.

rahul: guys, i want to say sumething.
prem: boloo
rahul: i don't want to scare u guys bt i hav been already in this forest n i want to tell u one thing...
prem: kiyaaa???
rahul: wohhh
prem: boloo rahul!!!!
rahul: i've heard there are lions in the forest.
everybody got shocked n afraid esp prem. he was shocked n worried like hell now n he wanted to go in the forest now.
prem: i'm goin in the forest
rahul: r u mad??
prem: i don't know, i'm just goin
teacher: i can't let u risk ur life, wait for a while v'l all the team from the city
prem: (was angry now) wait!!! u're asking me to wait miss!!!! my heer, my heer, my life is there in the forest n i don't know where she is n how she is in!!!
teacher: but prem u can't risk ur life
prem: my life is inside miss, in the forest. shez already risked my life so i don't hav anything left.
teacher: but prem...
prem: (in tears) plz miss, let me goo...i want my heer back n i can't live here waiting for the team to cume. plz miss let me goo plzzz...n he knelt down.
everybody was also crying seeing prem's state. 
saniya: miss let him goo plzz
teacher: okayy!!!
prem wiped his tears n started to move whn rahul hold prem shoulder.
rahul: i've known u for few days only bt u've been very good friend, i'l go wid u prem
prem: thanks dude.
and also sume more boys made their way to the forest wid a map.

over there v see in the forest, heer was leaning on the tree wid her eyes close n sume one sitting beside her.
RAJ: heer, mai tumse buhat piyaar karta ho, tum kyu mujhay pehlay nahi milli. mujhay nahi pata tum mai aisa kiya hai jo mujhay tumhari taraf la raha hai. mujhay maaf karna keh mai tumko  behoosh kar keh yaha laya but mai kya karta kal raat mai tum aur woh prem aisay sath tha keh mujh say dekha nahi gayaa. heer plz meray pass wapis ajioo. 
raj was staring at heer for don't know how long.

and here prem n his friends were searching for heer. prem didn't want to lose his confidence that his heer is no where to be seen. he knew his heer is fine coz he is fine. his heer is his life n whn he is living so will he lives. after sume tyme prem sat down on the ground.
rahul: kya howa prem?
prem: rahul, meri heer...kaha hai woh yaar?
rahul: hum doodh rahay hai na, woh mil jaiye gi
prem: woh theek tu hogi na
rahul: agar tum aisay himmat haaro gay tu hum sab ka kya hogaaa, sambhal apnay apko dost. woh milay gay. and so they started their journey again,

there raj was staring at heer, when he noticed movement in heer's hand and there only he heard a voice called "HEEERRR". raj got panicked n didn't know what to do. he stood up suddenly n again he heard a sound HEERRR. raj recognized the voice, it was of prem. he got angry n he also saw that heer is about to open her eyes. so he decided its better to run away from here. so he ran awayy!!!

heer opened her eyes n saw that she was leaning on a tree. she stood up n she looked around that she was in  the forest. heer got worried that how she came here. she looked around to where to go bt she cuuldn't understand. heer started cryingn started to go on a way. she was bare foot so her feet was paining but she least concerned coz she now want to go out of thiz forest n to her prem.
heer: (crying) prem, tum kaha ho? mujhay yaha say lay jiooo plzzz...mujhay buhat daar lag raha hai. plz prem ajioo!!!

she heard sume body saying her name n she recognized it was prem. she also said "PREMMM...MAI YAHAAA HOOO...PREM PLZZ LAY JIOOO YAHAA SAYYY PLZZ..."

Prem recognized the voice n sensed from where it is cuming n he rushed there. and there he saw his sweet heart walkin on the path crying n wid no energy left. and most important she was barefoot, prem rushed to heer n heer saw prem cumin n she had a small smile on her face n they both hugged each other tightly. they were both hugging n crying. prem was more then happy tht he found his life, his heer. he was tightly holding n his hands around her hair. heer was happy that she found prem other wise don't know wht would happen n her head on his chest. both were hugging for don't know how long. they were least concerned about where they were, the most important thing was that they were in each other arms.
prem has subsided his tears n was fine now. but heer was still crying.they were still in their hug.
prem: heer, bas ab aur nahi rootay n started caressing her hair n was sooting her.
heer was still crying.
prem pulled heer back n hold her shoulder. prem pulled her chin so that she looked at him. prem through his face expression said "nooo" n remove her tears from his cheek. n tinkle her on her cheeks so that she smile n she did. n thn 
heer: prem, mujhay sach mai nhi pata mai yaha kaisay ayee
prem: mai nay poccha
heer: magar prem agar mujhay kuch ho jayta
prem: shhh...n put his finger on her lips.
prem: tumko kuch nahi howa aur mai tumko kuch nahi honay do ga. tum nay tu kal kaha tha keh i'm ur life hanaa??
heer: haa
prem: pher agar mai zinda hoo tu tumko kaisay kuch ho sakta hai. chalo ab no rona dona for get abt it. n he hugged her back.

rahul: chalo yaar ab wapis tent mai chaltay hai. sab intezaar kar rahay hoo gay. aur shaam honay ko hai.
prem: haa chalooo
prem took heer into his hands n heer's hands auutomatically went around her neck.
heer: prem yeh kya kar kar rahay hoo
prem: tumko goodh mai liya hai.
heer: prem mujhay neechay tarooo. sab dekh rahay hai.
but rahul n others had a smile bt they behaved that they didn't noticed.
prem: nooo
heer: kyuuu?
prem: mujhay pata hai tumnay chappal nhi peheni hai aur agar tm chalo gi tu tumharay foot mai chooth ajaiye gi
heer: magar prem rastay buhat bara hai.
prem: aur jo raasta hamay sath chalna hai woh iss say bhi bara hai aur yeh raasta is keh smanay kuch nahi.
heer was touched by his words and was smiling wid little bit tears. he caressed his cheeks n kissed thm. prem smiled looking at heer n off they went out off the forest.

precap: heer told sumething to prem coz of which his eyes started burning wid anger!!! what is it
stay tunedd

i hope u guys like thiz. do leave ur feedback n enjoyyy!!!!

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 5:10am | IP Logged


God... heer is missing!!
and this raj might have the hand behind it
Priya should tell prem about raj...
at least they can do someting then!!
love u prem...
u r the best
Oh no...
ohno smiley, oh smiley, no smiley, wow smiley

this raj has surely become mad or
is in obbession with heer
bad smiley, bad smiley, mad smiley, angry smiley
thank god he didn't do anything wrong
with heer and ran

 and prem and heer are together again!!

precap is

The part was awesome

Awesome Graphic #22

You Rock

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged
nice update...
is raj ko tho mein...AngryAngry...
how dare is he??????????
poor prem...
happy that heer is safe...

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 6:31am | IP Logged
awsm update
premeer scenes was awsm
nd i hate dis RajAngry
nd precap was interesting!
eagerly waiting 4 next chapter
pls update soon
thanx 4 PM

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged
awsum update..!!
thnx god heer is safe...
precap is interestin..!
do update soon...thnx for d pm! :-)

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Ms.Raizada IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 8:01am | IP Logged


i mean so shockinh heer lost?????

i was knowing this idiot raj is going 2 do smthng
... camt he stay in peace????

my prem was crying...
i mean my brother prem was crying like anythng{if aishu redas she is gonna murder me}

so bad of that raj... that too he made her to faint and bring here..., poor heer... i m seriously gonna kill him nw...

and thank god prem reached there on time...
i wished prem had cm 2 knw abt the truth...
i loved the last part...
prem carring heer.. it was superb...

in short...

the update was...


i loved this part...

heer: magar prem agar mujhay kuch ho jayta
prem: shhh...n put his finger on her lips.
prem: tumko kuch nahi howa aur mai tumko kuch nahi honay do ga. tum nay tu kal kaha tha keh i'm ur life hanaa??
heer: haa
prem: pher agar mai zinda hoo tu tumko kaisay kuch ho sakta hai. chalo ab no rona dona for get abt it. n he hugged her back.

it was so sweet... love u prem

what to say  about the precap.. like every time u did cheating...
u leave at wrong point or u give a shocking precap... afterwards... i have to thnk so much on that... cheating di...
the precap super...


there fore update soon...


thank you for a wonderful update.. also thanks for the pm...


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